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Qualification: Btec level 3 IT

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Assessed by: Mehdi Mousavi Pour/ Ed Budzynski
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Unit title: Unit 9 Computer Networks

9.2 Insignia network design

In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the
following criteria.
Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found.

To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that
the student is able to:


Explain the key components required for workstations to connect
to a network and access network resources

Task 2



Explain the function of interconnection devices

Task 2



Design a networked solution to meet a particular situation with
specific requirements

Task 1



Justify the design and choice of components used in a particular

Task ?




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2. the media (cabling and bandwidth). also needs. file server. Explain the key components that you have used that allow the client workstations to access the network and the shared network resources (P3).  The budget for the new office (all equipment) is £10. 5 designers a supervisor. 2. The new office will need to have two subnets One for the sales and the other for the management and finance. email server and web server. 3.  The office is on 2 floors each floor is 8 metres squared with a stair case in the top left corner which is 2 metered squares. this office needs to function in the same way if not better than the Salisbury office. Explain the function of all the interconnection devices that you have used in your plan for task 1 (P4).000 excluding VAT. Task 1 1. a financial controller.  The new office includes 2 dedicated sales persons. two finance clerk and an office manager. (M2) 2 Task 2 1. the site has been chosen and is situated near Marble Arch on the corner of Oxford Street and Baker Street. Justify your design specifically the choices you have made regarding the components. refer to the original scenario.Task 1 Description Task 1 PC M2 Insignia Ltd have been so successful in Salisbury that they are planning to open a London branch early in 2013. (Create a layout plan for both floors giving everyone sufficient space to work). taking account of appropriateness and accurate scales. Design the network and physical layout (using Packet tracer and Visio) and provide a complete network solution for Insignia that satisfies the requirement of the company. P3 P4 D1 . Select appropriate hardware and furniture for the company.

lighting etc. furniture. Test the services you have offered and provide evidence of such testing using screen shots (D1). power lines. security.positioning of the equipment. . Internet access.