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Press § or Alt + 2 1 or ` to open the console and then type the command.

Many of these cheats and events can be used on other characters by adding <char-ID> at the end of it. Example "event 450
charinfo = Show detailed Character info on mouseover including Character ID, fertility, employer, etc.
Or »Follow these, these,and/or these,« instructions for an alternate way.
cash = 5000 gold, add a number after to get a specific amount, for example "cash 500" gives you 500 gold.
piety = 5000 piety, add a number after to get a specific amount
prestige = 5000 prestige, add a number after to get a specific amount
techpoints = Adds 1000 tech points of each kind to player.
max_tech <province_id> = max out tech tree in province
quickbuild = builds everything in one day. (possibly applied to AI as well)
decadence <new decadence> = sets decadence of the players dynasty
clr_focus <char_id> = removes the characters focus.
allow_laws = allow to change all your laws freely ... enter again to go back to limited law changing. (possibly applied to AI as
discover_plots = plots are always discovered ... repeat to have to search again
fow <on>= fog of war starts on so first time turns off, Second turns it back on.
plots_known = (default on) plots are visible, turns it off and on
marry_anyone = (default to you can't) You can marry anyone. (only seems to the remove the close relatives restriction)
pirate = Idunnolol
religion <name of religion> = changes your characters religion (for example, "religon catholic" or "religon norse_pagan",
"religon tengri_pagan")
culture <name of culture>= changes your character culture (for example, "culture italian" or "culture danish")
religion <char-id> <religionname> = changes the religion of the character whose ID you put in <char-id>
culture <char-id> <culturename> = changes the culture of the character whose ID you put in <char-id>
play <Character-ID#>' will change you to another character. Example: "play 1234315"
add_trait <trait_name> <char_id> = Adds a trait to the character. Trait names are all lower case. Don't fill in char_id and it will
add it to your character.
remove_trait <trait name> <char_id> = Removes a trait from the character.
pollinate <f-char-id> <m-char-id> = impregnates the female by the male
cuckoo <f-char-id> <m-char-id> = secretly impregnates female by the male (husband of the woman thinks it's his)
real_fathers = shows the true fathers in the family tree.
imprison <char-id> = imprison character
banish <char-id> = forces a character to leave current court
murder <char-id of the murderer> <char-id murder victim> = forces an attempt at murder, doesn't promise success
'kill <Character-ID#>' will kill that character immediately. Example: "kill 1234315"
revolt <prov_id> = causes a revolt in the chosen province
capital <prov_id> moves your capital to the province
neg_diplo = Can Send diplomatic proposals that will be refused (again turns it off)
succ <insert succession law here! Warning by itself or an undefined law will set it to none!> = Changes the succession type.
Valid values: feudal_elective, primogeniture, gavelkind, seniority, tanistry, turkish_succession
recalc_succ <char_id> = Recalculate the succession for a character or the player
clear = clears console
nextsong = force change music
score <amount> = adds score to the player.
moveunit <unit_id> <prov_id> moves a unit to a province.
observe = Turns you into a question mark and allows you to *observe* the game without playing. You must reload to undo
affect. (May crash your game, save before use)
refresh_portraits = Sets all character portraits to be refreshed asap
reloadfx <map/mapname/postfx or fx filename> = reloads the shader
reloadinterface = reloads the entire interface
reloadtexture <text_filename> = reloads the texture
testevent <id> <char_id/prov_id> = test and event without triggering it
wipe_achievements = Wipe out all CK2 Steam achievements. WARNING: CANNOT BE UNDONE!
hello <char-id> = switch to the character's page
help = No help for you! And maybe displays some cheat commands.
gfx_culture <char_id> <culture> = changes a characters gfx_culture, which decides how they look. Ex: gfx_culture 192884
move <char_id> <char_id_recipient> = moves a character to another characters court. Leave last char_id blank and the
character will move into your court.
neg_opininon <char_id_hater> <char_id_hated> = Adds negative opinion between two charactrers.
add_lover <char_id> <char_id> = Makes a character the lover of another character
add_friend <char_id> = Makes the character your friend

