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MPU202 Globalization

Article Review

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Cheah Man Yee



How to Overcome Criminal? Controlling Crime focuses on key aspects of social control. Some aspects of criminal justice policy. The articles provide useful critiques of criminal justice policy and incorporate contemporary thinking about social control. placing current issues in criminal justice policy in a historical. reflecting John Major's exhortation to 'understand less and condemn more'. At the same time however. This again provides a useful alternative to the more policy oriented focus of many texts on criminal justice. has been criticised for accepting an establishment agenda. prevention and criminal justice policy. The articles provide comprehensive introductions to their subjects.Crime Article 1 Crime has now become a high profile political issue and sociology of crime. the criminal courts. in particular community sentences and probation. Feminist. and contains interesting contributions on the history of the police. Race and gender issues are incorporated and the new right agenda and the move towards managerial and control oriented policies critically explored. increasingly focuses on crime control. prisons and penality. are notable by their absence and a contribution. criminology and criminal justice courses attract many students. focusing instead on social and ideological constructions of crime. . the history of prison. the sociology of crime and criminology have become fragmented. Students can find this plethora of different approaches and arguments somewhat confusing and frustrating. ideological and political context. the choice of topics is selective. The Sociology of Deviance: An Obituary. The left realist argument. As with The Problem of Crime. It has largely abandoned criminological and sociological concerns with the causes of crime and the link between crime and inequality has become a politically sensitive issue. as Ericson and Carrier in Criminological Perspectives argue. that crime really is a problem. critical. A recent text on the sociology of deviance. radical and post modernist critiques are also sceptical of these traditional concerns. itself critical of much establishment criminology. 'Establishment' criminology. This inevitably generates new texts. drawing together sociological perspectives on social control and social order. would greatly enhance the utility of this volume as a main. Some have challenged the utility of the concept of crime itself and thereby the viability of a sociology of crime or criminology. policing and policework. however. Open University Press 1994). is subtitled 'an obituary' (Sumner. the politics of youth justice and crime prevention. rather than as a supplementary text for courses focusing on crime control.

She told me she shipped out with DHL tracking number as 3485167729 but when I check with DHL they say its not physically shipped. Details is as below. Before that I paid RM1050. And cant be tracked. Her name is SitiHajarBintiKamaruddin It happened between Sep7 .Crime Article 2 This is reporting on-line cheater. Looks she is keep cheating people via Mudah online. Until today(13/Sep). Bank name. Advertisers email address : N/A Advertiser contact/phone number : 014 6248 0730 / 016 364 8276 Advertiser name as per ad : AZURA / SitiHajarBintiKamaruddin Location of advertiser as per ad : PERAK – OTHER How much money/cash was paid : RM1250. she never responded and never shipped the item(D3300) since 7 / Sep. Account holders name : Bank : MAYBANK Account : 164427352856 Name : SitiHajarBintiKamaruddin I have paid 2 times because she told me posting fee is too expensive so I paid another RM200. The item purchased / Nikon D3300 camera set on Mudah ad.Sep 8. Please POST on your facebook or everywhere so preventing another cheating case. 2015 I have all evidence and going to report this case to Police office on next Monday and will report to Maybank after that. How to overcome the problem? . Account number. Ad Link : her ad is already deleted. Her mobile is off & never respond anymore.

many banks and services use fraud prevention systems that call out unusual purchasing behavior. .Review bank and credit card statements regularly . Don't take these calls lightly-this is your hint that something bad may have happened and you should consider pursuing some of the activities mentioned in the area covering how to respond if you have become a victim. they might call you and ask you to confirm them.The impact of identity theft and online crimes can be greatly reduced if you can catch it shortly after your data is stolen or when the first use of your information is attempted. In order to confirm these out of the ordinary purchases. One of the easiest ways to get the tip-off that something has gone wrong is by reviewing the monthly statements provided by your bank and credit card companies for anything out of the ordinary. Additionally.

