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From the author of Without Embarrassment: The Social

Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System

By Mike Pilinski

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Table of Contents
Key #1 Fear Management
Why Do I Fear Being Rejected by a Woman?

Two Words: Toxic Shame

Stop Forcing the Ball and Learn How to
Read Your Coverages
Nice Guys = Feminized, Sexless Men

Key #2 Knowing Exactly How to Act

Around Women
What is it About Certain Men That Makes Them so
Attractive to Women?

The Hidden Psychology that Underlies All

Man-Woman Relationships
Its All About Perceived Male Status
The Seven Attributes That Women Love To See In Men

Key #3 Perfecting Your Dominant Male

Is There Really a Male Display That Acts like a
Mating Call to Women?

Any Woman Will Play the Game with Any Man

Embrace Your Expected Role As a Man
Manage Your Horniness Instead of Letting it Manage YOU
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Key #1... Fear Management

Why Do I Fear Being Rejected by a Woman?
Two Words: Toxic Shame
Im going to clue you in on something that you may or may not believe when you
first hear it, but in your heart of hearts I know you will understand it to be the Gods
honest truth. Its simply this: your problem with whatever fear you might be
experiencing when it comes to having your advances rejected by a woman can be traced
to a deeply conditioned form of SHAME that has been 'linked' (associated) to your
normal, natural human need for affection.
Thats right, you are profoundly ashamed to meet and seduce women!
Heres how it happened. Due to some kind of warped association that was
created in your head (probably during the earliest years of your life), you cannot act upon
a normal desire for love and affection without the emotion of shame getting involved
somehow. Whenever you encounter a situation in your life where you have an
opportunity to reveal that you would like to experience some affection from a woman
(like everyone else in the world), you are overwhelmed by a suffocating sense of
humiliation which paralyzes you to act in your own best interest. Two completely
dissimilar and unrelated emotions -- affection and shame -- have become 'joined at the
hip' in the unconscious recesses of your mind.
Since it remains impossible to hit on to a woman without implying some kind of
longing for love and affection at the root of your motivation, the only way to keep the
shame you feel at bay is to avoid expressing any desire towards women at all costs. In
other words, if there was a way to court a woman without somehow expressing this need
for affection you would do it -- but of course there isnt, so you cant. This single,
monstrous psychological handicap takes you completely out of the game of love,
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romance and seduction and makes it impossible for you to compete for the available
females with all the other men in the world. This is the structural basis of your problem.
When feelings of shame become so powerful and controlling
that they are life-damaging to your ability to fully experience an
important part of Life, they are considered toxic.
The need to secure affection in our life is a very basic, normal human need, one
that begins to form at a very early age -- possibly as a continuation of infanthood for all I
know. The key idea here is that its normal and natural to feel this desire! Human
beings have developmental needs that seek to find expression during the process of
growing up, a journey that begins in childhood and winds a twisting pathway through
young adulthood. The major players in this epic are almost always our parents, because
they alone have access to our minds at the most critical time in our life when the first
light of consciousness begins to form in us.
Parents have to encourage, guide and support the various emotional needs that
begin to emerge as we grow through early childhood... or theres gonna be trouble! At
the very least, they should find a way to allow our emotions to occur as they seek to, and
manage their expression without associating them with feelings of humiliation and
shame. Unfortunately, shame-associating is exactly what happens for too many of us
sometimes in an furtive way that drums the foul ideas deep into our unconscious mind
where they set about guiding our actions without our ever knowing it!
Subliminal association... sneaky, negative emotions that fly like
stealth bombers invisible to the radar of our logical, conscious minds!
People will go through all manner of twists and turns in order to avoid the pain of
neuroses created by their unconscious beliefs even at the expense of denying
themselves something they are desperate to have (like, for instance, love and affection)...
Pain blocks our growth into complete individuals by acting as a obstruction to the
actions that are needed to accomplish any meaningful goal.
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Key # 1 * Page 2

In other words, serving the pain becomes more important to us than serving the

Here's the important thing to understand about toxic shame as it applies to our
need to meet women... it's not the actual rejection from a woman that provokes the
shame, it's what the action of attempting to meet a woman exposes about yourself -that you're an emotionally needy guy -- in what you perceive to be some horribly
embarrassing fashion. Thats because of the fact that a shameless desire to be loved is
incomprehensible to your deep unconscious mind -- the part of you that controls your
involuntary emotional responses to everything that goes on around you. In your own
unique and twisted way of thinking, exhibiting a desire for affection unmasks the
shameful fact that you're a weakling!
This sets off a cycle of very painful self-loathing that must be shut off quickly and
at all costs. Some guys begin to rationalize their warped views to the point where it
becomes a sort of personal ideology. You find yourself starting to feel superior to other
people... idiots who go around exhibiting their shameful emotional needs like damn
fools! Didn't their mommas ever teach them not to act like that? See how convoluted
your thinking can get when left to fester unconfronted by rationality and reality?
If you find yourself paralyzed by a fear of rejection to the point where it has
destroyed your social life, take heed... your problem is not intractable. You are NOT
hopeless. I can show you very tangible steps that you can take to unravel your confusion.
Self-understanding is one-half the battle. The other half involves a gradual,
genuine increase in your confidence that occurs as a side-effect of obtaining the specific
knowledge of just what it is that makes men attractive to women. Ill address this
concept further in Part 2 of this Mini-Course.

