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L.A.M.P., Inc.

Latin America Mission Project
January- February - March


News from the Phillips Family
Mission and ministry
Newsfrom Eagle Pass, Texas.
This month (March) we celebrated the birth of FIVE new brothers and sisters in Christ! The Lord has added
30 people to our number in the past 25 months as a united congregation. We are thrilled to see people
entering the Kingdom and finding salvation in Jesus!






On Leadership
As a missionary, I believe it is my job is to work myself out of a Job, leaving the local leadership in my
place. This way I free myself to be used of the Lord in other places where He sees the need to send me.(On
the next page, you can read more about how this has worked effectively in the past!) This happens by
praying for and raising up leaders.
I've been striving to prepare the local leadership here in Eagle Pass to continue with the task of leading this
congregation to be self sufficient in reaching the community and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Presently we have three Elders (including myself) and five young men who are serving as Lay Leaders.
There are some that will soon be ready to serve as elders.
Recently we (the Elders and Lay Leaders) attended a two-day conference in Corpus Christi, TX. It was
about the Purpose Driven Church (Rick Warren's model of church growth)and how to transition to that
style. It was an exciting time for all of us as we began to see how God could work in churches that are
healthy and balanced. I believe this was one more step in the process of raising up the local leadership to a
level that will be needed for them to continue leading a growing, dynamic, relevant congregation long after
we've moved on.

Read exciting news about Colombia on the next page!

Mission News from Colombia

One AWESOME Story of victory.... As ministers of the gospel, and especially as missionaries, our job is

not only to share the gospel and establish a local church, but also to prepare others to DO the work. Much
like a relay race, our job is to pass on the baton to the local people. If we've done our job right, the ones
taking the baton will do the same in the future.

Five years ago 1 invited two young men to work with us in Ibague, Colombia, Fredy and Gamaliel. Gamaliel
moved on, and has assisted with the start oftwo churches since then. Fredy stayed on in Ibague and took on
the task of raising up other leaders. He also established a Drama ministry. He eventually transitioned to
another city. Those he had prepared, before moving, continued with the local ministry.

Recently, the Ibague church sent these young men to plant a new church! This group of people trained by
Fredy are working in a small 'pueblo' on the outskirts of Ibague. After starting a Family Group and drawing
attention through public Drama presentations, they are now establishing the church. Recently they had 80
children and 30 adults in attendance!

The local church we were involved in planting four years ago has become self-governing and self-

propagating. The bottom line is that the gospel continues to make great advances in Colombia. This is
because God continues to work. But we had the privilege of participating in helping things along. And you

had the privilege of being an important part ofthat too through your prayers and financial support.
Future goals for the work In Colombia

We pray you continue to have faith in us, and in the work we believe the Lord wants us to carry out. Our
current work with Colombia has been in the form of spiritual, emotional and educational support for Fredy
and Gamaliel. Yet, there is a need to be more involved, and to provide additional support and supplies for
our Colombian coworkers.

I dream ofthe day when 1 can travel to Colombia on an annual basis to offer training and further

development to these two men, as well as other National leaders. The seminar on the Laws of Leadership
(by John Maxwell) was a great success in 2001, and was very encouraging to all involved. I've been asked
when I'll be able to go again, to provide more training.

I am also planning for the day when we can officially make Gamaliel and Fredy missionaries of LAMP.

They are church planters. Gamaliel is currently planting a new church. Fr^y is helping a local church that
has struggled for many years due to a lack ofsufficient leaders. He's working to raise up new leaders among
the youth, establish a Drama ministry, and incorporate small groups in order to encourage evangelism and
church growth. Both Fredy's and Gamaliel's ministries are going well.

Neither one ofthese young men can look to the Colombian churches for their financial needs. Colombia is in
a time of economic crisis. On average, it has taken about seven years for local churches to grow to the point

where they can support one full-time pastor. Gamaliel currently receives financial support through another
missionary, but this is for a limited time. Fredy receives financial support from a church in the U.S., but this
too is for a limited time. And he receives $100.00 a month from LAMP to assist with housing.

Please pray with us that the Lord will provide the financial means so these dreams may become reality.

