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Before the U.S.

Copyright Office Library of Congress

In the Matter of: Section 512 Study: Notice and Request for Public Comment
Docket No. COLC-2015-0013

Council of Music Creators
Songwriters of North America – Los Angeles Branch

977 individual music writers, performers, producers, business
professionals, and fans
Submitted on behalf of the above by
Phil Galdston, President, Council of Music Creators.

JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Maria A. Pallante, Register of Copyright
Jacqueline C. Charlesworth, General Counsel and Associate Register of Copyrights
United States Copyright Office
101 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20559-6000
Dear Register Pallante and Associate Register Charlesworth,

Thank you for the opportunity to submit comments as a part of your Office’s study of the
effectiveness of Section 512 (“Safe Harbor” provisions) of the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act (DMCA).
We begin with the premise that the intent of Congress in enacting the DMCA was to
strike a balance between protecting composers, songwriters, producers, and performers
on the one hand, and shielding business interests from unreasonable liability for
copyright infringement on the other.
Unfortunately, that is not how it has worked out in practice. Instead, some market
players, like YouTube, have found ways to use the 512 provisions to actually promote,
rather than discourage, the illegal use of copyrighted works, and to enrich themselves in
the process. These companies allow billions of illegal uploads and downloads of
copyrighted material to be made each year, while they avoid prosecution for contributory
infringement by hiding behind the safe harbor provision.
A quick summary of some recent statistics will provide some perspective of the scope
and scale of the problem 1:
• 1 billion people use YouTube * 2
• In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views; increasing by 40% each year, since
• 4 billion videos are viewed each day †
• 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute *
• YouTube’s estimated revenue $4,000,000,000 *
• Most searched for topic on YouTube: music *
It's technically true that YouTube complies with the law by maintaining a process by
which a copyright owner can request that an illegal upload of copyrighted material be
taken down. But, in fact, while YouTube boasts that it has removed a large number of
illegally uploaded files, at the same time, the company displays a blatant disregard for the
Copyright law by permitting the same composition to be uploaded again and again, even
by the same user.

1  Source: DMR ( * 2014; † 2012.
2   Teens = 81.9%; Millennials = 81%; Gen X = 58%; Boomers = 43%


JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Taking down the same illegal upload hundreds of times does not demonstrate compliance
with the law. On the contrary, it demonstrates contempt for it. The takedown provision
has become a cruel joke in the music creator community, where it is well understood that
illegal uploads and downloads are costing them not just the right to protect their
copyrighted work, but the ability to make a living, while tech companies get rich by
abusing the process.
This same safe harbor provision is also being abused by search engines, like Google, that
steer hundreds of millions of users to websites it knows offer illegal downloads or
unauthorized streaming of copyrighted material. Whatever takedown action Google
provides, the results are the same: huge revenues for companies engaged in illegal
activity and economic devastation for music creators.
The undersigned strongly believe that the DMCA needs to be changed to level the
playing field and fulfill the intent of the legislation. We recommend:

1- Take down should mean stay down. When a music creator files a legitimate
takedown notice, all iterations of that file should stay down. Music creators
should not be required to spend their time in an endless whack-a-mole game,
particularly when companies like YouTube have the ability to identify and protect
copyrighted work at the moment users attempt to upload it.
2- Companies like YouTube that expect the protection of a safe harbor should be
obligated to require those who wish to upload copyrighted material to expressly
confirm that they have the right to do so before the material is uploaded. For
example, currently, YouTube makes no such reasonable demand. The disparity of
treatment of those who upload vs. those who are exercising their legal right to
request a takedown is striking and unfair. What’s more, not only does YouTube
do nothing to educate their users about copyright and their obligations to it, its
practices demean and demonize the copyright holder and the principle of
copyright, itself.
3- Any company that expects the protection of a safe harbor should be required as
a part of its platform and business model to employ the best available technology
to prevent infringement and theft. YouTube’s and Google’s claims of effective
action miss the point: these uploads should never have been permitted in the first
4- YouTube and other streaming sites possess the software to detect copyrighted
works. Indeed, much of their income is derived from advertising on pages with
illegal content, which they identify using this software. So they could easily
block content a user does not have permission to upload and implement
immediate and final takedown of any work for which a copyright owner has filed
a takedown notice. That they choose not to use their software to comply with the
spirit of the law strongly suggests their contempt for it.



JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Congress intended and music creators deserve to have their constitutional rights
protected. Right now, the "safe harbor" provisions of the DMCA do the opposite. We
strongly urge the Copyright Office to issue a report that emphasizes the urgent need for a
change in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and a change in current corporate
behavior. By so doing, the Office will help ensure that music creators are not
disrespected and abused and help nurture a sustainable ecosystem for present and future
music creators and the industry that relies on our work.
Thank you.
Respectfully submitted,
Council of Music Creators
Phil Galdston, President
David Wolfert, Vice President
Doug Wood, Secretary
Chris Hajian, Board Member
Rebecca Jordan, Board Member
Mark Righter, Board Member
Maria Schneider, Board Member
Chuck Ainlay, Founding Member
Ed Cherney, Founding Member
Frank Filipetti, Founding Member
George Massenburg, Founding Member
Elliot Scheiner, Founding Member
Al Schmitt, Founding Member
Songwriters of North America (SONA) - Los Angeles Branch
Michelle Lewis, Executive Director
Kay Hanley, Co-Executive Director
Shelly Peiken, Secretary
Brendan Okrent, Treasurer
Adam Dorn, Founding Board Member
Jack Kugell, Founding Board Member
Pam Sheyne, Founding Board Member
Rez Abbasi
Scott Abene
Michael Abler
James Abrahart
Steve Addabbo
Chris Addison
Mark Aguirre
J Ailan
Scott Ainslie
Bruce Ainslie
Anthony Ajluni


Linda Albright
Glenn Alexander
Patrick Alger
Greg Allain
Ben Allison
Steven Allsopp
Randy Alpert
Donald Anthony
James Anton
Robert Aragon
Chuck Archard

Roberta Arnold
Brett Arnot
Paul Asbell
Brittnie August
Patricia Austin
Suzanne Austin
Randall Ayers
Istvan B'Racz
Beverly Bacchus
Mary Lynn Place


Scott Baggett
Robert Baier
Susan Baker
Edward Baker
Brian Banks
Maureen Barnard
Jim Barnes
Jennifer Barnes
Christopher Barracato
Jack Bashkow
Frank Basile
Margaret Batjer
Russell Battelene
Jake Baxendale
Daniel Bayot
Robert Beaser
Mark Beaumont
H Beck
Nils Becker
Chris Becker
David Beede
Marc Beeson
Richard Belcastro
Linwood Bell
Chris Bell
Bobby Bell
Jennifer Bellor
Lakecia Benjamin
Edward Bennett
Robin Bennich
Lenise Bent
Ed Bentley
Yoel benYehuda
Derek Bermel
Renaud Bernal
Jerry Betz
David Biedenbender
Charlie Bisharat
Jeff Black
Audra Blackner
Johnathan Blake
Deborah Blassl
Theo Bleckmann
Rogerio Boccato
michael Bocian
Pam Bockes


JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Dario Boente
Sean Bohannon
Liz Bojanic
Richard Borders
Jennifer Borkowski
Yacine Boulares
Andrew Boyle
Martin Bradburn
Betty Bradley
Jimmy Bralower
Andreea Brezeanu
Roger Briggs
Wei Brightearth
Martin Briley Briley
Robert Britt
Alexandra Brooks
Ron Brooks
John Brooks
Jono Brown
Wayne Brown
Sasha Brown
Christopher Brown
William Brucato
Edmond Bruneau
William Buckley
Ben Buckley
Kim Bullard
Trevor Bumgarner
Lee ""Dewey" Bunnell
Richard Burgess
Connor Burke
Gabrielle Byrd
Ted Byrnes
Stephen Cabell
Shane Cadman
Salvatore Cafiero
Michael Caldwell
Brian Camelio
Seth Campbell
Andre Canniere
Steve Cardenas
CJ Carey
Daniel Carlin
Jonathan Carlson
Gus Carns
Jordan Carp

Ian Ethan Case
Joe Castellon
Robbie Cavolina
Hugh Chandler
Tom Chapin
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Steven Charles
Bethann Chavira
Noor Cheree
Adam Chester
Karen Chickering
Billy Childs
Harriet Choice
Rubayet Choudhury
Frank Chronis
Gavin Chuck
Angelo Circo
Clifford Clark
Mike Clark
Gerald Clayton
Geoff Cline
Debra S. Cochran
Suzi Cochran
Jeff Coffin
Dino Colacito
Vinnie Colaiuta
James Collord
Scott Cooper
Kevin Cope
Nicole K. Cordero
Kenny Cordova
José Coropuna
Nick Costa
Peter Coulombe
Miguel Couto
Harold Cragin
William Crane
Ronald Edward Cuber
Jon Cumming
Ken Cummings
Kim Cummings
Jeff Curtis
Marty Cutler
Jennifer Cutting
Andrew D'Angelo
Anna Dagmar


