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March 12, 199

fbagu^, Colombia
South America

Hello faithful fh'end and supporter!

Isn't the word "Independence"just wonderful? It brings us the idea offreedom' or 'liberty'. Praise the Lord, In Christ Jesus

we have just that. . . freedom! Praise the Lord he has given us freedom from sin and it's power over us. freedom from death, and
freedom to serve and love him. What a wonderful message!

As you know, our work here in Colombia is one that proclaims just that: Freedom for the captives! We praise the Lord for
calling us here to proclaim the message ofJesus Christ to the peopl'.^

Recently, Nancy and I have decided on something important and we want to share that decision with you. Ever since coming
to Colombia (five years ago) we set out to raise funds for an automobile. We have decided the time is almost here to purchase one
Even though we haven't received yet the full needed amount, we set the date to purchase; July 4th, Independence Day!
The Lord knows how much money he wants us to spend and on Which vehicle. As of yet, we are unaware of his will in this
matter, We do know that he has given us, to this point, nearly five thousand dollars towards this purchase. In Colombia, this is about
enough for a 20 year old compact car that would be in need ofconstant repairs. Ifthe Lord decides that is what we should get,
however, we will, with the full confidence in him that when the time comes to make repairs he will also provide for that.
If, on the other hand, the Lord leads our supporters(individuals and churches)to make a special effort over the next few
months to send funds for this project, then we may have enough by July 4th to purchase a vehicle in much better condition, able to
move our family around safely and in relative comfort.

We leave this in his bands and ask him to guide you as to what role you should take in this effort. If he leads you to pray,

please pray about this need If he leads you to send a one-time all out sacrificial donation, please don't hesitate. If he wants you to
send a financial gif^ each month for March, April, May, June and July, that will work too. Even if he leads you to be a support raiser
for this cause, you c«i trust him to empower you to do so, and to show you how.
We trust the Lord has sent us here to fulfill his plan to evangelize the nations. We also trust that he wants us to have the

necessary means oftransportation for the work and for our family. Therefore we share this need with you, providing you an
opportunity to trust him too.
May the God of all glory bless you.


hecks to "Car Fund" C/0 Ro Kessler, 2701 S. Miller St., Shelbyville, IN. 46176,


Steve and Nancy,

We have decided to participate in the campai^ to raise the needed funds for your automobile! We are
sending this gift in Jesus' name, along with a prayer that he protect you at all times in the vehicle he is going to
provide May God bless your ministry to the people of Colombia.
Lord providing, we will participate with. . .
our daily prayers for you and your ministry
our one-time contribution of $

five 'payments'(March - July) at $


our commitment to help raise needed fijnds.


L.A.M.P., Inc.
2nd Quarter News from the Field. . .
Steve & Nancy write from Colombia, South America
April - June 1996

Hello faithful family, supporters and fnends,
GROWTH is a wonderful word! It means health and life are present in the person or thing that
is growing. Praise the Lord, here in Colombia we are seeing growth take place by leaps
and bounds!

First of all, we are seeing growth in the church. When we arrived ten months ago
the church was averaging around thirty-five in attendance on Sunday mornings. Now, we
are averaging 97! The Lord is doing great things.
Secondly, we are seeing growth ofthe youth groups. More youth are attending
now than at any other time. They are excited about the youth meetings and are inviting
their fnends.

