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Issue 44

The Sorcerer’s Scrolls
Issue #44
June/July 2009



We’re gonna try royalty payments!
The Lords of Exsanguination
A living vampiric, pantherine race For
D&D 4E
Sirianthus Sector
New worlds and a scenario seed for
Traveller or other SF rpgs
Bloody Good Gear!
New fiendish magical arms and armor
for 4E



Sorcerers of the Mountain KIngdoms
A Keepers of Lingusia expansion for use
with D&D 4E, C&C and others
Feats of the Water Goddess
Watery Feats for 4E
A psionic campaign concept for use
with the 3.5 Expanded Psionics

The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44
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Nicholas T. Bergquist
Tori Bergquist, Jody Wood, John Diffley
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The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44

Issue #44
By Tori Bergquist
I was mulling over the idea of a theme
issue, specifically an “all old-school”
issue, but realized from feedback that a
fair number of readers who enjoyed the
previous issues were appreciating the
4th edition content (or generic system
content). I also had some friendly
feedback on the sci fi stuff, especially
the fiction and the Traveller material.
This issue will pick up with where those
left off, and include some new worlds
and campaign ideas for Traveller
referees to use in their own campaigns
(which also tie in to the evolving Stellar
Expanse campaign setting that I am
slowly revealing in TSS).
Besides the Traveller content, there is
a veritable cornucopia of new 4th edition
material within these pages, including
new feats, magical devices, and a
deviant race of humanoid vampire bat
panther monster thingies, compliments
of Jody Wood. James Curtis makes his
debut as well, with a setting designed
for use with the 3.5 Expanded Psionics
Beginning with this issue, if anyone
would like to contribute then I will work
out a mechanism via by
which I can guarantee some royalties for
payment. You might have an article, for
instance, that is 2-3 pages long and
really doesn’t merit much attention as a
PDF on its own; send it in! I’ll work out
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volume in the book. For example, if a

Welcome, despite all odds, to issue
#44 of The Sorcerer’s Scrolls! Although
this issue is a bit late by the standards
set in the first return issue (bi-monthly)
it fits in perfectly with the new
standards established in #43 (whenever
I feel like it). This issue is going to take
advantage, ever so slightly, of the
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and you contributed 10 pages. I sincerely hope that interested artists and authors will contribute. etc. and would like to make it as much of a group effort as possible. so you’re not missing out. although those aren’t exactly a major percentage of TSS sales right now (every copy so far has sold a couple dozen print copies) nor will this arrangement cover sales over at (rpgnow. the venue offered by yourgamesnow. instead of the rantings and ravings of myself and a handful of other local gamers in the Albuquerque. feasibly. then 10% of the profit will go to you. Anyway.) is far and away the largest and most visible seller of PDFs 3 . Thanks for picking this up. Luckily. although I’ll look in to whether or not there is any way to handle that. New Mexico area. 2009 --Tori Bergquist book was 100 pages long.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 and TSS specifically. hope you enjoy it! June 8. You can send any and all correspondence and contributions (or just chat with me) at tsseditor@gmail. drivethrurpg. so the arrangement of payment will depend on rpgnow sales. This system will not cover any print sales at this time through lulu. I very much enjoy publishing this using the royalty payment system offered by

using humans captured from neighboring realms as chattel. and nobody cared to cross his path. In time. and Bagheera. They are descended from an arcane culture of sorcerers and necromancers who imbued their creations with a vampiric lust for blood and magical longevity. black and on rare occasion white). play with its food… Origins of a Vampiric Race Bagheera look like tall. The following is a new and unusual race for players interested in a character that likes to. including pantherish and bat-like qualities. the Bagheera make good choices for those interested in a rare monstrous-looking species. grey. or a race which has vampiric qualities while being a member of the living. where they would remain far removed from one another. At last the War of Zealotry ended with the collapse of the Bagheeran civilization. Players interested in a rare species with some exotic history will enjoy playing a Bagheera. —Rudyard Kipling and began to mimic their civilization. Sides were taken. lean humanoids covered in bristly fur that is usually of natural colors (brown. They have long panther-like clawed legs and faces reminiscent of a jackal’s crossed with a bat’s. with wide. as bold as the wild buffalo. who had immortalized their creators as fallen gods. Their hands are human-like. Likewise. Eventually. but can extract devilish pantherine claws. as monstrous creations are often wont to do. and soon the Bagheera had become the masters of their realm. The surviving clans agreed to scatter to the four corners of the world. The earliest Bagheera were bloodthirsty and cannibalistic half-humans who eventually turned on their masters and conquered the kingdom of their creators. to refrain from combat among their own kind. The Bagheera are shifted demihumans that were bred through magical means to attain primal traits. ah. tufted sweptback ears. to contemplate their fallen god-mage creators and their history of advancement followed by violence. and as reckless as the wounded elephant. The Bagheera divided in to different religious sects. To this day the Bagheera revere the hidden valley where their founding city rests as a site of pilgrimage. the Bagheera adopted the social skills of their creators 4 . a strong body of faith manifested among the Bagheera. and their animalistic nature overcame them as fierce theological disputes descended in to violence. and a skin softer than down.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 The Lords of Exsanguination A New Character Race for Dungeons & Dragons 4E By Jody Wood Everybody knew Bagheera. driving armies of human slave soldiers led by elite knights and zealot templars of their own kind fought viciously. unable to sustain so much chaos. for he was as cunning as Tabaqui. Centuries passed. But he had a voice as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree.