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Stop Forcing the Ball and Learn How to

Read Your Coverages
(That's good 'ol USA football lingo for all you overseas soccer-heads reading
along out there ;-)
You know how an NFL quarterback gets himself into trouble with the passing
game when he loses his confidence? He does it by forcing the ball... trying to throw it to
receivers who are double-covered, or to guys who appear to be open but really arent.
This happens because he fails to read the coverages the defense is showing him before
releasing the ball. A confident quarterback will read his coverages first before letting
the pass go, and only then if the completion percentage looks to be good. The QB
whos lost his confidence will panic and try to jam the ball through tight coverage and
into a receivers arms -- and the result is usually an incomplete pass or an interception.
Football teams lose when their quarterback starts forcing the ball, and guys lose
when they try forcing a play by going after a woman without first taking the time to read
her coverage i.e., to determine if shes sending him any clues that she might be
interested in even being approached by him! Acting brazen and charging ahead
uninvited does not exhibit any courage, it actually displays a lack of confidence born of
desperation. It makes you look unattractive, and invites the very rejection that you fear
the most.
I watch whats going on out there all around me like the little sneaky bastard that I
am, and you know what I see? That some of you guys are just begging to get your heads
lopped off because you're so f***ing STUPID! Here's how to immediately stop being
stupid with one simple little change to your behavior that will improve your odds of NOT
ever being rejected again by at least 100%! Ready?...
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Got that? Dont know what Im talking about? I mean that you have to study
your prey before pouncing. I see all sorts of guys go clumsily lurching after women
with lame moves that are guaranteed to fail. Or guys who suddenly pop The Question
(no, not THAT question!)... I mean ask women out with hardly any introductory banter
or attempt at meaningful conversation first. Understand that seduction is all about
talking... you cant seduce anybody if you cant string a few coherent sentences together!
The only exception occurs if youre rich or a famous celebrity... then you have the
universal green light to go after any trim that looks good to you because your fame and
fortune have done all the advance sales work on your behalf. For the rest of us schleps
though, (i.e., 98% of ordinary guys) we have to choose our targets carefully -- or the
smoldering cigar of love will explode in our face before we know whats happened!
Actually, what we really have to do set ourselves up to be chosen.
You see, in the game of love and romance its the women who do the actual
choosing, NOT the men. Why then, if thats true, do I have to be the one risking all the
rejection by making the first move, you might be asking? I dont know. The answer is
lost in the annals of human social convention I suppose, and is not likely to change
anytime soon. You only need to accept that this situation exists, and then you must learn
the correct way of dealing with it. Thats what my book Without Embarrassment is all
Heres one important nugget of knowledge: everything thats done
in the early stages of courting between singles occurs in a very oblique,
NON-obvious way. To the untrained observer, nothing might actually
seem to be happening between two people caught in the tense, early
moments of a potentially romantic encounter -- but high sexual voltage is
often crackling through the air between them!
Single people feel each other out in a highly sophisticated way so as to protect
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Key # 1 * Page 5

their egos. BOTH men and women do this because women fear rejection too! If youve
ever been to counseling with an ex-wife during the failing stages of a marriage, you were
probably getting lectured about being more open and direct about communicating all
your feelings to each other in no uncertain terms, etc. etc. Well let me tell you right now
that, while it might be useful advice in a situation where two people are making a last
ditch effort to connect with one another -- such advice is completely useless in the
world of meeting, dating & mating. In fact its worse than useless, its destructive to
any chance of seduction.
Singles communicate their desires to one another indirectly with subtle actions
and body language cues. If you come across acting outrageous with your intentions in
the singles game, you will end up poisoning your well immediately and kill off all your
chances. Swooping straight out of left field unannounced (and unsummoned), you are
compelling her to make an immediate decision about your potential as a mate right there
on the spot... without playing the game... without giving her a chance to get a feel for
who you are or what youre all about. You are not being sexy and bold, you are being
You are being dangerous to her self-esteem.
And when you scare people, what do you think their first instinct is? Right!... Its
to go into a defensive mode -- either physically (fight or flight) or emotionally, by closing
down and shutting the threat out. This is exactly what you are forcing her to do by
coming on too strong... and YOUR ASS WILL GET REJECTED AS A RESULT! You
have marked yourself as a danger by threatening to place her into a humiliating situation,
and you will get no more consideration than a guy coming at her with a knife. If she can
plant kick straight into your balls (figuratively speaking I hope...) she will do so without
a second thought for how much its going to hurt. In other words, swiftly and brutally
with no regard for your feelings. Get it?
Your Mission: Learn to keep your interest subdued and your approach casual.
Nowadays we must learn to make our opening moves obliquely and oftentimes (but not
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Key # 1 * Page 6

always) NON-verbally. Most of all, READ HER BODY LANGUAGE signals first for
signs that beckon you to move forward. Remember, even though it might seem like
youre the one making all the initial moves, she chooses YOU -- you only react to her
call. Then whatever rejections occur happen silently without anyone but the two
flirting parties even knowing what the hell happened! This is how both men and women
protect their egos by mutual agreement during the early stages of seduction.
If you break this rule by charging out of the gate like a juiced-up horndog acting
bold and direct, you may WIN BIG 1 or 2 times out of 50... but the rest of the time you
will LOSE BIG and get rejected in a way that guys with high rejection sensitivity like
you and I cannot tolerate.
So adopt the Social Cowards way of doing things instead and you will learn how
to protect your ego from harm, score with more certainty when you do, and acquire a
quiet, natural confidence about yourself in the process that women find irresistible!

