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The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42

The Sorcerer’s Scrolls
Issue #42
January/February 2009

TSS Returns!
An Interview with Chimaera Studios
Thomas Riccardi gives us the scoop
Stellar Expanses: Penumbra Sector
New aliens and worlds for Traveller
Motley Crew
New NPCs for use in your 4E games
Swords Against Shaligon!
A scenario for D&D 4E
Gloriendl’s Grimoire
New spells for D&D 4E


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A Horrible Menagerie
New NPCs for GURPS Horror
The Kindred of Lingusia
New rules and new kindred for T&T 7.5
Game Reviews
What’s new and interesting in games
Gaming by Gaslight
An Introduction to Victorian RPGs
Unholy Communion
A dark tale
So how are MMOs “RPGs” too?

Nicholas T. Bergquist
John Diffley, Dan Lambert., Thomas Riccardi, Tori Bergquist
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Hughey, used with permission. Some artwork from the Image Portfolio © Louis
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The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42

Issue 42 January/February 2009
By Tori Bergquist
Well, it’s been--what?--19 years or so since the
last issue of The Sorcerer’s Scrolls appeared.
There are still a few old fans and cohorts from
the old days out there, who have stayed in
touch with me, or gotten back in touch as the
internet made life so much easier. And then,
along came lulu….
Back in the day, publishing a fanzine was a
royal pain in the ass. You had to print, bind, and
mail everything yourself. Quality control was
usually a whimsical dream at best, and the
software and printing facilities necessary to do it
all in-house were practically nonexistent. Layout
and design was a process that involved scotch
tape, rulers, and a keen eye for proper
alignment. Back then, writing, editing and
publishing TSS or any fanzine at all was a labor
of love, and no money was ever forthcoming.
Besides TSS, I remember Ken St. Andre’s TnT
fanzine, as well as a number of cool British
fanzines, where the medium seemed to have a
lot of legs. Guys like Michael von Glahn (where
are you!?!), Garen Ewing, Dave Bezios (of the
Phoenix Barony), Dan Lambert, Tony Lee (who
remains a vigilant and active game designer
today! Check out the Chronicles of Ramlar for
his recent work) and others definitely helped to
make TSS and other ‘zines possible.
Well, fast-forward to 2008: I realized that
suddenly, thanks to internet, print on demand,
and a generally aging but dedicated fan base,
RPG fanzines were a definite reality once more. I
recently released a couple books on lulu,
including a new edition of the Keepers of
Lingusia tailored for Castles & Crusades as well
as OSRIC and other old-school retro games,
along with The Troll’s Companion, a compilation
of miscellany for the original beer & pretzels
RPG, Tunnels & Trolls. So far it’s proven to be an
easy, fun process and people are actually buying
them, which tells me there’s a market out there
for game books that cater to the market as it
used to be, not just the super-glossy high

production role playing games you can find on
shelves today.
Fan-based publications online are now
available all over the place. Rpgnow,
drivethrurpg, yourgamesnow, and my favorite,
e23 over at Steve Jackson Games are rife with
interesting content for gamers. A few people
(Philip J. Reed, for example) even seem to be
making money at it. Indie Press Revolution offers
a fantastic medium for aspiring game designers
to get out their small press products to the
general gamer audience, producing some
amazing gems, including some personal
favorites of mine, like Don’t Rest Your Head and
With all this stuff going on, I thought to myself:
why the heck don’t I resurrect TSS? It was a lot
of fun to do back in the day. It only really “died”
because I found college life a little too
demanding, plus from about age 19 right on
through to age 35 I had an alarming habit of
making bad choices, doing things the hard way,
and sticking with overly demanding job
environments that were apparently secret
programs run by vampires designed to suck the
life from me. In fact I still seem to find jobs like
Well, it’s been a long time, and to be fair, TSS
never was formally “cancelled” back in the day.
So I have decided to revive it. I’ll be filling up the
first new issue (issue #42) with my own
material, but I would like to encourage anyone
interested who wishes to contribute to do so.
It’s a chance to see print, and if by some lucky
opportunity the ‘zine grows legs I might even be
able to offer pay for work. All content submitted
will remain in your own copyright ownership,
with rights of publication to the issue in
question only; so once it’s been published here,
you are welcome to take your article or art
elsewhere and do whatever you want with it.
And of course you’ll get free issues of the ‘zine!
Any aspiring author knows that every little bit


The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42

helps; I would definitely like to make TSS a
conduit for those seeking publication who do
not, themselves, want to take the grueling time
and effort to set up their own publications.
For content, I want to focus on gaming in its
myriad forms and varieties. I am especially
interested in the games I love, of course, but will
also be happy to accept submissions for other
games. For the record, games I love these days
include Castles & Crusades, Tunnels & Trolls 7.5,
Dungeons & Dragons 4 edition, GURPS 4
edition, Call of Cthulhu, Basic Role Playing,
Anima, Savage Worlds, the new Traveller, and
Star Siege. I have some “old classic” and
“”upcoming” favorites as well: The Tri-Stat DX
system from the late great Guardians of Order
was an awesome game. A/State is one of the
coolest, weirdest indie games out there. I’ll keep
copies of Unknown Armies, Kult, and Feng Shui
in my collection for eternity. There’s also the
retro-clones, which includes Mutant Future (like
Gamma World, but not!!!!), Labyrinth Lord
(classic D&D), OSRIC (classic AD&D), and GORE.
I’ll also apologize in advance to the diehard
D20/3.X fans, but you’ll likely see a lot of
Dungeons & Dragons 4E content from me,
although I welcome any OGL content you want
to submit for the 3.X phenomenon. That said, I
really, really love the new 4E, and find that it has
revitalized my interest in gaming in a way I

haven’t experienced since the 2 edition AD&D
game out in 1989.
Anyone who’s been in the hobby since 2000
knows that OGLs, SRDs, GSLs and other
acronyms hiding legalese are/were all the rage.
For the time being, I am going to publish TSS
under general copyright law, because I see no
need to work under any specific license
agreement at this time unless TSS starts to take
off. Now, individual articles submitted in
conjunction with one or more of these
agreements are more than welcome to include
the necessary legal content to make the article
compatible with the product license in question,
and I will happily include any and all details to
keep the article compliant as the author so
wishes. But as a rule, unless such a specific
agreement is desired, I don’t want to impose
this on anyone who might prefer their work be
published under general copyright, instead.
Maybe, one day, if TSS gets very popular this will
be revised; but for now I think it suits my
inherently libertarian sense of propriety.
Okay, I’ve rambled enough. This issue of TSS
will start off with a mixture of interesting
content for D&D 4 edition, C&C, GURPS,
Tunnels & Trolls 7.5, and Traveller. Enjoy!
--Tori Bergquist
December 20 , 2008


The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42

An Interview with Chimaera Studios
By Thomas Riccardi

a fantasy world that was close enough to reality
to provide an appropriate challenge. The one
thing I've noticed in every game system that I've
found is that the player has to suspend the
game at times to research a rule, or a power
description, or to dispute something that the
Controller of the game has stated. I wanted to
provide a world / game system where the player
was free to act and react in character and
immerse themselves into a comic book. The less
real world rules research a player has to bog
themselves down with the greater sense of
ownership in the game session. It provides
for a more rounded character and a deep and
satisfying game experience for all involved.
3) What are some of the future expansions we
can see for this rpg in the near future?
We are sending out HellHounds as we speak.
This expansion focuses on the Mercenary subculture and the world of Hadean's Gate. This
book covers the islands and world of our
HellHounds comic book line. It adds nicely to
the standard comic book world revealed in the
Chimaera Universe Core Rulebook, and provides
a darker more gritty reality to the game.

(Chimera Studios produces the Chimera Role
Playing Game, a new and innovative rule system
in the super hero genre. Thomas Riccardi
recently conducted an interview with Chimera
Studios’ Micahel Murphy to learn a bit more
about what makes them tick.—Tori)

The follow up for HellHounds is Wargod. This
book will focus on the mystical side of the comic
universe and it's various Pantheons'. The book
will provide some valuable insight into the
behind the scene power struggles of the
Chimaera Universe.

1) How did Chimera studios come about and
what was the driving force to get
this company established?
As far as the driving force for the company, look
no further than George T.
Singley IV. He has a vision and provides the
heart, soul and direction of
the company and all of its properties.

After WarGod we are lining up our team book
that will highlight our Super Teams. This book
will provide a number of additions for Massive
Battles and include details of leadership in a
comic book.

2) What were some of the reasons for you
wanting to develop a game system and what
sets this apart from the other game systems
out there?

We have a slate of companion books after the
Super Team book and will be releasing those
topics during the second quarter of 09.

I've been playing and designing RPG's since I was
an 8 year old kid. I guess I wanted to escape the
true reality of my world and immerse myself in


The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42
4) Did you have any favorite role playing games
as a kid or were there any influences that went
into this system / universe?

until the session expires. The feel of this system
lends itself to the perils of a C level or sidekick
comic book character growing from a footnote
to the lead in his or her own series.

I knew this question would come but there is no
great way to prepare for it. I played everything I
could find for $20 or less at the game store
growing up. I loved Car Wars, Teenagers from
Outer Space, the original D&D, Gamma World,
Star Frontiers, and anything that had a little
humor in it.

6) Is there a favorite title or character that you
have in the Chimera universe? If so who is it
and why?
My favorite character so far is SGT R. Gingrich,
AKA El Muerto Conquestador, based on an old
Army Buddy of mine. The character to me
defines commitment, integrity and provides a
great amount of comic relief in all of my game
sessions. He's the one that will jump on the
grenade and try to play it off that he tripped.
His powers are incredible; he cannot be killed or
knocked unconscious. Sadly he has to put
himself back together with duct tape, glue,
staples, or anything else on hand. His second
power causes an image so fearsome it causes
cardiac arrest, to spring from the back of his
head. He has no idea of the second power and
although it saves him he never knows why
people behind him have a tendency to suffer
heart attacks.

I created my first game system when I was 9.
The system was pitched to a certain Toy
Company that released a famous set of Robots
that turned into moving vehicles. I received a
nice form letter back that was unrelated to
the system I sent over. I played the game solo
for a few years then created a Professional
Skateboarding RPG called Aeronautics. I played
this with my friends and eventually adapted that
(100 times or more) into the concept of the
Chimaera Universe System.
5) There are more and more fans seeming to
play RPG's every day but some people are still
intimidated by them. Can you think of some
reasons why someone wouldn't want to play a
game and what makes your game easy to pick
up and play?

7) What are some of the other things that
Chimera Studios is working on?
Chimaera Studios and Chimaera Comics cover a
wide variety of media production. We are
heavily involved in our Comic Book Lines, RPG
Lines, and a few mixed media markets. We are
planning 7 – 10 expansion books for the RPG
line and are working on dozens of Comic Book
titles. We have a fine line of T-Shirts and
accessories from the RPG and comic lines.

The only thing a player has to do in the
Chimaera Universe Role playing Game
is answer some questions, play around with the
concepts and dive right in. The Director will set
the stage and ask what the player wants to do.
If the player gets into character, and reacts as
they think the character would react they
should enjoy the game. There are no rules to
memorize, just a character sheet to keep track
of and a pair of dice to resolve situations.
The Director should have a strong
understanding of the rules and it is not overly
complicated, a lot of the rule system feels like
common sense.

8) Where is this available? Is it only available in
print form or is it available for digital download
as well?
You can pick up a copy at most Game Stores,
order a copy from Amazon, order a copy at
Barnes & Nobles, order at Borders or any major
book store. You can buy direct from us at, or at 

Most game systems have a hundred tables and a
million different rules for play and character
growth. One point of wisdom means 1 point to
spend in this game. You do not need to spend
hours combing through the book to spend your
points. Expand your character in game, grow
your character in game and stay in that game


but the setting presumes a universe in which mankind is one of many species. Str 5. +2 DM if wounded target or carrion is present Skills: Melee (thrasher. habitable world with a lush bio-system. Addaka is also known for its sentients’ rights laws. and some of these AIs are permitted to serve on the AWIG. Corporate delegates being chosen by their companies to act as participants in the Addaka World Interest Group. In fact. bite) 2. The other major party of note on the planet is the Workers Resource Union. Instinct 9. It supports a Class A starport as well as a local Naval station for the Federated Commonwealth and a Research Station managed by the Frontier Development Concord. in turn to the human commonwealth. End 8. Pack 3 Attacks: Thrasher 1D6+1. Armor: 3 Behavior: Attack 10+. Str 8. and are about . a large number of AIs are given total free will in the colony. Recon 2.5-1. Addaka Gas Giant: yes WPP: A876553-E Temp: 5 Gravity: 1. +2 DM if wounded target or carrion is present Skills: Melee (claws. Flee 7-. which extend to robots and AIs. By 3400 AD more advanced species did the same. with the twelve principle 6 . including the alarming frequency with which advanced starfaring sentients meet unexpected extinctions. Many mysteries lie in wait in the setting. One specific AI called Omnimus even manages a religious organization in which biosentients and mechanicals alike worship the AI in a mock religion. bite) 3. part of an evolving campaign setting I am working on for the new Traveller RPG from Mongoose. Pack 12 Attacks: Claws 1D6+2. a small but vocal organization that works towards workers’ rights and seeks to enforce checks and balances against the corporate ruling bodies. These worlds and their species should work well for just about any Traveller game you see fit to include them in. They look vaguely like worm-like tubular creatures with wide. Dex 14. Early expansionism led to the exploitation of many undeveloped sentients by humankind. Survival 1. Encountered: 1D6 Size 6. Teeth 1D6.0 Vargits “garbage bags” Type: flying scavenger (intimidator) Habitat: rainforest. They will attack a downed creature to finish it off. Teeth 1D6. Flee 7-. Recon 1. The Stellar Expanses will be explored in more detail later. bat-like gliding wings that end in sharp claws. vermin) Habitat: hills. Armor: 2 Behavior: Attack 8+. Some Rural Encounters for Addaka: Flitrats “flying mouths” Type: flying scavenger (reducer. Encountered: 4D6 Size 3. Addaka is managed under a feudal technocracy model. Survival 1. mountains. End 3. and not dominant.0 meters long. however. Athletics 0 These packs of scavenging flyers use their sense of smell to find carrion and small prey.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 The Stellar Expanses: Penumbra Sector Strange New Worlds for Traveller By Tori Bergquist Welcome to the Stellar Expanses! The following is a medley of worlds and species from the Penumbra Sector. Instinct 9. Dex 7. Athletics 0 Vargits are large gas-bag creatures that generate helium and float on the winds in Addaka is a temperate.

Survival 0. They can leap up to 5 meters out of the water. civil service bureaucracy. Charybdos Gas Giant: yes WPP: B36A321-D Temp: 8 Gravity: . Pack 6 Attacks: Teeth 2D6+2. This is where most foreign visitors come to see Thermanides from a safe distance. In addition. Athletics (endurance) 2 Krakes are long.2 meters in height. They have large hands with five fingers and two thumbs. but during its early period of colonization large genetically engineered creatures called hervesters were introduced to gather concentrations of the liquid methane for fuel processing. Recon 1. even at a meaningful distance of 8 AUs from the main star. to descend on easy prey. this moon revolves around the gas giant Charon. although their use as processors has all but been forgotten. Their circular mouth is on their underside.25 A small but volatile water-world. Thermed (primary) WPP: X453974-5 Temp: 9 Gravity: . intimidating other scavengers in to leaving with their long tentaclelike barbed appendage. active mining. moon of the gas giant Eotar. a local group from the planet Thermed. Instinct 8. Celtaine Gas Giant: Yes WPP: D253685-6 Temp: 9 Gravity: . ocean shallows. The Thermanides are Species: Thermanides The average Thermanide is a surprisingly tall and double-jointed human averaging 2. Krakes “razor sharks” Type: swimmer carnivore (chaser) Habitat: coast. Thermed itself is rapidly advancing in to a late industrial age. Dex 12. having soft tremor-sensitive receptors at several points along their skull that serve a 7 . and the world is not a primary trade center. Local tech is stunted. and is populated (at present) by a research station and starport managed by the Tiberia Xenological Studies Institute on behalf of the CDF. A number of Themanides were taken from the world over the course of human contact due to their psionic potential.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 migratory patterns. although its export of rare metals and minerals is valued in the sector. and is lightly populated by researchers. creating a space-born component of the population which is removed almost completely form its native home world. Str 10. they lack ears. There is no native life. Chancer is the sole moon of the prime world. Krakes exude a water-resistant resin that they use as nests in coastal shallows for eggs. which also has a way station in orbit. Armor: 1 Behavior: Attack if superior #s.38 Chancer (moon of Thermed) WPP: C201327-C Temp: 3 Gravity: .15 Peaceful world (low violence). Flee 5-.5-3. although they lack a pronounced nose. and so are dominant locally in both business and politics. End 11. lean ancestors of Flitrats with highly maneuverable side-fins. methane seas. instead “smelling” from two slits to the left and right of the throat. particularly suited to the small world and its environment. +4 DM if wounded target is present Skills: Melee (bite) 3. large colonial population of Thermanides. Encountered: 2D6 Size 12. The planet is volcanically active and due to tectonic activity caused by its close spin around Charon is quite warm.15 Thermed is the primary world of the Thermed system (NGC-274885) and inhabited by an indigenous sapient population (see below) which was TL 2 when first discovered. and is dominated by several budding super-powers with numerous smaller governments mixed in. and are vicious coastal predators with excellent sense of smell. colonists and aquatic prospectors looking for pharmaceuticals of use in the deeps of the massive Charybdan oceans. These creatures continue to thrive in the environment. and a very humanlike head. They aggressively seek out carrion and wounded prey.