Remember, support checks should be made to L.A.M.P., Inc. and sent to
(NEW)2056 S. Miller St., Shelbyville, IN 46176. PHONE 317-398-0285

Latin America Mission Project
This summer God blessed us with a wonderful trip to Colombia. Throughout the entire
time we saw the hand ofGod working in our lives to protect us, and to use us to His glory.
We are glad to be able to share with you some ofthe details ofthe trip, so you too can
give thanks to God. It is our prayer that after you'vefinished reading this letter you'll be
inspired and encouraged. Because,just like you, we are on afaith adventure, seeing God
work in wonderful ways!


The first blessing we experienced was the way in
which God provided for us to make this trip.
After asking God to reveal His will concerning the
timing of travel. He responded by providing the
financial support to fly the whole family to
Colombia and back. We thank Him,as well as the
believers who worship at the Town and Country
Christian Church in Shelbyville, IN., through
whom He provided.

The second blessing we experienced was the
peace He placed in our hearts concerning travel.
Although the situation in Colombia is violent we
were completely at peace about this ministry
opportunity. We believed God had invited us to
go at this specific time, so we were also confident
of His protection.

A second goal was to sell the Toyota Hilux (four
door truck) the mission had purchased while we
were living and working in Ibague. It was my
deep desire to sell it to one of the Colombian
Christian ministers so it could continue being used
to support the work. Although that would mean
selling it for less that it's actual value (to make it
affordable to a Colombian minister) the goal set
by the mission board was to get at least $5,000.00
out of it.

[^oal Accomplished!
The third goal was to share John Maxwell's "The
Laws of Leadership" video course with the
Christian leaders and lay-leaders in the churches
throughout Colombia. We believed the church to
be at a critical point in it's growth, where there
needed to be further training in this area.
I was able to present the
video in six cities (see map),

Besides the desire to visit

with Nancy's family, we had
three goals in mind for this

to the leaders of more than



time in Colombia. One was
to distribute and sell our

personal belongings that we
had gathered over the years
while ministering there. We
also wanted to bring home
some of our personal
belongings, such as our
photo albums, etc.

[L^oal Accomplished!





ten churches, to over three
hundred people, in the span
of six week's time, by the
strength and grace of God.
He protected me throughout
my travels and gave me
many blessings, and inspired
many to give great thanks to

[>LGoal Accomplished!
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Here is an excerpt from a letter written by veteran
missionary Mark Stringer in Colombia Report

Dear friends:

Last year Steve went to a conference on
leadership taught by John Maxwell. He
appreciated it so much that he brought the
teaching on video with him and is teaching it in all
our churches.... The response has been
overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The ministers, family
group leaders and their assistants are all being

If this newsletter goes to anyone who shared so
that Steve could bring us this wonderful
leadership training course, we want to assure you
that your investment is bringing marvelous
blessings to the churches here in Colombia.
- Mark Stringer (July 2001 Colombia Report).
We, along with Mark, are excited about what the
Lord is doing in the lives of the church leaders in
Colombia. Sharing these principles with them was
a dream I had since attending my first Maxwell
conference in the fall of 1999 on "The 21

Irrefutable Laws of Leadership".

To make a long story short, God has provided a
1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette mini-van with 68,000
miles on it. Now we have a vehicle with great
safety features, front and rear A/C (to keep the
kids cool in the HOT south Texas weather), and it
gets better gas mileage than the Dodge. The other
plus was the fact that it had one owner who took
excellent care to maintain it. Once again this goes
to show, God is good and worthy ofgreat praise!

As a missionary it is my purpose to allow God to
work in my life, in a cross-cultural setting, in such
a way as to lead people to their full potential in

[]For the non-christian: To help him/her come to
a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the
showing of His love and the sharing of His
message of hope.(Matthew 28:18-20)

[] For the new Christian: To assist in the process
of spiritual growth, helping him/her come to
maturity in the faith.

[ ] For all Christians: To encourage service
prompted by love, through the discovery of
Spiritual gifts, as well as providing opportunities
to use them to God's glory.(Ephesians 4:12)

Thanks also goes out to EQUIP for providing the
leadership training materials(already translated) in
the form ofDVD and teacher/student workbooks.

Plus the blessing of books made available at a
greatly reduced price!
I Praise the Lord for his promise found in Psalm
37:4 "DeHght yourself in the Lord and-He-wili
give you the desires of your heart". His word is
true and His promises are real!
We also thank the Lord for the blessing ofa sweet

reunion with our family in Colombia. After nearly
three years apart we were able to spend quality
time together. We were also introduced to three
new nephews among the family.