Thirdly, we are seeing spiritual growth among the young people in the church. Just
Easter Sunday we baptized FOUR young people iiuo the Lord's idngdomi Two ofthern
you have been praying for... Hugo Alexander and his wife, Sneider!
After so many months of patiently praying for them to give their lives in obedience
to our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, they have finally done so. Praise the Lord, and
continue to pray for this couple's spiritual growth.
There has also been growth in my brother-in-law's life (Gamaliel). He has been
preparing to serve in the ministry, and is doing well. Presently he teaches the youth groups
once a month, and he is head ofthe praise and worship committee. He also leads singing
frequently, and has preached his first sermon!
We are excited about his growth, and
we pray the Lord will continue to provide for this servant. We pray he will become a
capable leader, able to plant and establish churches here in Colombia. Pray for more
young men like him.
Then there's our family. The Lord has blessed our children with health and life and
love and strength. Samuel, at a year and a month, is walking now. We are so happy to see
him grow and develop into a wonderful little toddler. He has brought so much joy into our
home, as have Jessica and Hannah,our two daughters. Hannah is soon to be four, and
Jessica recently turned five. The children are growing up beautifijl and bilingual.
Nancy and I praise the Lord for this amazing growth we've seen over the past eleven
months. When we left the States nearly a year ago there was no way we could have
foreseen the blessings God has poured out on our lives and our ministry. We can only
praise him for being so kind and faithful. Kind,for allowing us to serve him in an area
where there is hunger to know more about him and his word. Faithful, for he has never let
us suffer a day's need for food, shelter, or clothing. He has, rather, blessed us abundantly.

Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing us to serve you in this country. Thank you
for calling us to serve where you have many great things planned for your church. Thank
you for giving us new days and new opportunities to share the good news of your Son with
others. It is exciting to see people hungry for your word!
Thank you also for the people you have prepared to support this work. This is
indeed a team eftbrt, and without your people on the other end ofthe line, offering up their
prayers, giving oftheir time and their hard earned dollars, and their love, we would be hard
pressed to accomplish that which you have called and prepared us to do! May you be


Thanks to many who are supporting this need! The donations keep coming in and
we expect to purchase an automobile on July 4th, as planned.

The Sunday following Easter there were two more young adults baptized into our
Lord's Kingdom! That makes 10 baptisms for the first trimester!

When I first saw the initials KCC on a Christian's sweatshirt in Houston, Texas, I

quickly asked that person if they had attended my alma mater, Kentucky Christian
College. They looked at me a little confused and said,'TMo. Why?" I came to find out it
stood for the name of the church they attend, the Kingsbridge Christian Church. Nearly
two years later, we now celebrate the support ofKingsbridge ,.iid welcome them as a part
of this ministry!
Surfing the Net

Due to the high cost ofthe long distance connections to Compuserve, we have now
made a local connection to the Internet. If you are an on-line user, we hope to hear from
you! Our electronic address is as follows;

No, Nancy and I aren't celebrating our 10th anniversary, yet. We're going for #8.
But, in July of this year it will have been 10 years since I first came to Colombia on my
internship! And, it will have been 10 years since Nancy and I first met. Both ofthose
events are worth celebrating!

Congratulations to Ron & Carol Kessler on the birth of their grandson, Anthony

June 27 through July I v»ili be the annual National Youth Camp. This year the
camp will be held here in Ibague. Fellow missionary Kristin Plettner and I(Steve) are in charge
of organizing the camp. Pray we can be effective in our efforts to prepare and provide a
camp that will touch the hearts ofthe young people, that they may know what True Love
(our theme) is. . . the love the father has poured out on us through his Son,Jesus Christ.
Driver's Ed

If you've ever been to a foreign country, you know the drivers can be a little crazy.
Colombia is no exception. Many ofthe drivers are licensed but without any formal
training. Maybe that's why they depend more on the honi than they do on obeying trafiGc

The other day I was downtown to do some banking and to check the mail. Going
up the street was a driver's ed car (believe it or not, they do exist here), with a student

driver behind the steering wheel. Now,I was remembering driver's ed from high school,
and I remembered that most ofthe driver's ed cars came equipped with a passenger side
break, and sometimes a passenger side steering wheel. I carefully observed this
particular car as it was passing by and suddenly I was educated on the most important
aspect of a driver's ed car in Colombia... a passenger side horn!!

++Praise the Lord for the baptism of Alexander and Sneider. Pray for their spiritual growth as new babe's
in Christ.