in fact these psionic individuals were gifted with a keen mental capacity for what had come to be known as latent quantum-inherent recognition potential. male and female. Thermanides have Notable Dexterity (+2) but are physically weaker than normal due to their native gravity being so low (Endurance and Strength -2 each). The small but prominent population of psi-active Thermanides colonized worlds they found especially suited to their nature. First encountered in 2635 AD. If a native chooses to follow a psionic path. mostly in the form of explorers and curiosity-seekers who would visit the world for a few thrills. Thermanides were now being forcibly moved in to space. to insure that no exploitation or further hostile conflict occurs. Although locally they were believed to be witches and wizards. discovered that the Thermanides seemed to have a small but noteworthy population of psi-sensitives. and mega corporate influences in finding test subjects for further research led to several unfortunate conflicts. Thermanides have two genders. Their skin is usually a soft and ruddy blue or brown all the way to dusky red or yellow. and sentient freedom rights insured they could do as they wished.1 Yruat is the homeworld of the Kardenath species (see below). They automatically gain the Psionic attribute and may roll for Psi-Strength at creation. while human and off-world Thermanide diplomats continue a lengthy effort to convince the rapidly advancing native civilization that they should embrace the off-world cultures instead of fight them. Its long history prior to induction in to the Stellar Commonwealth included periods of civil war and near-total nuclear extermination before the native species organized in to a one-world government and began expanding in to their solar system. The persistent hostile contact with humanity had turned Thermed in to another dangerous world. the Thermanides continued to evolve with minimal contact. and the female give live birth and nurse from 1-6 young in a litter with multiple mammaries. he or she is usually seen as a witch or warlock. Thermanides (Ther-man-id-ees) are native to Thermed. placed in much the same location as human women. and within a century or so (around 3000) there was entire subclass of their species which was born in to and native to the Stellar Commonwealth. it was considered a difficult world to colonize at the time and so was overlooked. research began in earnest. to enjoy the sights and see what life was like in the curiously medieval period of time that the locals were locked in. several research stations and a small force of the CDF stands guard in the Thermed solar system. although in the burgeoning industrial age some native governments are attempting to harness their native psionics in to a working military force. Once Thermanides was recognized as a psiactive race. and so the psiwarrior career is possible.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 similar function. but because their world had an unusually thin atmosphere and low gravity. and some returned to their home world to try and learn more of their roots. Over the course of several centuries. the Thermanides were considered a curiosity. By the time of the period of enlightenment. Thermanides were no longer considered property to be done with as they will by the mega corps. and are one of many pretechnological species discovered by the Stellar Commonwealth over the centuries. It was during one of these expeditions that Aston Lerango. 8 . Currently. Yruat Gas Giant: yes WPP: A868884C Temp: 9 Gravity: 1. of the Tiberia Xenological Studies Institute. only to find that the rabid xenophobia of the native population had led to a slow industrialization and hostility toward all foreign visitors. All members of the species are completely hairless.

true Kardenath. Kardenath society is built around community and service. asocial misfits. Other less social aliens and humans are often overwhelmed by the communal sense of perspective of these Kardenath. then it reflects on the entire social status of the clutch. Most Kardenath who now dwell on their homeworld have been transgenically treated to be resistant to any lingering strains of the super-viruses the old mega corps released on their homeworld. Within the last century. in fact. Due to the historical war fought between the Kardenath not long after human contact. Kardenath has its own strong military force and scientific research operation. flat tails. which takes about 10-12 Terran years. families after a fashion of 1-200 individuals who work collectively to benefit the overall clutch. their homeworld is an ecological disaster. a clutch always seeks political gain and favor. as pilots. thick bony platelets and sucker-tipped fingers. Since it’s second liberation. Kardenath have two genders (male and female) with a collection of “pseudo-genders” intermixed. or weaker Kardnath who just don’t fit in with the rest of the clutch. and has largely been repopulated in later times by off-world flora and fauna to try and recuperate the terrible damage done by bio weapons during the war. are then raised by the sterile nurses to adulthood. but they are incredibly fast learners and have eidetic memory. During this period. and are tad-pole like creatures that will imbed themselves in a muddy environment at 68 months of age and morph in to a small. belters. usually between 10 and 30.1 Gees). males and females who are born sterile and who serve as nurses to the young. The Kardenath homeworld is situated on the edge of Penumbra Sector space. The Kardenath homeworld is in all other respects a completely normal bio system. Kardenath live in clutches. a sort of mini-clutch which is shared by the two larger clutches until it grows big enough to be considered its own.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 When humanity encountered the Kardenath. using their tails as a counter-balance and are alarmingly quick by human standards. ending with the near-total annihilation of the Kardenath ecosystem and people through bio-weapons used by the human mega corps. researchers. and it took centuries for their population to recover. A fertile couple can lay hundreds of eggs. Although Kardenath are descended from amphibians. with a wide range of environments spread out over a primarily temperate world. They can run very fast. they long ago lost their direct connection to water and any need to immerse Species: Kardenath Kardenath are small gecko-like humanoids with wide. Their heads are somewhat narrower and more lizard-like than a Terran Gecko’s. at birth. along with the astronomical rate at which they can breed when necessary have helped to replenish the species. creating a fan of sharp spikes around their head. They are used to a slightly higher gravity world than humans (1. some are eaten (often by siblings) while others simply don’t survive the transition intact (due to genetic damage from the bio weapons unleashed on their planet). Kardenath love social drama and politics. back and limbs. and many such Kardenath join these institutes. scouts and more. The remaining children. and have a hard time understanding how they are considered outsiders and loners among their own kind. Kardenath children are effectively nonsentient 9 . Kardenath hail from the Scorpio system. called Yruat in their native language. Such Kardenath usually find their destiny in space. neck. and excel at both. Kardenath in danger can flare their plate-scales. the kardenath have regained control of their home world and an extensive process of rebuilding. Kardenath who dwell in the greater diaspora of the Stellar Expanse are often eager to join foreign agencies to work for them. Adult Kardenath usually live to 40ish before being considered of venerable age. Spacer Kardenath are a somewhat different breed than the more social planet-bound members of their species. If a single member of a clutch gains a rank or title of worth in the community. In every clutch there is a chance of a handful of loners. The Kardenath who survived were largely off-world. When marriage between clutches inevitably happens (the Kardenath simply call it bonding) then the couples in question create a new node. a period of peace was followed by a series of vicious wars. As a result. The politics between clutches and their nodes can be complex. and those eggs will produce an enormous number of young. these secondary genders are.

and in close combat (i. but Weak Strength (-2). Kardenath have Notable Dexterity (+3).The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Athletics (coordination)-0 and Zero-G-0. grappling) they can flare their platelets to cause 1D6 passive damage to grappling enemies.6 meters in height. and so gain 10 . All Kardenath are functionally more efficient at zero-gee movement and climbing due to the suction cups on their fingers and toes.  themselves in it. They average 1. all Kardenath are still excellent swimmers and runners. Kardenath have eidetic (photographic) recall of prior events in their life times.e. Kardenath platelets provide Armor 1. Nonetheless.2-1.

daily: free. so they are ready to go as-is. was caught trying to filch coin from a Sendralite pirate captain named Chamdegras. Rogue Weapon mastery (Shuriken). Minotaur Skills: Stealth +13. Def. reroll one acrobatics check Wealth: Gold: 55 Silver: 100 Gems: 3 rubies worth 50 gp each Gertys is a flamboyant goblin girl who never grew up around her kind. AC 1D6+7 dmg Piercing Strike +12 vs. Mannerisms: Quirks: Twirls her hair and fidgets a lot Flamboyant and outlandish clothes Plot Hook: Gertys has discovered that her father. AC 1D6+3 dmg Shuriken +12 vs. I have statted them out according to the DMG design guidelines for creating NPCs. trigger: missed by melee attack. either as foes or henchmen allies for your own heroic level adventuring group. Gertys has promised fabulous treasure to the adventurers if they will help her free her father. and precalculated the stats according to the DM’s Toolkit section of that book. Fort 2D6+7 + ongoing 5 dmg (save ends) On a Miss: half damage Goblin Tactics: immediate reaction. thief’s tools. named Mandralis. may shift 1 First Strike. She is a proficient sailor and daredevil adventurer. and carries a wanton fascination for attractive human elvish men. but the specific names and serial numbers work in pretty much any fantasy realm. Thievery +13 (Acrobatics +11 w/boots) Equipment: adventurer’s kit. Ref 1D6+7 dmg Enc: Trickster’s Blade +12 vs. AC 2D6+7 dmg and gain +2 AC one turn Daily: Deep Cut +12 vs. Sneak Attack +2D6 dmg Languages: Middle Tongue (common). riding dog Boots of Balance: +5 Acrobatics. Name: Gertys Giarra Race: Goblin Class: Rogue Level: 5 Homeland: Hadrosar Alignment: unaligned Description: short green-grey skinned goblin female STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA HPs FORT REF WILL AC INIT 10 19 11 14 12 14 51 17 23 18 20 +5 +2 +6 +2 +4 +3 +4 Armor Worn: Leather+1 magical Healing Surges: 1 Amt/Surge: 12 Bloodied: 25 Attacks/Powers Attack vs. Damage/Notes At-Will: Short sword +8 (Str) vs. but was raised by a pair of shifters who took her in as a baby on the island city of Hadrosar. although they may have to prod her a bit to find out that this treasure she is promising is really in the hands of the pirates who have captured her father! 11 . As a shifter.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Motley Crew! A Trio of New NPCs for your 4th edition game Set in the Warlords of Lingusia Campaign Setting By Tori Bergquist Each of the following NPCs are written for use in the forthcoming Warlords of Lingusia setting. he could have gotten away with it. but the captain had a mechanism for seeing through any disguise of the shifter.

AC 3D10+8 and immobilize (save ends) U/Daily: Unstoppable Minor gain temp HPs of 2D6+2 Combat Challenge ability Languages: Middle Tongue. AC 1D10 damage Enc: Sweeping Blow +13 vs. one or more of whom may be related to him or have met him in the past. prone to quickly defending the honor of fair maidens (although he rarely seems to find maidens who are. Elvish Skills: Athletics +11. seeking fortune after his family’s estates were seized for taxes by Aggendar’s king Murgos. a brutish orc-blooded miscreant who has seized the estates of the former baron Volmas. He is a wandering knight errant.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Name: Arzhas Kormak Race: Human Class: Fighter Level: 5 Homeland: Aggendar Alignment: good Description: human male. AC 1D10+8 plus 4 to second target AW: Sure Strike +15 vs. still fair) and stopping injustice wherever he runs across it. Def. will provide the morale boost necessary to rally the locals to sieze the keep and dethrone Murgas once more. an old woman named Renathas approaches Arzhas and the PCs with a key that she says will open the hidden entrance to the lower dungeons. Arzhas is a rash fellow. ah. Damage/Notes At-Will: Greatsword+2 +13 (Str) vs. Arzhas believes that the baron. In the midst of this. which may allow them to seek out Baron Volmas and free him. Arzhas learned from the local villagers that their new “baron” may not have killed the rightful ruler. Mannerisms: Quirks: Quiet. Arzhas has a brilliant but potentially suicidal plan to storm the keep and free the old baron. 1D10+10 dmg to all in burst Daily: Dizzying Blow +13 vs. who is imprisoned deep in the dungeons beneath his keep. Streetwise +7 Equipment: adventurer’s kit. to help him stand against a local baron named Murgas. but decided he needed some clever thinking on the matter. long blonde hair STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA HPs FORT REF WILL AC INIT 19 12 15 13 10 11 55 22 17 16 22 +3 +6 +3 +4 +3 +2 +2 Armor Worn: scale mail Healing Surges: 1 Amt/Surge: 13 Bloodied: 27 Attacks/Powers Attack vs. but quick to anger when he sees injustice Wears black and is wrapped in a heavy cloak all the time Plot Hook: Arzhas approaches the adventurers. AC 1D10+8 dmg AW: Cleave +13 vs. war horse Bracers of Mighty Striking (+2 damage to melee basic attack) Wealth: Gold: 55 Silver: 100 Gems: 3 rubies worth 50 gp each Arzhas is descended from an ancient line of once great Emerald Knights of the lost empire. if freed. AC Burst 1. 12 .

especially among minotaurs. vile traps. and icy hazards. and uncovered a curious statue of pure gold to a nameless deity (that may. or maybe they’re just reliable) with a promise of wealth that they may keep in exchange for helping him. AC 1D6+7 and target prone Enc: Turn Undead +10 vs. has long since come to serve as the domain for an ancient wight or other undead being who will plague unwelcome visitors with undead servitors. though once possibly dedicated to Ashuar. Naturally. be a cursed idol if the DM so desires!) In any case. Perception +8 Equipment: adventurer’s kit. to commune with his god’s enigmatic will. Will 1D10+8 radiant + push 5/immobile 1t Enc/2: Healing word close burst 5 1 ally: ally spends surge+1D6 to HP Ferocity: (gain one free action melee basic action when hitting 0 HP) Languages: Middle Tongue. Nature +13. Ashuar the Watcher is one of The Mysteries. a set of deities revealed in the First Codex to have been the oldest gods in the world. When Murgis is not seeking divine inspiration. in fact. or sometimes traveling with Arzhas. 13 . In the end. Murgis is. Def. who he once sparred with and quickly grew to like the young knight’s idealism. Mannerisms: Quirks: Whispers and broods. to understand just what Ashuar represents. though. AC 2D4+6 + ally in 5 gains +2 att vs foe Enc: Split the Sky +10 vs. a cult that is popular in the Sendral region. who he grew up with. Goblin Skills: Religion +8. Damage/Notes At-Will: Greatclub+1 +10 (Str) vs. this ancient temple will be guarded by ferocious guardians (yeti-like white apes are suggested).The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Name: Murgis Redoar Race: Minotaur Class: Cleric Level: 5 Homeland: Black Mountains Alignment: good Description: tall rough mishrag bullman male STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA HPs FORT REF WILL AC INIT 16 10 12 12 18 14 52 18 16 21 21 +2 +5 +2 +3 +3 +6 +4 Armor Worn: chainmail Healing Surges: 1 Amt/Surge: 13 Bloodied: 26 Attacks/Powers Attack vs. prayer beads and mat. AC 2D4+6 dmg AW: Righteous Brand +10 vs. Specifically. the minotaur may be in for disappointment as he discovers that the temple. Fort 2D4+6 thunder+push 2 and prone Daily: Wpn of the Gods Minor: +1D6 radiant to wpn. foes hit at -2 AC 1 turn U/Daily: Cure Lt. Wounds touch-one target: target regains HP as if a surge spent Enc: Goring Charge +8 vs. he will offer this in exchange for their aid in reaching the lost temple atop the high mountain. in fact. dedicated to a god about which he knows almost nothing! He is trying. he is protecting Gertys. robes Holy Symbol +2 of Ashuar Wealth: Gold: 20 Silver: 40 Copper: 100 Murgis is a priest of Ashuar the Watcher. He seeks out the player characters (presumably for good deeds they have done. likes long speeches before attacks laden with prayer beads and holy trinkets Plot Hook: Murgis has learned that there is an ancient temple to his god Ashuar. one which has been buried for fifty thousand years or more atop a distant mountain peak. Murgis has found a mysterious statue in his diggings for ancient relics that might be connected to his god.

said to be over one hundred years old. and changing gender once every 113 years. the colonists had discovered gold. and none returned. It was a temple of Shaligon. hobbled up to the gates of the city and proclaimed that an ancient evil had been awakened. a vast open cavern of darkness. Castagliare. Elder Contantos Umbriago. armed to the teeth and surrounded in skulls. which was dormant until recently. to combat the mysterious threat to the island that threatens to destroy everything…. Despite the forbidding name. casting an eerie red light across the settlements of the main city. ancient servants erupted forth.” he wailed.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Swords Against Shaligon! A Short Adventure in the Isles of Sontaniardes for 1st to 3rd level Heroes A Preview Adventure for the Realms of Chirak Campaign Setting Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition By Tori Bergquist On the isle of Tynengaro a dark and malevolent evil has arisen. destroying many of the good gods in the Apocalypse. Shaligon is noteworthy in Chirak for creating the orcish race. which became a bustling place of activity and a primary source of gold for Espanea. you can use her as-is. while the rest fled. and then her dark wrath will be unleashed. killing some of the miners. The gold mine brought prosperity to the colony. and by day the volcano at the heart of the island has begun to erupt. at the site of an old gold mine on the far edge of the island. The volcano itself.” The adventurers are some of the finest warriors and wizards to be found in the Endless Islands. When thirteen children have been captured they will sacrifice them. A week ago. the city of Castagliare grew from a small colony to a full-fledged city. In this time. when most of the Sontaniardan city states declared their independence. but a handful knows better: the miners dug too deep. Within a decade. He sent out a contingent of 14 . Halflings. the principle island kingdom of the Sea of Chirak. an ancient Lessi shaman named Juvithra. Eviiiiillll! As such. Looming overhead in the cavernous dome was a frightening statue of a thirteen armed woman. and use him as a guide to find the old gold mine. and they broke in to something. Most locals think the mine simply dried up. buried since the era of the Apocalypse! As the story goes. The early colonists were a mix of humans. musketeers. She has 13 arms. The island itself was revealed to be populated by the indigenous islanders called the Lessi. and is driven to a horrible fury that manifests via storms and earthquakes… Essential Plot The PC s are hired by Governor Constantos Umbragio to seek out the old Lessi Shaman named Juvithra. not at all worried about any threat to their persons. and a handful of Pardainse dwarves (sea-faring artificers). They have been assembled here by the governor of the city. “She comes now to destroy us all. a free port of the Sontaniardes. sealing the mine shut behind them. was called Shaligon’s Woe in the native language. “They awoke the Thirteen-Armed Goddess of Death. a primitive people who practiced ancestor worship and feared the dreaded volcano. of which the governor has no knowledge. or substitute your own evil goddess from your campaign of choice. Castagliare became a haven A Note About Shaligon: The key deity in this adventure is a goddess of evil. In the middle of the night children and animals from the local villages are being stolen. The city was a colonial holding of Espanea for some time until a few decades ago during the Revolt of the Sea Captains. The PCs are his last hope! Tynengaro The island of Tynengaro was settled about two centuries ago by colonists from Espanea. containing an immense temple buried in lava. Unfortunately. the colonists liked it here and settled down. this only lasted for about two decades when something unusual happened.