Nice Guys = Feminized, Sexless Men

Before I end this first installment of your free 3 Part Mini-Course, let me digress
for just a moment and get on my soapbox about the hated nice guy -- because I have a
big, big problem with him (and, truthfully, so do most women!... although very few will
admit it).
If youre the classic nice guy who maintains a stable of women friends but never
actually gets laid by any of them, Ill bet its because of your well-meaning but
misguided mother who always taught you that you must respect women to the heights of
heaven and treat them like delicate little soap bubbles... being careful never to do
anything that might upset their fragile emotions. Well let me tell you, this was all about
her own issues with men and not good advice to a man about how to deal with women.
But you morphed into the impeccable little gentleman who always brings flowers, kisses
womens asses, and puts them all on a pedestal, la-dee-da-dee-da anyway. And now
youre the one paying the price.
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Key # 1 * Page 7

Thats because the one thing mama forgot to tell you was that women LOVE to
have their emotions pricked, poked, prodded, and kicked to the curb! Its what they live
for! No woman of marrying and breeding age desires the sweet friendship of a lovable
nice guy as the one-and-only male companion in her life... at least not when it comes
to love, sex, dating and mating they dont. When women prattle on with their highminded bullshit about wanting to find nice guys, what theyre really saying is that they
want a guy who they can feel safe with -- yet at the same time a guy who possesses that
special something that sends her unconscious lust centers flying off into an excited
love frenzy!
What? Yeah thats right... typical of women that they seek two conflicting
qualities safety and excitement in one man. Qualities that are usually mutually
exclusive... BUT DONT NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE. And thats your key to
getting laid!
You see, the types of men who are most adept at making women feel safe in their
presence do so by traveling down a romantically-destructive route. Polite, boring nice
guys. But this is a strategy that exists at odds with the types of male behaviors needed to
create the feelings in women that they MUST experience if there is to be any chance of a
sexual chemistry developing. This is why women lament either having to choose
between a nice guy who makes them feel safe, but fails to ignite any passion in them,
or the fabled jerk who sets their hearts (and crotches) aflame, but is usually an asshole
of some sort (drunk, druggie, in need of anger management, etc.) whos difficult or
impossible to deal with over the long term.
However, ninety percent of the time emotions win out over logic
with women and they will choose the jerk over the nice guy. Thats
because they will always go for passion over safety (and boredom).
Women may love having nice guys as friends but they just cant get it
up for them. Just like a lot of us cant get it up for fat girls. Get it?
Whats the solution to this dilemma?

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Key # 1 * Page 8

The most important thing to understand is precisely which qualities of the nice
guy it is that turn women off... and then shed these like a flaming jock-strap! The skill
set you seek is one that makes her feel safe and comfortable with you -- like a "friend"-while at the same time, keeps her sexual interest in you alive and churning away in the
recesses of her mind. You do this is by making your sexual intentions known right
away, but in a classy manner that doesnt paint you as a desperate nerd or a total
pervert... doing the flirting moves, conducting suggestive conversations, etc. NEVER
allow her to feel safe around you without also sensing your sexual potential as a man!
Setting yourself up to look like a harmless wimp just to make her feel secure is
worthless and counterproductive to your self-interest as a man. You must learn how to
put her at ease while at the same time retaining your mojo so she will file you in the
potential lover category in her mind. Now youve got your foot in the door to her heart - and its your call if you choose to take it any further or not. Youre in control. You
have the power.
Most importantly -- now you are acting like a MAN... not a feminized, nice-guy
wimpy asshole!

Whew, sorry about that last rant. I hope you enjoyed this introduction to your 3
Part Mini-Course... The Three Keys to Seducing Any Woman. In a few days
youll receive an e-mail containing a link to Key #2 Knowing Exactly How to Act
Around Women. In this segment youll learn about the hidden psychology that
underlies all romantic relationships, and how to turn it to your advantage. Women see
the game of seduction through a vastly different lens than men, and since theyve got
what you want (nookie) and youve got to try and get it from them, it behooves you to
have a keen understanding of just what kinds of seductive behavior women find
irresistible in men... right?
So be sure to watch for it in your mail!
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Key # 1 * Page 9

If you would like to just skip ahead right now and get the absolute definitive
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teaching you how to project the powerful Dominant Male Attitudes that all beautiful
women find irresistibly attractive!
Without Embarrassment exposes unique psychological tactics that will compel any
beautiful woman to respond to your classy advances decisively... so that you don't get
rejected and have to crawl back into your shell for another year! Learn how to set off
subconscious "mating triggers" that will literally FORCE her to submit in the presence of
what she perceives to be a dominant male.
Her response will be predictable (by you) and uncontrollable (by her)!
From reading her mind, to reigning-in the confidence-destroying thoughts that lie
hidden within your own mind, my Social Coward's system for attracting women will
have you making up for wasted years lost in "shy-guy hell" after only a few short hours
of study. And it comes with a 100% no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee, too.
You owe it to yourself to at least give it a look.

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Key #2...

Knowing Exactly How to Act

Around Women
What it is About Some Men that makes them so
Attractive to Women?
The Hidden Psychology that Underlies All
Man-Woman Relationships
I contend that even being completely fearless doesnt get you where you want to
be in the world of seduction and mating. Why not? Because the so called numbers
game technique that most pick-up books call upon you to master isnt a very quality way
to meet women. Play the numbers game and go blindly crashing through 20 or 30
rejections before lucking upon youre receptive dream girl? What the hell kind of
useless advice is that for a social coward?
Ill tell you what it is... its actually worse than useless because it doesnt do
anything to screen out the female losers and elevate you into a league with the higher
quality women that you deserve. All it really does is lure you into a desperate Ill-takeanything-I-can-get mentality, then turns you loose on the unsuspecting world of women
like a total maniac. This is an indiscriminate, brute force technique that requires no real
skill, just a lunatic mindset. Who needs it?

