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Latin America Mission Project

among the Hispanic people

repentance and baptism.
We are delighted about what the Lord has been
doing in this first group, and we have a thrilling

on the US / Mexican border

announcement to make! As of October 1st, we

The Advancement of the Gospel

We are excited to announce that the Lord's

message of salvation is making advances in this
dry and weary land!
When we first arrived in Eagle Pass, ten
months ago, we quickly became aware of how the
physical condition of this land reflects the
spiritual condition of the community. One of our
constant prayers has been,"Lord,send the rain"
(both physically and spiritually). We have been
prayingfor the 'pouring out' of His Spirit into
the hearts of those who live in this border city,
leading them to cry out for 'rivers of life' to
satisj}^ their spiritual thirst
In May of this year we began to work closely
with two congregations who agreed to unite
eflbrts on Wednesday nights. Until now we have
offered two meetings. One is a small group
'home' meeting and the other is a prayer meeting.
We are also excited to report that in five
months of home meetings, we've had around 20
non-Christian visitors attend our first group.
We've seen ten people stand at the invitation to
profess their desire to follow Jesus. And of those
ten, six have begun studying the evangelistic
course Las 5 Leyes Espirituales (The 5 Spiritual
Laws), written by Christian Missionary Greg
Waddell. This study helps them understand their
need to express their faith in Jesus by means of

Inside this Issue
Family News from Nancy
Pictures Updates!
For the Brave @ Heart


have made the wonderful decision to multiply our
first group into THREE! Since our first group
began with many leaders participating, we have
the ability to extend ourselves now to two new
homes (already offered for meetings) and still
have a strong first group.
We believe God has been blessing our
faithfulness. We've been averaging 30 people in
attendance in our first group. We believe that in
five months time, the Lord can multiply his
blessings and we can see 30 attending in each of
the three groups.
We are veiy thankful for those of you who pray
for our family, our mission, and our ministry!
Together, we are bringing a message of hope to
those who need to know of Jesus' love.

Update: October 1 Ilh was the start of our second

home group. In spite of the fact of our
multiplying the first group (sending some of the
first group to a new location to begin another
meeting) we still had a total of 36 people present
in home meetings on Wednesday night.
believe this is an effective way to reach out to
friends, family and neighbors with the gospel of
Jesus Christ.

Remember to pray with us

'Lord, send the rain!

F am % N ew s from N ancy
PSALM 113:1-4
Praise the LORD.

Praise, O servants ofthe LORD,

praise the name of the LORD.
Let the name ofthe LORD be praised,
both now and forevermore.

From the rising ofthe sun to the place where it

the name ofthe LORD is to be praised.
The LORD is exalted over all the nations,

his glory above the heavens.
Our family is very
thankful to God!


the first time in twelve


of marriage
purchased a

other animal she may find! Hannah also speaks
English and Spanish.
SAMUEL: Samuel is five years old. He's a
very caring boy, and generally has a great attitude.
He likes to make up Jokes, and play learning
programs on the computer. When we asked him
what he likes most about our home he said, "I like

it because there's lots of room to play." (We have
four acres of land). He speaks English and
understands Spanish, though he doesn't speak it.
EMILY: Emily is two years old. She's a calm
and loving toddler. She enjoys playing with the
cats and feeding the fish. Her vocabulary is
growing a lot. She speaks English, and I'm
teaching her Spanish.
STEVE: Steve is well, and very busy. He loves
to read but hasn't been able to enjoy a good book in
months because of all of his responsibilities with
the family, the house, and the work of the Lord.
He's not complaining though, because he feels
fulfilled in what he's





confident the Lord has

outside a small town

us here with a specific
purpose in mind, and
we are happy to serve



called Quemado (kayMA-do), about twenty minutes from Eagle Pass.
After waiting for
years, finally
children can have dogs

thank the Lord. I also

and cats. We now have

want to thank all of

three dogs, Blackie,
Daisy and Sweetheart;
and three cats, Figaro,
Flower and Kitten. Our
dogs are good watch dogs, which is important,
living on the US / Mexican border.
JESSICA: Jessica is nine years old now. She's
a little bit shy until you get to know her, then she's
very friendly. She's responsible and careful, and
often helps me with the little ones. She likes to
read, sing, teach hereelf keyboard, and play outside
with the animals. She speaks both English and
HANNAH: Hannah is eight years old. She
makes friends very easily and has a great sense of
humor. She's also very honest. She enjoys helping
prepare meals. She also loves animals, and isn't
afraid of holding non-poisonous snakes or any


as His will dictates.