The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 during the war for independent traders looking to avoid threatened shipping lanes. and offers the PCs a generous sum of money to put this debacle to rest. Ref. He’s recruiting mercenaries. for a short period. AC. The PCs are given some gear to help them out. and they requisitioned the dynamite necessary to blast open the mine entrance. +4 vs. and a meeting with the governor. to restore Shaligon’s glory by excavating it. while flooding the island in a cascade of fiery death. One of the local merchants. Suffice to say. Dark spirits rushed out and possessed him and his men. AC 16. which regularly falls prey to terrible events! The DM could have this ship reappear in a future port. though. rigging. Ref. pushing the temple back up to the surface. although he knows only what the old Lessi shaman told him about the gold mine being the source of the evil which steals children and slaughters farmers and fishermen on the island. aboard the Seaspray. the war ended and the importance of the city diminished. Will 11 Basic Attack: Smash. In the middle of the night. after a few weeks Lemarko and his crew came to the end of the mine and discovered the ancient temple of shaligon. the Seaspray is a notorious vessel. Lemarko found a handful of fellow conspirators. The PCs find the ship wracked by the storm with no sails or rigging left. and so for a time it was quite prosperous. sending the entire pole. Today it is a second-run free port. He will relay to them a truncated version of the island’s history. Arriving At Tinengaro The PCs begin their journey on the sea. twisting them in to monsters. Immediate Reaction on Bloodied. Overwhelmed with greed. When the last tentacle has been destroyed. the mine was not dry. except for one or two other passengers. but is quickly obliterated by a cloudy. Tentacles of the Deep Level 1 Soldier XP 100 (HP: 30 each. if the DM needs to add in some extra NPCs to help the party out. and crow’s nest (with watcher) screaming in to the deep. Shortly thereafter. Captain Yarona Bloodstead set forth. There should be 1 tentacle for each PC in the group (more if you desire). Hit: 1D10+4 and all targets are knocked prone and shift 3). Assistance The governor is delighted to meet the adventurers. +4 vs. Init +0. There. The missing crewman is an unsolved mystery. A quick investigation reveals that the ship seems to be abandoned. tipping the PCs off as to its mysterious nature. Hit: 1D10 dmg Special Attack: Thrashing Attack. which the DM is welcome to develop at a later date. as well as magical weapons that do +2D6 enchanted 15 . a man who has lived most of his life on the island named Lemarko. but was loaded with gold veins untapped! Tragically. 15. linens and coconuts to keep things alive. an orcish longship set shore on the far side of the island. a ship manned by the doomed capatain Piramantis. Unexpectedly. melee reach 2. Fort. relying mainly on its export of rum. and the orcess pirate. PCs awaken in their cabins to this sound. The ship will eventually drift or steer in to a reef off the shore of Tynengaro. drawn by the siren’s call of her dark goddess…… The temple had awakened! The plan of Shaligon’s minions is to bring the temple back. the volcano will come to life and erupt. lighting-filled image of the dark goddess Shaligon. and the vessel is cast about in the waves like a toy in the maw of a great dog. where the PCs may end up experiencing a few overland encounters (see below) before meeting up with some friendly coastal fishermen or inland game hunters who happily escort the PCs to the city of Castagliare. they began to mine gold. a haunted ship manned by a cursed captain. Close Burst 3. including muskets if they so desire. the ship is grappled by a subterranean Kraken of the deep! It’s initial attack snaps the mainmast. Perception +0. 13. the image of the demiurge Kalie’Yana appears in the storm clouds. the Speaspray is battered by a ferocious storm. Eventually. They plan to do so by offering 13 pure virgin sacrifices of children to the goddess on the next new moon. Bloodied 15. When they do this. stumbled across the sealed entrance to the mine. as they discovered that contrary to popular belief.

who led a party of forty men in to the bleak wilderness around the volcano to stop the evil. +9 [Dex] vs. Constantos also offers them a guide. There is a chance that the constable of Castagliare. but will promise 100 gold to the party if they bring back Carasos or his signet ring if he is found dead. especially with the island over run by monster minions of Shaligon. and never returned. AC. 2D10 dmg) cannibals (2D6 human rabble) angry dragon (Black Dragon. who will lead them to Juvithra. IN 12 (+2). can be negotiated with) minions of shaligon (1D6 skeletons) massive volcanic eruptions! (+7 vs. (save ends). a hobbit named Singo Furburner. The village is called Imbriar. Singo Furburner Singo is a native islander to Sontaniardes who’s seen his fair share of close calls and neardeath experiences. Skills: Thievery +10. and you can roll or pick from the following encounters: 2D6 Encounter 2 3 4 5 6 gang of kobolds (2D6 various) marauding orc warband (2D6 drudges. +1D6 per plus to critical. Easy Target. the victim will think ordinary objects and people around him are turning in to ferocious dragons! Target is pushed 3 squares and stunned. Fleeting Ghost Armed with The Quixotic Sax (Dagger +2. they march their way off to the Lessi village. Psychic. volcanic ruptures. Bloodied 13. and he is barricaded in a hut. and spooked wildlife. and has a special attack: Quixotic Hallucination (Encounter. He asks them to look for his son. a stalwart paladin named Carasos. RF 19. 1D4+6 dmg). The orcs Traveling to the Lessi Village of Imbriar After the PCs equip themselves appropriately and depart. they will find it being sacked and pillaged by orcs! Encounter: 10 orc drudges (XP 440) and 2 orc raiders (XP 300) The old shaman is named Merada. CN 11 (+1). and will be useful in a pinch for a good scrap. level 2. King’s Castle. 16 . Standard. 1D6 raiders) giant snake (1D3) Fire beetles (2D6) stampede of wild animals spooked by volcanic rumblings (+8 vs. named Umaris. CH 15 (+3) HP 27. Wizards in the group will be offered a Spell Gem: this lets them store one spell of up to 50 Wizardry in power inside the gem. to be released by simply crushing the stone. or Athletics DC 20 to jump. WL 13 AC 17 (leather). barring any wandering encounters or events (see below). DX 18 (+5). The island itself is only 30 miles across.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 damage. One Target. Overland Travel and Wandering Encounters Traveling across Tynengaro can be very dangerous. He’s unfazed by the erupting island’s impending doom. will approach the PCs if given the chance. For each mile. and the PCs will have a relatively uneventful time getting there. but all of the Lessi warriors have fallen in battle as the PCs arrive. Hallucinatory). Reflex against each PC or take 1D6+4 damage) Lessi villagers fleeing from burning village spewing lava (DC 20 Acrobatics test to cross. He can’t offer much. level 4 solo. Exploits include: Piercing Strike. This long dagger grants +2 to attack and damage. WIS 10 (+1). roll 2D6. Dex vs. Singo Furburner Halfling male rogue. Ref. Stealth +10 Attacks: Basic Attack with dagger+2(the Quixotic Sax): (at will. Arcana. On arriving at the village. On a 2 or 12 something happens. unaligned ST 14 (+3). Hit: 1[W]+Dex damage and will cause a target to begin hallucinating if struck. FT 13. Reflex or 1D10 damage and knocked prone) 7 8 9 10 11 12 however.

then the villagers will return. making it harder to spot. until they get to the temple. a boy named Ermas. and the young apprentice to the shaman. will lead them there instead. Once the PCs have fully entered the complex (assuming they do nothing about the holes). in order. The wight is an undead risen minion of Shaligon named Veritos. Kalie’Yakan sent a guardian of the deep (the tentacle) to find worthy heroes to stop the evil of Shaligon and her temple. be creative. which provide concealment -2 defense bonus. The other undead are not under his command. Reflex. and the undead around him will not attack unless provoked. falling damage 3D10 30 ft. After that they will attack from their holes. they will run at the PCs.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 will have at least 2 drudges and one raider trying to bash their way in to the hut while the rest run interference. the old shaman will serve as a guide to finding the old mine. Altermatively. on casual glance. Lurking among the bones (which includes the bones of a large and hideous demonic creature) are the following undead: Encounter: 1 Boneshard Skeleton (200 XP). striking a flint lighter on the walls as they do and lighting their dynamite as a minor action. he can rest at last. If you use map tiles or somesuch. 17 . The Bottomless Pit (DC 22 Dungeoneering check to circumvent) Somewhere deep in the mine is a descending shaft that plunges straight down. 10 decepit skeletons (250 XP). Any cleric in the group attempting to turn them will find that they receive a +5 Defense bonus due to the malign presence of Shaligon in this region. He has a Scimitar +1 on his person. XP 125 3. as promised in the vision he received from Kalie’Yana. looks like a decline. An attempt to communicate with the phantom warrior that the PCs are here to stop the menace will lead to his turning to help them. If the PCs can get there in time and stop the assassination. and the PCs passed the test… (Quest Award: 100 XP per PC for saving the shaman from death) 2. if the temple is destroyed. Carasos will not attack the PCs. Encounter: 6 Fire Beetles (XP 600) The Old Mine Finding their way through the mine will require a DC 20 Dungeoneering check. Attack: +7 vs. If pressed he will explain that in his vision. and wears the vestments and unholy symbol of Shaligon. where once a vein of gold was followed. he will also explain to the PCs how delighted he is that they came. The decrepit skeletons all carry sticks of dynamite. however. The Secret Passage of Fire (DC 22 Dungeoneering or Nature to circumvent) Towards the end of the mine complex is a length of tunnel riddled with dog-sized holes in the walls and ceiling. From these holes pour fire beetles! The first action of the fire beetles will be to belch their burning bug napalm. you can construct a basic map. Veritos and his crew rise from the ground after the PCs have entered the mine. It will take them 2 rounds to bash through. cutting them off from outside. after which it will take 2 rounds to slay the old man. At the start of their next round. If the PCs fail. the bugs will attack. Miners’ Last Stand (can’t be avoided) Here the old miners fell when they unleashed Shaligon’s minions by accident. The pit requires a DC 15 Perception check (passive Perception will count) to spot in the darkness. the dynamite explodes. 1. 1 Phantom Warrior named Carasos (175 XP). Entrance (can’t be avoided) The mine entrance is guarded by a particularly fearsome foe: 1 deathlock wight (175 XP) and 6 skeletons (700 xp). If battle break out. If the shaman yet lives. each successful check leads them to one of the following encounters. the key idea is that each encounter be completed before the PCs reach the final battle in The Shrine: 4. the lip of the pit is higher on one side.

PCs who make a DC 15 Insight check realize that if they can avoid its attacks and trick it in to striking the main support pillars. use the Stone Golem (XP 3200) but a DC 10 insight check will tell them they don’t stand a chance! There are three ways to destroy the pillars: hit them (doing 25 hit points of damage). When it tries to hit the intimidator. The mutated Lemarko and one of his men are here. 18 . he will go to the wall and reveal the secret door to the Shrine of Shaligon. the PCs must make a DC 18 Acrobatics test to get in front of an altar. and sigil ring. Carasos will point to a seemingly bare wall. 1 Orc Raider guards them (XP 150). named Kisetra (use the eye of Gruumsh stats. or trick the statue in to hitting it instead: To trick the statue. The Shrine of Shaligon Either through careful searching or with the help of Carasos the ghost the PCs uncover the hole opening in to the subterranean shrine. If the PCs remain passive and wait. Ref. he may make a DC 20 Acrobatics or Athletics check to get out of the way and sprint to safety as it smashes one of the two pillars. they escape! (Quest ward: 200 XP per PC for destroying the statue) 5. The Great Statue: At the top of the shrine behind the sacrificial altar is the giant statue of Shaligon. roll each round for a DC 15 Endurance and DC 15 Athletics/Acrobatics. but big explosion). the statue is attacking with its fists. XP 200). Each failure is another attack from the roof.) If the PCs attempt to negotiate or speak with the undead instead of attacking. allowing the PCs to pass. Hit: 3D10 damage.and the following foes in each location: The Prison Chamber: Here the 13 children and shaman are being held. although getting it may prove very difficult. Miss: half damage. beckoning them to follow. There is a large gemstone in the forehead of the statue. 440 xp total). Shield of Protection. turned in to abominable beasts (use Evistro carnage demon stats). and the access is behind the altar podium. Finally. Later. then a taunt attack (DC 15 Intimidation) to draw its attention. which is also behind the statue (below). this treasure is most likely buried when the temple roof collapses! If the PCs befriended Carasos. Here is the massive statue and shrine to Shaligon. each robe yields 50 GP of loot. and enter. then fade away. apply some dynamite from the skeletons in area 4 (works like a charm. the roof begins collapsing. and a small temple complex halfburied in lava. This statue will come to life if the PCs free the children or if Kisetra has two full uninterrupted rounds to chant (which the Conclusion: Treasure of the Shrine The altar has 6 100 gp gems imbedded on it. the chamber will collapse. There are several sub-areas here. to escape. If they actually try to fight it. When two pillars are down. Skeleton is destroyed. The statue is immense. Kiestra wields a Wand of Eldritch Pain +2. there will be twelve evil or ccultists in here as well (orc drudges. and unstoppable. (Quest Award: 50 XP per child saved. If you think your PCs can handle it. should the PCs see the need for it (see below) a PC who returns and asks for dynamite will find the skeletons freely hand it over. Ref attack (2D10 falling rubble damage) until they escape. The orcs are all wearing ceremonial robes adorned with gold and semi-precious stones. +7 vs. he will lay before them his sword (Long sword +2). Horned Helm. Each round they do this. there are three more to go.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Dynamite (Close burst 10. The other skeletons will linger behind. and everyone still in the chamber is subject to a +8 vs. whe/if one is made. The prison chamber is situated beneath the raised altar. (Quest Award: 100 XP per PC for befriending Carasos) mutated guardians will try to buy her time for by pressing the attack). to aid in destroying the pillars of the temple. where they digging stopped. and has an Amulet of Protection +1. Leading them is an orcish priest of Shaligon. Unfortunately.) The Shrine Proper: Here is the shrine itself. One of the pillars is already out.

The Secret Passage of Fire 19 . and 2.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 1. Entrance and Bottomless Pit Region 3.

Miner’s Last Stand 5. The Temple of Shaligon 20 .The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 4.

Encounter Cold. warlocks. Cold Standard Action . This column will hopefully be a regular event in which people can contribute new and interesting spells to the repertoire of wizards. blowing out opponent(s)’ candles. In addition. the snap freeze surrounds your enemies. Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude plus the target(s) grant combat advantage to all enemies until the end of your next turn as they are buffeted by the wind. Implement Standard Action . Arcane. Utility. and lanterns (if not protected). Hit: 2d6 + Intelligence Modifier cold damage. with intense cold drawn from the Frostfell.Ranged 10. either your own or an ally’s. clerics and other hapless arcane and divine casters everywhere…--Tori) Gloreindl’s Frost Weapon Wizard Utility 2 Scribing an Arcane Sigil in the air you imbue a weapon. and which have been play tested in our recent D&D games.Target: All enemies in burst area Effect: The weapon affected by this power glows with a white-blue arcane light and radiated intense cold. The weapon deals the caster’s Int modifier in Cold damage until the end of your next turn.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Gloreindl’s Grimoire New Spells for Dungeons & Dragons 4E By John Diffley (The following are some new spells John worked up. Riding on the currents of chilling elementals. in addition to any normal damage it deals. Arcane. the windy blast will do what a normal blast of air will do.Close burst 5 Sustain Minor Target: You or one ally within burst. Burst 1 . Gloreindl’s Arctic Blast Wizard Attack 1 Gesturing towards your opponent(s) you summon up a blast of freezing arctic air. 21 . torches. as well as scatter papers and debris. allowing the weapon to cause more damage. Increase to 2 targets at level 11 and 3 targets at level 21.

