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A. This Section of the Contract Specifications shall be read in conjunction with Section
15000 – General Mechanical Clauses, which shall apply to and govern the Work under
this Section.

Work Included:

A. Packaged hydronic glycol heating air handling units.

Related Work:

A. General Mechanical Clauses


Section 15000

B. Insulation


Section 15270

C. Ductwork


Section 15801

D. Controls


Section 15900

E. Electrical


Division 16


Applicable References:

A. AMCA P611 - certified rating program – airflow measurement performance
B. ANSI/AMBA S9 – Load rating and fatigue life for ball bearings
C. ANSI/AMCA S204 – Balance quality and vibration levels for fans
D. ANSI/AMCA S610 - Laboratory Methods of Testing Airflow measuring stations for rating.
E. ANSI/AHRI S410 - Cooling and Heating Coils
F. ANSI/ASHARE S62.1 - Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
G. NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code
H. OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act

Shop Drawings / Information Submittals:

A. Submit shop drawings in accordance with Section 01300 – Submittals.
B. Indicate: fan, fan curves showing point of operation, motor drive, bearings, filters, electric
heating coil and performance data.
C. Provide dimensions, capacity, weight and electrical connection size and location.
D. Show construction details, recommended method of installation with proposed support,
sizes and location of mounting bolt holes.
Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade - Phase 1
Region of Durham Contract D2016-036

RVA 046220
September 2015

the contractor shall. Unit shall be manufactured to conform to UL 1995 and shall be listed by either UL/CUL or ETL. corresponding filter section location within the AHU. An electrical MCA . circuit description.g. lifting and final placement of AHU section(s).SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 15856:02 E.08 Delivery. Sound data shall be provided using AHRI 260 test methods. filter depth. Units shall ship fully assembled up to practical shipping and rigging limitations. 4000 and 8000 Hz. Schedule to detail unit tag. Certify air handling units in accordance with AHRI Standard 430. Cost associated with non-conformance to shop drawings shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer. and transporting units. at no additional expense to the Owner. Comply with manufacturer's installation instructions for rigging. MERV rating. Units shall be provided with listing agency label affixed to the unit. AHU's less than 2500 mm (100 inches) wide shall allow for forklift transport and maneuverability on the jobsite. Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade . D. B. 1. filter type (e.07 Agency Listings/Certifications: A. and belt(s) completely assembled and mounted in units. inlet. 125. C. Deliver units to jobsite with fan motor(s). F. 2000.1 recommendations. filter arrangement (e. provide for a field inspection by a UL/CUL or ETL representative to verify conformance.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 . unloading. Provide Operation & Maintenance data for air handling unit as well as the controls 1. B. Storage & Handling: A. Minimum Circuit Ampacity (MCA).g. at his/her expense. 1000. and radiated sound power levels in dB shall be provided for 63. Each section shall have lifting lugs for field rigging. and filter quantity and size. Shipping splits shall be clearly defined on submittal drawings. and calculated Maximum Overcurrent Protection (MOP). Units shall meet Inlet.MOP schedule shall be provided for each electrical circuit to which field-power must be supplied. A filter schedule must be provided for each air handling unit supplied by the air handling unit manufacturer. 1. Unit shall be shipped in a clear shrink-wrap or stretch-wrap to protect unit from in-transit rain and debris per ASHRAE 62. Units not shipped fully assembled shall have tags and airflow arrows on each section to indicate location and orientation in direction of airflow. 250. contractor shall perform modifications to the unit to comply with UL/CUL or ETL as directed by the representative. Outlet and Casing Radiated sound data as schedule. unit size.06 Operation and Maintenance Data: A. sheave(s). 500. If necessary. pleated media). If air handling units are not certified in accordance with AHRI Standard 430. G. Unit discharge. voltage/phase/hertz. In the event the unit is not UL/CUL or ETL approved. Schedule shall detail unit tag. contractor shall be responsible for expenses associated with testing of units after installation to verify performance of fan(s). angled/flat). Any costs incurred to adjust fans to meet scheduled capacities shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor. Units shall be provided with certification label affixed to the unit.