-H-Continue to pray for new contacts that the Phillips family may daily share the good news ofJesus Christ
-H-Pray the Lord continues working through his children to send funds for the purchase ofan automobile for
the work. Pray there will be sufficient money for a July 4th purchase.
++Pray for the Phillips family's health. Pray the Lord blesses them with daily strength, and keeps them from

-H-Pray for the political stability ofColombia. Pray the Lord intervenes and brings peace between the
government and the guerilla forces. Pray against the drug lords and pray for the United States, that there
may be a more effective campaign against the abuse ofthese illicit substances.
++Pray for the upcoming Youth Camp(June 27-July 1)and evangelistic campaign that will follow (July 3-7).

-H-Pray about a new study the missionaries in Ibague are developing for the discipleship of new believers. Once
finished, this could benefit the missionary effort in many Latin American countries.

2701 S Miller Street

Shelbyville. IN 46176-9301

From Supporters

May 1996




From Interest

From Savings



301b-outside of US
301c-in the US




281b-housing outside US
281c-housing in the US


282b-retirement outside US
282G-retifoment In the US
283b-life insurance outside US
283c-llfe insurance in the US
284b-health insurance outside US
284c-health insurance in the US








Confer..Conventions. Meetings
400b-outside the US
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370b-outside the US
370c-in the US










outside the US
in the US

Legal Fees
320b-outside the US
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360b-outside the US
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Other Expenses
430b-bank charges outside US
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431tH"eal estate taxes outside Us
431c-real estate taxes in the US
432b-miscellaneous outside US
432c-miscellaneous in the US












Postage ^ Shipping
350i>outside the US
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380b-outside the US
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261 fcKOutside the US
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330b-outside the US
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340b-outside the US




340c-in the US




390b-car outside the US


390c-car in the US


391l>taxi outside the US


392b-furlough outside the Us
392c-furlough in the Us



Beginning Balance

Furlough Fund




Balance in Checking
Car Fund

S4 500.00






Newsletter from Steve & Nancy Phillips
Vol. 2 No. 2/ July - October, 1996
Praise the Lord I

He has answered our prayers for an automobile! We praise him for providing more than we could have asked or
imagined (Epheslans 3:20). We presented to you our need for a vehicle and thanks be to God, for he motivated you to
get involved and assist us in the resolving of this need.

What a blessing It has been to have been provided with a Toyota Hilux (pick-up). It has a double cab, a 2.4 liter
engine, and a bed on the back. It isn't as small as a car and not as large as a full size pickup.
WeVe already used the Toyota for various church events, including a recent men's retreat and youth outing. We
have also been able to be more mobile as a family, and feel a little more freedom to get out of the house on our day off.

The Lord has truly blessed us and we give him THANKS! We also want to say again,'Thank you'to all of you who gave
so generously to help us.
Men's Group
One of our efforts to bring Christian leadership to the forefront of Colombian life is to prepare the men of the

church to be true leaders for Christ. This has not been, and Is not an easy task! There are many obstacles on this path,
for the enemy knows that if the Christian men assume their God given role as leaders then great things will happen for
Christ's kingdom in Colombia.
Presently, we have encouraged the men in the church to purchase a book called The Man in the Mirror", written

by Patrick M. Moriey. It deals with 24 problems that men face on a daily basis, it is recommended for all Christian men,
in any country...!
Please pray for the Lord to remove the obstacles from our path in the preparation of leaders. Pray the Lord
sends more men to be prepared for service.
Our Family

Praise the Lord, we have all been fairly healthy except for the occasional common cold. The Lord has been
faithful to protect us dialy and keep us from harm. We have even seen his wonderful protective hand at work when harm
comes our way.

Last week we were all out eating arepas (a round bread from com meal usually with cheese inside) and Hannah
was playing with a little dog on the sidewalk. Somebody had thrown food out and the dog was eating it. Hannah got too
close and the dog bit her in the face! As a result there were two small puncture wounds, but they did not go too deep.
One was a 16th of an inch from the right comer of her lip, and the other was a 16th of an Inch below her right eye. Praise
the Lord for protecting her eye and her mouth!!! Children seem to invent ways to get hurt and it is a constant effort to

keep them safe and away from danger. We thank the Lord for being an ever vigilant protector of little ones.
The girls are also in school now. They are enrolled in KInder-A in a local Christian school run by the Presbyterian
Church. It is the only local school that is Christian based and we praise the Lord for the availability of quality Christian

Jessica is 5 and Hannah is 4 years old now. Samuel Stevemis 19 months. Their birthdates are Feb.1, June 27,
and Feb.23, respectively.