Detect Lies 13. She retained engrammatic memories and thirteen distinct personalities. Fear of puppies Tabitha: Loves cooking. Farming 12. collects flowers. easily spooked Others include: Gretta. Brawling 12. Spirit Empathy. Exorcism 11. but she is alos peculiarily assymetrical. but her ego and mind is very fragile. Stealth 12. Veterinary 12. Captivate 12. Disguise 13 (-3 features). Shyness (mild -1). Little Sally: fearful. and I have never really gotten over just how much fun these characters were. Singing 14. Knife 12. Cooking 12. Gladys. curses a lot. Weather Sense 12 Patchwork Jane is an otherwise attractive woman. Search 12. Occultism 12. including the late Dr. due to the odd matching of her gestalt components. Throwing 12. Finance 12. they let “Jane” be their dominant personality) “Main” Jane: Always speaks in Rhyme. very rude. and three others that remain hidden (they do not aknowledge who they are when they surface). Swimming 14.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 A Horrible Menagerie A Selection of Strange and Horrific characters for use with 4th edition GURPS Horror By Tori Bergquist The following characters were originally conceived in a rather bizarre GURPS Horror campaign I ran a few years ago. Opa. allergic to berries. but Unnatural Features -3 Wealth: Dead Broke Languages: English (accented). Frankenstein to reanimate Jane out of the composite body parts of thirteen murdered Jewish women. doesn’t laugh Marishka: Does not speak. skittish. Carter. hides when possible. Poetry 14. Unageing Disadvantages: Gullibility. Typing 12. Supernatural Frankensteinian Features (-10) Patchwork Jane was the sad experiment of Joseph Mengela and his team. 22 . 1 HP/10 hrs). sings lullabies.5 IQ12 Move 6 Will12 Th: 1D-2 Sw: 1D Per12 Appearance: Normal. Shadowing 12. Gardening 14. Skills: Administration 12. Persuasion 11. Regeneration (slow. Literature 12. Mathematics 12. hates porridge. They are now largely seamless. Her nature as a reanimated being has left her ageless and more resilient. does not like Sleepwell and Volum. Unusual Background (10). dour. Elisabeth. Naturalist 12. Multiple Personalities (13 distinct. German (native) Advantages: Hard to Kill +4. Fast-Talk 11. loves furry animals. Manic-Depressive. suspicious. loves cats. Filch 13. likes Sleepwell. very loud. Erotic Art 13. Patchwork Jane Human female (composite-Reanimate). who successfully replicated the experiments of the (not actually fictional) Dr. hates dogs Helga: only speaks in German. but thin white scar lines criss cross her body where the various parts of different women were pieced together. History 12. Arthur von Werner. High Pain Threshold. Dreaming 13. Dancing 12. each has 5 quirks). Yiddish (native). So here I present you with a menagerie that will hopefully find a home in your own strange games… Some known quirks of different personalities: (Note: all personalities dislike identifying themselves. 191 pts ST10 HP 13 DX12 FP 14 HT14 Spd 6.First Aid 12. always looking for mommy. Fortune Telling 11. Sex Appeal 14.

Climbing 11. Japanese (accented) Advantages: Daredevil. Disguise 11. Greek (broken). which she struggles to master. Escape 10. Research 12 Skills: Animal Handling 11. Occultism 11. Urban Survival 11. Night Vision 12. Mage Sense 12. Brawling 12. Minor Healing 13 Skills: Archaeology 11. Persuade 10. Trace 13. Arabic (broken). America) 11. She has inherited the powers of witchcraft. Seeker 13. Weirdness Magnet Quirks: Smokes cigars. Brawling 12. Research 10. Observation 11. Architecture 11. Detect Lies 10. Share Vitality 12. Desert Survival 11 Julie’s spells are innate. Aramaic (broken). Lend Vitality 12. Seek Magic 12. He lives a rough life. Linguistics 10. 23 . Find Direction 12. Prehistory 13. Swimming 10. Ignite Fire 12. SMGs 11. Rapier Wit Disadvantages: Absent-Minded. Knife 12. Shotguns 11. Fast Talk 11. Computer Ops 11. but she does need research and meditation to uncover new aspects of her abilities. Lend Energy 12. Squeamish. and he doesn’t know why. Julie Cogliostro is descended from the venerable Coglisotro family. has worked for the last two years as a bodyguard in Iraq. AK (S. Shadowing 10. Archaeology 11. Seek Water 12. Axe/Mace 11. Anthropology 11. Short sword 10. First Aid 11. Fast Draw (pistol) 11. Area Knowledge (China) 11. sweaty Spells: Detect Magic 13. Mechanic 11.5 IQ12 Move 5 Will12 Th: 1d-2 Sw: 1d Per12 Dodge: 8 Appearance: Normal Wealth: Average Languages: English (native). Fortune Telling 12. Driving 11. Sociology 11. always dusty (fresh off the trail look). 174 pts ST13 HP 13 DX11 FP 10 HT10 Spd 5. Literature 12. Combat Reflexes Disadvantages: Curious. French (accented) Advantages: Magery +2. Persuasion 9. Sense Emotion 13. AK(Europe) 11. brags a lot. Observation 11. and has a fascination for the hidden and occult that stems from his readings in his great-great grandfather’s extensive library of the esoteric and weird. Driving 11. that he comes from good daredevil stock. Impulsiveness. Hidden Lore (conspiracies) 11. See Secrets 13. but the real man from whom Haggard supposedly derived his tales. 173 pts ST10 HP 10 DX12 FP 10 HT10 Spd 5. Carousing 10. Diplomacy 11. Fast Talk 12.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Julie Cogliostro Cyrus Quartermain Human female Age 26. Aura 13. Philosophy 10. His lineage is allegedly related to the legendary Allan Quartermain. Spanish (accented). Seek Machine 12. Sense Foes 12. Latin (accented). Pistols 13. Secret (witch) Human male age 34. she needs no resource to perform her magic. Throwing 10. AK(Middle East) 11. Computer Ops 12. History 12. Stealth 11. Knife 12. Light 12. Occultism 13. Interrogation 11. Search 10. Electrician 11. Mandarin (broken). including her ancestor the Count himself. was in the army for five years. Disguise 10. History 11. Sense Danger 12. Julie is often sought out by other illuminated and supernatural beings due to her abilities and her heritage. dislikes cats. Wilderness Survival 11. Diplomacy 10. not the fictional one written by Haggard. She was studying Sociology at UCSB when her abilities manifested. Camouflage 11. Rifles 11. Reveal Function 12. Thrown Weapon 11. Detect Lies 11. Cyrus is a weirdness Magnet. Honesty.25 IQ11 Move 5 Will11 Th: 1d Sw: 2d-1 Per11 Dodge: 10 Appearance: Ruggedly Attractive (+1 mod) Wealth: Wealthy Languages: English (native). Ancient History 13. History 13. Electronics Ops 10. Current Affairs 11. Cyrus likes the latter notion. Public peaking 12. Cryptography 11. as well as an occasional refresher with the spell books.

Chemistry 11. Vulnerability (silver X4) Skills: Administration 11. Poisons 10. communicate with the spirit serpents. most of which were struggling to persevere in the wake of war. but instead he was changed. He is highly susceptible to magical effects. Jungle Survival 13. Finance 10. Richard was nursed back to health by an elder shaman. he bears his shapeshifting abilities. His clothes do not change with him. Fishing 13. Typing 12. Veterinary 10. Fast-Talk 11. and Oshumare. Leatherworking 12. Naturalist 10. Richard further discovered he could shape change in to the form of any living serpent. of any size that is possible (anaconda to garden snake). and can allow any spirits to channel through him. First Aid 12. Magery 0. Throwing 11. SMG 12. giving Black a new.). Axe/Mace 11. He is also lycanthropic. due to the venom of the Rainbow Serpent coursing through his veins. but has not learned any actual spells. Da. he was nearly killed during a battle between republican forces of Benin and separatist guerillas hiding in the village. Diplomacy 11. Rifle 12. and the ability to communicate with spirit serpents such as Aida Hwedo. Anthropology 14. Ayida. Speak with Snakes Disadvantages: Magic Susceptibility 6. but in the process had a profound vision. Bolas 11. sacred knowledge. Shapeshift (serpent). Berba (accented). Richard Black Human male age 38 200 pts ST10 HP 10 DX12 FP 12 HT12 Spd 6 IQ12 Move 6 Will12 Th: 1d-2 Sw: 1d Per13 Appearance: Normal Wealth: Average Languages: English (native). To this day. Computer Ops 13. A. 24 . Geography 10. and showed him the etheric ley lines of the spiritual world. Linguistics 10.Ritual (African) 12.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Richard Black was a noted anthropologist who made a career of studying the indigenous tribes of the African Dahomey culture. irrevocably. Medium (limit: serpent spirits). but takes on all other aspects of the form. Architecture 11. Knife 12. Geology 10. Farming 12. Dreaming 12. Search 13. Pistol 12. Tracking 13. History 12. Weather Sense 11. Stealth 12. Desert Survival 13. and silver injures him like any other therianthrope. a water serpent slithered up and bit him with a venomous strike that should have killed him. Shadowing 11. Rl. Camoflage 12. Esoteric Medicine 13. which sought to invade and destroy it. He can also speak with snakes. Observation 13. He has an intuitive sense of magic. Swimming 10. Biology 12. Mathematics 10. Occultism 12. unique insight in to the real supernatural underpinngs of society. (Africa) 13. Sense of Duty (Aida Hwedo and co. As he lay dying. disease and social decay.K.Exorcism 11. Detect Lies 12. Aida Hwedo explained that he was chosen by the World Serpents to protect their creation from those entities from beyond time and space. He retains his IQ. in which he was given the sight and ability to see the mysterious rainbow worldserpents of ancient folklore. Richard willingly accepted the duty. French (accented). Archaeology 12. The spirit Aida Hwedo spoke to him. Brawling 15. Ewe (broken) Advantages: Channeling. Persuasion 11. Blowpipe 10. Literature 10. During his time among the Dahomey. Shotguns 12 Notes: Richard can shapeshift in to any serpent form.

French (accented) Advantages: Acute Hearing +4. Piloting 14. Knife 14. Unusual Background (WWII Metahuman project). Damage Resistance DR 4. Johnathan Morrow. Morrow was the only soldier to undergo a transformation who survived and mutated. Pistols 14. Power Blow 13. Immovable Stance 14. and later in the 1950’s as the Tomorrow Man. Tracking 10. After the war. Sleight of Hand 12. Flashbacks (severe -5). Carpentry 13. German (broken). Wilderness Survival 10. Computer Ops 10. Fast Talk 10. Shadowing 10. Geography 9. especially the Ubermensch. Lockpicking 14. Infravision (controlled). Super Jump 6. the Werewolf Martin Himmler and the vampire Johan Arno. Secret Identity (The Super Soldier). Shotguns 14. Breath Control 10. Morrow still suffers unnerving memories of that time. Combat Reflexes. Forensics 10.Occultism 10. Tactics 10. Decades later. SMGs 14. Parry Missile Weapon 12. 510 pts ST25 HP 25 DX14 FP 10 HT10 Spd 6 IQ10 Move 6 Will13 Th: 2D+2 Sw: 5D-1 Per10 Dodge-9 Appearance: Handsome (+4/+2) Wealth: Filthy Rich Languages: English (native). Free Fall 14. is the end product of an early effort by the Allies to create an enhanced superhuman. but the government insisted he remain a secret to the public. Rifles 14. Driving 14. Charitable. Seamanship 10. Brawling 14. Fishing 10. Submarine 10. He chose an alternative identify as the Tomorrow Man for a time. First Aid 10. Interrogation 10. Morrow has lived a long and fruitful life and still has much of his old metahuman vigor. Escape 14. Johnathan Morrow: Super Soldier Human Male (Metahuman) Age 81. Hard to Subdue +5. Persuasion 13. Camoflage 10. working with the Futurians Society for a time until the narrowly averted disaster of 1969 that left Claire Brown (the founder) and Arthur Zims (the Calculator) dead or missing in the wake of the Sirian invasion. Detect Lies 10. Throwing 14. Flying Leap 10. Thrown Weapons 14. Honest Face. more commonly known by his World War II alias as the Super Soldier. Propaganda 10. he continues to thrive out of sight and moving along in his private identity as a retired businessman who now takes up hunting and fishing as his favorite sports. Wrestling 14. Soldier’s Code of Honor. Navigation 10. Contact (gov’t-12). Typing 14. Sense of Duty (America). Regeneration (1/hour). Stealth 14.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 scientific threats of the Nazis and their Axis allies. Search 12. capable of dealing with the imminent occult and super- 25 . becoming something much greater than his former self. Nonetheless. Unusual Biochemistry Skills: Boxing 14. though he developed farsightedness and is not nearly as fast or strong as he once was. Italian (accented). Protected Sight and Hearing. Penetrating Voice Disadvantages: Bad Sight (farsighted). Climbing 14. Stubborness. Gambling 10.Leadership 10. Morrow was declassified and allowed to adopt a new private life. Mechanic 10. Desert Survival 10. Streetwise 10.

198 pts ST14 HP 14 DX11 FP 10 HT10 Spd 5. Channeling. Whither Limb 12. Rooted Limb 13. recently deceased. Dreaming 10. Spotty memory of the past (it all blends together. Itch 12. a disembodied being who has lived for thousands of years. Psychometry. Sleight of Hand 10. Archaeology 11 Bloody Mary adopts many pseudonyms. Indeed. Captivate 12. Vulnerability (cold iron.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 another. a demonic spirit of some sort.c. Occultism 12. Sometimes dislikes inflicting pain and suffering. Disguise 11. She sees a truly horrific visage reflected upon her in mirrors (so she avoids them. from countless horrific beings. Dark Vision. body hopping from one available form to 26 . Detect Magic 12. Deathtouch 12 Skills: Brawling 11. Spasm 12. Obsession (uncovering her true nature). Acute Vision +4. Dancing 11. Clumsiness 12. She is thwarted by the fact that she retains only limited memories of her immense past with each body swap. Greek (native) Advantages: Acute Hearing +4. Paralyze Limb 12. She is able to possess the bodies of the willing. Intimidate 12. Aramaic (native). to provide records and clues for her to aid in jogging her memory. Claws (retractable). Driving 10. She has taken it upon herself to record her acts and deeds in great detail. Mary Anne Krutchner is her current favorite. Vulnerability (holy water. She hears voices. and so she uses this sometimes to cement her memories. Quirk: Hides and records diaries everywhere. Does not know her true origin/nature (-10). Latin (native). or keeps covered if necessary) and bleeds freely from stigmata across her body under direct moonlight. Phantom Voices (diabolical).25 IQ11 Move 5 Will12 Th: 1D+2 Sw: 3D Per13 Dodge-8 Appearance: Beautiful (+4/+2) Wealth: Average Languages: English (accented). Charisma +2. Escape 9. she takes on the body and the old spirit is excised. Search 12. Hinder 12. X4). but is uncertain of which religion. Erotic Art 11. but only for a time. History 11. Bloody Mary believes she is a demon. Shadowing 11. or hopelessly depressed and subsume their own spirit in to her own. She has also found that pain. Spells: Death Vision 13. brain dead. Fast-Talk 11. Bloody Mary Human Female (Demonic Aspect). Sex Appeal 10. Unusual Background (demonic spirit) Disadvantages: Callous. Streetwise 12. she remembers every cruel act with utter accuracy. Extra Life (+2. as if some of her recollections disappear forever when she transfers from one body to another. Supernatural Features (Stigmatic bleeding under moonlight-10. Sense Spirit 13. X4). -5). Detect Lies 13. instructing her to engaging various terrible (and often contradictory) acts. requires body). in fact. and the infliction of such are never forgotten. Sadism. Persuasion 10. The entity which is Bloody Mary is. Frightens Animals. Thaumatology 10. Bloody Mary’s fondest wish is to discover her true nature and purpose. High Pain Threshold. cruelty. French (accented). mirrors reflect true demonic spirit appearance-10). Theology 10. remembers nothing before 480 b. Summon Spirit 12. Pain 13. On occasion she rebels against what seems to be her nature. Stealth 11.