titles with spaces are either c_county_name or "c_county name". b_name and d_name for baronies and duchies. You can also type "charinfo 1" into the console to enable more in-depth character information.ckiiwiki. add_diplomacy <char-id> +/-(#) = Add or subtract a charcter's diplomacy add_intrigue <char-id> +/-(#) = Add or subtract a charcter's intrigue add_stewardship <char-id> +/-(#) = Add or subtract a character's stewardship add_learning <char-id> +/-(#) = Add or subtract a character's learning example: add_stewardship 69697143 +21 'claim <title_ID>' To claim a land/title (look it up in \Program Files\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\history\titles\) For exemple : claim c_koln 'titleowner <title-id> <char-id>' Gives you the title.Your character's id is contained in first section of the save. the duchy of the isles is d_western_isles.remove_friend <char_id> = Removes the character as your friend add_rival <char_id> = Makes a character your rival remove_rival <char_id> = Removes the character as your rival nickname <character-ID> <insert nickname key here> = changes your character's nickname http://www. (repeat if accepted trait does not trigger) Traits Spoiler event 1000 = lustful/chaste event 1001 = gluttonous/temperate event 1003 = charitable/greedy event 1004 = slothful/diligent event 1005 = kind/envious (female) event 1006 = kind/envious (male) event 1007 = wroth/patient event 1008 = proud/humble event 1009 = deceitful/honest event 1010 = craven/brave event 1011 = shy/gregarious event 1012 = ambitious/content event 1013 = arbitrary/just event 1014 = cynical/zealous event 1015 = lustful/chaste (female) event 1016 = paranoid/trusting . Search the save using your id to find desire relations. Title IDs are predictable. type"play <char-ID>". hover your mouse pointer over the other characters portrait and look for his ID. 'give_title <title-id> <char-id>' Gives you the title. including Character ID. event 20133 gives you a strong claim on the duchy instead. accept your own proposal. Some do not match their names. and you get vassals and everything beneath it. example: Rome is c_roma.) Want another character to accept your demand? Pause the game. As of now there is no known way to turn this info off again without having to exit and restart the whole game. type "neg_diplo" then "charinfo 1". (When leading an army there) You can get character ID's by looking in your save file. then finding desired army and changing the two numbers representing current size and max size of that soldier type. If you are changing mercenary army size this will affect how much you pay per month. the county of Leon in Brittany is c_french_leon usurp <title> = sets a title to be owned by the player event 20131 = gives you a strong claim on a county when you have your character leading an army there. Army size can be changed by looking for your character's profile in age <char-id> +/-(#) = Add or subtract a character's age add_martial <char-id> +/-(#) = Add or subtract a charcter's martial. now type "play <your char-ID>" and you'll be playing as yourself again and he'll have accepted. in the format of e_name and k_name for empires and kingdoms. (ID's in the latest version are now visible in the character tooltip without the need for any of this. The one below is better.

3105 = varangian event ToG.mystic event 5024 .aspiring duelist event 5036 .lustful/chaste event 24501= lustful/celibate+stressed event 5002 .gardener event 5032 .3320 = viking event 8300 = gain crusader event 8400 = gain crusader event 8401 = gain muslim crusader trait event 1030 = lose temperate (also event 1511) event 1031 = lose gluttonous event 1032 = lose charitable (also event 1531) event 1033 = lose greedy (also event 6208) event 1034 = lose diligent (also event 1551) event 1035 = lose slothful (also event 1541) event 1036 = lose kind (also event 1571) event 1037 = lose envious (also event 1561) event 1038 = lose patient (also event 1590) event 1039 = lose wroth (also event 1581) event 1040 = lose humble (also event 1611) event 1041 = lose proud event 1042 = lose lustful (also event 1601.poet event 5041 .aspiring hunter event 5045 .3000 = berserker event ToG.event 1017 = cruel/kind event 1018 = lustful/chaste (homosexual female) event 1019 = lustful/chaste (homosexual male) event 24503= Make child craven (90% chance)/brave(10%) event ToG.aspiring poet event 5033 .aspiring falconer event 5042 .duelist event 5037 .scholar event 5003 .impaler event 5025 . 6204) event 1043 = lose honest (also event 1641) event 1044 = lose deceitful (also event 1620) event 1045 = lose brave (also event 1661) event 1046 = lose craven (also event 1651) event 1047 = lose gregarious (also event 1681) event 1048 = lose shy (also event 1671) event 1049 = lose content (also event 1701) event 1050 = lose ambitious (also event 1691) event 1051 = lose just (also event 1721) event 1052 = lose arbitrary (also event 1711) event 1053 = lose zealous (also event 1631) event 1054 = lose cynical (also event 1731) event 1057 = lose paranoid event 1056 = lose trusting event 1501 = lose gluttonous (also event 6206) event 1641 = lose honest event 5000 = scholar/mystic paths event 5020 = gardener/impaler paths event 5030 = duelist/poet paths event 5040 = hunter/falconer paths event 5050 = poet/falconer paths (female) event 1018 .hunter .