Nancy is doing well. She has been working on Crafts lately. She has a little more time now that the girls are in
school. She also enjoys drawing, painting, and occasionally sewing. She keeps very busy, however, supporting this

ministry; and is herself teaching an evangelistic study on Monday nights to two women from a local grocery store.
Steve is fine, and keeping very,(almost too) busy. With the constant demands of the ministry he is out of the
house frve nights a week. We thank the Lord that He is blessing Steve's ministry to the youth, and to the men who meet
on Thursday nights in the study of the book mentioned above.
Please lift up each member of the Phillips family in daily prayer. Satan works to bring about attacks on health,

peace of mind, and ministry efforts. With your faithful prayers we are sure to have constant victory on all fronts.
The Country

The past few months in Colombia have been a violent ones. Tensions have been escalating between the
government and guerrilla forces. In general the country is in a state of anxiety and insecurity. We ask for your fervent
prayers. We ask you to pray for peace to come to this country. We ask for prayer concerning our safety, and that of all
Christians here. Pray with us that the government, in spite of all it's own problems, will take decisive action to show the
people It is in charge.

This sums up the extensive need we have for sharing the gospel of peace with all of Colombia. WHERE THE

LORD REIGNS THERE IS PEACE AND LOVE, and hatred ceases to have such a powerful Influence over a society.
Pray for the extension of the gospel of Jesus Christ into every Colombian home, barrio, city and state.

Please COMMUNICATE daily with the Father above. Lift up this mission in prayer, as well as those we are
working with to evangelize and equip for good works. Our enemy is a roaring lion, seeking new converts to devour.
Pray against gossip for this is a severe spiritual problem we encounter here. Pray against gossip's mate: lying;
for the two go hand in hand and even long-time Christians here have difficulty with this.
Please also COMMUNICATE with us, your missionaries to Colombia. Believe It or not, we miss you all and love
to hear from you. It is often difficult for us to respond directly to your letters due to the demands of the ministry on our
time, but you can be sure it is an encouragement to us when we receive mall from you all.
To make communication more effecient we provide you with the following electronic mail addresses...

Steve Phillips:
Ron Kessier;

If you have an e-mail address, write to us and we will add you to our "Update Group" to which we send periodic
updates on prayer needs, family and ministry news. We welcome John and Anita Martin to our "Update Group".
Youth Camp Results

June 27 through July 1 was our annual Youth Camp here In Colombia! We praise the Lord for allowing us to
have a camp with NO problems and NO physical injuries.
We also praise HIM for allowing us to help the young people understand what True Love is... that God gave his
Son to die for us, even while we were sinners!

Our Camp Theme was "True Love" and based on that theme we talked about the true love God has for us, our

true love for God,true love between guys and gals (dating), and true love for those who dont know Christ (evangelism
and missions).
As a result of numerous prayers and the efforts of many,this year's camp had these results...







Baptisms -12, Re-dedications -10, Commitments to Christian Service -14, Colombian cities represented - 5
End of year Newsletter...
The missionaries of Ibague are preparing to write a combined end-of-year newsletter which will include photos of
each family and of the work. We ask for your prayers as we organize this special newsletter. We want each of our you
to see what you'* combined support is bringing in the chy of ibague for the Kingdom of God

2701 S Miller Street

bulk rate

Shelbyville, IN 46176-9301

P.O.Box 2427
KNOXVILLE TN 37901-2427

Jbague, Colombia^
December 1996
Later, they started Bible studies in their
home, and we visited them on a monthly
basis. In February of 1993 Barbara and
1 moved here and the church officially

The church has grown rapidly
in the intervening 3 1/2 years.
Attendance now averages about 120 on
the Lord's day, and 29 have been

baptized so far this year.
As senior minister, I am deeply
involved in evangelism and music
ministry. I also have a low profile
ministry to the leaders of the protestant
churches here in Ibague, encouraging

The Christian Missionaries serving in Ibague, Colombia

Four points of view:


Inside This Issue

The missionaries in

Steve & Nancy Phillips


Ibague unite to write!