Lunacy. as she desperately wanted to have children. Corina snapped. she is subject to the effects of silver. Unusual Background (curse of Mormo) Disadvantages: Bloodlust. especially Doctor Khronen. Unknown to her. Restricted Diet (fresh meat). Damage Resistance DR 2. and transformed in to the horrific beast she has been ever since. Terrifying Visage -2 (always on). Regeneration (1/hr). Acute Hearing +2. Combat Reflexes. Claws (long Talons +1 dmg im/pi). and that he realized her children had it. Fur. Italy who was forced to run away from home after an unexpected pregnancy. Corina now tries to move as she can in society. Her children became her life. Her eyes are blood red and she finds it easier to drop down on all fours than to stand upright at times. Disturbing Voice. and he has no idea what group actually purchased them. Disguise 11. Her claws extend nearly a foot and a half. who helped her let Corina work off her debt as a live-in servant at his home. Night Vision 5. Dread (Wolfsbane). She learned about the Mormo gene from Khronen. Obsession (finding her children -10). Intimidation 10. and discovered that she had triplets. seeking out clues to her children’s whereabouts. Parabolic Hearing 4. Escape 12. Corina had a unique trait in her genes. Gregori Khronen) Corina Staller was a young woman in the streets of Rome. Enemy (Dr. 27 . and Doctor Gregori Khronen. described by metahuman researchers as the Mormo Gene. Camouflage 11. retracting from sheaves along her forearm. and has a jaw that quickly dislocates to open up. Unkillable 1 (Hindrance: Silver). Catfall. Filch 12. She is covered in bristly hair. had he not coveted her so much. and he also seeks to return her to his control.5 IQ10 Move 6 Will10 Th: 1d+2 Sw: 3d Per11 Dodge/Parry: 10 Appearance: Monstrous (-5 reaction) Wealth: Dead Broke Languages: Italian (native). wolf-like and full of teeth. Urban Survival 11 Notes: Corina is a hideous thing. and wolfsbane also repels her. She went to a back alley doctor to give birth. He would have sold Corina. but the image of the beast has been laid upon it. Sharp Teeth (1d+1 cutting dmg). One day. she still has the body of a young attractive woman.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Corina Staller: Mormo Humanoid female (supernatural being) 179 pts ST18 HP 18 DX12 FP 10 HT10 Spd 6. Computer Ops 10. Brawling 14 (+1d th). Vulnerability (SilverX4). Skills: Acrobatics 12. English (accented). Observation 11. who escaped with his life (barely). the doctor beat her senseless for no understood reason and took the three children away. which is why he sold them. Wilderness Survival 11. Climbing 12. Acute Vision +2. after the Roman werewolf figure. however. too. German (broken) Advantages: Acute Taste/Smell +2. selling them to the white slave trade. Like all therianthropes. She desperately wants to slay all who took her children. but said it was a middle-man he dealt with.

as well) will help spice up your interest in the weird! or IQ save to determine what direction they are going when under the earth. Wiz.unusual races for your gaming. which is a great asset. and an uncanny ability to smell metal veins. You can use these ideas to add a little extra oomph to your own standard kindred types in T&T. the following races (which will include data for use as monsters. Humans Although humans are special insofar as they gain no perks but also suffer no detriments. Svirfneblin have dark vision like goblins. the truth is that this can be quite boring. you’ve had your fun playing hobbs. and should be allowed a saving throw to detect illusions (rolled secretly by the GM) even if they don’t suspect the illusion to be real! Faeries are also especially good at sensing the glamour of the fae realm. Humans no longer give you a good time.5. regions of the natural world which bridge the Weirding World. Dwarves Dwarves have infravision as well. Gnomes Gnomes have twilight vision (they can see normally under starlight) and an unerring sense of direction when in forestland. A hobb can go twice as long as a human without food. and can sense when they are in a fae touched region of nature by making a level 1 SR vs. As such.5 By Tori Bergquist So. Elves are also very in tune with nature. Elves All elves have infravision. for the record).5 rules. They are also highly resistant to illusory magic. and it is effective enough that it works well even in deep tunnels. and it only was 1/10 of the normal weight! If the leprechaun takes his coat off. This at least gives them a slight edge against those enormously high IQ elves. Dwarves should always be allowed a Lk 28 . high Strength dwarves and high Luck hobbs. in which total darkness is like twilight to them. as well: Hobbs Hobbs have no special talents other than a penchant for gluttony and an amazing ability to sustain themselves due to fat reserves when in starvation situations. and to pick up the heat emissions of plants and animals more easily at night. Deep gnomes (svirfneblin) instead have an unerring sense of direction in the deeps of the earth. fairies. dwarves and elves. Well. but the following modifiers and information apply to all kindred as I use them in my T&T Warlords of Lingusia campaign (the newly christened edition of Lingusia in celebration of T&T 7. Dark elves are treated in detail in the Troll’s Companion. Fairies Faeries can obviously fly. leprechauns. but have the natural power of creating shadows for 1 Wiz that will cover a 15 foot area around the spot the elf casts it at. he can place 10 times as much gold in his pouches as they should th normally be able to carry. Leprechauns Leprechauns have one unique trait called deep pockets: so long as the leprechaun is wearing clothing with pouches. the gold will “return” to normal size and begin spilling out of the pockets.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 The Kindred of Lingusia New Kindred types for Tunnels & Trolls 7. I propose the following optional rule: humans gain one bonus talent at first level. Existing Kindred and Special Abilities The classic races are left fairly open to interpretation in the 7. and you’re starting to crave some more…ah…. This allows them to see warm bodies in the dark.

well. and can immediately sense when their environment shifts or changes. ranting and raving or even attacking Waxes poetic. Note that when rolling up a troll. not north. but can dive for a number of hours equal to their strength score. Rare Kindreds: Minotaurs These beasts absolutely can not get lost in the underworld. When playing an ogre. 29 . will just seem wrong to a minotaur. x1. amazons appear to be like normal human women. but could easily work in other T&T universes. prone to moments of kidness punctuated by bouts of intense rage. but they are granted immortality by their deity Vishannu. martial arts.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 All naga have infravision and can swim at normal speeds underwater. although some (the Amazons and Sherigras) originate in Lingusia. the player should decide on the mood of the moment. who can sense true north. all of the various types of trolls listed in the 7.5 Con Vision: normal Native Language: Vyrindian Suggested Talents: swordsmanship. A few of these (Patchworks. They are moody and poetic. Amazons The amazons of the Vyrindian Islands are a fierce breed of warrior women who fight the good fight in the name of their bloody god of war. The clever Mihidir are a distinctly separate species. despite what his eyes tell him. but at the peak of physical perfection. Kindred Traits Average Weight: as humans (x1) Average Height: as humans (x1) Ability Scores: x1. Amazon women have no special racial abilities. battle tactics New and Rare Kindred The following kindred are introduced for use in your T&T games as you see fit. they do 2 spite damage for every 6 they roll in their combat point totals. Ghuls. Vishannu. be it in a twisting cavern or a clever maze. They always know what direction they are going. depressed and despondent Randomly wacks one target nearby and goes on an uncontrolled rampage! Trolls Trolls regain their level in Con points each turn if they are not interrupted from resting. and begins working on a new sonnet Acts suspiciously normal and level headed Become sullen and moody. Fierce Fighters: Due to the incredible skill of training amazons gain from a very early age. For example. They must breath eventually. an illusion cleverly meant to make them think the subterranean temple is south.5 rules are variants of the Thargonid species. Minotaurs also have infravision. or. unarmed combat. rolling 2D6 and consulting this chart (or just deciding on a mood) when the ogre wakes up. During combat the troll regains 1 Con per round of battle. trap making. Amazon women are always destined to die in battle. Physically. yet bloody and lighthearted during combat. as they are essentially all human. eats lunch: Naga 2D6 2-3 4-5 6-8 9-10 11-12 Ogre Mood Table Bursts in to a furious rage. The Troll’s Companion discusses these trolls in more detail. Ogres Ogres of Lingusia are big brutes.5 Str. meets new people. never due to the ignominity of old age. and Batrachians) are revised and taken from the forthcoming Secrets of Necromancy for 4E. goes in to battle.

A few can be found in the role of rangers. a deity who uses his followers in the mortal world to manipulate the nations of Lingusia in to war wherever possible. but the ancestral taint of man runs thick in their veins. foot soldiers in the mortal world serving his enigmatic ends. Most amazon PCs will be the younger ones on their right of quest. and champions of Vishannu can be truly formidable opponents with an MR of 200 or better. usually MR 40-60.5) 30 . The amazons strive to achieve Vishannu’s goals while pursuing their own agendas as well. (x1. and finding especially powerful or unique weapons to eventually bring back to the sacred temple of Vishannu in the Vyrindian Isles. naga. Monster Rating: Young amazons are still fierce. Batrachians The dark race of batrachians may once have been human. and leaders. Vishannu has changed from a faily mysterious god of battle and cunning who is called upon for good luck and blessings by the generals of a conflict in to an almost Machiavellian entity. driving them in to the deep waters. Once an amazon has completed her right of quest.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 True Warriors: Although there is a special caste of priesthood dedicated to Vishannu and his temple. and other pure species of aquatic humanoids. she is indoctrinated in the inner circle and becomes a true champion of Vishannu. but a motivated player with an especially high level amazon could play a champion. to aid and abet one side or another with her advice and prowess. Many batrachians are born to human mothers. but were long ago changed in to hideous aquatic humanoids in the service of the outer darkness. rogues. Elder amazons are MR 100 or better. Batrachians are cousins to the other deep water humanoids such as true deep ones. for she will refrain from activities which do not benefit her long term objectives. but her overall mission an goal should be worked out accordingly. virtually all amazon women are either warriors or paragons. and to insure that the war drags on or that one side wins with glorious tactics and cunning. usually with a mission to pursue a specific region where warfare is rife. learning of new combat arts and tactics. Over the centuries. Kindred Traits Average Weight: 200 to 300 lbs. Amazon Lore The Vyrindians are human women who have been called upon by the dark god of war Vishannu to serve him as valkyries. after which she is then once more dispatched in to the world. and only later in life does the batrachian taint manifest. Amazons do 2 points of damage for every spite die rolled. Amazon women spend years in an initiation ritual requiring that they travel the lands gaining experience as soldiers and mercenaries.

With the final change. The final month of the transformation indicates when the PC is now fully batrachian. where they will worship their dark. Rending Claws: Batrachians grow lengthy claws which they can retract at will to hide.5 Cha. well. and can be used in two weapon strikes as well. but only by the difference of the original base modifiers (thus. Sense the Taint: Batrachians are exceptional at detecting the presence of taint chaos and evil in other creatures. x. living otherwise normal lives until they swim out in the dead of night to their dark temple built in the reefs of the bay. a normal human or other kindred lives much of his early life as a normal creature. x.5 Lk Vision: infravision Native Language: batrachian Suggested Talents: Underwater explorer. basically. This talent uses the better of the batrachian’s Int. Batrachians gain the racial talernt of Sense the Taint at first level. they must immerse themselves in water for once a day for at least four hours. Note that he does not learn batrachian.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Average Height: 6’ to 6’10” (x1. eldritch batrachian gods. and no longer easily identified as his original species. Aquatic Denizen: Batrachians are amphibious. x2 Con. Sometimes. and “things man was not meant to know but batrachians do” Batrachians get the following special abilities: special abilities and add it to the character. a dwarf who already has a strength of x2 would gain no additional Str. which gives them a bonus when trying to detect monstrous traits (defined by the GM) that a creature is attempting to hide. Special-The Batrachian Look: Not all batrachians are born in to the world as hideous frog-men. Lk or Wiz as the base attribute. Each month.75) Ability Scores: x2 Str. Batrachians usually are found in small coastal towns. for a grand total of 4 dice of natural weapons! Depending on how your GM likes to handle two-weapon fighters. however. MR 80+ (champions. Lk. though an elf would). MR 50 (guards). usually after an encounter with a true batrachian. and are unimpaired in watery environments (they can swim at running speed. wizards).75 Dex. If the GM declares (or the player wishes) that a PC of another kindred may have batrachian halfblood. These claws grant them a weapon which does 2 dice of damage. occult lore. he starts to feel. They can swim in water with no effort. Batrachians can not heal normally without this daily immersion! Monster Ratings: Typical MR 25 (citizens). x. As amphibians. demonology. this may or may not require a talent to pull off. then he or she can make a Level 1 save vs. pick one trait from the above list of 31 . normal creatures move half as fast when swimming). his attributes will be modified. claw fighting. then one day. a little funny. Failure means they do! The change will take 1D6 months from the time it is triggered.

or other deep sea creature. half demons of the truest sort. Suggested Talents: stealth. and the human elements of the batrachian are often obliterated by the time the transformation is complete. The worship of the Old One is irresistible to the batrachians. x. Demonic Appearance: Cambions look like demons. demonology. They always have 3 of the above traits. aquatic beings with traits not unlike a fish. Cambions are almost always given to classic traits. elf. they will instead know the Infernal language. They are usually feared and killed. disguise. although they must sulk at the edge of human communities. including horns. and often (as GM created NPCs) have even more monstrous traits as well.5 IQ) • Spider eyes (360 degree vision) • Spits venom (target that takes damage is sickened. If born to their demon parent. acrobatics (having a tail helps!) Monster Ratings: Typical cambions are MR: 50 and have some talent in wizardry. but can be a clever and challenging personality to role play. tails and sometimes even wings. It applies to spite damage dealt to the cambion. but older cambions are usually veteran survivalists (MR: 100) and elder cambions are MR: 150 or better. x2 Wiz. octopous. becomes ½ Str for 1D4 rounds) • Forked tongue (gains a unique bonus talent: Forked Tongue which applies to all lies and bluffing) • Fire resistance (takes half damage from fire) • Cold resistance (takes half damage from cold) • Spell resistance (add 10 to Wiz when determining if you can resist a spell attack) • Any other odd trait if the GM approves Cambions Cold Iron Weakness: Cambions take extra damage from cold iron (meteoric iron). A weapon which is known to be made of this substance deals an extra point of damage for every die it rolls.5 Dex) • Tentacles (1D4 tentacles. are called cambions. and have any 3 of the following traits as desired: • Horns (3 dice goring attack) • Bat wings (fly ability) • Hooves (2 dice stomping attack) • Tail (gain x1. or other demihuman. 32 . but sometimes a witch or warlock will seek out such half breeds and raise them for their impressive wizardly potential. oftentimes with pureblood members of their kind (other deep ones such as kuo toa and sahuagin) and give in to the overwhelming urge to worship the aquatic death gods they revere. too! The cambion is what happens when a true demon mates with a human.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Cambions have the following abilities: Batrachian Lore Batrachians begin their lives as humans or other demihumans who soon discover a taint in the family line. Kindred Traits Average Weight: as a human (x1) Average Height: as a human (x1) Ability Scores: x2 Lk.67 Vision: infravision Native Language: Cambions born to a human parent know their native human language and/or common (middle tongue). This mutation is dramatic. hooves. The offspring. each tentacle is a 2 dice weapon) • Second head (x1. Those few who are able to cast off the racial imperative to enter the deep oceans and spread the faith of the Old One tend to make good adventurers. one which twists and warps them over time in to hunched. the medieval term for a demon-spawn. Batrachians who gather together join communities. and are forced to always seek out a source of water in which to immerse them. Such a character has limits. This damage is dealt after hit totals are calculated and when damage is issued.

If a ghul goes a day without using this power. Disease Resistance: Ghuls gain a special talent called disease resistance. some get lucky enough to find small communities of their kind. x. stealth. The Cataclysm shattered the planar gateways between Lingusia and other dimensions. this covers the first talent the ghul receives at level 1. common Suggested Talents: Grave robbing. there is much truth to the idea of ghuls seeking out corpses and carrion. Even now.5 Dex. sneak attack.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 was nowhere for them to return to after they had their dalliances and left many humans pregnant with cambion children for the first time! Centuries later.67) Average Height: 5’5” to 6’6” (x1. a membrane of thick energy which separates the mortal realm from the planes.5 Con. disease death lore. the magic of wizards is only just beginning to learn how to penetrate and move through the mysterious barrier wizards call the Fourth Wall. Many a wizard had a pentagram-held demon in his laboratory suddenly become a permanent house guest. occult history. Like all special talents. then he loses 1 Con.25) Ability Scores: x1. hateful beings. making almost all cross-planar travel impossible to all but a few. for centuries now demonic beings dwelling in Lingusia were trapped. or a demonic parent who finds the novelty of a child too compelling to resist. charnel cousins of their undead relatives. This talent is based on the better of Lk or Con and lets them directly resist dangerous diseases. x1. half ghoul race that is readily mistaken for their more common undead relatives. but a few get lucky and grow up surprisingly straight and moral. and were forced to settle down and live amongst mortals permanently. (x. They do not need to eat fresh meat.100 years ago. This accumulates until he resumes his cannibalistic ways or dies. engaging in their timeless trade of corrupting and driving mortal humans mad. suddenly discovered that there Cannibalism: Ghuls gain strength from cannibalism. Ghuls are. Because of this Fourth Wall. Most cambions are raised as ambivalent. there is now a small but growing population of cambions. Once per day. a kindly wizard to take them in as apprentices.5 Cha Vision: dark vision Languages: ghoulish. Kindred Traits Average Weight: 100 to 200 lbs. eleven centuries later. and while life can be very hard for these half demons. after which he turns in to a normal ghoul. and many a succubus or incubus. Ghuls who spend a turn devouring a corpse may recover 1D6+level in Con points. due to their heightened immunity to such from constant exposure. 33 . a species that spawned from a rare corruption of normal men who succumbed to a terrible disease. which changed them in to living but gaunt. alchemy Cambion Lore Cambions in Lingusia are the product of centuries of interbreeding between the many demons and other outsiders from other dimensions who became permanent residents during the time of the Cataclysm 1. often even in polymorphed forms other than their native demonic visage. Ghuls Ghuls are a half human. in fact.

