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Happy Day Mobile

Keep baby engaged and smiling with this too-cute mobile. Hang it over a crib or on the wall for
the perfect nursery accessory.
By Amy Gaines


RED HEART Kids, 5oz/141g balls, each approx 290yd/265m (acrylic)
1 ball each:
• 2230 Yellow (A)
• 2252 Orange (B)
• 2735 Pixie Pink (C)
• 2845 Blue (D)
• 2846 Cruise Blue (E)
• 2652 Lime (F)
• 2390 Red (G)
RED HEART Super Saver, 7oz/198g balls, each approx 364yd/333m (acrylic)
1 ball each:

1¼"/3cm diameter Heavy-duty sewing thread 4 safety eyes. Depois é só dar os nós para formar a franja . 9mm diameter 4 safety eyes.• 316 Soft White (H) • 312 Black (I) CROCHET HOOK • Size F/6 (4mm) crochet hook or any size to obtain correct gauge NOTIONS • • • • • • • Stitch markers Plastic ring. 6mm diameter Polyester fiberfill Yarn needle Deixe uma ponta longa de lã ( cerca de 15cm) monte 150 correntinhas e ao terminar a carreira deixe outra ponta longa.

newborn crocheting.-------------------------MATERIALS USED -------------------------Blue -Light blue Yellow .Green Pink. .Soft pink Antibacterial acrylic soft yarn specially made for baby. .

Rainbow Scarf: Materials: Worsted weight yarns (any number of colors) .

Dc into each st. Sew them together with the yarn tails. Weave in ends.Fluffy white yarn (for clouds)-. R1: 2 Sc into each st (12) R2: (2 sc into next st.height). overlap five of the circles to make a fluffy cloud shape. Repeat R2 until you have finished all the colors of your rainbow. sc into next st)* rep to end of round (18) R3: (2 sc into next st. using the new color to complete the stitch. Flip cloud over and sew the remaining circles to the back of the cloud. make an adjustable ring and ch 1. Thanks Red Heart and fabulous designers! Sandwich the hearts together and stitch the bottom halves together. sc into next 7 st)* rep to end of round (27) Fasten off and leave tails. Using the yarn needle. You may lightly stuff the cloud if desired. Sew the assembled cloud to one side of the scarf end. Weave in ends. Heart (make 2): Refer to THIS pattern to make big pink hearts. lining them up. Clouds (make 10): With white fluffy yarn. sc into next 2 st)* rep to end of round (24) R4: (2 sc into next st. Insert the end of the scarf and continue stitching them together through the scarf. Change colors on the last stitch. R2: Ch 2. R1: Dc into 3rd ch from hook and each subsequent ch. Weave in ends. Sc 6 into ring and pull closed. turn.I used Baby Bee "Lambie Pie" from Hobby Lobby Pink worsted weight yarn (for heart) Tools: Size G crochet hook Yarn needle Scarf: Ch between 152 and 252 ch (depending on child's --or adult's-. Pot o'Gold Rainbow Scarf .

The length and width will vary depending upon what size person you want the scarf to fit. .Cut long strips of fleece in a mix of rainbow colors. The strips should be about 1" wide and somewhere between 24-36 inches long.

The cloud should be just slightly larger than the width of the rainbow. and about 4" tall. . Fleece works wonderfully for this.Use a zig-zag stitch to piece the fabric strips together. Next. Place the cloud pieces in front and behind the end of the rainbow. you'll need to make the pot o' gold that everyone knows sits at the end of the rainbow. cut a cloud shape from a piece of white fleece. As long as the edge is straight and your stitch is tight. then mirror the shape into a second piece of fleece. the fleece melds together as if it was always one piece. covering the raw edge of the fleece. Next.

Stitch the pot. and flip down the cuff. Round out the pot below the rim. . turn.Size the pot so that the top of the pot when finished is just slightly larger than the width of the rainbow. leaving a little extra fabric at the rim to form a cuff.

Next. The top of the pot should be open to one side. Stitch a seam around the rim of the pot. securing the rainbow to one side. Pin the rainbow onto one side only of the pot. . insert about an inch of the unfinished end of the rainbow into the top of the pot.

And that's it. you're done! Isn't it lovely?? .Add a piece of Velcro to the inside rim of the pot.