Kristin Piettner


Paul & Sheri Moreland


Contacting a missionary


YOU hold in your hands a
first! We, the missionary
families serving our Lord
Jesus Christ in Ibague,
Colombia, have decided to combine our

year-end newsletters, giving you the op
portunity to see the Lord's work from
four different points of view. This letter

Getting nearer
the goal...





concepts. Barbara is active in leading the
women and children's ministries.

We are working hard to prepare

Colombian leaders to replace us. We ask
your prayers for Benjamin, who will take
my place next summer when we go on
furlough. We are also working together
with the other missionaries to prepare
newer Christians for leadership.
Pray for God's guidance as we
look to the future. Barbara and I plan to
go on furlough next summer, and then
return to Colombia and move to a new

city as we advance toward the goal of

By Mark Stringer

making New Testament Christianity

Each of us, working as a team, have

Recently the Mayor ofIbague

available to everyone in Colombia during

seen many blessings in the Lord's work

inaugurated a park in our

is one of 1,600 newsletters being sent

over the past year, and we want to share
these with you. This provides us the
grounds to say a resounding "THANK
YOU" to each of our own supporters,

area oftown and likened this

city to a peaceful pool in the
middle of a very turbulent


Statistics show that Colombia is now the

and to the supporters of our fellow team

most violent country in the world. It is

members. Because of your combined ef

little wonder that Ibague has been
growing faster than any other middle
sized Colombian city, as people pour in

forts, and ours here on the field, we have

seen the Lord work in marvelous ways!
As the end of 1996 approaches and
the start of a new year is on the horizon,

we hope to encourage you and let you
know that your prayers and financial
support have permitted us to make ad
vances in the task of world evangelism.
We ask you to look ahead to 1997 and
ask yourself how you can continue to be

our lifetime.

escaping from the violence in other

areas. Barbara and I had no way of
knowing it would be that way when the
Lord led us to come and start a New

Testament church here 3 1/2 years ago.
In 1989, Benjamin and Jobita

Guzman, leaders in the Bogota congre
gation, moved here looking for work.

Mark & Barbara Stringer

Page 2

Ibague, Colombia

Youth, Discipleship &
life on the field
by Steve Phillips

Moving to a new culture has
many challenges. One of
those is to learn the way of
life of those whom you are proposing to
teach. This past year and a half has been
a challenging and rewarding experience
in the area of youth work, We have seen
many successes and also many setbacks.
As a result of the gospel of Jesus
Christ being presented among the youth,
we have seen 10 youth baptized into our
Lord since arriving in Ibague (and an
other 12 in camp)! What a blessing it is
to see teens and young adults hungry for
the truth found in God's word.

Some of these young adults have
shown potential for future leadership po

body of Christ may be built up...".(NIV)
As with youth in any culture, there
are so many things this world promises
to offer (fame, fortune, fiin, etc.). We
know these quickly become stumbling

ble of the sower. We are looking for

ways to turn the youth from the wayward
call of the world to the steadfast call of
the Lord. This is often times a difficult

task, given the youih come from homes
where Jesus is not exalted as Savior and

Thorns (the desires of the flesh for

the things of the world), rocks (quick
changing emotions especially prevalent
among youth), and dry hard ground (a
lifetime of a godless home life): these are
the things which make our work chal
lenging. Praise be to God we are not the
ones who have to carry the weight of
those obstacles, nor are we the ones who
have to remove them! We are called to

be the seed planters! We praise the Lord
for the seeds that fall on fertile ground,
and we pray for the seeds that fall on the

these babes in Christ to grow.

infertile soil of some hearts.

