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Andy comes from a big family. He has three brothers and three sisters. He is the youngest. He is
the only one going to school all his brothers and sisters have finished school.
Andy’s father is a supervisor in a factory. The factory produces shoes. His father is in charge of
about 150 workers.
His eldest brother is a pilot. He flies to many cities in Indonesia. He is married and has two
children. Both are still young. Two of his sisters are married. They have young children. They are
not working.
His second brother is a mechanic in Yogya. He lives there with some friends. His third brother is
studying overseas. He is studying to be an engineer. His third sister is secretary. She is the
secretary to a bank director.

Mrs. Usman runs a small tailor’s shop for women’s clothes. She works in the shop with one
assistant. She is a master designer. She draws the design and cuts the cloth. She sends the cut
cloth to some women to sew in their houses.
These women work part time from their homes. They sew after they have finished their
housework. They usually receive the cut cloth in the morning. By evening they sew and send the
dress back to Mrs. Usman. Usually they can only sew one dress a day. Mrs. Usman has many
women working part time for her.
She stays in the shop and meets the customers. She shows them some of the fashions for dresses.
They select the design and the cloth. Them Mrs. Usman measures them and writes the
measurements in her book. She tells the customer to come the following day. She then draws the
design on the cloth before cutting. Her assistant sews the dress by hand. The customer tries on
the dress and Mrs. Usman makes some adjustments. Then she sends it off to be sewn by the part
time tailors. The dress is usually ready in three days.

Every morning Edo gives her milk and bread. too. It is small. it has springs attached to the front and rear wheels. and he calls it Barky Never. When Edo is at school. I usually ride my mountain bike with other bikers on Sundays at BSD bike track in Tangerang. Barky plays with my cat. Its handlebar is flat. My father bought it for me as a gift because I became the best student last year. Every day it eats soft food like steamed rice. These make me feel comfortable when I travel on it. They make me easier to go over big bumps when I ride it. Besides. and never fight maybe because Barky does not bark a lot. fish or bread. . As the name suggests. It treats the other animals in our house gently. It is a dog. Barky does not like bones. The frame of the bike is smaller and stronger than a touring bicycle. It has got thick fur. When he cuddles it. I use the bike to ride off-road on dirt trails or mountainous areas. They get along well. and never eats shoes.TEXT 3 EDO’S PET My classmate Edo has a pet. Barky is really a sweet and friendly animal. TEXT 4 MY LOVELY MOUNTAIN BIKE I have a mountain bike. knobby tires for going over rocks. It has a large selection of gears and shock absorbers. fluffy and cute. Barky is a Chinese breed. the fur feels soft. It is silver. It also has wide.

The laboratory has 12 big tables. tubes. One period is in the laboratory. The equipment is kept in shelves below the table. Then the students go to their places and do the equipment on their own and write down the results. The laboratory is an interesting place. knives and scissors for the students to use. . Their teacher is Mr. Mr.TEXT 5 THE SCHOOL LABORATORY The school laboratory is a popular place for students. Santoso. Sometimes they have to draw in their notebooks what they see. He is very interesting and a good teacher. test tubes. They come there to study Biology. There are sinks for washing and gas burners for heating on all the tables. There are flasks. They have two periods of Biology. slides. Every time the students are in the laboratory they have to carry out an experiment. Santoso usually explains and shows an experiment once.