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JA. TersonaCLetterfrom tfie TfiiCCips JamiCy
JuCy 31,1999

SfieCByvide, UN"

Vear Brotfiers ancCsisters in tfiefaitfi,


I've cCecidecCto Begin tfiis fetter witfi tBat one wordifor it sums up exactly the
state oftflings in our Lives andministry,

'WBat an intimidating word,, cfiange! y/fien applied to life's Big decisions it signifies a
situation wfiere we are often times movedfrom wfiere we are comfortaBCe to wBere we are
cftaCfenged It Brings to mindupfieavaf^ andin tfie heart causes anxiety,

for as Cong as I can say I've Been associated with the possiBiCity of ministry in CofbmBia,
there fias existed a worry in the minds of many concerning my presence in tfiat country
due to it'spoCitieaCconflict anddangers. Three times have Igone to that country to serve
the Lord, in spite ofthese dangers associated with Civing and working there. Two ofthose
have Been with my wife andour growingfamily,

Lach of those times we went to CofbmBia we experiencedan innerpeace aBout Being there,
in spite ofthe threat, yVe were assuredBy the Spirit tfiat we were doing Qods widandTie
woufd watch over andprotect us, yVe fiad no douBts nor reservations aBout Being there,
even when other caringpeopfJe in our fives tfiought we sfiouLdn't Be,
That, however, is where this letter is Ceading, Changes, Upon gearing up for our return to

the States fastfaCf^ witflout knowing each others thoughts on the matter, Sidney andIBoth
had fbst tfiat innerpeace aBout Being there. It was a suBtfe cfiange in that interior voice.
But over the montfis tfiat suBtfe moving ofthe Spirit fias made itseCfstrongly known,
'We know now we are not to return to CofbmBia, J[s hardas that decision fias Been to make,

we fiave no reservations nor douBt tfiat it is a correct one. The LordwiCCgive us strength
to work out tfie details and deaCwith the sadness ofleaving Sidney'sfamify, dearfriends,

team mates and Christianfamily Behind We ask Sfim also to comfort those wfio wiCC Be
affectedBy our leaving.

So you'reproBaBfy asking yoursef, 'What wifC they do now?" Wed, we've Been doing the
same thing. But instead of asking ourselves, we've Been asking the Lord Sfe is our guide
and our Light, Just as SLe has done in yearspast, we are confident SLe widshow us what
SLisperfect wdCis andwhat Sfispfdn isfor our Lives andministry.

J{es aCreacCy Begun to reveaCJ{is wiCCto us! 'But Cet me sftare witft you, it takes more faitB
tofollow into uncBartecCterritory tfian it cCoes to return to CoComBia, 1/Ve arejnraying daiCy
for 3-Cis fiancC to guide us to tHe next mission fieCcC 1/Ve are confident, Boweyer, J-Ce wiCC
faitfifuCCy do that to Jdis gCory, honor andpraise.
So, wefeeCsome assurances are in order, you, our supporters in prayers andfinances,
deserve to know afew importantfacts concerningfuture decisions. lYe've Cistedthem here
for you.

JAs your partners in ■worCicC evangeCism
We are committecC to...
1. Continued cross-cudturaC missionary work, sharing the gospeC with
popuCdtion of the .Americas.

the 3-Cispanic

2. 'EstaBCishing a SNenv Testament church as foundin the Book of Acts, andBringing that
church to maturity untiC it Becomes a) seCf governing, B) sef supporting and c) sef

3. 'Prayingfor andthenpreparing young menforfud-time ministry andmissions.
The task ofworCdevangeCism continues to Be numBer 1 in our fives andwork. There are too
manypeopCe out there who do not know Jesus Christ as theirpersonaCLordandSavior. Sfe
didn't make sharing the gospeC an option, rather a command! (See Mark 16:15,16 and
Matthew 28:18-20)

Pather than see this change as something to Be sadaBout, we see it as a springBoardfor
opportunity to spread the goodnews of Jesus Christ to other parts of the world(see Acts
8:1-4). The Lordhas used thepast 13 years toprepare us for the task that Cay ahead Jfe's
BCessed me with a Latin tongue, a Latin wife, experience Civing and working in a Latin
cuCture, andtools to reach Latin (Jfispanic)peopCe.
Besides the aBove mentioned ide's also BCessedme in the area of Ceadership. for the first
time in my fife IfeeC aBCe (with JCis continuaChe^) to actually Ceadout in an evangeCistic
effort to estaBCish a church. Qiven the experience of training up (gamaCieC andJredy in
CoComBia andworking together with a team of missionaries andJfationals, andCeamrng a
method of evangeCism that is very effective among JJispanic peopCe, Tm ready to caCC a
team together to continue working in the same manner.
So, where does that Bring you into the picture? y/e need your prayers, your continued
support, andyour encouragement. Change, asIstatedearlier, is not easy to deaf with. It
may not Be easy for our currentfinanciaCsupporters to deaf with either. That's why we're
sending this fetter stating our continuedcommitment to missions andour continuaCneed
for yourprayers.

Thank you. Thank you for praying. Thank youfor supporting us in this time of change
too. yourprayers andsupport speak CoudCy to us of your BeCief in our ministry andour
soundjudgment. May QodBCess you.