One ofthe Bible verses used as a ba

sis for this ministry is found in Ephesians
4:11,12: "It was (Jesus) who gave some

to be apostles, some to be prophets,
some to be evangelists, and some to be
pastors and teachers, to prepare God's
people for works of service, so that the

by Kristin Plettner

blocks for new believers. Jesus called

ever, is a long way off. We pray daily for
the Lord to provide teaching and disci
pleship opportunities so as to prepare

which make our work

Literature Distribution

these things thorns and rocks in the para

sitions in the Lord's service. This, how

Thorns, rocks and dry hard
ground; these are the things

Evangelism and

Presently we are working on a pro

ject to give new believers a healthy start
in the edification of their faith. It is a

Kristin Plettner

Greetings! Now, don't blink!
^How can I keep your
attention? . . . :-) Why not
just start? Good suggestion.
I'm what you'd call a jack of all
trades missionary. My work is three fold:

forty day study designed to encourage
them in daily Bible study and prayer, as
well as teach some important founda

I work with Literature Distribution,

tions of their new found faith.

For the majority of my life I
was a typical pagan, and I didn't
understand why I constantly had this
hole in my heart. I believed in God,

We praise the L.ord for bringing us
to Ibague! He has provided challenges
for our family and ministry. Along with
those he has provided the power and
wisdom to make advances for the cause

of Christ and the glory of his name!

Assist with the youth, and I work in the

barely heard about Jesus, and I didn't
think they had anything to do with each
other. Finally, a cousin of mine reached
out and showed me His ways. And you
know what happened? The whole in my
heart left because I was reconciled to my
Creator, and the Lord filled my heart
with hope,joy, and peace.


I take my time for people. I call,
do visits, buy lunches. Sometimes we
laugh, sometimes we cry. 1 take time to
care because I want to see them

The need for

Christian Literature

is great and so very crucial
for our spiritual growth

The Phillips family: Steve, Nancy, Jessica, Hannah & Samuel

Page 3

Ibague, Colombia
reconciled to their Creator, and be filled

with the joy that can only be found with

Now before you take the time
to yawn listen to this exciting quote by
Don Dewelt, "Long after you and /are
dead and our sermons are forgotten,

The Moreland family: Ministering to families
on Christian parenting and marital relationships
has helped us to fit in so quickly and easily.

books will still he read Books will be

The first several weeks we

read and studied until Jesus comes!So,

spent looking for a house and then in

seeking the basic appliances and furni

ifyou want to do a permanent work...
translate and print books!" It Is quite
simple to go to any Christian bookstore
in the States and pick out the book you
need, but that freedom simply does not
exist here. The need


ture we needed to get moved in. Once
we got settled it was easier to get in
volved in the work. Almost immediately

we began helping with socials and other
church activities, starting with the


Literature is GREAT and so very crucial
for our spiritual growth.
In February I was able to make
a 120 book purchase that went out to 4

Colombian Christian Convention which

different cities, 3 bookstores, and one

Colombian Christian Churches. Then in

was held here in Ibague, in December
1995. In January we participated in a
meeting of the leaders from all the
March, Paul went with Martin Sanders

library. One of the books is entitled 11
lessons on Bible Doctrine by Denver

on a survey trip to the city of Medellin.
Our primary focus in serving is
in family ministry. There is a great need

Sizemore. This book has been translated

into ten different languages,& deals with

for Christian orientation in the areas of

issues such as God, Jesus, the Church,

tithing in the O.T. & N.T., repentance,
baptism, Faith, prayer, the Lord's supper.
I would like to purchase the sequel, and
more vital books, but there are not

enough pennies in the literature fund.

The Moreland family
Paul, Sheri, Enoch & Timothy

Wehave had a great year get
ting adjusted to a new coun
try, a new language, a new

Another book is entitled So.