[ ] For the congregation of believers: 1) To
prepare leaders who will one day take my place; 2)
to teach and model the responsability of each
believer to share the hope we have in Christ Jesus
with non-christians; 3) To promote the carrying
out ofthe great commission locally, nationally and

We thank God for giving us the privilege of
working in Eagle Pass, Texas, among the Hispanic
(Spanish speaking) population.
We have
opportunities to realize cross-cultural ministry in
each area of the purpose statement above.

Once back in Houston (after a long drive from
Miami) we began to look for another vehicle. For

We cannot stress enough our need for you to
surround us with your prayers. Thank you for
taking the time to pray for us daily! In the
spiritual battle for souls, this is a 'front-lines'

many months I had been concerned about the need


for a newer vehicle than the '90 Dodge van we

Contact us!

December 2003

Dear Family and Friends,




Please receive this letter with the Christmas wish that God bless you and your
loved ones at this time of year while we remember His greatest blessing to all
mankind... Jesus!




Since beginning our service as missionaries, it has been our custom to
work three and a half years'on the field'and then take a year of'stateside

service'known as furlough. This year of stateside service allows us to recharge


^ our spiritual batteries, pray concerning our next term of service, study to be
|C prepared for our next term, report to our supporting churches, and contact new churches and



In June of this year we completed otor three and a half year term of service in Eagle Pass,
Texas. After seeking advice from many trusted sources, and obtaining approval from our mission


board, we decided it was time to take our furlough. In late September we moved to Katy, Texas.
For the first time since being married (15 years - yea!) we live close to my (Steve's) family!

now live two miles from my parents'home. This has allowed us to have a very special time
with my parents and sisters, who also live in Kaiy. I've mentioned to them - usually after a
Sunday afternoon dinner - that it is SO nice to visit with them without having to fly to another
country, or without the seven hour drive we used to endure while living on the border. What a


blessing the Lord has given us!


Of course, the change has been somewhat drastic for the children. They attended a school

JJ' on the border with less than 100 students fi-om pre-K through 6th grade. Now they attend a grade


school and a middle school with more than a thousand students in each! Thankfully, the Lord is



helping them to adapt well to the change.


We also have more than just Mexican and American neighbors. We have people Hving on

*X -our street and neighborhood from China, Colombia, Afiica, India, England-and Ireland!- WeJive in __ _


a truly international neighborhood. What a great experience for the children, allowing them to


leam about other people, places and cultures without having to leave the country. You will find


very little prejudice in this part ofTexas!
As has been the case with every furlough, we are now in prayer concerning our service for


the next term. God has been faithful to lead us to areas where He desired to use us, because we
have humbly sought His will each time. We don't presume to determine what we will do for Him,


in His name. Rather, our method has been to ask Him where He would have us go to Join Him in


what He's already doing. Every time He has taken us to people and places where we have been


effectively used for His glory and for the building up of the Kingdom.


Through the years you have been a partner with us in our missionary service. You have
held us up in prayer. You have financially given, sometimes sacrificially, of your hard earned

^ dollars. You have called or written on occasion. You have allowed the gospel to go forth through



our obedience to the Lord's call to serve as missionaries. We thank you for faithfully obe5dng the
Lord's call on your life to support our efforts.


We invite you to pray specifically for us over the holidays. We desire to foUow God's
leading, and we are seeking clarity in His high calling for our next place of service. We have
indications that it will be in Colombia. Yet, we seek the Lord's confirmation in this matter. Will


you take a moment right now to offer up a prayer on our behalf?




Included with this letter is a picture of our family. Please hang it where you will be


*X reminded to pray. It is of extreme importance for us to be heavily supported in prayer in these


next few months. Our decision should be made by the end of January. Preparations need to be
made to begin our next term of'on-the-field service'in June.
Again, may God bless you this holiday season. May He remind you that all of our desires



can be met, not in the things of this world, rather in a deep abiding relationship with his Son,



Jesus Christ. HE is the reason for the season!


(s (s ^s ,%

ts iv




Latin America Mission Project

Seven plus One Equals Six

Ministry in Colombia

Not bad math, goodfruit!