Not you or I, my friend. Because were not just looking to get into the game at
any cost -- we want to move right up to the top of the charts. And that means acquiring
the knowledge necessary to play the game at a high level. This entails knowing your
opponent, and specifically, what makes her get all hot and bothered for any particular
guy. Contrary to what you may believe, its isnt all about looks (or money). Looks are
how men rate women, but this formula doesnt necessarily hold true in the other
direction. In fact, physical looks is down the list of what most women find exciting and
attractive about men. Heck, just look around you... most guys are nothing special to
look at, and yet many of them are out there scoring left and right.
No, for men its all about behavior and attitude far more than physical
appearance. Women get turned on (and OFF) by the actions of men -- and this is great
news for all of us average Joes because, while theres only so much you can do with
your ugly mug and flabby physique, you have absolute control over how you behave and
the attitudes that you project when youre around women.
Of course the key is knowing what types of attitudes and behaviors activate a
womans subconscious lust triggers and why certain men are able to set them off with
ease, while others can only manage a piddling score of zero point zero in the love and
romance game (just like John Belushis grade point average in the movie Animal
House... Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son!;-).
As an example, just take a look at the contrast between how the sexes approach
the entire notion of courting and seduction. For women the formula for attracting men is
pretty straightforward and completely understood by them. A hot look. Show some
leg, a bit of cleavage, a nice tight booty poured into a pair of low rider jeans... add some
cool jewelry, piercings and cosmetics and youre perking up the interest of males left and
The formula for men to attract women, however, is far different. Its subtle,
complex and widely mis-understood by the average guy.

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Key # 2 * Page 2

In all species of animals that reproduce via sexual copulation, the male presents
himself in the context of some type of display which he uses to gain the interest of, and
ultimately the sexual submission of, the female. Humans are really no different in
principle, but a lot of guys dont seem to grasp this fact. What the human female looks
for when being approached by a man in a mating context, is the quality of his display.
But men dont have peacock feathers or sing beautiful fluttering birdsongs. So just what
is it that the human male is supposed to be displaying about himself? The answer might
surprise you, although if youve been around for a while, it really shouldnt...

It's All About Perceived Male Status

There is a monumental question that lies at the heart of every man's life, and it's
simply this... what exactly is it that women consider attractive in a man? And... do I come into possession of that property?
Few men seem to comprehend the fundamentals of mate selection -- as it appears
from a female perspective anyway. Yet it all boils down to a single, basic concept that
you need to be aware of in order to become masterful at the game of seduction and
romance. Are you ready? Here it is:
Women are attracted to men whom they sense hold a high ranking
on an invisible scale of Male Dominance -- a scale that reveals how a man
has fared in competition with his fellow males in society for power,
strength, wealth, prestige, etc.

And the higher up the scale the better!

You see, sexual attraction is PRIMAL -- it occurs on a profoundly subconscious
level in both sexes -- hell, it's almost unconscious, really. It may be supported by the
rational, logical portion of the conscious mind, but rarely overridden by it. On a purely
instinctual level, men are attracted to women who exhibit visual signs of youthfulness.
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Key # 2 * Page 3

Big eyes and small chin, 70% hip-to-waist ratio, smooth skin, etc.etc. All of these are
really just signs and signals of youthfulness, and thus a healthy child-bearing potential
for the female.
This mating calculus is much different for women because male virility is not so
closely linked to youth as female fertility is. Men can sire children with ease far into
middle age, and even advanced age. So women perform a quick, subconscious appraisal
of a man that grades him for his potential to help her raise his children. She must
consider if a man is likely to remain loyal to his family, so trustworthiness is a big issue.
This is why married men are so attractive to some women theyve demonstrated a
willingness to bond with a woman and help rear her offspring by making a legally
binding commitment to her (even if its a misguided one). Heres the real quandary
though... the notion of commitment is a high-brain intellectual idea that is often in direct
conflict with the more primitive urges of the emotional, instinctive part of her mind. The
"emotional" temperament of a woman usually triumphs over the rational aspects of her
mind (jerk vs. nice guy = jerk wins!...) with sad consequences to pay in her future. But
that's an entirely different story of course (watch it on Sex and the City next week...)
Anyway, women view men pretty much like this in a sexual / mating context:

1) Their Ranking on Male Dominance Scale

2) Attractiveness and Style

3) Interesting and Compatible Personality

4) Character

What, you say?... character comes last? Yep. The problem with character is that,
although a nice quality to find, it doesn't get those primal sexual juices flowing in her.
In fact, you can look at the list above and pretty much read it from top to bottom as a roll
call of what gets women all hot and bothered about any guy. Number One (male status)
gets the most compelling reaction from her, while the effect on her instinctual mating
triggers diminishes as you work you way down the list.

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Key # 2 * Page 4

This is why you simply cannot afford to get a poor Dominant Male rating tag
hung around your neck when making a first impression on a woman... you're DEAD
MEAT if you do!
Now do you see what you've been doing wrong all this time? Nice guys specialize
in polishing their #3 and #4 qualities, while the "jerks" who get the girl are heavily into
working categories #1 and #2 (sometimes without even understanding what they're doing
right)! During the mental process that goes on when first meeting a man of any mating
and dating potential, a womans thoughts might go something like this:

1) Observe the man demonstrating some dominant male behavior.