You want to Preach by Don Dewelt.

home, a new school, a new church and

This book has been translated into

living in a city. We praise God that we
were able to adjust quickly and get to

Spanish and has proven very practical.
Now, who exactly receives
these books(2 of the 7 that I've chosen
to write about)? Some have been
missionaries, but most have been

national laymen, preachers, or those
studying full time to go into the ministry.
Have I convinced you of the
vital need for literature? I hope so. And
remember, "When you come... bring the
books ..."{II Tim. 4:13 TEV),

Sunday AM 10:00am
Sunday PM- 5:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm



Worship & Word
Worship & Word
Bible Studies(2)

Ladies' Meeting
Men's Meeting

Youth Meeting
Couple's meeting

*Times are Eastern Standard Time

concepts of love, marriage and parenting
often are not understood and appreci
ated. There are many problems which
stem from the simple neglect of God's
teaching and standards. Our long range
goal is to prepare another couple to con
tinue this vital ministry when we leave to
start a new work.


Sheri had some problems at first
with the language. People find it hard to
believe, but Spanish and Portuguese are
so alike that one must speak one or the
other. It is extremely difficult to hold on

to both languages at the same time.
There's a need for orientation

in the areas of marriage, par
enting and other relationships
Paul anticipates the same kind


Christian marriage, Christian parenting
and other relational areas. The biblical

of problem upon returning to Brazil.
Paul had some problems also with the
language but was able to actively partici
pate in calling and teaching before the sbc
month period he had originally planned
for language adjustment.
The boys adapted quickly to
school and made their adjustments to the

The past year has been spent in
visiting, learning, teaching and evange

lizing. Next year we will be facing a
change of emphasis in our work. More
time will be spent in discipling and

preparing men to do the work while we
edily, encourage and teach them. This is
important for the long-range health of
the church. We must prepare the people
to fulfill the Great Commission. Too of

ten the work has been done by the few
while the rest ofthe people simply watch
from the sidelines. Of course it is easier
for one to do the work so it will be "done

right". However, there vrili be no one to
take over when one must move on.

We also look forward to the

language and culture quickly as well.

opportunity to reach into the community
through our new office downtown. We
ask that you pray the Lord will work
through us to impact the business com-

Over all we are thankful that the Lord

(Continued on page 4)

Page 4

Ibague, Colombia

munity with His Gospel.
The office provides a wonderful
opportunity to have daily contact with

merchants and to have a private yet pub
lic place for counseling. Future plans in
clude establishing a Computer Bulletin
Board System where Christians from all





lessons and information for use in the
churches. Funds are still needed to finish

paying for the office, and to provide the


necessary furniture and equipment.
May our Lord and Savior be

your constant Guide and Encourager

during the new year ahead. And may
you constantly look to His Word for wis
dom, guidance and encouragement.

The Christian Church, Ibague, Colombia

Contacting a missionary


2701 S. Miller Si.

If the Lord has encouraged you to pray
for and support any ofthe missionaries in

Field Address: AA 038*

Missionary's name
A.A. U
Ibague, Tolima

this newsletter, please write and let them

Field Telephone: 649-325**

Colombia, South America

Shelbyville. IN. 46176
Telephone: 1-317-398-0285

know. Any financial support should be

made out to the name oftheir mission for

Dialing from the U.S.A.


tax purposes.

011 - 57 - 82 -###-###


c\o Harriette Fields



P.O. Box 107


Firestone, CO. 80520

c/o Frances Pearsall

Telephone: 1-303-833-4053

.+ Garv S.Phillips ("Stevel +
Forwarding Agent: Ron Kessler:

831 S. 6th St.

Montrose, CO. 81401

+ Kristin Plettner +


-Telephone: 1-970-249-3831
Forwarding Agent: Harriette Fields:


Field Address: AA 1202*


Field Telephone: 643-912**

P.O.Box 1593

Joplin, MO. 64802-1593
Telephone: 1-417-782-0663


L.A.M.P., Inc.

+ Paul W. Moreland +
Forwarding Agent: David Shepper:

Field Address: AA 2683*

c/o Ron Kessler

Field Telephone: 650-763**

Ibague, Colombia


Return Address

U.S. pc:tat:
P A 7 >


JOPLIN, :/.o

516 N. Waii Avenue

Address Correction Requested

Mission Services
PC BOX 2427