5 Lk.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Putrefying Smell: Ghuls can emit a terrible stench which can have an adverse impact on nearby enemies and allies alike. scare peasants. Patchworks Ghul Lore Ghuls make excellent choices for players who would like a character whose very nature is that of the outcast and the lurker in shadows. although some ghuls who despise their nature may follow Nergal as well. Ghuls tend to group in small societies. as they traditionally eschew their race’s vile ways. although usually they know one or more languages that the people who make up their various parts knew. befriend and accidentally kill small children. Choose one unique talents or kindred trait from another species to reflect the diversity of body parts and the origins. cannibalistic way of their kind and take to the road. x1. You do not know if you have a soul. which promises them dark powers in exchange for servitude.5 Wiz Vision: normal Native Language: None. x. You are a geshtalt being. a madman sought to not merely bring the dead back from the grave. and anyone who looks upon you can see terrible stiche.s sutures and metal bonds used to hold the pieces of multiple bodies together. 50 (corpse finders).5 Cha. Spite Damage: 1+/putrefying smell. Con with a level equal to the number of spite damage rolled. seeking adventure and fame to make up for the curse they were either born to or infected with. Suggested Talents: wilderness survival. Ereshkigal is an excellent deity for ghuls to worship. x. assassins and thieves. Foes and allies alike within 5 feet of the ghul must make a save vs. x2 Con. or the other one. lighting resistance Patchwork Bodies: Although most patchworks are made from the bodies of humans. hacking and retching! This will drop their combat total to ¾ of normal next turn. but you seek to know. 100 (cannibals). your own body seems to hold trace memories of the past lives of those who were butchered to create you. a troll arm (get a 2 dice attack and 34 . Some samples to choose from include: Fire breath (marlack head. Kindred Traits Average Weight: 200 to 350 lbs. In the midst of this. Ghouls usually worship one of two different deities: either the deity that promises salvation and an ending of their half-undead nature. (x2) Average Height: Varied. leprechaun spleen (deep pockets). night vision (dwarven eyes). usually 7’ to 7’8” (x2) Ability Scores: x2 Str. usually dwelling in catacombs and sometime even amongst their undead cousins. as above. Ghul adventurers are usually fed up with the secretive. harpy wings (flight). It’s simply in their nature to be shadowy diabolists. and are usually accompanied by trained packs of their truly undead cousins. ghuls are sure to have a small community living on the dregs of man. Somehow. 75 (grave diggers). Monsters Ratings: 30 (weak scrappers). Most NPC ghuls are fairly despicable. but to create new life entirely. Ghuls make excellent wizards and rogues. cold resistance. Few ghul adventurers maintain good relations with their own kind. Wherever humans reside in large numbers. Failure means that the affected creatures fall down. some find bits and pieces “borrowed” from other races. gain a 3 dice fire attack). and also make any saves in the next turn one level higher than normal. the regular old ghouls.

level 2 for a bon fire. level 4 for a wizard with a fist full o’fire spell. and of low intelligence. IQ to choose a different target. it goes in to a killing frenzy. IQ to resist fleeing when confronted with fire in a manner that could harm them. If it fails then it is tired out and calms down! Otherwise it will continue to frenzy until no more targets are in 35 . there are many more such creatures created which are imperfect.. All NPC patchworks are also frightened by fire. and the Ancient Patchworks are MR 300 creatures. giving them a total of 4 dice in combat with both hands free. Throughout time and history. of course. To perform the ritual they need the freshest and most useful body parts to make their monstrous creation. Monster Ratings: Typical MR 80. mad scientist. or thrown out to be eaten by the vicious guard dogs and other monsters which protect the evil madman’s abode. schizophrenic. Any patchwork reduced to -10 Con or worse is permanently dead! Patchwork Lore Pacthworks are less of a distinct race and more of a horrible experiment gone wrong. Con. allowing it to double it’s strength for the duration (adding to combat adds). Patchworks must eat like normal humans to sustain themselves. They harbor curious memories of different past lives. warlock or necromancer of uncommon skill stumbles across the ritual necessary to create life. make some serious monstrosities as NPCs if so desired. At the GM’s option. a type of golem. likely! Spite Damage: normal spite damage. but as soon as a patchwork is angered or takes damage (whichever happens first) they creative. and let your GM approve! GMs can. Golem: Patchworks are created beings. and which is treated as both a two-weapon style and a melee weapon for combat purposes.) Frenzy: Patchwork psyches are a boiling turmoil of conflicting emotions and residual personalities. sight. and have primitive or animal intelligence. and have a basic attack with their fists that does 2 dice. When the experiment is over. During an encounter. and hooked up to a radical arcane device that harnesses some combination of radiant energy. If no foes are left. striking friend and foe alike. and such madmen usually have hunchbacked servants who are dispatched to the local graveyard to exhume fresh corpses. elder patchworks are often MR 120+. this means they double their combat dice. They must make a save vs. but some Brutal Fists: Patchworks are excellent unarmed combatants. For MRbased patchworks. The patchwork will continue to attack the nearest or most threatening target each round until all opponents and allies are dead or down. Base the level of the save on the severity of the threat (level 1 for a torch. from which the most useful body parts are culled. Once calm. If the nearest target is an ally. Most patchworks are confused. a living construct which was artificially created from the bodies of other previously dead beings. instead getting weaker and weaker until they are rendered immobile (subtract 1 from Con for each week it does not eat. Scary! While most PC patchworks represent the intelligent variety. Invitro sustenance injected in to a patchwork (or magical healing) will revive the creature after this point. the patchwork loses its strength bonus and instead suffers ½ Str until it rests for at least 1 hour. and a patchwork who refuses food will waste away over time but not die due to lack of sustenance. The various pieces are stitched in to a semblance of humanity. lightning and seething chemicals pumped like blood in to the new body. the patchwork may stop the frenzy by making a level 4 save vs. although they do not die normally. Afraid of Fire: Patchworks hate fire. on rare occasion a wizard. or too many psychotic or neurotic behaviors to function normally. The rest either end up as normal (but admittedly terrifying) flesh golems. then the patchwork must make an level 3 save vs. and are prone to raw and erratic emotional outbursts. a jolt of electricity will do the same. at 0 Con it is immobile). after which it will calm down. when a patchwork is injured or angered. etc. level 3 for a forest fire. They periodically go in to crazed frenzies. maybe one in a hundred of these terrifying beings turns in to a patchwork golem. and so forth….The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 regenerate 1 Con/turn). Patchworks are a sort of golem. minotaur’s hooves (can not be lost in mazes).

The patchwork is forever searching for meaning to his own existence.67 Con Vision: normal Native Language: none. coupled with erratic behavior that could potentially endanger their allies. professional liar.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 are incredible smart and insightful. while secretly yearning for less. Arcane Race: Sherigras are naturally magical st beings.” bonus and penalty (i. frighten hapless passersby Taint of Chaos: Sherigras suffer from chaotic taint. it should provide an equivalent 36 . and orcs were (in some worlds) corrupt elves. x2 Wiz. the sherigras were once a race of men who long ago were tainted by chaos. you may do so. Sherigras have spread to every corner of the universe ever since. a level 8 sherigras wizard gets 4 rolls). plotting ways to awaken old and dark gods to destroy those who the sherigras despise for their beauty. or a X2 modifier and a X. an unaligned sherigras might manage to pass for suitably evil in his own society. The hideous. such freaks are usually weeded out by the other sherigras in their little covens.5 Dex. This effect has given the sherigras the appearance of recent corpses. but a player could easily take the concept of the sherigras and turn it in to a tragic antihero. and sacrificed to dark gods. or barely living victims of some terrible plague. disguise. Patchworks as heroes are unusual beings.25 Int. evil in her or her own life. Just as dark elves are said in some mythologies to have been branded by their alliance with demons of chaos.5 Lk. thievery. a 1D6 bonus to one effect and -1D6 to another.e. in order to disguise themselves from the sight of others. a sherigras must roll once from the chaos taint chart. nosferatu-like features of the sherigras are terrifying to most normal demihumans. and feel that their entire species must be exterminated. these scarred and shattered people have remained cursed forever more. X1. and seek to become more powerful than the dark gods which cursed his people… Sherigras Skeletal and gaunt. Sherigras are a malevolent race by nature. and find that their madness stems from a keen understanding of what they are. They are well aware that champions of order and good look upon their kind with disgust. and gain access to one 1 level spell as a racial feature. and all too many of them seek to hide in forgotten ruins and ancient dungeons. one beyond “a madman decided to see if he could make life. he could embrace his destiny. The descendants of the ancient chaos cultists who served the lords of chaos in the time of the Reckoning. X.67) Ability Scores: x1. This leads to some very paranoid thinking. men who allied themselves with the lords of chaos were indelibly marked by their dark associations. regardless of their type (even warrior sherigras). Sherigras make excellent villains. if for no other reason.5 Cha. born to a horrible fate which he never asked for. demonology. Sherigras are meant to fill a very special role within a campaign that has a focus on the forces of order and chaos. and it is highly unusual to find one of good disposition. stealth. Even those who seek a good life find it slow going. sherigras are in fact what happens to humans who are indelibly linked to the chaos they choose to serve. Sherigras love sorcery. Kindred Traits Average Weight: 5’2” to 6’8” (x1) Average Height: 100 to 200 lbs. (x. X. back stabbing. for they have a great potential strength. and seek out its use whenever possible. Sherigras are reviled. detect lies. If you want to add an imaginative taint. Whenever a sherigras gains an odd level he may then roll again on this chart (thus. well. sense chaos. forced to rebel against a tight-knit culture of outcasts dwelling in the shadows and seeking to appease the dark gods which marked them so long ago. X. pick a human language as a native dialect Suggested Talents: Occult lore.5 penalty) and be approved by the GM. At first level. as the very nature of their race is a blemish that most shun and fear automatically. propogating the will of their dark demon gods. At best. Sherigras Lore Long ago in the distant world of Lingusia. follow the path of the necromancer. Or.

25 IQ but x. You have gleaned an unnatural talent. A demonic face appears in your torso.5 to Str and Con and your height/weigth modifier is x. whenever possible. Evil GMs will. You can spend 1 Wiz to turn the cloud off for one turn. for example. Gain x1. You are insubstantial! You are like a ghost and can move through solid bodies. and you always leave a trail of blood droplets. emaciated and disease-ridden version of whatever species you mimic.5. if you roll 96-00 again. Roll one more time on the chart. treating further rolls of 96-00 as “no taint” Roll three times on the chart 37 . x. You gain a x2 bonus to Dex and Cha. Your body is considered blind whenever it is out of sight of your noggin. You have the head and hooves of a goat-demon. you constantly project a radiance of dark chaotic energy around you. except with range. and all ranged attacks have double the saving throw requirement. It has no cost to use. Gain x2 Str and x2 Con. your height/weight modifier is now x3! Racial Hybrid. so you can interact with solid objects. which the taint manifests all of a sudden. etc. This can have all sorts of weird advantages to those who wish to make the GM cry. The talent must be unnatural. however. Objects you keep on your person become insubstantial. which comes off of your Con. Gain one of the following: learn 1 spell of your level or lower.5 to to IQ but x. you can turn invisible at will for 1 Wiz. Shapeshifter! You have the ability to shape change. but lose x. like a shimmering mist. so long as they are on your person. A Third Eye appears in forehead. The arm can take damage. The main advantage is that it can act as your voice when casting spells.67 to Con. You are abnormally large. or gain one new normal talent.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Sherigras Taint of Chaos Table: D66 Result 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95 96-97 98-99 00 You have gained insight in another type. treat the result as “no taint” Roll two more times on the chart. This ability works like the doppelganger Shape Change ability in all other ways. Aura of chaos. Stigmata! Your body bleeds constantly. unnatural swimming talent from webbed feet. bat sonar. Gain x2 Str. Permanent loss of one arm (x. of course. It can. at the cost of your well being. you shared ancestry with another race. you can detach your head and therefore are immune to decapitations. Gain x1.67 Str). You are abnormally small. You are immune to bleeding effects and get to reduce spite damage by 1 (to a minimum of 1). which must be fed daily and speaks a lot. You can spend 5 Wiz and the cloud will cause your IQ in chaos damage to every creature within 5 feet of you. it grants visions. the arm dies and does not reappear until you recover full Con again.5 Cha) but you are immune to all diseases. fight for you from a distance. and your head itself is always immobile. Detachable head. The cloud makes any disguise very. You are blind. but you have an unnatural talent.5 Dex. Sight based magic is out of your domain. Your appearance reflects your hybrid nature. however.67 Cha. and in straight combat you are at half value on your hit total due to being blind. Your mind is great but your body is sickly. It costs 10 Wiz to make another person you touch insubstantial for one turn. Blistering Black Boils cover body permanently (x. should you be gagged. gain 1 weapon with which you can add your level as an add bonus (may be of any type of weapon). Animals and low intelligence creatures instinctively fear you and attack on site. If you lose half your Con. You gain a basic attack (horns) that does 3 dice. due to a chaos mutation in your brain. but this also makes you less flexible. very difficult. Your bones are strong and dense. x. find fun ways to torture the player in turn. you gain a new phantom arm instead which can be projected up to 25 feet from your body and function in all other ways as a normal arm would. Pick one racial feature from that race as your own. Yes.5 to Dex. This costs 1 Wiz per turn to remove the ability. for example: sense chaos. but you always appear to be a gaunt.

enough that it feels like a different book. Not a big deal. It includes a revised and expanded rulebook. anyway. T&T has become marginally more complex than it used to be. In some respects that is true. The character sheets are the nicest T&T sheets I’ve seen in years. although they have a couple minor problems. as well as a copy of the Monsters & Magic Book (the same book from th the 7 edition set). After that Empire of the Petal Throne. weapon descriptions. This is especially interesting in today’s era of games in which complexity is the norm and ease of use is often a curious misnomer. Everyone has a character with eight primary As any old school gamer may remember. T&T still stands out as an exception to the rule. armor and talent info. In addition to this. If anything. but 38 . Traveller. treasure generation rules and clarified information that was either muddy or th absent from the earlier 7 edition set. Is it still the simplest RPG you can find? Not by a long stretch. $15 (PDF) Reviewed by Tori Bergquist only in the cool ways most fans tended to enhance it. Andre and co. but it led to a minute or two of confusion for my freshly indoctrinated T&T game group.5 edition.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Review: Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 Boxed Set includes a sturdy mid-sized cardboard box which is not large enough to hold the contents. The Codex Incantum and Monstrum Codex appear to be revised materials from previously released works by Outlaw Press. and therefore no obvious place to put weapons. A black and white edition of the Troll World map appeared in the 5. This is a good thing. th really more of a clean-up of the 7 edition. Published by Fiery Dragon Press MSRP $35 (box set). Tunnels & Trolls was all about a simpler mechanical approach to high fantasy gaming. then Runequest and eventually Metamorphosis Alpha. That said. I can summarize T&T’s mechanics in a few sentences. and a map of the Troll World. or who have never experienced this game. including some blank areas with no labeling. a GM adventure. three token sheets. new character sheets. four dice. and others rolled in.5 boxed set of the game. Amidst 300+ page multi-volume rulebooks. the first role playing game was Dungeons & Dragons. the box contains the Codex Incantum (new spells) and the Monstrum Codex (new monsters). but this map is nicer. as a fair portion of the text is the same as in the prior release. In fact. I think games like Risus take the cake on that count. but T&T was the number two dog. The Tunnels & Trolls 7. I think that some of the basic changes in this book are both welcome and significantly change the pace and feel of the game. a solitaire adventure. and that remains true even with the 7. Ken provides an updated introduction in which is mentions that this new edition of the game th was not quite worthy of being an 8 edition. though! For those of you who are not T&T fans. but the second was Tunnels & Trolls. with dozens of pages of additional content.5 Boxed Set By Ken St.