(Physical attractiveness is not a factor at this point, and possibly not at all.)

2) Determine if he is safe and interesting

3) If above 2 tests are passed, subconscious mind begins to develop lust


4) Submit to male

Notice the first thing that she "scans" for? DOMINANT MALE BEHAVIOR!
This all-important quality must shine through as soon as possible when the two of you
first meet. Otherwise you will quickly get dispatched into the "no-chemistry" or dreaded
"friends-only" category from which there is no escape!
Undesirable men are weeded out by the personality quirks they possess. These
kind of guys are almost always found engaged in some kind of compensatory behavior in
an attempt offset their low status (i.e., control freaks, loudmouths, know-it-alls,
rage-heads, critics, etc.) that tips them off to women for immediate rejection. This
grading process occurs in mere seconds... which is why you have no time to waste
making a great first impression.
Its also why you dont just have to read and learn about this stuff, youve got to
drill it into your mind until it becomes second nature, because when the moment of a first
encounter surprises you out of the clear blue, your skillful reaction has to be just that... a
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Key # 2 * Page 5

reflex. Theres no time to refer to your notes. By then it will be too late and she will be
fading into the sunset.
I talk about this extensively in my book because there's a lot to know about
handling this pivotal moment of first encounter.

The Seven Attributes that Women Love

to See in Men
One of the great fears that you undoubtedly have when it comes to approaching
women arises from your uncertainty of exactly what it is you should say to her and how
you should act so that a great looking woman will find you charming, clever and
intriguing, as opposed to stupid, laughable and a loser. Right? More importantly, the
need to avoid these negative feelings overrides whatever desire should be compelling
you to take action. Ignorance begets fear, and fear outweighs your natural instincts to
meet and find a mate. So...
Burn the next seven concepts into your memory forever! Women go into a
love trance in the presence of men exhibiting the following types of behaviors -- no
matter what he looks like, and no matter what her current relationship status happens to
be. Each of these male displays is examined in great detail in Without Embarrassment,
for now this is merely an overview:
ONE Stylish and Appropriate Dress. The look that you present to the world is
super important to attracting women. I know it sounds totally perverse, but women go
crazy to see men with their clothes on just as us guys crave seeing women with their
clothes off! Strange but true. And heres another thing thats true... just as we arent
turned on seeing a fat, ugly or old woman naked, neither are women all that thrilled
about seeing men dressed like slobs or in ways that are inappropriate to the situation
they find themselves in. Clothing is a marker of male status in the same way that clear
skin and a shapely figure are a signal of female fertility...
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Key # 2 * Page 6

TWO A Normal and Harmless Personality. One of the major worries that
women have when being advanced upon by a man theyve never seen before is
determining right away whether or not hes a psycho. Signs of a twisted personality
include things like a complete lack of any sense of humor, disheveled hair and clothes, or
any kind of incoherent mumblings and stutterings. Dont worry about a little nervous
fumbling for words at first, thats normal and expected in an anxiety-producing situation
like this. Just make a joke of it to diffuse the tension. On the other end of the spectrum,
a guy who seems too slick or polished and comes across sounding scripted (like a phoney
liar) is a warning flag too. Demonstrating normalcy is a qualifying test that you have
to pass right away, or you will not be given a chance to work your seductive magic...
THREE A cool, relaxed flirt. A dominant male is calm and in control. So a
passive, got-my-shit-together approach always beats a frantic, nervous one. Advertise
your delight in meeting her with crisp eye contact and a gentle smile, but keep your
flirting subtle. Act friendly and show that your intrigued by her feminine charm, but
communicate most of it non-verbally through the use of open body language and a
mischievous gleam in your eye. This is a fine line that you must know exactly how to
FOUR A guy that can Listen as well as talk. In your charged-up state, its
easy to start running off at the mouth and begin blathering away about nothing of any
interest to her... so happy are you to be getting any kind of inviting response. One of the
basic emotional needs that woman have, however, is a need to be heard by men. They
still find this validating in some way -- probably since its a mans world to a large
extent, and being taken seriously by any man is very energizing and endearing to them.
Just pick up on something she seems interested in and keep the conversation focused on
that topic for awhile until a good moment to change over to something else presents
itself. This lets her do most of the talking (which women are all good at once they begin
to feel comfortable with someone) and takes the burden off of you to become Mr.
Conversational Pro. Listening is a powerful and effective way to build the supercritical rapport between two people without which there can be no eventual
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distribution is strictly prohibited visit: for more information.

Key # 2 * Page 7

FIVE A Man who Speaks in a Relaxed, Mysterious Voice. Your voice is

your primary instrument of seduction, so you must be certain to use it wisely. I
concentrate a lot on the content of what to say in this book -- but dont forget that the
delivery is incredibly important too. Especially during these appropriate moments when
the two of you can share a flirtatious moment alone...

SIX A Guy who Seems to Match her Mood. One of the cleverest ways to
effect a sense of rapport with any woman is to mirror her actions and style. If she
glimpses a reflection of herself in you, it affirms her own thoughts and feelings. Its
intoxicating to the human spirit. Its also important to mirror back her mood. If you
meet a girl whos in an up mood because of some goings on around you like a wild
party or whatever, your mood should be similarly upbeat...