hedonist Child traits Spoiler event 1500 = gain gluttonous event 1501 = lose gluttonous event 1510 = gain temperate (also event 6207) event 1511 = lose temperate event 1520 = gain greedy event 1521 = lost greedy event 1530 = gain charitable (also event 6209) event 1531 = lose charitable event 1540 = gain slothful event 1541 = lose slothful event 1550 = gain diligent event 1551 = lose diligent event 1560 = gain envious event 1561 = lose envious event 1570 = gain kind event 1571 = lose kind event 1580 = gain wroth (also event 272) event 1581 = lose wroth event 1590 = gain patient (also event 273) event 1591 = lose patient event 1600 = gain proud event 1601 = lose proud event 1610 = gain humble event 1611 = lose humble event 1620 = gain deceitful event 1621 = lose deceitful event 1630 = gain zealous event 1631 = lose zealous event 1640 = gain honest event 1641 = lose honest event 1650 = gain craven (also event 271) event 1651 = lose craven event 1660 = gain brave (also event 270) event 1661 = lose brave event 1670 = gave shy event 1671 = lose shy event 1680 = gain gregarious event 1681 = lose gregarious event 1690 = gain ambitious event 1691 = lose ambitious event 1700 = gain content event 1701 = lose content event 1710 = gain arbitrary event 1711 = lose arbitrary event 1720 = gain just (also event 4000) event 1721 = lose just event 1730 = gain cynical event 1731 = lose cynical event 6205 = gain chaste event 6227 = lose chaste Sicknesses Spoiler event 6000 = gain syphilis trait event 6001 = lose syphilis trait event 6010 = gain leper trait .falconer event 5066 .event 5046 .

3051 = remove blinded trait event SoA. use this event. gain incapable event 6111 = lose consumption trait event 6112 = lose slow fever trait event 6113 = lose camp fever trait event 6114 = lose plague trait event 6115 = lose measles trait event 6116 = lose smallpox trait event 244 = gain maimed trait event 245 = gain incapable trait event 61160 = lose incapable trait event SoA. event 75085 = Steward improves economy. event 55000 = turns one of your foreign demesnes neighbouring your mainland into your own culture.3054 = remove any epidemic illness event SoA.06) event 20260 = increase culture advances. (Before 1. event 6020 = gain lunatic event. but lose stressed and depressed traits event 6021 = lose lunatic trait event 6030 = gain possessed trait (non-Muslim) event 6031 = lose possessed trait (non-Muslim) event 6032 = gain possessed trait (Muslim) event 6033 = lose possessed trait (Muslim) event 6040 = gain stressed trait event 6041 = lose stressed trait event 6050 = gain depressed trait event 6051 = lose depressed trait event 6060 = gain ill trait event 6061 = lose ill trait event 6070 = gain pneunomic trait event 6071 = lose pneunomic trait event 6080 = gain wounded trait (also event 243) (To lose Maimed. takes a while to show up. event 24505= imprison random courtier (useful for getting +10 relationship bonus for releasing a prisoner) . event 926 = trigger great philosopher event for Court Chaplain. it will remove maimed.3052 = remove eunuch trait event SoA. event 923 = trigger master builder event for steward.3053 = remove incapable or infirm trait event SoA. event 913 = Fabricate claim (Chancellor). event 20392 = random military tech improves 10%. event 927 = become Cathar (religion) event 20048 = choice between gold & piety event 24506 = imprisons random court/vassal individual event 20200 = collects special tithe event 20000 = increases pope's opinion event 20410 = gives levy reinforcement event 20230 = master builder (5%) event 24504 = Gets YOUR WIFE pregnant. gain scarred trait event 6100 = gain infirm trait event 6110 = lose infirm.3050 = remove maimed trait event SoA. then use the event below to lose wounded.) event 6081 = lose wounded trait. (After 1.06) event 55000 <Province-ID#> = turns province into province holders culture.3065 = reinforcements for demon child Miscellaneous Event Commands Spoiler event 20320 = successful steal technology mission in the province where your leader is stationed.event 6011 = lose leper trait for 25 gold.3060 = escape prison event SoA. unsure of effect if you use while female.