GMs can continue to award experience using the guidelines given as-is without artificially inflating adventure points to insure characters advance often enough to be noticeable. based on combat proficiency and weapons chosen. which is even simpler. More rules and examples of how to implement stunts in combat can be found within. Archery and other ranged attacks are more cleanly addressed (and more accessible) than in earlier editions of the game. The TARO rule is “triples add and roll over” in character generation.0.0 version is that you now only need 15 or better in th a key stat. It is possible. and it makes it much more interesting than some games which enforce equality across the board. once such options were explained to my new T&T gaming group they readily took to using stunts as a favored option for slaying dungeon denizens. You roll two six sided dice. this is still normal for T&T play.0 requires 100 times the stat value). specialist mages and leaders. You still have wizards.5 characters can easily reach higher levels of play over time. and help to flesh characters out. This makes character progression in 7. about which more in a second. Put another way. and a citizen class has been introduced to handle ordinary people. Some of the more interesting changes that can be found in this edition include the official implementation of spite damage (automatic damage for every “6” rolled in combat). This has changed even from 7. often fatal blow as a result. also generate some trouble. characters acquire talents. special descriptive abilities that grant additional points on saves involving the subject of the talent. The higher total wins. If you fail. one player got lucky and rolled a naga wizardess up with 3 triples. Finally. of course. you acquire adventure points and spend them to raise attributes directly. but the old warrior-wizard is now a paragon. and I found that. with a minimum goal of 5) then you win. These are essentially skills. 7. The newest iteration of T&T has employed a number of changes to make this less likely and to add a little more detail to combat events (above and beyond the narrative capacity of the GM). Combat isn’t the only thing that has been improved. with new and altered classes filling out the roster.5 a bit more steady and regular. except for standard combat. A character starts with 1 talent per level of experience. and the difference is dished out in damage. Detailed treasure generators. as well as spite damage creating special effects for monsters. Character generation has also been revamped. and add those adds. those of you familiar with T&T in prior iterations know that the simplicity of the game can. A noteworthy change here from the 7. and when you want to do something you make a saving throw of a certain level versus the important stat. to attempt stunts and maneuvers to defeat a foe. or fumble (a 1 and 2 on 2D6) then you are out of luck.5 itself has undergone a change here. so a wizard with a intelligence 35 and a wizardry 44 is considered a th 4 level character. and examples given include rangers. Unlike earlier editions. as it now only takes 10 times the current stat value to raise it one point (7. That said. It is possible to find your delving party of adventurers in situations where a foe is too balanced. under the proper conditions. and 7. The full glossary of 39 . doubles add and roll over. She could generate a 64 point level one Take That You Fiend spell! My only solution was to pepper the scenario with dark elf priestesses laden with higher Wizardry score so they could resist the spells of this deadly and horribly broken naga wizardess. but if you fail your save then you are usually dealt a serious. You roll those dice. level is now based on your highest important attributes. Specialists are a new concept. If you beat the target number (equal to the save level value minus the attribute value. the new rule makes specialists slightly more common. I have mixed feeling about this. Moreover. rogues and warriors of course. or impossible to defeat. Within this basic mechanic is the requisite rule to handle every single action you could ever want to take in this game. and rewards feel a bit more appropriate. There are lots of other little changes in the rules for the new edition. Very simple! Now. designed to handle all those odd alternate classes found throughout the old days of T&T. Experience itself has been revamped.0 characters rarely hit level 3 or 4 in my experience (without starting that way). As I recall the older 7 edition required a TARO roll generating 15 or better. Standard combat goes like this: you have a number of dice and bonuses called adds. Better yet. but 7. Your opponent does the same.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 stats. along with magical items have been added to the main rules.

While some games out there are producing new editions that cause endless “edition wars” and turbulence among its fan base. it looks like T&T has offered us all the ultimate fan service. Tunnels & Trolls Edition 7. For those who don’t recall. I suggest you make it Tunnels & Trolls 7. I consider it to easily be the best edition of T&T since the 5. The main rulebook. and we starting playing. So is there anything wrong with T&T 7. there’s so much stuff jammed in to this box (1 map. The addition of a new solitaire and GM adventure to the whole package (both also by Ken) mean that this boxed set has everything. and Ken’s engaging. just bragging rights for T&T players. This means.” If you can only fit one fantasy game on your game shelf this year. The added full color map is an excellent aid. It’s an excellent starter game for players new to RPGs as well. your game requires 3 books totaling $105 to even start playing? Gee. informative and relaxed writing style makes it a pleasure to read. 6 books. the city of Khazan and the City of Terrors both reside. Personally. unfortunately. I would suggest that this new boxed set is a no-brainer. A section on the history of Troll World has been added. “Oh. obviously holding a bias in favor of this game. This is annoying. There’s more bang for your buck in this little box than almost any other game on the market. and four dice) that the box does not close properly. Mine requires only $35 and I can’t even get the box closed! Bwah-hah-hah! Oh. For fans of T&T.5 you should know about? I will try hard to be objective here. Virtually every old mechanical issue the game had has been fixed or addressed now. like.5 edition was released. but I can name a few issues. this is the same universe in which the dreaded Lerotra’hh rules. after 33 years.5 Boxed Set Grade: A+ 40 . and most of the classic solo adventures took place in. but one corner where the outer packaging was glued down is loosening. 3 counter sheets. Finally. the Cult of the Bear occupies the Dunegon of the Bear. that’s too bad. along with the monster and spell books are spiral bound. the only fantasy RPG on the market to have as extensive and comprehensive a list of weapons available to characters. and all of the new tweaks and editions make this edition effectively a complete package.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 weapons and armor has been moved from CD Rom and back in to the main rulebook. literally everything you need to start play from the moment you crack open the box. That’s not really a complaint though. something many other games have a hard time emulating. 15 minutes after opening it. The box itself is pretty sturdy. and it would have been nice to have a properly bound set of tomes. The dice and adds system of T&T makes it possible to give almost every single peculiar variant of dagger. for example. the spiral binding doesn’t bother me and works fine for this format. its own unique properties.5. that over time it will probably split at that spot. Andre’s venerable fantasy setting. as T&T remains. what is easily one of the finest treatments on a classic game to date. as a jumping point for GMs to develop their own scenarios in Ken St. which is a welcome addition.

” Other players may eliminate your bunnies through the use of weapons ranging from Kitchen Whisks to Atom Bombs. Bunnies come and go. Carter had to pound the beast into submission with his oar. which an opponent can play on one of your bunnies to force it to eat or die. They’re everywhere. The most common cards that may be “run” include bunnies. as old ones are killed and new ones arrive from the draw pile.” indiscriminately killing EVERYONE’S bunnies until someone destroys them. YOU there. They secretly conspire to take over the world. Determining which two cards to place in the run positions is a critical element of strategy. Therefore. MSRP unknown By Dan Lambert Components consist of one rulebook. because the Magic Carrot is determined randomly and secretly at the beginning of the game. Players without bunnies stay in the game. Players may also launch such wildcard weapons as the Cyber-Bunny or the Ebola Virus. A player only needs one bunny and one carrot to win the game. player) with only one of the game’s twelve carrots may end up defeating the lucky stiff holding the other eleven. life is cheap in the world of Killer Bunnies. but the folks at Playroom Entertainment promise that expansion sets will soon multiply on your game store’s shelf like (dare I say it?) bunnies. I’m talking about Killer Bunnies. Don’t believe me? Check out this hare-raising tale (pardon the pun): Former President Jimmy Carter was once attacked by a Bunny while on a canoeing trip. I kid you not: look it up. but some cards can close the Market or raise its prices. 36 small cards. Killer Bunnies utilizes a system of “run positions. If you don’t have the required supply of Cabbage and/or Water to feed your bunny. The Killer Bunnies rulebook tells us to expect no less than NINE booster packs in the near future. which move around the “Bunny Circle. meaning that the card mix is somewhat limited. and carrots from Kaballa’s Market. forcing players to think ahead. putting everyone out of luck. your furry friend is toast by the end of the turn. which are a player’s “foot soldiers. and six (6) 12sided dice. is the winner. One of the game’s most lethal weapons is the “Feed the Bunny” card.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Review: Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Giant Carrot: (Blue Starter Deck) Game Designed by Jeffrey Neil Bellinger Published by Playroom Entertainment. reading the magazine) the chance to get down and let the fur fly! Killer Bunnies is a “non-collectible” game. water. Amassing hordes of bunnies does not guarantee victory in Killer Bunnies. but may only perform “passive” actions such as buying cabbage. Happily for this bloodthirsty reviewer. a perpetual loser (uh. These Cabbage and Water are not as crucial to winning the game as carrots. which occurs when Kaballa’s Market (the game’s neutral “bank” of supplies) runs out of carrots. 41 . A healthy wad of “Kaballa Dollas” (money) will ensure that your bunnies don’t starve. This game favors the underdog player. 165 large cards (including Blue Starter Deck and Yellow Booster Deck). cards are played two turns in advance. but can save your bunnies’ lives. The object of the game is explained in Killer Bunnies’ subtitle: the player who possesses the Magic Carrot at the end of the game. although the guy with more carrots has a better chance of possessing the crucial Magic Carrot.” requiring players to keep two cards face down in front of them at all times. Achieving this goal is not as simple as it sounds. Have you ever wanted to participate in the hare-raising action (there I go again) of bunnyto-bunny combat? The 2 to 8-player Killer Bunnies card game gives you (yes.

unlike many rules-heavy card games that shall remain nameless (did somebody say Star Wars Collectible Card Game?). and you have Killer Bunnies. fast-paced game.”) Killer Bunnies is an action-packed. Imagine a game with the cutthroat action of Steve Jackson’s Illuminati and the cartoon silliness of the roleplaying game Toon.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 which serves as an incentive to munchkins (I meant “beginners. It’s time to take a break from Magic: The Salivating and join in the furry fun. The power of Bugs compels you! Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Giant Carrot: (Blue Starter Deck) Grade: A 42 .

This might be at least in part due to the fact that some of the specific look and feel of Gamma World transcends the game mechanics (which are the main property that a derivative open source game can emulate safely) and therefore it would be very difficult to emulate such favorites of mine as the torque gun. The future might also contain wild. Unlike prior games in which classic fantasy gaming and classic percentiledice modern horror gaming were the subjects under scrutiny. giant death rabbits. bladders.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Reviewing the Future…Mutant Future! By Daniel Proctor and Ryan Denison Published by Goblinoid Games MSRP $17. As I see it. including Labyrinth Lord and GORE. Because of this. in which large lists of feats. irradiated lands of mutant snake women.95 (hard cover). free PDF Reviewed by Tori Bergquist The future might be a grim one: global warming. and burlyeps. yes indeed. nuclear waste. Life will be hard in a future of runaway excess and destruction. along with mountains of endless garbage. several of which have been produced by those crazy guys Daniel Proctor and Ryan Denison over at Goblinoid Games. the most monstrous of all monsters in the dark and dreary future! But that’s okay. Mutant Future attempts to give you a rule set that is both a tribute to the original Gamma World and an extension beyond it. The game’s goals appear to be to give you everything you could possibly want to run your retro-game post apocalypse adventures. while also making it easy to go grab your old. $27. I have acquired copies of their other efforts as well. Mutant Future does so in a slightly different fashion than its predecessor games. because with your handy Negaton Bomb you’ll be able to keep the peace and protect your own fellow mutant brethren from the terrors of the Mutant Future! Mutant Future is one of several trendy new retro old school games in existence. powers. the two main reasons to pick up Mutant Future are: if you were a fan of Gamma World and want to enjoy a game which acts as a tribute to the original. or you are a gamer who likes simpler mechanical approaches to gaming. and melted polar caps flooding coastal regions. TSR’s seminal futuristic role playing games of sci-fi apocalyptica. Mutant Future is all about the mutants of a post-apocalyptic future. acidic and uninhabitable oceans. and the dreaded Spider Goat. or skills (but plenty of mutations!) are not necessary to the 43 . and depleted ozone.95 (soft cover). Designed to model the look and feel of Gamma World and its predecessor Metamorphosis Alpha. battered first edition copy of Gamma World and extract all the hoops and bladders you could possibly want from that venerable source. hoops.

what about the rest of the modern gamer population? Will the guy who recently th discovered D&D 4 edition find something to love here? Will the diehard GURPS gamer also find love in Mutant Future? That really depends on taste. a system roughly analogous to the nd proficiencies of AD&D 2 edition at the time. It remains more closely compatible with Labyrinth Lord than Gamma World ever did with Dungeons & Dragons. It does not attempt to define this crazy science-fantasy world in terms that make it coherent and acceptable to modern science fiction standard. To give you the brief rundown. for some people at least. It emulates the essential look and feel of the original game. The art is actually pretty good. What you need instead is a creative imagination and a high stat to roll against for success. You advance on a leveling system after acquiring experience points based on combat and exploration. what finds you? All these questions are pivotal to the game. It also suffers from a few mechanical issues that were a problem back in the old days and remain a problem today.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 enjoyment of a good role playing game. a difficulty class to be found here. as well as its basic rule structure rather well. The rules are very thorough in this regard. Mutant Future does not try to make mistakes that other. precisely because it sheds unnecessary detail in favor of common sense and rule of thumb notions. mutant monsters. I am particularly fond of the Spider Goat. So does Mutant Future accomplish the needs of either potential purchaser? Gamma World fans will find much to enjoy in the pages of Mutant Future. twisted high science-fantasy style of post apocalypse gaming to be a tempting concept. and you have plenty of content here to run pretty much any strange game you want in the genre. for that matter. or any other game like this. Weird Science! So if rule minimalists and retro gamers who loved Gamma World will enjoy Mutant Future’s aesthetics. for example. scenario design. I feel. ruins. something very common in older game systems. it just helped to lend a little extra 44 . Fans of simpler systems will also enjoy Mutant Future. The game presentation spends a fair amount of effort trying to remind the reader that it is not attempting to define the post apocalypse universe in terms familiar to readers of Charles Stross of Jack McDevitt (two authors I love) but rather in terms more reminiscent of the original roots of Gamma World. You have a set of stats and some key traits (mutations in this case) that define your character. was that it introduced skills to the game. I will have no problem foisting it off on my dedicated old school gaming group. combat of various types and so forth are all detailed here. The mechanics of the game are easy to grasp and presented in an intelligible manner. That said. radiation. and even more importantly. but unfortunately this style of art can make the game a hard sell to the younger. I was always a fan of some sort of skill system back then. No D20 roll high and add a number vs. an ever-present reminder that this game derives nothing from science. One thing I liked about the rd beautifully broken 3 edition of Gamma World. it is still much simpler than more modern iterations of the game. Mutant Future is an old school system mechanically. what can you find. for example. for example. and avoid being hit? When you go exploring. and what kind of cool mutant stuff can you do? How do you hit things. The rule book provides extensive mechanics to help the referee (here known as the mutant lord) design a weird post apocalypse scenario. The system is old school primarily in that it contains many specific rule sets for different events. who frequently intrudes in to illustrations throughout the rulebook. Mutant Future does have a few faults. better than much of the art from the original Gamma World. hipper game crowd. Rules for artifacts mundane and exotic. and everything from its much more interesting pulp cousin. That’s one of the traits that will make the game easier for older gamers to digest. but in a crowd of young twenties I’ll look like some sort of crazy fossil throwing this game around. you don’t absolutely have to have a power to do item X in Mutant Future. it has only marginal cohesion between mechanical principles. and happen to find the idea of a weird. newer editions of Gamma World fell to. Character design focuses on the stuff important to a mutant in the future: what kind of mutant are you. which include Starship and Hothouse by Brian Aldis. poison. but this is not a bad thing and the last chapter in the book talks about cross over fantasy/sci-fi games with the two systems. robots and androids.

the dreaded Spider Goat. It will be kind of like a renewal of the original experience. the first role playing scenario I ever ran as a kid. Fortunately. Not a big deal. it doesn’t take much to determine a THAC0 value from the charts at hand. which may or may not be an issue for you. and helped a player to define their character a bit more tightly. it includes some other oddities. I was very happy when RPGs seemed to evolve away from charts in combat. along with an army of Pigmen ruled by the evil Medusoid will inhabit the abandoned missile silo instead… Mutant Future Role Playing Game Grade: A+ 45 . Because Mutant Future is a faithful attempt to emulate the original. mind you. then you might just be one of those previously mentioned hip. mind you. however: it succeeds at making me want to play this game. get used to referring to charts for combat. if you don’t know what THAC0 is..The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 fluff to your character. Maybe I’ll see if I can reconstruct that original Gamma World adventure. Not saying that ever happened…. when one could in theory write a game based on Aldis’s Starship while hitting acid to get the proper weirdness effect necessary for this odd just sometimes felt that way! Mutant Future does do one major thing right. such as instant death events. Likewise. By the way. but I guess we’re pretty far removed from the seventies. after a fashion. One other oddity I noticed was that some of the mutant monsters in the rules seemed ever so slightly derivative from Labyrinth Lord. Only this time. unfortunately. plain old weird as some of the classics from Gamma World. which retain better internal consistency that their forebears. Mutant Future lets you at least attempt a save first! Also. young twenty somethings. and sometimes weren’t as. well. while deadly poison may still kill you. Not just pull out good old Gamma World. now using Mutant Future. To be fair though. it is missing skills. and it is part and parcel of this style of game. but Mutant Future itself.

however. fog-enshrouded. most notable that of H. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos (in Sandy Petersen’s Call of Cthulhu game). Professor Moriarty. The Victorian setting has inspired authors working in diverse genres to create their own Holmes stories for anthologies such as Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space and Shadows Over Baker Street. More recently. Some of the more exciting examples are described here. in the individual designers’ own words: SPACE: 1889 by Frank Chadwick: “Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of but never published – because it was too fantastic…What if instead of quantum mechanics and relativity. who created Dungeons and Dragons in the early 1970s.P. creates the game’s setting. This smoky.Other roleplaying game settings began to catch on in the 1990s.A roleplaying game is. The setting of this game was inspired by J. mainly because Brett’s television productions do such an outstanding job of recreating the atmosphere of Victorian London. in its simplest form. The first famous roleplaying game designer was Gary Gygax. Hyde. a storytelling game for two to eight players.R. Beginning in the 1980s. poised to strike at the unwary.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Gaming by Gaslight: An Introduction to Victorian Roleplaying Games By Dan Lambert INTRODUCTION -. as well as all minor characters. WHAT IS A ROLEPLAYING GAME? -.I prefer Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes to Basil Rathbone’s Holmes. None of the games mentioned below require the use of a computer. Mr. but the Tolkienesque setting is still the most popular with players. The Victorian setting has fascinated Holmes fans ever since Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories first saw print. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. a commonly-overlooked group of writers – roleplaying game designers – have also been inspired by Holmes and his Victorian world. One can easily imagine such fiends as Fu Manchu. One player (the Game Master) VICTORIAN ROLEPLAYING GAMES -. and Jack the Ripper lurking in the gloom. shadowy.R. game designers have been inspired by the Victorian setting. game designers began to experiment with other settings. gas-lit atmosphere has always evoked a sense of mystery and danger around every corner. there was only ‘the ether’? And what if the 46 . The remaining players are responsible for the actions of the protagonists. More recently.

