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Well testing
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Well testing (#p11467)

by Wakil Bunu » Wed Apr 16, 2014 10:14 am

what is the effect of well bore storage on pressure build up or pressure drawdown? [B]

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by petro » Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:24 pm

this is just one way of understanding this wellbore storage and approach in the interpretation of BU, or
DD. It might be considered not accurate for others as other people might have other way of understanding
this matter and also might have other approach/method for the interpretation, so read more about the
subject it ask others.
Wellbore storage,WBS, occurs when the well is shut on surface, it represents the pressure of the fluid
column above the gauge. the data points of this pressure should be excluded in the interpretation because
it doesn't represent the real reservoir response. this wbs masks the pressure data of the reservoir.
Now, how do we interpret that in practical form:
‐ when plotting DP vs. DT on log‐log plot either for BU, or DD;
‐ try to fit a unit slope line(slope=1, or 45degree line) usually on the first 3 or 4 data points.
‐ at the first data point, tL, which starts to deviate from that straight line, read the time and multiply it
by 30 (30*tL), or simply 1 cycle and half after tL.
‐ the data points after (30*tL) is the start, more or less, of the reservoir respone, it is the data where we
can get kh, S,
‐ the reservoir data will lie on straight line when potting (Pws vs. t for BU) or (Pwf vs. t for DD) on semi‐


 • View topic ­ Well testing Regards! Top (#p11479) by FANARCO » Fri Apr 25.. 2014 6:01 pm This movie is helopful Top Display posts from previous:  All posts http://www. 2014 1:55 am hello petro.php?f=5&t=3449  Sort by  Post time   Ascending   Go 2/3 .. You are completely this is the rule of thumb for reservoir engineering in case of surface shut in one and half cycle may be neglected for both DD or BU. Wakil Bunu. Top Re: Well testing (#p11656) by FANARCO » Sat Nov 15. 2014 2:11 pm Thanks a lot...12/3/2014 . Top (#p11482) by Wakil Bunu » Tue Apr 29.fanarco.::FANARCO::. Really appreciate your contributions. this wellbore storage has no influence on the interpretation on DD or BU just proceed for your interpretation after WBS.

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