Winnie Dahlgren
John Dahlman
Ross Daly
Adam Daniel
Harold Danko
David Darling
Tiger Darrow
Cheryl Daveiga
Christian David
Jeff Davis
Christopher Day
Juan Pablo De la Mora
Aida De Moya
Guida de Palma
Maryanne de Prophetis
Carlo De Rosa
Bob Dean
Rob Deemer
Leon del Muerte
Aine Delaney
Daniel Della Flora
Ric DelNero
Daniel Demay
Lynn Denney
Stephen Deutsch
Camille DeVore
Pilar Diaz
Matthew Dickey
Todd Dickinson
Renee Dillon
Philip DiTullio
William Dobbins
Jessica Domain
Matthew Dorsey
Chuck Doughtie
Jennifer Douglas
Julia Douglass
Dave Ducharme-Jones
Sam Duell
Vincent Duggan
Bryan Dundon
Larry Dunlap
Melissa Dunning
Bobby E. Boyd
Rosana Eckert
Roy Edgerly


JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Kevin Edlin
Bruce Edwards
Kevin Eichenberger
Roland Elbert
Scott Elias Elias
Liberty Ellman
Frank Elmo
Pablo Elorza
Kyler England
William England
Greg Englert
Philip Engsberg
Tomas Enguidanos
Edward Enright
David Epps
Paul Ericksen
Arthur Esposito
Adison Evans
Joerg Evers
Christian Fabian
Jon Faddis
Tony Fagenson
Howard Faltz
Dina Fanai
Lee Farber
Ashley Farmer
Christopher Farrell
Bill Farrish
Jim Femino
Claudette Fergus
Rafael Fernandez
Matthew Field
Andrienne Filleaudeau
Richard Fink
Barry Finnerty
George Fisher
Morgan Fisher
Kimberly Fisher
Gary Fitzsimmons
David Fiuczynski
Jakob Flarer
Rob Flax
Alexandra Forbes
Elli Fordyce
Scott Forman
Jim Foster

Frank Fotusky
Ralph Foulke
Les Fradkin
Charlie Frame
Robert Franke
Scott Frankfurt
Ella Fredrickson
Jan Fredriksen
Megan Freeman
Jeff Friedland
Eugene Friesen
Marc Frigo
Tom Frouge
Cory Frye
Garth Fundis
Toby Gad
Byron Gaither
David Gaither
Johnny Gale
Will Galison
Jeffrey Galle
Antonio Garcia
John Garnache
Phil Garrett
Lisa Geartz
Janna Gelfand
Patrice George
Tim Gibson
Mario Gil
Marshall Gilkes
Wendy Gilles
Heather Gilligan
David Gilmore
Pete Gitlin
Seth Glassman
Hans Glawischnig
Mike Glick
Bob Gluck
Gerald Gnassi
Ben Goldberg
David Goldman
Daniel Goldstein
Gil Goldstein
Laurie Goldstein
Michael Gordon
Al Gorgoni


Carol Goss
Miriam Graham
Glenn Grant
Alfred Green
Mark Greenberg
Charles Greene
Christoper Grener
Dave Grier
Aaron Grisez
Harry Grivas
Kenny Grohowski
Andrew Gross
Don Grusin
Alex Guilbert
Mark Guiliana
John Gunther
Michael Gutierrez-May
Andrew Gwynn
Daniel Haas
Jamey Haddad
Dan Haedicke
Daron Hagen
Jeramy Hale
Douglas Hall
Bob Halligan, Jr.
Allen Halstead
Ralph Hamilton
Ivan Hampden, Jr.
Robert Hanley
Raven Hannah
Stephanie Hansen
Keith Hansen
Sean Harkness
John Harner
Lindsey Harnsberger
Charlie Harrington
Richard Harris
Frederick Harris
George Harris Harris
Neal Harris
Charles Harrison
Tyson Harvey
Colin Hatch
Ken Hatfield Hatfield
Lili Haydn
Houston Haynes


JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Miho Hazama
Brady Hearn
Sue Heineman
Emma Heisler-Murray
Saifeddine Helal
Tamir Hendelman
Peter Hennes
Martin Hennessy
Fred Hersch
Ari Hest
Tamara Hey
Jennifer Higdon
Eugene Higgins
Andrew Hinds
S. Hines
Doug Hinrichs
Kylie Hinze
Elissa Hock-Wimmer
William Holab
Robin Holcomb
Jonathan Holland
Bill Holman
Mike Holober
Jean-Marie Horvat
Wayne Horvitz
Al Hospers
Spring Houston
Ryan Howe
Jacqueline Howell
Reid Hoyson
Mark Hughes
Gregory Humphreys
Richard Hunt
Jean Michel Hure
Thomas Hutchings
Shirley Hutchins
Jaime Ibacache
Rob Ickes
Thomas Ickes
Jennifer Ickes
Michael Incavo
Tony Ingerson
Randy Ingram
Frank Ippolito
Robert Irving
Patrice Irving

Ashley Irwin
Bob Isaacs
Cedric Israel
John Izzard
Barry Jackson
Paul Jacobs
Robert Jacobson
Anca Jaglau
Timothy James
Michael Jay
Natalie Jean
Steve Jenkins
Sohui Jeong
Tom Jiroudek
Marla Jo
Buck Johnson
Michael Johnson
Liz Johnson
Joe Johnston
Rebecca Johnston
Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones
Jeff Jones
Michael Jones
Derrik Jordan
Eric Juret
Helga Kaefer
Brandon Kalber
Richard Kamins
Margaret Kampmeier
Christiane Karam
Manu Katche
James Katz
William Kaylor
Ryan Keberle
Brent Keefe
Geoffrey Keezer
Al Keith
Alexander Keith
Dean Keller
Phil Kelly
Ryan Kelly
William Kennedy
Suzanne Kenney
Wil Key
Ken Kiernan


Eric Kilburn
Brandon Kilgore
Frank Kimbrough
Elisa King
Lauren Kinhan
Bill Kirchner
Larry Klein
Ann Klein
Elmer Knable
Vicky Knee
Maura Knowles
Mary Louise Knutson
John Koenig
Robbie Kondor
George Kormendi
Stephen Kowalczyk
Thomas Kozumplik
Peter Kraft
Thomas Krebs
Gina Kronstadt
Mathias Kunzli
John La Barbera
Chris Lammers
Michael Lane
Doris Lange
Dirk Larsen
Jeff Lashway
Karl Laskowski
Sandra Lawrence
Jamie Lawrence
Richard Layton
Remy Le Boeuf
Bryan Le Mar
Maysa Leak
Philip Leavitt
Richard Lebos
Anthony Lee
Adrienne Lee
Scott Lee
Scott Leftridge
Ray Legnini
Jason Lekberg
Margaret Lemar
Lisa Lenke Sousa
Martyn Lenoble
Josh Leo


JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Michael Leonhart
Janel Leppin
Michael Lerner
Eric Levenson
Eric Levenson
Mark Levy
Devra Hall Levy
João Lewis
Dan Lieberman
David Liebman
A Robert Lienemann
Gary Lindsay
Sandy Linzer
Corin Lockery
Susanne Loeser
Kristen Long
Alex LoRe
Anna Loscalzo
Matthew Louderback
Michael Lucarelli
Chris Lucas
Steve Lukather
Robert Lytle
Patrick MacDougall
Robert MacIntyre
Dave Mac Nab
Atsuko Madsen
Ryan Malachy
Tim Malchak
Jean-Claude Malet
Greg Malocca
Hotsy Malone
Brian Malouf
Earl Maneein
Allison Mann
Maxx Mann
M.E. Manning
Paul Marangoni
Nathan Marble
Cathy Marczyk
Sherrie Maricle
Andrew Marino
Eugene Marlow
John Marr
Daniel Marschak
Allison Marshall

Reggie Marshall
Lois Martin
Juan Martinez
Anthony Martucci
Henry Marx
Eric Matthews
Lynn Mattingly
Walker May
Kenneth Mazur
Robin McAdoo
Steve McCabe
Charlie McCarthy
Donny McCaslin
Harold McCummings
Speedoo McFadden
Kate McGarry
James McGarry
Tom Mcghee
Shaun McGonegal
Joel McKenzie
Linda McLaughlin
Pat McMakin
Jack McManaman
Joel McNeely
James McNeely
Jocelyn Medina
Daniel Mehrmann
Stephen Melillo
Hugo Mendez
Matthew Merewitz
Pat Metheny
Jeffrey Metheny
Nicolas Metheny
Stephen Metzger
Christina Meyer
Derrick Michaels
Sandra Michaels
Mariel Miele
Jason Miles
Edwin Milham
Brett Miller
Anna Miller
Paul Miller
Clay Mills
Peter Mills
Andy Milne