Provide self-contained outdoor unit. hot water heating coil. PART 2 . Venmar 2. Promptly correct any defects during the Warranty Period. D. at no additional cost. as indicated in mechanical schedule and Contract Drawings. The Warranty period commences at Substantial Performance of the entire project. condensate properly trapped. Do not operate units for any purpose. piping connections verified and leak-tested. Horizontal outdoor type.01 Custom Air Handling Unit . dry place and protect from weather and construction traffic. This warrants that all products are free from defects in material and workmanship and shall meet the capacities and ratings set forth in the equipment manufacturer's catalog and bulletins. Submit the required Warranty certificates and/or written documentation as specified. piping vestibule. inlet dampers. inlet hood and controls. control valves and piping specialties. C. unless otherwise agreed to by the Owner in writing.General: A. and fan has been test run under observation. temporary or permanent. Trane-Bousquet 4. C. whichever occurs first. until ductwork is clean.11 Extended Warranty and Maintenance: A.10 Warranty: A. 1. Units shall be direct drive. as shown in mechanical drawing consisting cabinet. AHU manufacturer shall provide.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 . Handle carefully to avoid damage to components. motor.PRODUCTS 2. 1. 1. bearings lubricated (if applicable). supplying air at designed conditions. filters. wired and tested. enclosures. all shipping braces removed.09 Start-up and Operating Requirements: A. filters in place. Engineered Air 3. and finish.SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 15856:03 E. Provide a three (3) year Warranty for all components of the air handling units. B. Installing contractor shall be responsible for storing AHU in a clean. or approved equal. B. Approved equal Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade . Acceptable manufacturer: 1. belts aligned and tensioned. fan. factory assembled. for capacity control. complete with factory mounted Danfoss VFD. bearing set screws torqued. a standard parts Warranty that covers a period of one year from unit start-up or 18 months from shipment.

Access doors shall be 50 mm (2”) double-wall construction. Unit floor shall be factory covered with top coat industrial grade membrane to ensure air and water tightness as well as walk-on grip. as a percentage of supply air.g. Unit manufacturer shall ship unit as a complete assembly. 40 kg/m3 (2.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 . using gasket between base floor framing and under liners underneath. Units shall entirely be made of double wall construction. galvanized inner liners. Insulation shall meet the erosion requirements of UL 181 facing the air stream and fire hazard classification of 25/50 (per ASTM-84 and UL 723 and CAN/ULC S102-M88). Interior and exterior shall be of the same construction as the interior and exterior wall panels. “rippled” foam for inswing doors. Total estimated air leakage shall be reported for each unit in CFM. valves.02 15856:04 Unit Casing and Construction: A. Floor panels shall be 14 gauge welded steel. Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade . Unit base under liners shall be made of 24 gauge galvanized steel. R12. F. Base frame construction shall include 2-stage thermal break. and shall accommodate curb or concrete pad installation as shown on Contract Drawings. galvanized steel outer liners and 24 ga. Exposed insulation edges in the air stream are not acceptable.9.SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 2. Unit wall and roof panels shall be insulated with 75 mm (3”) thick. D. 2. B. B. Air leakage shall be determined at 1. 2.03 Insulation: A. All insulation edges shall be encapsulated within the panels. Specified air leakage shall be accomplished without the use of caulk. C.3 fiberglass. and as an ASHRAE 111 Leakage Class. Unit panels shall be made of 18 ga. and floor membrane on top. B. with all piping.5 lb/cu. The door gasketting shall employ a double seal comprising of an adhesive neoprene compressible foam gasket on the outer door panel and an "automotive style" neoprene bulb gasket fixed onto the inner door frame for out-swing doors. H.04 Access Doors: A. E. Unit perimeter base shall be completely welded and constructed from 150 mm (6") structural tubing. All perforated sections shall have insulation with black acrylic coating. Surfaces shall be epoxy or heresite coated.) non-compressed mineral wool insulation.00 times maximum casing static pressure up to 8 inches w. and controls factory installed and tested prior to shipment. Single wall construction with coated insulation is not acceptable. ft. Unit base shall be internally insulated with 100 mm (4") R13. G.

2. nylon handles per door. Filters shall be capable of operating up to 3. premium efficiency TEFC or TEAO T-frame motors. and OSHA approved tool operated safety latch shall be provided. D.8 mil at the design operating speed for the fan/motor cartridge. Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade . material.SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 15856:05 C. All motors shall be IEEE inverter duty.5. Each fan/motor assembly shall be dynamically balanced to meet AMCA standard 20496. UV rated. Access door located on the discharge side of the Fan. Motors: A.18 m/s (625 fpm) face velocity without loss of filter efficiency and holding capacity. 2.06 Means for monitoring and controlling individual fan and motor status shall be provided. UL 1995. Each fan/motor assembly shall be removable through a 760 mm (30") wide open area. I. or approved equal arrangement. arrangement 4 direct drive plenum fans. B. electrical enclosure and electrical components. All motors shall be provided with individual Motor Protection for thermal overload protection. Grade 1. Motors shall have a +/. 50 mm (2-inch) pleated media filters made with 100% synthetic fibers that are continuously laminated to a supported steel-wire grid with water repellent adhesive shall be provided. Fans shall be constructed per AMCA requirements for Class III duty. C.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 .0 with peak to peak deflection equal to or less than 0. an ETL.2. Door handles shall be operable from both inside and outside of the unit.07 Filters: A. H. Motors shall meet or exceed all NEMA Standards Publication MG1-2006 requirements and comply with NEMA Premium efficiency levels when applicable. Provide a minimum of two heavy duty cast. 2. Fans shall be direct driven. category BV-2. The filters shall have a MERV 8 rating when tested in accordance with the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 52. F. On all access doors where moving parts could cause injury. Provide a complete electrical system required to run the fan including all equipment. Motors shall comply with applicable requirements of NEC and shall be UL Listed.05 Fans: A. G. All motors shall include isolated bearings or shaft grounding. All motor circuit protectors shall be located in main enclosure.10 percent voltage utilization range to protect against voltage variation. B. All motors shall be provided with an AEGIS bearing protection ring to prevent Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) damage to the motor bearings. E.