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he said at the 4th Annual Information Security Summit here. He said statistics from the Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) showed incidents on malicious codes had the highest increase with 1. fraud and spam have shown a slight increase with the highest reduction in intrusion incidents". "Incidents of cyber harassment. –Bernama How to overcome the problem Protect your personal information. he said the Click Wisely campaign was a successful initiative to educate and raise awareness for the public to be responsible and ethical when surfing the Internet. including the government. home address. As such. Taiwan. China. "It is also sad to note that cyber criminals are exploiting the public's thirst for information on the (Malaysia Airlines) flights MH370 and MH17 cases". India and Indonesia. Jailani said cyber crime in the country increased to 10. Present was Asian World Summit chairman Tan Sri MegatNajmuddinMegatKhas.636 cases last year. you will inevitably have to provide personal information in order to handle billing and shipping of purchased goods. human trafficking.986 cases the previous year. The Sophos Security Threat Report 2013 listed Malaysia along with several countries. . . financial fraud and money laundering. making the country the sixth most vulnerable to cyber crime. private sector. and email address online. phone number. critical infrastructure providers and individuals to play their part in lifting cyber security standards.Crime Article 4 KUALA LUMPUR: Cyber criminals have hit Malaysia to the tune of RM1bil in losses.Exercise caution when sharing personal information such as your name.106 more cases recorded last year. Thailand. from 645 cases in 2012. he added. from 9. including Hong Kong. Jailani urged all parties. Deputy Communication and Multimedia Minister DatukJailaniJohari said Malaysians were also facing threats from international criminal organisations which abuse the internet for activities such as drugs. To take advantage of many online services.

with tied up medium length hair. He told me not to disturb my friend. and a weird column that I couldn't make sense of its abbreviation). 2 males and 1 female approached my friend and I. So Mr A. Both of them were quite short I'd say around 158~162cm tall. Then Mr A wants to hand me a cheap keychain and I refused to take it. The two males. He said Mr A wants me to buy something from him and asked me to support. After I finished the matter with both the males I went over to my friend who is still speaking to that fat lady. Name.Crime Article 5 I was waiting for the green light to cross the road to get to the bukitbintangmonorail when three people. My friend spoke to the female lady. Seeing Mr A was deaf and obviously handicapped. Mr A pulled me over. But I knew I was being cheated so I wanted to leave. I asked Mr B . Then the last column seemed like an amount (where you state the money you would pay) then I noticed something is suspicious so I left it blank.Both of my friend and I were separated and spoken individually to these scammers. I said I dont want to pay you can? He insisted that i support something that I couldn't comprehend. the deaf guy insisted me to write my details on the form with his sign language I so wrote. The other one (now known as Mr B) translates what the deaf man wanted from me. Origin. I didnt know whatsits for then Mr B came and told me to "support". might be in her 30s and plump (~59-60kg. 161~cm). I took out RM10 and gave it to him. I took the keychain anyhow. Suddenly Mr A pulled me and Mr B asked me to stand away from my friend. one of them couldn't speak and seemed deaf (now known as Mr A). away from my friend and tried to get me to write my name onto some kind of form that contains four columns namely (Date. At that moment I noticed they are all scammers.

Threaten to call the police if they insist. call the police to guide them. Then the lady told her to quickly fill up the form because this is a competition with me. she asked her to fill up the form too.WHY i cannot talk to my friend. that they lost money or whatnot. Here comes the side of her story: In her conversation with the lady. she left the last column blank. As that lady could speak and didn't seemed handicapped in someways. . That was when I came and grabbed my friend to make for the run. but like me.  IF anyone seemed very pitiful to you. I quickly grab my friend and ran away while the traffic light turns green. HE couldnt answer and just ask me to stay where I am. my friend ask her what is this for. She quickly sensed amiss and pressuring the lady to tell her what is this for. Then I tossed away the keychain given to me cuz i was furious that i got cheated :| Anyhow my friend knew something was wrong and she didn't take out any money. KL is not the place for you to waste your kindness.  I know that kind people would pity them but sometimes. How to overcome the problem  Just don't talk to anyone who is trying to make impromptu conversation with you.