Hit: 1D6+Dex damage and gain your Con modifier in temporary hit points. invoker or even sorcerers and wizards. While most Bagheera encountered will be rogues. Bagheera Claws Racial At-Will Attack Standard*At-Will*Melee*1 Target Dex+2 vs. 5 . This claw attack can be used as a martial weapon for purposes of exploits and other powers with the martial (melee) keyword. +2 Con Speed: 7 squares Size: medium Vision: low light Defenses: +1 Will and +1 Reflexes Racial Skills: +2 Perception. They gain the Sanguine Feeding racial utility below. +2 Stealth Vampiric Bite Racial At-Will Attack Standard*At-Will*Melee*1 Target Dex vs. Hit: 1D6+Dex damage. and wardens. and do not digest “normal” food easily. Racial Abilities: Predator’s Instincts: Bagheera have unusual hearing and a sort of sixth sense. for the squeamish or the effeminate. Vampiric Bite: Bagheera can bite for impressive damage. Effect: You may activate a healing surge and gain your full healing surge value in hit points as a part of the triggering action. Sanguine Feeding Bagheera Racial Utility Encounter * Free Action * 1 Target * Melee Trigger: you initiate a coup-de-grace with your bite attack. fighters. warlock. Increase to 5+your Con modifier at level 11 and 10+Con modifier at level 21. Bagheera do not grant combat advantage when surprised or during the first turn of combat. Fort. some are especially fascinated by the path of the shaman. and gain the Vampiric Bite power (below). rangers. Bagheera Traits: Attributes: +2 Dex. Blood Thirst: Bagheera require the blood of other creatures for sustenance as food.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Bagheera are excellent strikers. Although they will readily work with other species. Increase to 2D6+Dex damage at level 21. they regard few other beings as their equals. A Bagheera that can not feed on blood or flesh in the course of 1 day only recovers 1 healing surge at the end of an extended rest instead of a full recovery until such time as he feeds properly. Bagheera have utter disdain. and on rare occasion will offer up grudging respect to fellow adventurers who prove their worth time and again in battle. This attack may be used as a martial weapon for purposes of exploits or any other powers requiring a martial (melee) weapon in hand. though they can sustain themselves on a carnivorous diet. AC. Bagheera are difficult to get along with. however. Claws: Bagheera gain a melee basic natural attack: claws.