shall be internally mounted. Fins shall be made of 0. Casings and endplates shall be made of 16 gauge galvanized steel. Coils shall display a tag with the inspector's identification as proof of testing. Tubes shall have a nominal thickness of 0. Leakage rate shall not exceed 1. Tubing. Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade .020") unless otherwise specified.filters shall have a gage for each.1 maximum damper leakage and shall be AMCA licensed for Class 1A. except internal wire of the control transformer may be aluminum. Coils shall be coated with heresite corrosion resistant coating.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 .5% accuracy within operating temperature limits of -29°C (-20°F) to 49°C (120°F).and post. The maximum temperature of terminals shall not exceed 75°C (167°F) when the equipment is tested in accordance with its rating. D.10 Controls: A. All high voltage wiring conduit shall consist of Liquidtite flexible metal conduit. Dampers shall be premium ultra low leak and located as indicated on the schedule and plans. E. Dampers shall be Ruskin CD60 double-skin airfoil design or equivalent for minimal air leakage and pressure drop. if copper termination is provided. Filter racks shall be completely factory assembled and designed for industrial applications. Gage shall be flush mounted with casing outer wall. meeting ASTM A527 Standard unless otherwise noted. Tamco dampers are approved equal.SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 15856:06 B. B. C. All low voltage and signal wiring shall consist of Belden cable. 2.2 m3/min/m2 (4 CFM/square foot) at one inch water gauge complying with ASHRAE 90. Power supply terminals shall be identified with permanent markers. Coils shall have AHRI Standard 410 certification and bear the AHRI symbol. Filter sections consisting of pre. 2. C. All leakage testing and pressure ratings shall be based on AMCA Standard 500-D. B. copper bus bars. Dampers: All dampers.2 mm (0. Coils shall be submerged in water and tested to a minimum dry air / nitrogen pressure of 300 psig standard copper tube coils. return bends and headers shall be made of seamless UNS 12200 copper meeting ASTM B75 and ASTM B251 Standards. Filter racks shall be fabricated from no less than 16 gauge stainless steel. All wiring and electrical connections shall be of copper wires.09 Hydronic Heating Coil: A.5 mm (0. B. A factory-installed dial type differential pressure gage shall be piped to both sides of the filter to indicate status. Gage shall maintain a +/. 2. C. Blade arrangement (parallel or opposed) shall be provided as indicated on the schedule and Contract Drawings.08 A. and copper fittings throughout.0075") thick aluminum unless otherwise specified.

Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 . Actuators shall be NEMA 4 rated. circuit balancing valve with flow ports at inlet and bypass lines (FDI/Armstrong/equivalent make). and current and voltage readings. All sensors for unit control to be factory wired and installed. and unit airflow. Loss of air flow indication light Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade . date of manufacture. Clogged filter indication 3. consistent with the numbering used in the wiring diagrams. A recessed integral electrical control compartment shall be furnished on the unit. All components. leaving water temperature. automatic air valve. All components and wiring shall be identified using printed self-adhesive labels. which includes the following: 1. K. display and set-point control and a Hand/Off/Auto switch to allow for servicing. except those not mounted directly in the unit. entering water temperature. Provide a remote-mounted indoor NEMA type 4. provided with a hinged access door and a locking device. Control components shall include. M. model number. H. control transformers. motor starters and overloads for single speed operation. The compartment shall be constructed to NEMA 4 requirements. and isolation valves at inlet and outlet.SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 15856:07 C. E. Control panel compartment heaters and thermostats or cooling fans with grills or registers shall be provided if control panels components cannot be protected from their minimum or maximum ambient temperature ratings. low limit. sub and control circuit fuses or circuit breakers. drain down valve. The control system shall be factory mounted in the control compartment and shall be a stand-alone microprocessor-based DDC controller with necessary sensors and interfaces to monitor and operate all functions as outlined in the equipment/control schedule. These sensors shall include: Outside air. A unitmounted intelligent programmable interface device shall be included for communication. The unit shall feature a mounted permanent nameplate displaying at a minimum the manufacturer. but not limited to. Disconnects shall be NEMA 4 rated and factory mounted. combination ball valve with strainer at inlet (FDI/equivalent make). L. Piping system shall include Fisher GX/Siemens/Honeywell 3 Way control valve. F. I. Unit control panel to include individual contactors to for high and low speed control of the remote exhaust fans. serial number. sequence or required for complete unit operation. supply air. single point connection power distribution block. flow schematic. piped and wired. Auto/Hi/OFF Switch 2. Electric/Electronic Actuators: The actuators for the outside air and exhaust air are spring return type. plug point below coil. G. Heating control valves to be factory installed. D. shall be factory-mounted and wired to a labelled terminal strip. The unit must have an ETL or UL Listing and bear the appropriate mark. Contactors to be wired to unit controller. high limit. 24V control panel to control and monitor the operation of the unit. J.