event 4035 = "cattle rustlers" event. gives small piety temporary trait event 4045 = "kidnap" event. event 4085= "wolves" event. choice between a relationship bonuses. chioce between money and prestige event event 4000 = "Stolen Pigs" event. event 500 = "royal dues" event. sets off chain of events event 6201 = convert 50 gold into 100 piety. and a bad choice. event 4015= "unfaithful wife" event. gives choice between various relationship modifiers. event 4050 = "spy" event. gives choice between permanent just. gives choice between ignoreing it. gain temporary monthly prestige bonus. husband is the father event 401 gets YOU pregnant. event 200 = your character calls a crusade event 300 = "I am a bastard" event. event 1985 = Removes Homosexual trait (male) event 1995 = Removes Homosexual trait (female) event 36005 = Suicide event 36004 = Suicide event 26004 = Suicide event 242 = Suicide event 400 gets YOU pregnant. declaring yourself a bastard. husband is NOT the father event 402 gets YOU pregnant. event 6200 = "voice of jesus" event. gives choice between piety. unmarried event 403 gets your wife pregnant. gives choice between -5 prestige and +20 opinion bonus to two councilors. event 6223 = "voice of satan" event lose 30 church opinion. prestige. event 4005 = "thief" event event 4010= "Band of Robbers" event. wife gains the stressed trait -event 28004 = possibly cures maimed and wounded. and having liege deal with problem. do not do with out saving beforehand. temp prestige bonus. gives choice between permament and temporairy "just" trait. event 4040 = "blasphemy" event.and a bad option. event 247 = gain 1 martial skill event 248 = gain 5% bonus military technology growth rate for 1 year event 250 = capture yourself. +15 relationship bonus from vassals. only works on those who have you listed as their liege. choice between permament martial bonus. triggers other events.event 64025 = Fall in love with your spouse. gives lump piety. event 301 = choice between legitimizing yourself. . cruet or content traits. and small prestige lump sum. and a temporary "bloodlust" trait. intrigue temporary traits. lose monthly piety event 6300 = give realm a new law. event 6203 = "holy comet" event. YOU ARE NOT the father event 24504 gets your wife pregnant. lose 30 church opinion. event 4055 = "dragon" event. gives chioce between temporary trait giving prestige and random other event to punish the poachers. regular event 404 gets your wife pregnant. event 20000 = capital converts to your(?) religion + piety + increased relations with the pope event 20030 = become heretic (takes a while) event 64055 <Child-ID#> <Courtier-ID#> = Child has teenage infatuation wth courtier.event event 450 <char-id> = begin an affair with selected character. event 4060 = "falconry" event. event 4020= "poachers" event. event 6202 = convert 50 prestige into 100 piety. or priestige or martial temporary traits. as it's impossible to release yourself from prison. or lump piety bonus.

Ex: event 451 58108 Event 246 = raises the martial skill. Event 451 <char-ID> = Go to a courtiers chamber however firing it without a character ID will initiate it for yourself (you go to bed with yourself). establishes castile barony under your control. lose prestige and valor. event 20131 = gives you a strong claim on a county when you have your character leading an army there. event 260 = gain 5 prestige event 261 = soldier courtier appears in your court event 600 = causes rebels to appear in your capital event 620 = crusade wins event 621 = crusade loses event 900 = converts any province where your leader is stationed to your religio . Misguided warrior -> tough soldier -> brilliant strategist event 9004 = fraction ending event 65021 = torture random prisoner you may have. event 901 = courtier in your court converts to your religion event 10000 = "Merry men" event event 8342 = Find Holy Grail event. Or you can add your court chaplains ID at the end and put him in a province and it will have the same effect. (When leading an army there) event 10101 = Gate to Hell path event 100115 = friendship with self or +10% fertility event 55010 = changes the rulers(you) culture to that of his capital province culture. you have to put a character ID in. event 20133 gives you a strong claim on the duchy instead. get 200 prestige event 8340 = find Holy Spear event. get 100 prestige event 8500 = starts crusader order. note that you can convert any province by appointing your leader general of an army and then moving that army to the province you want to convert. Nickname ID's Spoiler nick_the_lawgiver nick_the_usurper nick_the_hammer nick_the_conqueror nick_the_holy nick_the_victorious nick_the_crusader nick_the_holy nick_the_avenger nick_the_brave nick_the_fearless nick_the_martyr nick_the_unlucky nick_the_lucky . So for it to work correctly.event 255 = "unnecesary violence" event.

nick_the_restorer nick_the_effeminate nick_the_clueless nick_the_ill_tempered nick_the_affable nick_the_heathen nick_the_liberator nick_haardraade nick_the_lisp_and_lame nick_the_able nick_the_kind nick_the_good nick_the_troubadour nick_the_strong nick_the_magnanimous nick_the_simple nick_the_merry nick_the_noble nick_the_blind nick_the_gentle nick_the_proud nick_the_silent nick_the_bastard nick_the_gouty nick_half_hand nick_the_chaste nick_the_hunter nick_the_fowler nick_the_just nick_the_lame nick_the_handsome nick_the_fair nick_the_fat nick_the_drunkard nick_the_cruel nick_the_wise nick_the_accursed nick_the_wicked nick_the_bewitched nick_priest_hater nick_the_pious nick_the_apostle nick_the_blessed nick_the_confessor nick_the_monk nick_the_lion nick_the_lionheart nick_the_bold nick_the_unready nick_the_ill_ruler nick_the_terrible nick_the_magnificent nick_the_quarreller nick_the_devil nick_the_dragon nick_the_careless nick_the_young nick_the_old nick_the_great .

102 .event 38301 event WoL.

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