SEVEN A Man who Flatters with His Focus. One sure way to knock any
woman out of her defensive mode is to keep your attention absolutely focused on her.
Its not advisable to be constantly breaking eye contact and looking around while youre
out together, especially when shes talking. And checking out other women with a
roving eye is tantamount to complete social suicide. Your first conversation with her is
all about her getting a sense of who you are and IF YOU CAN BE TRUSTED. As I
stated before, trust is a huge deal with women...

I know that ending was a bit of a tease, but I hope this second installment in The
Three Keys to Seducing Any Woman series has cleared away some of the fog
surrounding the process of seduction for you nonetheless. A lot of guys just don't seem
to "get it" when it comes to understanding what girls are after in men. But even after
reading this brief introduction, you should have a distinct edge over much of your
competition immediately.
In a few days youll be getting the link to download your third and final Key of
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Key # 2 * Page 8

this 3 Part Mini-Course -- Perfecting Your Dominant Male Attitude. Yes, thats
right... its all about the tude dude! Youll be amazed at how surprisingly willing many
women are to engage in meaningful flirtatious behavior with almost any man -- so long
as he knows just exactly how to do it right. Ill also let you in on some essential secrets
about managing your own horniness that will make an amazing improvement in your
mojo around women. See you next week!

Of course, there's a lot more in the way of details, details and more details to
understand if you really want to develop your seductive skills around women, and that's
what I cover extensively in my e-book.... "Without Embarrassment: The Social
Coward's Totally Fearless Seduction System" This book delves into the hidden issues
of toxic shame and other emotional lapses that are at the root of your rejection fear.
You see, Without Embarrassment is designed for guys like you and me who are so
fearful of being rejected that they can't get past the approaching, meeting and flirting
stages of interacting with women. It's one thing to be a flop on a date, but to never even
have an opportunity to get a date leaves you lost in a wasteland of loneliness and self-pity
-- which only further lowers your already poor status in the eyes of women. And you
know that the poor only get poorer unless they make drastic changes in their life by
taking a chance to do things differently than they way theyve been doing them all along.
So if you're fed up with the bullshit lifestyle youve swerved into, check out
Without Embarrassment at right now and take that
first step towards busting out of your own personal hell of social poverty today!
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Key # 2 * Page 9

Key #3...

Perfecting Your Dominant

Male Attitude
Is There Really a Male Display That Acts Like a
Mating Call to Women?
Any Woman Will Play the Game with Any Man
...Any man, that is, who shows respect for the complexities of courting by taking
it seriously.
You see, gamesmanship is a major issue with women, and its one of the big
secrets of guys who have a knack for scoring with them. These type of guys have
learned to willingly and enthusiastically play their expected role in the dance of romance,
and women love them for it. I myself once had a big problem with these strict social
roles of conduct which made it very difficult for me to play the flirting/dating game. I
intensely disliked the fact that women had the power to choose whether or not they were
going to have sex with a guy, and that you were always the one who was in a position of
having to perform (and in a way, beg) to have them bestow you with the gift of their
willing bodies. I longed for the sex, but absolutely loathed what I believed to be the path
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Key # 3 * Page 1

of subservience and humiliation that I was being forced to take to get there.
I later discovered this attitude was a result of my being a low status male... I was
already so low on the social totem among my fellow males in society, that I couldnt
tolerate being placed in any further position of submissiveness in order to gain the favors
of women. Was I lower than the neighborhood stray dog too?
This is why its so crucial, in order to get your luck turned around, to follow my
advice in Without Embarrassment on how to elevate your self-regard into the realm of
the High Status Male. Only then will you be able to first tolerate, and then embrace, the
role that you will need to play in order to be able to effectively seduce women -- and do
so in a very natural, unforced way.
A lot of guys figure that women will only engage in a genuine (non-teasing) flirt
with a man who she thinks looks hot physically so guys take a look in the mirror and
choose to come up with all sorts of excuses to deliberately take themselves out of the
Game and kill off all the social hope in their lives. Better to have never played than to
play and have lost... is the deal they have made with themselves. But it simply isnt true
that women will not venture away from a certain physical standard in men. You can see
evidence of this all around you. You even see men lowering their standards in order to
have a woman in their lives... and men are supposed to be the ones who are more hung
up on physical looks to begin with!
You see, it all comes down to your skill level in making her feel the kinds of
things about a man that she needs to feel. One of the realities that you can be confident
about when it comes to women, is that they are always willing to volley a good flirt back
and forth a few times with just about any guy just because theyre curious to see what
hes all about -- what his character, humor and charm levels are like. Its just a pleasant
little game to them (although its probably become life and death to you by now!). So
unless you are grotesquely ugly or dress like a real slob and stink to high heaven, most
available women will NOT reject you on mere physical appearance alone. Theyll accept
Copyright 2002 Kipling Kat Publishers All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication or
distribution is strictly prohibited visit: for more information.

Key # 3 * Page 2

your interest and be flattered by it. This is your foot in the door -- and you can learn
how to hold it there with the right move. Just be sure not to come across too directly or
like a wise ass and leave her with no way to protect her ego. Shell have no choice but
to bust your chops and make a fool of you (the social cowards worse nightmare!).
Remember what we discussed in Key #2 last week? In the singles world, things
unfold slowly, cautiously and most of all indirectly.
The real skill of the seducer is making his interest and intentions know with a
whisper, not a crude shout.