6. 3. 4. Perform field-testing on rotating equipment. Remote “Clogged filter” status (dry contact for PLC. 120V) 7. 5. Do not operate units until filters are installed. high speed. Unit General Fault Alarm .01 Installation: A. Isolate sheet metal duct connections from all non-internally spring-isolated fan units or other rotating equipment. 120V 10 amps) 8. D.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 . unit mounted. 120V) Note: Acceptable pilot light designation is RED = ON and GREEN = OFF PART 3 . Inspect internal casing insulation. Intake and supply air dampers shall close automatically when the units are off. Air Handling Units: 1.SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 15856:08 4. Provide open spring vibration isolators (with neoprene waffle base pads top and bottom) selected for a minimum of 40 mm deflection (unless otherwise specified). and bearing servicing. Adjusting. 3. 2. HVAC Systems Testing. Lubricate non-sealed bearings prior to startup. Unit mounted. 4. If vibration limits described therein are exceeded. 120V) 6. “ON” indication light – Both unit and panel mounted 5. motor. Pipe drain pan connection through a running trap to floor drain or discharge on the roof. Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade . rebalance equipment in-place. Statically and dynamically balance fan equipment. Locate units to provide access spaces required for filter changing. until design tolerances are met. if directed by the Engineer. low. Unit mounted. and Balancing. as specified in Section 15950. and butt joints with mastic to ensure insulation will not be loosened during operation. Interlock for remote Exhaust Fans with AHU (provide dry contacts for unit running. B. 2. to determine actual operating vibration. Install units in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and as shown on Contract Drawings.panel mounted and provide dry contact for PLC(Unit fault alarm shall include failure to go to higher speed.EXECUTION 3. Remote “Unit ON” status (dry contact for PLC. drive. C. seal all exposed edges. Vibration: 1. and fan shaft and coil removal.

3. Conduct operator training during the start-up period. Insulate outdoor portion of supply ductwork as per Section 15270 – Duct Insulation. F. the required operating and maintenance procedures and provide drill in emergency procedures.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 . Provide 48 hours’ notice of commencement of training period. Provide power connection pitch pocket through roof. Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade . Install all rooftop units on prefabricated roof curbs regardless of supply (and return) air configuration. G. Training shall acquaint operators with the equipment. the maintenance manuals. B.02 Training: A.SECTION 15856 – PACKAGED AIR HANDLING UNITS 15856:09 E. END OF SECTION 15856.

Fan curves with point of operation. Drives shall be designed for 150% of motor nameplate rating. C. ANSI/ASHRAE Fan Rating Test Codes. installation recommendations. PART 2 . AMCA Fan Room Sound Test Codes. Dimensions.GENERAL 1. B. 1. D.SECTION 15860 – FANS AND INTAKE HOODS 15860:01 PART 1 . B. Heat Recovery Ventilators. RPM. duct and power connections.01 Reference: A. Units shall bear AMCA certified sound rating and performance seals.02 Work Included: A. sound data. B. 2. 1.Submittals.03 Applicable Standards: A. ANSI/AMCA Fan Rating Test Codes. 1. Capacity.01 General: A. Equipment performance ratings. support. 3. AMCA Fan Sound Test Codes. model and sizes as shown in the schedules. Maintenance Data: A. Fans. Submit shop drawings in accordance with Section 01300 . C. power. Gravity Penthouses. required power and voltage. Provide maintenance data for incorporation into the manual specified in Section 01700 Contract Closeout. construction details.Phase 1 Region of Durham Contract D2016-036 TENDER PACKAGE RVA 046220 September 2015 . Indicate: 1. Corbett Creek WPCP Digester Facilities Upgrade .General Mechanical Clauses. static pressure. D. C. which shall apply to and govern the work under this Section. Fans shall be statically and dynamically balanced and constructed in conformity with AMCA codes.04 Shop Drawings: A.05 1. B. This Section of the Specifications shall be read in conjunction with Section 15000 .PRODUCTS 2.