Ana Milosavljevic
Dom Minasi
Adrian Mongeli
Derel Monteith
Robert Montgomery
William Montgomery
Jonathan Moody
Martha Mooke
Brendan Mooney
Ted Moore
David Moore
Sanne Moore
Robert Moran
Jason Moran
Paul Moravec
Bret Moreland
Michael Moyes
Katherine Murdock
David Murphy
Frank Myers
Frank Myers
Nicholas Myers
Arthur Nasson
Jonathan Neal
Andrew Neesley
Charles Nesbitt
Clovis Nicolas
Rachel Nicolazzo
Jason Nitsch
Nadje Noordhuis
Robert Nowak
Norma Lizeth Núñez
Erika Nuri
Adam Nussbaum
Cheryl Nyman
Tess O'Brien
Pat O'Connell
Greg O'Connor
David O'Fallon
Keith O'Quinn
Mike O’Rear
Robert Olhsson
Andrew Orkin
Charles Ortolani
Sean Osborn
David Ott


JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Chuck Owen
William Pace
Calvin Pace
Richard Page
Ian Pai
Edward Palermo
Charles Palmer
Matt Panayides
Chris Pappas
Rod Parker
Patricia Jane Parker
Kathleen Parks
Dean Parks
Walter Parks
Winfield Pate
Mark Patterson
Joseph Penland
Matt Penman
Clarence Penn
Maximillian Perez
Willy Perez-Feria
Nancy Perillo
Rich Perry
Randy Petersen
Pamela Peterson
David Pietro
Jessica Pimentel
Peter Pinckney
Melony Pino
Andy Pitt
Greg Pliska
Marlene Plumley
David Poe
Nadin Polyakova
Patricia Porter
Frank Potenza
John Potoker
Chris Potter
Michael Powell
Abby Powell
Noah Preminger
William Preskill
Douglas Purviance
Norbert Putnam
Sara Quah
Amy Raasch

Nathaniel Radley
Michael Raines
Kelly Ramos
Ari Raskin
Andrew Rathbun
Jay Rattman
Michael Raye
John Redfield
Norbert Reed
Scott Reeves
Rufus Reid
Frank Rendo
Alan Retamozo
Garret Reynolds
Linda Reynolds
Ron Reynolds
Matthew Richard
Jonathan Richmond
Max Ridley
Dave Riekenberg
Warren Riker
George Ritter
Frank Rittman
Dave Rivello
Jon Robbin
Peter Roberts
Jonathan Roberts
David Robles
Aaron Rockers
Alana Rocklin
Michael Rodriguez
Lucia Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez
Zane Rodulfo
Randolph Roeder
Glen Roethel
Joyce Rogers
Mark Roos
Jerry Rorick
Steve Rosati
Elizabeth Rose
Elliot Rosen
Edward RosenBerg
Bradley Ross
Angelo J Rossi
Alan Roth


Colin Rothwell
Christopher Rouse
Ada Rovatti
Ada Rovatti
Ro Rowan
Steve Rubardt
Chaim Rubinov
Agnes Ruiz
Richard Ruskin
Kamil Rustam
Edward Rzepski
Robert Sabin
Anne Sajdera
Michael Sampsel
J.C. Sanford
Dinshah Sanjana
Marc Santos
Jovino Santos Neto
David Sartor
Kevin Satre
Brian Scanlon
Tyler Schamehorn
Kim Scharnberg
Tony Scherr
Peter Schimke
Justn Schipper
Heidi Schneider
Daniel Schnelle
Rex Schnelle
Matthew Schreibeis
Kathryn Schrock
David Schroeder
George Schuller
Gary Schuller
Shelfon Schultz
Dan Schwartz
Jon Schwartz
Kenneth Schwartz
Kenneth Schwartz
Rob Schwimmer
Ken Scott
Kendrick Scott
Raymond Scott
Vincent Scrima
Chris Seefried
Nicholas Selch


JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Gerald Seligman
Daniel Senie
Nicholas Sevilla
Brian Shanbrun
Kendra Shank
Richard Shanklin
Bill Shanley
Itai Shapira
Steve Shapiro
Garth Shaw
Frederick Shehadi
Chuck Sher
Bobby Shew
Mark Shilansky
Mitchell Shiner
Jordan Shirks
Jack Shneidman
Michelle Shocked
Andrew Shoniker
Clare Shore
Michael Shrieve
Sarah Sielbeck
Julie Signitzer
Simone Silvestroni
Edward Simon
Neel Singh
Prawit Siriwat
Donnie Skaggs
Rosemarie Skaggs
Kate Skinner
A.J. Smith
Thomas Smith
Kerry Smith
Melanie Smith Howard
Jeffrey Snider
Vincent Souez
Jane Southard
Donald Sparr
Robert Spittal
DJ Splinter
Raleigh Squires
Tina St. Clair
Jesse Stacken
James Stanley
Tony Stanziano
Margaret Statham

Brian Steele
Rafe Stefanini
Bryant Sterling
Michel Stern
Bradley Stevens
Ian Stewart
Tara Stewart
Sandra Stonehill
Hank Strauss
Enoch Strickland
Andrei Strizek
Rory Stuart
McKenzie Stubbert
Paul Suchow
John Sullivan
Kat Sullivan
Peter Sumof
Sierra Sumpf
Mark Suozzo
Pete Sutherland
Sopon Suwannakit
John Swanson
Ronald Sweet
Ella Swift
Nelda Swiggett
Jorge Sylvester
Larry Tambini
Alexa Tarantino
Robert Tassi
Joe Tassi
Sam Tate
Charles Taylor
Chris Teal
Daniel Temkin
Kristian Terzic
Kristin Theak
Sheila Thistlethwaite
Jefferson Thomas
Howard Thompson
Russ Titelman
Justin Tokke
Nikola Tomic
Roberto Torres
Bryan Touchstone
Kyle Tracy
Sam Trapchak


Maria Traversa
Peter Trias
Ernest Troost
Ryan Truesdell
Lizzi Trumbore
Yun-Hua Tsai
Adonis Tsilimparis
Jim Tulip
Andy Turits
Michael Tyler
Suze Uttal
Harvey Valdes
Charles Valentino
Deborah Van Kleef
John Van Tongeren
James Vandenberg
Jerry Vandiver
Terrence Vaughn
David Vincent
Carl Vipperman
Jay Visvadeva
Chris Voxakis
Riley Vuyovich
Darin Wadley
Eliot Wadopian
Steve Waide
Myron Walden
Morgan Wallace
Chris Wallin

JOINT COMMENTS of Council of Music Creators, et al.
April 1, 2016

Gregory Wanamaker
Chris Ward
Bob Washut
William Waterman
David Watson
Laura Watts
Dave Way
Paul Weager
Ruth Weber
Matthias Weber
Johannes Weidenmueller
Cynthia Weil
Ezra Weiss
Jill Welch
Joshua Wellins
Bill Wence
Scott Wendholt
Kenny Werner
Janie West
Rex Westen
Steven Wexler
Frank White
Lari White
Jack White
Susan White
Donald Whitehurst
Jacob Whitesell
Roseanna V. Wickliffe
Paul Wickliffe

Gary Wicks
David Will
Laurie (Fly) Williams
Chris Williams
Bernie Williams
James Wilson
Nan Wilson
Julien Wilson
Geoffrey Wilson
Liam Wilson
Therese Winchell
Karl Wingate
Stephanie Winters
Richard Wojcik
Gernot Wolfgang
Max Wolpert
Allen Won
Miguel Wood
Alfred Woolfolk
Seth Yacovone
Chris Yurchuck
Rossen Zahariev
Francois Zalacain
Al Zansler
Sunny Zebe
Jenny Ziefel
Julian Zimmon
John Zorn
Jonathan Zwartz

Council of Music Creators (CMC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and
strengthening the rights of songwriters and composers through education, outreach, and advocacy. CMC
seeks to be a unified, pure voice representing the widest possible spectrum of creators in records, film,
television, jingles, games, theater, and live performance, communicating with the music-making
community and music lovers and users.
METAlliance is a collaborative community that promotes producers, engineers and audio technology
manufacturers to work together to ensure the highest standards of audio production.
Songwriters Of North America (SONA) is a grassroots songwriter advocacy organization that grew in
response to abysmal licensing rates being paid to music creators by music streaming media companies.
SONA’s goals are to effect change from the halls of Washington to the constantly morphing digital music
business; to gather, process and circulate information about issues which directly effect the lives and
livelihoods of songwriters; to ensure that songwriters’ livelihoods are protected and that the value of our
songs is never sold out or taken for granted.