Embrace Your Expected Role As a Man

Speaking of expected roles...
Women flirt with men who pique their sexual interest... beckoning them to come
play by using non-verbal cues. You know, stuff like hair preening, holding eye contact
too long, tilting her head all cutesy, etc. Once general interest on her part has been
established, its your move next to break the verbal ice. Social cowards (like me!) are
deadly scared of being rejected in a most humiliating way possible during this
"opening-line phase", because of the mistaken belief that we must invent some kind of
brilliant or witty conversational opening gambit in order to make a knockout first
impression. Out of fear we resort to using worn out old pick-up lines and other crap
which gets us nowhere with women. Women hate pick-up lines because theyre
dishonest. They demonstrate how inept a man is at social play when he finds it necessary
to have to lean on such a pathetic crutch.
Well forget about all that bullshit. Women are nothing but self-centered babies in
my experience, which makes it easy to fire up a chat with even the most sophisticated and
intelligent-looking types if you know what the secret is to striking up any interesting
conversation with a woman... and here it is: find out what she's interested in, pick up
the topic, and be curious about it. The trick is to do it in a light and friendly manner.
Copyright 2002 Kipling Kat Publishers All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication or
distribution is strictly prohibited visit: for more information.

Key # 3 * Page 3

Don't drill into her like a Nazi interrogator or she'll get scared and find some excuse to
get away from you. Remember that one of your primary goals in the first few moments
of any encounter is to show her that her ego is safe from any harm around you.
The art of conversation itself is pivotal because it lays the framework for the
emotional connection that she must feel with you if there is to be any hope of eventually
seducing her. Just keep in mind that the topic she's most interested in is always
HERSELF -- so keep everything focused on her and her interests and resist bragging
about yourself at all costs. As the chat progresses and she begins to feel some connection
with you, she'll start to become more interested in what you're about and will draw out
your story with questions of her own. That's when you have the green light to begin
intriguing her with some choice revelations about yourself -- but tease her with it, don't
gush out all the gruesome details of your sad and miserable life just yet. Stick to just the
good stuff that paints you in a tempting light. Hold some mystery about yourself in

Everyones first reaction to being taken by surprise by an unexpected event is

fear... and the initial reflex is always to draw away from the danger. Thats just the way
humans are hardwired. For a woman, being hit on by a guy is initially frightening
because it usually startles her... unless the build-up has been an obvious ongoing flirt and
you both realize that the moment has grown ripe to escalate to the next phase. Her
response otherwise is to shut down emotionally and pull back... quickly rejecting the
mans advances before shes had time to really think about it. You cannot take this first
reflex of hers to draw away personally. You must learn to push through it. Men tend
to think they are the ones who are taking 100% of all the risk in this situation because, by
social convention, they must to be the ones to speak up and make the first move. They
imagine that the woman is getting a free ride just calmly sitting there in judgement of
them... amused to see how bad a fool they will make of themselves.
Well nothing could be further from the truth. Women get flustered and excited
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distribution is strictly prohibited visit: for more information.

Key # 3 * Page 4

when they get hit on by a guy simply because it doesnt happen all that much (and the
prettier the woman the less frequently it happens!). All the same, they absolutely love it.
They are flattered by the attention of a classy guy making a classy approach, and you
should always keep that foremost in your mind.
Relax... by approaching a woman with romantic intent you are always in your
natural element as a man.
On the other side of the coin, women are contemptuous of those men who
trivialize the dance of seduction by making a joke of it. So don't be the kind of asshole
who acts like he's above all the silly bullshit of flirting and courting and won't participate
in any of it. The only girls you'll get are bottom-of-the-barrel losers and emotional
basket cases who'll take any guy they can get -- especially one like you whos sunk to a
similar social level (the pits!). Those guys have taken themselves out of the game -leaving a great big opening for you to sneak in and steal all the best women! Learn to
take advantage of it because alls fair, la-dee-da-dee-da...

Manage Your Horniness Instead of

Letting it Manage You
Lets face it, if youre the kind of guy whos been taking care of his own business
for most of his life, then youve probably got the art of self-love down to a friggin
science by now. I suspect that you practice your craft often and with great enthusiasm as
well. This is all fine and dandy, but unfortunately, sex drive happens to be Natures great
motivator for inspiring the species to perpetuate itself. Without sex drive, men and
women really wouldnt give a shit about each other, would they? So, as much as you
probably hate to hear it, short-circuiting this urge will only lead to social withdrawal and
eventual awkwardness around women. Sound familiar?
One of the drawbacks to the single life is that its easily embraced as a lifestyle if
Copyright 2002 Kipling Kat Publishers All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication or
distribution is strictly prohibited visit: for more information.

Key # 3 * Page 5

youre not careful. Its takes no effort at all to backslide into self-indulgence to the point
where you no longer feel the responsibility of caring about other people, ever. This
becomes especially easy if youve become proficient at tending to your own sexual needs
like a one-armed champion. Youve formed the habit of keeping yourself in a
comfortable state of low horniness as part of your single guy lifestyle. Cant say that
I blame you. If youve got zero prospect of having any real sex, whats the sense of
torturing yourself with a chronic case of blue balls... right? Might as well keep the
volume level on your junk turned down as low as it can go so that you can sleep at night.
Understand that this low horniness works against you though, by obliterating your
motivation to pursue real women. Sure you ogle and fantasize about bunches of them
every day, but since fear is the primary controller of your every action, it remains
impossible to break through the social barricade that shame has placed around you. The
valuable thing about Horniness is that its one of the few emotions that is powerful
enough to overcome your Fear. But by keeping your lizard in a perpetually drained
state, your sex drive remains weakened and useless against that fear.
With your horniness 75% tamed, its easy to find yourself interacting with girls as
friends instead of pursing them as potential lovers. No problem... its all good fantasy
fodder for later on when Im home alone again, right? Horniness furnishes your natural
male aggression... if youre not at least somewhat horny, you lack the critical quality of
forceful determination. How important is aggression? It is vitally important.
In almost no known species of animal will the females mate with
NON-aggressive males.
Wimps simply dont stand a chance in Nature -- even in the world of dogs, cats
and gophers! People arent much different either because the game of seduction and
mating while seemingly civilized and very intellectual in the human animal -- is still
extraordinarily primal at its essence. Mating is propelled by instincts older than Time
itself which lie barely hidden beneath our more civil personality facades. So aggression
Copyright 2002 Kipling Kat Publishers All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication or
distribution is strictly prohibited visit: for more information.