NANCY: I'm well,



interceded for me in


I'm doing

much better.
Since we've moved

I've been very busy
with the children, with

getting the house ready
for winter, and with the church activities. Unfortu

nately that means I've been too busy to write a
personal letter to each of you who are dear to me.
May God bless you my dear brothers and sisters
in the faith. Remain strong in the Lord because the
Lord who has called us is faithful.

May God richly bless all who have helped in our
move, in our settling in, and in various projects that
have required time and money to complete! You
are our partners in the spread ofthe gospel.

January - May 2000 Steve's first official Bible College students
in the class The New Testament Church

January - May 2000 Preparation, Distribution and Teaching the evangelistic
course written by Christian missionary Greg Waddell; L as 5 L eyes E spiritaales

May - October 2000 Working to train local Christians and church leaders the
Family Groups model of evangelism, and establishing the 'pilot' group.

Vacation Bible School. Expecting only 12-15 children, the 3 day program was blessed with more than 30!


For the Brave
From time to time we, as missionaries, have needs that go

above and beyond what our monthly support can cover. This
is good, as it helps us to remember to rely on God our

multiplied a number of times since he was given leadership
ofthe group.Part ofthat leadership responsibility has been to
train other leaders.

Provider,rather than trust in a bank account.

Since coming in faith to prepare for the ministry (as he was
Ifyou're reading this page, we trust it is because the Lord has offered no salary) the Lord has provided for him an income
given you the courage to consider the question,"How can I of$250.00 US a month. While a blessing, Fredy needs more
living-link support. He has plans to marry a faithfully active
young lady in the church this December. We are praying the
First, we ask you to prt^ about each of the needs presented
Lord will encourage individuals, Sunday schools, small
below. In your communication with the Lord, seek His
groups, and churches to take the challenge of supporting this
leading as to how HE can use YOU as a partner to our family
energetic worker in the Lord's kingdom.
and ministry.


Even though we,as missionaries, have moved our family out
ofColombia due to clear and present danger to any foreigner
living there, we still continue to actively minister to the two
young men who Steve had the privilege of training in the
ministry. This is done through weekly Internet chat sessions
with each ofthe two young men.
It is our desire to make a return trip to Colombia as soon as
funds are available. There are multiple reasons for this.


In today's high motion, high resolution culture, many of the
same 'multi-media' techniques used by the world's
entertainment industry are also being put to use in the church
for Godly purposes. One of these media devices is a Video
Projector. This allows the projection of songs, computer
graphics, videos and other media to help accentuate the
worship experience. It also is a tool that is useful for
evangelism and discipleship courses, teaching large groups
of people at the same time.

1) We left all of our belongings packed away for our Funds are now being raised to purchase this useful piece of
expected return to Colombia to minister. We need to sell / equipment for service on the mission field.
give away / or bring to the US these things. Included is the
need to sell the Toyota truck.
2) Steve has a desire to teach Colombia leadership and the

young men who are preparing to be future church planters
John Maxwell's The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. He

would offer a 'Leadership Training Seminar' for those


While the Lord has been faithful in providing sufficient funds
to support the Phillips family's financial needs, it is no secret
that what they earn for a family of six falls below the
'Poverty Level' of income established by the government.
There are also times when work 'projects' cannot be financed
in order to be able to pay the Phillips' salary.

3) It has now been two years since we have seen any of
If you have followed the life and work ofthe Phillips family,
Nancy's family. We want to visit with them, see the growing
you know they are workers worthy of your support Any
nieces and nephews, (the new ones too) and remind our
children oftheir Colombian heritage.

funds sent to the General Fund of LAMP., Inc. will be

considered first for 'special needs' of this family, and
secondly considered for special projects.


Fredy has been serving in the ministry full time since coming
to Ibagu6, Colombia in 1998 at the age of 19. Leaving his


If you desire to be part of the Lord's work in supporting any
Christian family behind and desiring with his whole heart to
ofthe needs listed, you may contact Steve,or his Forwarding
serve the Lord Jesus Christ, he took a step of faith that will
Agent, Ron Kessler. Also, financial donations should be
influence his younger brothers in their future decisions as to
made to LAMP, Inc., designated accordingly, and sent to
what th^ want to be. Currently one of his three younger
2701 S. Miller St., Shelbyville, IN 46176
brothers is actively being prepared for the ministry by
missionaries in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Fredy has experienced the wonderful blessings of serving in
the church in many areas. He preaches, teaches, leads
singing, organizes the youth group, and is beginning an
acting group which plans to do street evangelism. He also
leads a home cell-group style meeting which has grown and