Effect: If your attack his. this replaces his Sanguine Feeding ability: Master of Exsanguinations Bagheera Racial Utility Encounter * Free Action* 1 Target * Melee Trigger: you attack and hit a target against which you have combat advantage.e. and the reaver zealots see themselves as servants of their dark gods through their actions. As for the weak ones. They view all other lesser mortals (i. He gains a +2 bonus to damage with his natural weapons (claws).The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Bagheera Feats Paragon Class: Reaver Zealot Heroic Feat: Bagheera Claw Fighter Prerequisite: Bagheera Benefit: The Bagheera has become expecially efficient at dealing damage with his natural attacks. which destroyed the kingdom of the Bagheera and sent their clans to the four corners of the world to prevent their species from total self-extermination. though he is likely to disdain those who refrain from battle or act squeamish about his blood-taking. Requirements: Bagheera. He will single out those who he respects and only then will he try to speak to them of his deep-rooted beliefs in the old god-kings and the primal vampire gods of his faith. will serve his dark gods Heroic Feat: Echolocation Prerequisite: Bagheera Benefit: The Bagheera has become exceptionally attuned to his batlike side. The reaver zealots are totally dedicated to their cause. he will keep an eye on them. Dex 15+ Benefit: The Bagheera has fine-tuned his ability to exsanguinate the living. but provides a -2 modifier to all stealth checks when in use at the same time. and the primal and vampiric deities they come across in their wanderings. which is usually a mixture of the Bagheera reverence for the dead god-kings which created them. They are not prosyletizers. and can emit a sonic noise as a free action that provides a form of echolocation with his large ears. Level 11+ in any Primal or Martial class The Reaver Zealots are the dissident militant templars of the old war. Paragon Feat: Vampiric Assault Prerequisite: Bagheera. Reaver zealots are fierce fighters and feel that their entire life is consumed in the battle. you may activate a healing surge and gain your full healing surge value in hit points as a part of the triggering action. but a reaver zealot who belongs to a party of adventurers likely holds a grudging respect for his fellow warriors. too. non Bagheera) as chattel and slaves who just don’t know it yet. This imparts the equivalent of dark vision when used. knowing a time will come when they. 6 . He gains the Master of Exsanguination racial attack power. Every drop of blood a reaver zealot consumes brings him that much closer to his gods and perfection.

Level 21: Cha + 6 vs. if you hit you may also spend one minor action to expend a healing surge to regain hit points. if you strike an opponent against which you have combat advantage with a martial attack. when he must partake of their blood in sacrifice! Reaver Zealot Class Features: Master of Stealth (11th Level): Whenever you attempt a stealth check. Daily * Weapon Standard Action Melee weapon Target: One creature Attack: Dex vs. and ongoing 10 damage (save ends). Hit: 3[W] +Dex modifier damage. In giant bat form you gain flight with a bonus to movement equal to your Charisma modifier. you may shift 1 before any attack once per turn. Blood Drainer (16th Level): You can take advantage of the blood weeping from your foe’s wounds evne while fighting. you knock the target prone. you may immediately spend an action point to gain an additional 1[W]+Dex bonus damage against your foe. Tide of Blood Reaver Zealot Attack 11 You sight your foes and reach out with the dark energy of the divine vampire gods to rip the blood from their flesh. Ref. A torrent of blood droplets fly from your enemy’s body to your awaiting maw! Encounter * Necrotic Minor Action * Close burst 5 Target: 1 target in burst. Hit: 2d8 + Cha modifier necrotic damage. Reaver Zealot Powers: Playing With Your Food Reaver Zealot Attack 20 You harry and strike at your prey. make two D20 rolls and choose the better of the two. 7 . Finally. In Panther form you gain +2 to your base movement. At 21st level: increase to 15 ongoing damage. In both forms you gain a +2 bonus to attacks and damage when using your natural bite and claw attacks. disorienting them and leaving them vulnerable to attack. On any attack using your bite or claws as the primary weapon. Fort. Daily * Polymorph Minor Action Personal Effect: You assume the form of a giant vampire bat or a panther of your size until the end of the encounter. increase to 2 targets at level 21 Attack: Cha + 4 vs.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 at the right time. and target is dzed (save ends) In addition. Miss: Half damage. Cunning Strikes (11th Level): You see opportunity with every attack. Fort. Anima of the Beast Reaver Zealot Utility 12 You call upon the aspect of the bat or the aspect of the panther within you to transform fully in to the chosen beast. Secondary Effect: You may expend a minor action to activate a healing surge.