Key # 3 * Page 6

(exhibited in the human male by persistence and focused interest) is rated highly by
women everywhere. Dominant males are aggressive and go after what they want. This
turns women on. Primally. Even against their will at times. Grasp this fact of life,
If you feel youre currently hovering somewhere around 80% fear and 20%
horniness in your reaction to women, try getting that down to 60-40 or even 50-50 by
laying off of the baloney-bopping action for a while and watch what an effortless
improvement it will make in your ability to relate to women as a man, and not as some
non-aggressive creampuff buddy-buddy. I challenge you to consider cutting back on
the frequency of your porno-viewing and self-pleasuring, and aspire to recover some of
your suppressed horniness.
Allow your horniness to manage you for a change instead of the other way around.
Hey, try it as an experiment for a month! You can always go back to your old
wackin ways if your fear of being rejected doesnt seem to diminish on its own... but
Ill bet that it will!

I hope you enjoyed The Three Keys to Seducing Any Woman, and found it
enlightening and helpful in your quest to come to grips with some of the mysterious
workings of the female mind. But you know that a little knowledge can be dangerous...
so why not go for the whole enchilada and order a copy of my new e-book Without
Embarrassment right now while youre still thinking about it? Heres a quick review of
some of the things youll learn...

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Key # 3 * Page 7

Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward's

Totally Fearless Seduction System is the only NATURAL
SYSTEM for seducing women that shows you How to Attract
Girls by:

1 ) Overcoming the Toxic Shame that lies at the Root of

your Shyness and Rejection Sensitivity, and...
2 ) Teaches you how to Project the powerful Dominant
Male Attitudes that women everywhere find Irresistibly

Learn how to harness the classic High Status Male Attitude in

order to create states of instant attraction in any woman you
please. (It's the 'guy equivalent' of a flat-chested girl getting a new
set of D-cup implants!)

Overcome the mental 'shame & shyness' blocks that hold you
back from saying something -- anything -- enticing whenever you
see a hot girl

Avoid sending out those deadly "I've been defeated..." signals

that low status males broadcast all over the place -- bad vibes that
insure nothing but quick rejection from all but the most heinous pigs!

Become skilled at advanced psychological techniques that will

compel any woman to respond to your charms favorably so that you
don't get rejected and have to crawl back into your shell for another

Copyright 2002 Kipling Kat Publishers All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication or
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Key # 3 * Page 8

Learn how to focus your conversations with a purpose in order

to get the date or the phone number that your seeking. Say exactly
the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT moment. No senseless blathering!

Decipher all her secret flirting signals and "catch an eye". Now
you are UNrejectable if you play your cards right...

Tap into her subconscious mind and get her daydreaming about
YOU. This is essential -- because everybody falls in love when
they're off alone lost in the privacy of their own thoughts and
fantasies. You become her man in her dreams first then in
reality, later.

How to spark up that elusive female lust-state called 'chemistry'

whenever you choose. I will show you a secret way to
communicate directly into a woman's subconscious mind
without her even knowing it by reading the way that she turns her
eyes when you ask her a question -- and then modifying your
choice of words based entirely upon what you observe. Think Im
nuts? Ha ha ha!

Kiss her like she's never been kissed before! The critical First
Kiss seals the deal and positions you on a glideslope into the
bedroom if you do it right. (Otherwise it can be the ultimate deal
breaker if you screw it up)

Give her the greatest sexual thrill ride of her life with my unique
"Sensory Provocation" Technique! You haven't read this one in
Maxim or FHM because this is the ultimate "mind fuck"... one that
she will beg for time and again!

Copyright 2002 Kipling Kat Publishers All Rights Reserved Unauthorized duplication or
distribution is strictly prohibited visit: for more information.

Key # 3 * Page 9

Bottom Line: Stop being the Nice Guy for once, and
start getting some Stank on your Hang-low!

Without Embarrassment comes with a

Full 90 Day, Unconditional
100% Money Back Guarantee!
If you can't overcome your fear of rejection and improve your performance
around women after reading my book, it might be time to consider joining the
Seriously, I'm so certain you'll have a social revival once you come to
understand the complex dynamics of shame and fear that have been ruining
your life, that I'm willing to hang my ass out there for 90 days while you
pour over everything and try out even just some of the techniques for
yourself. If after that time you think it's all a lot of BS, just zap me an e-mail and
I'll refund your money immediately... NO questions, NO conditions. Hell, the
book is yours to keep regardless... how can I have you "send back" an e-book?
I know you may've been disappointed with this kind of seduction
bullshit before, but that will NOT happen this time.
So why not pop over to the site right now and order your copy of Without
Embarrassment today?... and start luring the women that you deserve into your
life... before the week is over!

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Key # 3 * Page 10