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The anti-Marxism and science
The anti-Marxism is full of resentment against capitalism,
which coincides with Marxism. But it is also full of resentment
against the political program of Marxism, especially against his
alleged internationalism and pacifism. But resentment is not
science and does, not politics, but at most demagoguery.
However, no scandal arises between the anti-Marxist Marxist
theory, with which no thinker can agree on the scientific level. We
have already seen what high regard continues even today Sombart
scientific Marx. The anti-Marxist is only willing to criticize the
political bias that has been given to Marxist theory, not scientific
content. strongly condemns the Marxist political disasters that
caused the German people, but closes its eyes to the damage they
have inflicted on the German cultural life vulgarity and poverty of
Marxist problems and their solutions. And especially do not see
that political and economic misery is a consequence of cultural
misery. He has not yet learned to appreciate the importance of
science for the life of a people, because he continues prisoner of
Marxist doctrine and continues to believe that history will not
decide ideas but relations "real" force.

must be the work of science. But this improvement. which for decades has been paralyzed. because of the unshakable confidence he has in his methods.You can agree with the anti-Marxism when he argues that the rebirth of the German people goes through the overcoming of Marxism. and also lacked a real self-criticism. also by the Germans in recent generations. Who in Germany was a different orientation was marginalized rather than fought "[199]. to be definitive. The path of liberation of German science from the chains of Marxism goes through the overcoming of historicism. What Carl Menger said more than forty years about the German economic literature of his time is still valid today and extends to all the sociological literature: "inconsiderate abroad because their characteristics are not understood" the German economy has remained isolated for a long time. not a political movement inspired by resentment. "has not been influenced by any serious opponent. Greater familiarity with the works of German and extra-German outside the current statist and historicist sociology . In political economy and sociology must abandon the fear of theory and incorporate everything that has been achieved in the theoretical field.

Only when German science has been spared the Marxist mistakes that today is . leaving behind a gap in the development of scientific knowledge. Neither political economy can remain outside of conscious collaboration of the German spirit "[200]. but then they have nothing to say about the scientific validity of these theories. or a substantial part of it. and is no less excessive overvaluation by those who do not want to recognize Marx the merit of having been the first to formulate the essential concepts of Marxism. And not benefit only German science.could help to overcome the impasse that today are the dominant schools in Germany. But on this point we yield the floor again to Menger: "All great civilized people has a particular mission in the construction of science. Serious problems await a solution that would be impossible without German cooperation. and the loss of the scientific community of a people. The current German science must first learn to accurately assess the real importance of Marxism. Not only Marxists but also overstate the anti-Marxist disproportionately Marxism as a scientific theory. Only one who is able to see reality without goggles can expect Marxists approach the great problems of sociology.

.deeply bogged down. and only then. will also disappear in political life force of Marxist slogans.