Leadership training

We are excited to announce the birth of a new

Churches / Churches of Christ. We are happy to

God has been good to us! Although the past
year has been filled with challenges, we believe,
have believed, and have had reaffirmed on various
occasions that God has brought us to Eagle Pass
to carry out His purposes. One year into the
ministry here and we are rejoicing over the fi*uits

announce that

of our labor.

congregation in Eagle Pass! You may have read
in our past newsletters and/or Praise and Prayer
updates that in Eagle Pass, a city ofaround 25,000
people, there were seven different Christian
with the birth of this new

congregation there are NOT EIGHT, rather SIX
Christian Churches!

How can that be? Since arriving here, the

Lord impressed upon our hearts the great need for
unity among the churches. Most have been
struggling and have few members to meet the
ministry needs and demands of a dynamic
congregation. We began to teach and encourage
the idea of"Unity".
We soon found out the word "unity' was
not one to be played with. "Others," I was told,
"had come with the same vision and were quickly
frustrated and left defeated."
The idea, I

This has also been a time of preparation for
our whole family. The children are doing great in
their education, Nancy is learning a great deal
more English, and I've been learning so much
about leadership from Dr. John Maxwell. After
nearly nine years on the foreign mission field we
were ready for this! What a blessing it has been!
Last Sunday, one ofthe elders preached and
made a statement that sums up our ministry's
mission. We are to serve where we are (locally)

while having a vision for winning the world for

Besides serving Christ's church on a local

perceived was that, "'outsiders' haven't had

level, the Lord has blessed us with constant

success, so don't get your hopes up."

contact with His servant leaders in Colombia.

(Continued on page 2)

Over the course of this past year I've come to
understand there is a great need for better

preparation ofthe leaders in Colombia.
One brief example (among many) is the
work in Ibague. In our effort to open new
churches in new cities, all of us missionaries have

pulled out of that city, leaving it in the hands of a
local Colombian preacher. Now, less than a year
later, the dynamic growth of the church has come
to a halt. In fact, many families are discouraged
and have already left the church, with others
considering doing the same.
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The Praise Team


(7+1=6 Continued)

(Cont'umedfrom pg. I: Ministry ut Colombia}

So we just quit talking about the 'TJ" word.
What the Lord impressed upon my heart was to
quit 'talking' about unity and start being unity;
doing things to bring us to common ground.
With the start of Family Groups we (the
congregation where I was asked to serve) began
working with another congregation of believers.
After about eight months of working together to
share the gospel with friends, family and
neighbors, the Holy Spirit had time to work.
In December the leadership of each
congregation presented the idea of joining
together not just Wednesday nights, but Sunday
mornings as well! The desire was in all of us to
form ONE body of believers to celebrate Jesus'
love, and worship together.

Talking with the preacher, Benjamin, and
with two ofthe young leaders who serve with him,
I've identified the lack of leadership skills to be
one ofthe culprits. Upon mentioning my desire to
mentor him and the others (for now over the
Internet and phone, and this summer through a
seminar on the subject) the preacher said he would
be very glad to receive all the help he can get in
order to better his leadership.

January 14*^, we had our first Sunday
morning celebration service at the Cafeteria of
Colegio Biblico with a combined attendance of
72! We're also renting the cafeteria each Sunday
for the next 12 months to worship together in this
strategic location! For this reason, I say we
rejoice with the birth of a new congregation,
birthed out of

"the U word" where there is

common vision among the leadership and
members. And then there were six.

We are privileged to be a part of these
exciting ministries and we thank God for the
opportunity. What allows us to make these
advances in the Lord's kingdom? It is your
belief in us as fellow servants, and the
expression ofyour beliefthrough your prayers
offaith and your generous financial gifts.

The Lord has impressed upon our hearts the
need to return to Colombia for a summer of

serving. The Lord has prepared me to "raise the
lid" - the level of ability - of the Lord's church
leaders in Ibague, and other parts of the country.
We believe this will open the way, not only
for additional growth in the church, but for
multiplying growth! By being more effective
leaders, the church will benefit, and God's
kingdom will reap, and keep, a greater harvest.
We ask you to pray for God's perfect timing
for this trip, as well as for our safety. We
encourage you to also pray for the Lord's

Look us up at
write us at lampinc(§

Worship Attendance of 72