Wells’ scientific romances took…readers on a journey into the realms of possibility. the birth of the detective novel as a genre. but the giant among Victorian detectives is Sherlock Holmes. Stoddard: th “The real 19 century was an age of amazing inventions and discoveries…Jules Verne’s fictional odysseys and H. Jules Verne Invention. more important. and Sherlockian mystery…” GURPS by Steve Jackson: “The Generic Universal Roleplaying System. In the Falkenstein universe.” GURPS CASTLE FALKENSTEIN by Phil Masters th and James L. and so is his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty!” CASTLE FALKENSTEIN by Michael Alyn Pondsmith: “When computer game designer Tom Olam found himself sorcerously shanghaied by a rogue Wizard and a Faerie Lord.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 fertile. and poverty and rebellion seek haven in the Etherscope’s shadows…Doyle’s spiritualist leanings inspire his supernatural tales and shaped Etherscope’s approach to spiritualism. Wilkie Collins’ Sergeant Cuff and Edgar Allan Poe’s Chevalier Dupin were first.” (also this editor’s favorite—Tori) 47 . little did he suspect that he would soon become the pivotal force in the struggle to control an alternate Victorian Universe…It’s a blend of Grimm GURPS STEAMPUNK by William H. Cambias: “The 19 century saw the birth of the detective as a profession and. Holmes is a real person (just starting his career).” ETHERSCOPE by Nigel McClelland and Ben Redmond: “…Empire and industry control the world. brilliant mind of a young inventor named Thomas Edison had turned its power to harnessing the ether for science?” Brothers fantasy.G.

” “My daddy’s not a lawyer. Corpse-removal detail typically involved dismembering the dead and packing the pieces into wooden crates for bulk transport via truck or bicycle-driven wagon to nearby Lake Slehofer.” I said. I only crossed my arms resolutely over my bare chest and shook my head “no. The snow felt like cold glass beneath my bare back. to the Berenrecht Isolation Camp in the German–reoccupied Rhineland. “He’s a doctor. You think you’re better than the rest of us. It was with surprise. Children in my same predicament played games just as cruel. they would shoot someone at random every six hours until someone did. shivering and naked.” I was more puzzled than horrified by Stefan. German soldiers would tie rocks or iron scraps to the grim packages and dump them into the water. or we’ll kill you in your sleep tonight. I fell backward in the snow. I had stopped crying and felt the tears dry to a crust on my cheeks as the halftrack delivered me. then. The first person I had ever seen kicked to death was my mother. clubs and steeltoed boots. The guards disposed of their human “problems” with bullets. for my response to Stefan. the bullets had brought her to the ground. so you don’t understand. The Germans requested volunteers each day. “I can tell. Did this mean Mama was stronger than Papa? I wondered as the children of Berenrecht led me on a tour of my new home. Isn’t that funny?” “It’s not funny at all. waited. “You’re a rich lawyer’s daughter.” Stefan half-whispered. Which was more vulnerable to these monsters? A black-haired girl named Tilly chuckled. I took it. but it was the repeated kicks to the head by a young SS officer that finally rendered her beautiful brown eyes lifeless. I was not sure whether to move my hands over my chest or my genitals. Children at Berenrecht disposed of the dead. You have to. my mother’s temples then kicked in until she finally relented and gave up her life. I was already aware of the monstrosity my Waffen-SS captors were capable of. The inmates were not permitted beyond the razor wire. hard in the chest. and he pulled me to my feet. It was little Stefan. He helps people. the adults excused them. If none came. or had he been born that way? Perhaps it was just a front. who first told me of the initiation ritual: “You have to take a bite of flesh from one of the bodies. Children were considered pure. The children brought out the dead because no one else would. dogs. Once there. He offered his hand to me. The children gathered closer. a dozen girls and boys mostly older than me.” “What makes you think I’m a lawyer’s daughter?” I asked. but not 48 . Everyone does it on their first day. The other children. My father had succumbed to bullets alone. a tone of stark seriousness coming into his voice.” Stefan pushed me with both open palms. a malnourished but tough boy of twelve who seemed to survive on pure meanness. Had the cruelty of the Nazis gotten to him through some kind of osmosis. that I realized later that evening that barbarity was not the sole purview of the Nazis. my parents had been shot in the head before my eyes an hour earlier. You’re snooty. no matter what they did. something to impress or intimidate me. staring. “She thinks she won’t have to do it. We Juden were required to pack our murdered loved ones for transport.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 Unholy Communion A dark tale By Dan Lambert allowed to accompany them on their final journey beyond the gates.” I realized I was I was a girl of only six years old when I first tasted human flesh. Gas to fuel the faux-“showers” and coal to fuel the ovens were in short supply there along the path of the Germans’ reluctant and spiteful retreat. Adults who agreed to do the dismemberments dealt with the accusing stares of their cellmates and the horrors of their own nightmares.

I am simply a survivor. I swung my feet off my cot and tried to run. Once inside. I looked up. according to Stefan. the act of accepting the meager clothing made me feel responsible for my parents’ deaths. It turns out that a more ominous threat awaited me. The image of freshlypainted white stars on their olive-drab turrets is still vivid in my mind. “Nothing compared to what we will do to you tonight if you refuse to be initiated. There was no getting away from him. One of the war’s casualties is my association of this symbol with pointless hatred and terror. my childhood seems like some distant nightmare. The Germans shot as many of the camp’s inmates as they could find (including Stefan) before retreating into the woods beyond Lake Slehofer. I struggled free of his grasp.” as the Germans called them. It was Kommandant Krauss. I took it. I remember feeling so terrified when I first met Stefan. The clammy taste of his flesh mixed with the coppery taste of blood in my mouth. for delivering me from the collective outrage of the Third Reich. and if you want to be one of us. but Krauss seized me by the scruff of the collar. We Jews don’t believe in eating Christ’s flesh.” He grinned and placed his hands on my little shoulders. From this vantage point of beauty. Major Krauss. The sky was filled with B-17 bombers. I do not describe myself as a “Holocaust Survivor. and my fellow human beings. I have lived long enough to tell my tale to a new generation. Lights-out at Berenrecht was a terrifying ritual in and of itself. but I can only imagine his terror at the hands of his killers. No laziness this morning. They were nothing to worry about. The Americans rolled in with Sherman tanks later that afternoon. peas. is he?” Stefan had his hands on his hips. my little Jewess?” Holding my arm. and wrapped it around my waist. to me. too. He turned to face me in the cramped room.” The term has been so overused in the media that it has lost its meaning. fed us only sparingly. beyond which is the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We survivors stayed in the camp for another two days. An explosion rocked the room. “I have given you a unique opportunity to serve the Reich this morning. I could smell alcohol on his breath as he drew me to his chiseled face. and bit down as hard as I could. “We’re the only people left to help you. until the Americans could find a way to orderly usher us to the rear. I felt sinful now that I was clothed. I write this between gazes out the window. Krauss turned toward the sound. it meant that I would – at least for the time being – be reprieved from participating in Stefan’s ritual. 49 . and fought back a flood of tears.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 speaking of my freshly-slaughtered father in the present tense. the image of a star is more spiritually-uplifting to me than that of a cross. he pulled me to his quarters. came on the loudspeaker and announced that he had killed an inmate in the Men’s Block for refusing to help dismember and bury a woman who was shot trying to escape. Krauss closed the door behind him. I took one of his fingers in my mouth. and the beloved Hershey chocolate bars. I hid in an empty oil drum until the Americans came. The Germans painted their Panzer tanks with black crosses bordered by white. “Going somewhere. he’s not helping you. The “Amis. for some reason. and the shadows of enormous birds moved across the snow-covered ground. The whine of a Nazi air-raid klaxon filled my ears. for fear that the starving among us would literally eat themselves to death. Krauss made such announcements every night. I was sorry for doing it. carrots. For that. and ran outside. like Eve in Genesis. Fraulein!” In a sense. like the coach of a football match. and dropped his trousers. Cannibalism was only vaguely on my mind when the camp Kommandant. as had occurred during previous liberations. I was glad to go to Krauss’ quarters. I thank God. Why do you think they put us in here?” Stefan offered me a tattered strip of cloth from his own suit of rags. I awoke early the next morning to a heavy hand pressing over my nose and mouth. Fraulein. The Catholics have their ritual: they eat the flesh and blood of Christ. What they did feed us was. thinking about how I could escape participating in Stefan and the other children’s cannibalistic ritual.” I tossed and turned that night. The Catholics are mad at us for killing Christ. “I have special duty for you. “Well. you have to be initiated. like manna from Heaven: canned turkey. Even now. I am thankful. and I seized my opportunity.

each month the Column feature will provide an article or commentary on something of interest.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 COLUMN: The RPG in MMO By Tori Bergquist Well. here is an overview of the kind of role playing you can find in the various trendy. I do not consider pretending you are in a bar with twenty other people on a chat line to be role playing in the same fashion…. Anyway. and which are really just fancy versions of Halo. anyway!) Anyone at all interested in contributing to the Column is welcome! The odder and more off beat the ideas. I wanted to talk a bit about the current popular MMOs out on the market. multiplayer online) phenomenon and that even more elusive beast: role playing. of course. or maybe just odd enough that a one shot works best. Specifically. questing. so he gets on to an RP server at 1 AM to heckle the role players incessantly from his level 70 Tauren Shaman There are plenty of other character types to be found in the MMO world. The single largest problem with current MMOs today is that they aren’t really built for role playing as such. and equipment/property/fame acquisition) • A casual gamer who think Everquest is when this odd hobby started and still thinks playing D&D is nerdy but playing WoW 30+ hours a week is normal • Paper and pencil gamers who like to log on for some quality quest time while driving their guild mates batty with reminiscing tales of the good old days of their Real RPG adventures • Hardcore online role players who want to play the game while chatting incessantly in-character. If the game creates a sense that my character’s career is being defined in the game as I see fit (not railroaded) and that the universe of the game gives an air of authenticity to the experience. then I consider that a good role playing environment. which include a few useful features (such as marking yourself anonymous) and role playing servers that actually hold a fairly dedicated population. Also. The best games out there for role playing include Everquest and Everquest II. usually in the form of player vs. I think of the idea that the game itself creates and evokes a sense of otherness in a neat environment. to kick this one off I’d like to take a bit to discuss the curious universes of the MMO (massive. you can think of this as “a print version of the bloggosphere” although with content slightly more interesting than rants. and which cater to this elusive phenomenon from which they sprang. As anyone who has ever played an MMO online can attest. that means that I strongly regard games like Dead Space and Silent Hill to be role playing games. but the previous types are fairly common and tend to outline the personalities you will most likely run in to when playing one of these fames and wondering where the role playing part of the role playing game comes in to the picture. porn or strongly worded opinions (well. but the mad rush to level up and start getting the “phat lewt” often overrides everyone’s desire to take it easy and just enjoy the overall affair. • That drunk guy who is bitter about his life. from my own experiences: Anyway.some sort of personality disorder maybe. cats. 50 . without much further adieu. A note about Role Playing: When I think of role playing in a computer game. or ego gratification. I hope so. but not really role playing as such. popular. Yes. or just “still alive” role playing MMOs on the market right now. but perhaps not sufficiently interesting to deserve regular coverage. player (pvp) • The dedicated computer role playing gamer who is looking for a character building challenge (through character building. players boil down to one of the following categories: • The dedicated computer gamer who is looking for a challenge. the better.

This leads to a feeling that you’re playing a sort of Dream Park style of character in a vast virtual reality park. Fun. Don’t ask. Everquest II: I can’t properly speak on EQ 1. for example. You’ll get a lot of “is that a good MMO?” questions. It suffers from a major problem. But I did try EQ 2. unusual crowd than normal. so this will take a long. a lot of races and classes to explore a rather well developed universe. was already old and clunky by 2005. But the great thing about Guild Wars is that you can hire lots of AI henchmen. ah. finding someone in this game who even understands the origins of Conan as a character from the pulp era of fiction. it generates a much larger and more. and questlines with some nice diversity and multiple question paths. every line of text. and the game doesn’t really open up to a storyline that’s progressive until the latest Wrath of the Lich King expansion. 99% of WoW comes from the original D&D games the founding Blizzard gang engaged in). if you want to have a bit of fun (and if you’re lucky meet some like minded souls) start dropping D&D references in context to everything you see. Someone will wonder what you’re up to.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 World of Wacraft: The current (still!) king of the MMO hill offers a number of RP-dedicated servers. I’ll be sure to let you know. how to put this politely. but definitely more immersive than the WoW style of static questing. I am pretty dedicated to AoC. Unfortunately. the quest lines. and this will give you a chance to talk about D&D. Age of Conan: Now. as opposed to the Marvel comic character or the Arnold movie character is a rare beast. and avoid most of the strange rabble that wanders throughout this game. Likewise. “Hey! I loved that game in high school/college. by Guild Wars: I am pretty sure that there is no role playing as you and I understand it going on in Guild Wars. while no doubt amazing for its time. voice acting. As far as evoking the atmosphere and feel of authenticity for role playing. I can’t really explain it. and every creature’s tactics memorized. due primarily to slow refocusing on the casual gamer and end-game PvPer. if you’re a more traditional RPer who came in to the hobby from the paper and pencil end of things. I feel to make it more palatable to the non-gamer gamers who play. And I am not a hardcore gamer. no questions asked. often selfeffacive content is loaded with mood-breaking puns. The storyline in Guild Wars is awesome. The game has interesting storylines. Like guys who will pay you tons of platinum to strip your ritualist/ranger down to her lace panties and go adventuring with him. generally impressive storylines and attention to detail in AoC make this game a real pleasure to play. names and humor designed. In fact. plenty of people dedicated to the “we’re playing pretend in an imaginary bar” style of computer RPing. Heck. usually smarter than actual players. wish my spouse would let me play it again. WoW may or may not do it for you. except to surmise that when a decent MMO offers a gang that looks like “OC does 51 . and you’ll often have to find a decent RP friendly guild (even on the RP servers this can be hard to find) and a crew who enjoy idle banter while power leveling. but only much later on. weird role-play going on instead. That said. in terms of story content. and helps lend to the more visceral “feel” of being in another world. but you will find a lot of. the average WoW gamer simply doesn’t grokk the concept of role playing. By the time I discovered MMORPGs it was very hard to “go backwards” in the experience to a game which. Not quite as cool as AoC. The overly cartoony. and for a short time it was a lot of fun. long time. You’ll see a bit of role playing on these. long time. but not quite role-immersive. Use NPC or PC instead of toon. although nothing spectacular usually.” moments. it’s hard to see most of the interesting stuff without hanging in for a very long time. but don’t want to feel like geeks. so forgive its absence. when the end quest lines become so traumatically difficult that completion is reserved only for seventeen year old Korean kids with mutant hands and the power to slow time. Talk about murlocs as a ripoff of Kuo-Toa or Sahuagin (and as we all know. and will probably not finish this game for a long. But so far I haven’t seen or heard of any role playing going on here. WoW does not (anymore) seem to cater much to the dedicated role player these days. at least not until I have every inch of scenery. fantasy” and is also totally free. more so than any other game of it’s nature. If I spot any role playing. a handful of “that’s so nerdy/geeky” moments and an occasional. and very involved.

no matter how many times Doctor Futurity and Bow Knight kick the crap out of them. me) but more dedicated gamers who like grinding may still get some kicks out of it. and the muggers who simply never learn.. people who get mugged a lot. eh? --Tori Bergquist Next Issue: a lengthy tale of the 7 Seas. a new fantasy adventure in the Realms of Chirak. there is no single server marked for role playing. Definitely a game where you’ll want to try lots of different characters early on to see what they’re all like. This is a game about two cities. And we don’t want that. but my wife and I were Next month: Who knows? Write something! If you don’t.except that they were actually IN a bar!.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 about level 30 or so EQ 2 turns very hostile on the casual gamer (i. and I like to think of it as a sort of “history leading up the the universe of Top 10” (a great comic. if you haven’t read it. and more! 52 . Runequest..e. As role playing goes. Cit of Heroes & Villains: The City of Heroes universe is a weird one. on down to loads of RP friendly guilds. Here. for the first time in any of these games. stay out of my turf!” bits. full to the brim of people who are gifted with powers. btw). rocks. Kudos to City of Heroes for being the only game so far to evoke a perfect blend of role playing! Maybe it took the wild and wooly world of comic books to break everyone out of their shell. I saw people role playing in a way that was both spontaneous and in conjunction with game events: “Hey. This game. quickly steered to the Virtue server. not to mention the usual role playing in a bar…. for the comic book role player in me. I dunno. I will. but this is a good place for gamers to be.

The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #42 53 .