Temp: 9. opening wormholes to vastly different regions of the galaxy. called Eados. Atmos: 6. 1 Type C civilian starport and 1 Type B Sector Authority starport WPP: B8677702-2. Law: 0(9). including the Stellar Concord. These people call themselves the Erikathi. is stationed off of the prime world in the region. the same hominid genus as man. some researchers feel that these are in fact quantum wormholes. read. Sirianthus is quaranteed an amber zone by both local and galactic authorities because of discoveries made by researchers on the planet. 7 standard planets. Tyrianos and Cleodor by the native. and absorbed the DNA of the researchers. dubbed the “presence” by the only surviving researcher from the incident. leading some to speculate that the are related to humans. The first incident in which this portal technology was discovered led to the accidental lethal contact with an foreign alien intelligence. opening up portals to parallel universes. called Utopia Incognita. Sirianthus. Pop: 7.A. and holds two unique marvels: a vast network of ancient ruins that employed an otherwise inscrutable crystalline technology for almost all computers and functions. then turned them in to puppet-like hosts. turning them around and infiltrating the upper echelons of the Von Neuman Scientific Research and Astrographic Studies Sirianthus System Data: single star system. note that the world is restricted by Sector Authority government (8) and law level (9).The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Sirianthus Sector Part 3 of an ongoing campaign setting for use with Traveller By Tori Bergquist Sirianthus is a remote sector of space with only one ruling presence: The Sector Authority. Sirianthus is a remote. and may have been part of a genetic breeding program executed by the precursors nearly one hundred thousand years ago. Hydro: 7. appeared to be a form of collective entity which rapidly studied. The Sirianthus Sector is named after the most unusual world in this sector. but ignores most other governmental influences. It was founded hundreds of years ago. Indeed. Size: 8. and some act as gateways. The S. TL: 2(12)-parenthesis reflect Sector Authority levels at the star port and by quarantine. 3 gas giants. This species. Moons: Sirianthus has three small moons. Detailed Profile: SP: B. or beyond. and they are unusually close to 8 . There is evidence that the otherwise fantastic remnants of the ruins of this planet are still functioning. Govt: 7(8). fascinating world with a climate suitable for humans. and falls nominally under the rule of the Terran Authority. and a degenerate race of hominids called Sirianthans who dwell upon its surface in a barbaric culture that has grown up with a mysterious fear and reverence for the precursor culture that preceded them.

The Erikathi Physically Erikathi look much like humans. as nothing but fodder and playthings. but with a rougher demeanor. and manifested strong psionic talents afterwards. All evidence of ruins studied suggests that the last active remnant of this ancient species disappeared fifty thousand years ago. but the Erikathi have as many as one in ten births displaying at least modest psionic talent.000 years ago along the evolutionary chain. the dominant religion across the many Erikathi cultural groups is centered on the fear and worship of what they call the “Haaki”. where they believe these precursor “gods” have gone to dwell in slumber. Because of this incident. and an unknown amount of data had been compromised. Erikathi culture is diverse. They are tentatively identified as Sirianthus Xenosapiens for cataloging purposes. It was two years before the full story of what had happened to the researchers on site was revealed. and firmly rooted in an early age of steel. no anthropologist studying the Erikathi believes that the precursors actually had a physical presence during the rise of Erikathi culture. The second distinct trait among Erikathi is their predilection to natural psionic talent. Still. First. and the religious beliefs of the Erikathi center around placating their deities. Efforts to free the scientists who had been puppeteered by the parasitic organisms proved deadly to all but one. the gods of before. one which opened up on a remote airless world with additional precursor ruins. The ruins and their proximity are considered one possible reason for this. wind and horse power. and all are prone to bouts of warfare and intrigue. but to date the research team has failed to determine exactly where this world is in relationship to the source wormhole. Erikathi belief is centered on what they call the Formless Void. The precursor ruins are the center of this fearful worship. Although it is believed that the Erikathi have existed as a meaningful “modern” cultural group for at least ten thousand years. due to a high degree of psionic talent (more below) amongst the Erikathi. 9 . There are dozens of small kingdoms and city states scattered across the three main continents of Sirianthus. The early myth tales speak of great atrocities and a casual disregard for the Erikathi. This unusual potential is rare among most humans. DNA tests have so far shown a possible link to humans approximately 100. some researchers wonder if there isn’t some sort of programmed ancestral or genetic memory in place bringing up a recollection of these entities. and physical traits that seem to place them closer to Neanderthals in appearance than homo sapiens. further research on Sirianthus has required that exceptionally careful effort be taken to insure the safety of the men and women involved.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Erikathi have three unique traits beside their apparent ancestral connection to humanity. who remains scarred from the experience. as many of the precursor sites have Institute (usually just abbreviated SRASI). A second portal has been successfully activated since then. keeping them “asleep” as it were.

and have displayed a tolerance for several viral xenoforms that humanity is more susceptible to. Today. low technology. several dozen lesser species have been identified as sapient or potentially so. and Psionic. Although Erikathi are the dominant sentient species. no technology greater than that presently available is allowed. higher levels of radiation than normal. and then forced together through genetic modification. to see if there is evidence that the genes are manufactured or even alien in nature. The third unusual trait of the Erikathi is their surprising resilience to unsusual climates and ecologies. Sirianthus is a quarantined world and only special research projects and citizens who pay for the privilege of visiting under strict guidelines.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 members of the Concord have accused human researchers in the area of showing an unfavorable bias toward the Erikathi and their importance on the world. Erikathi are more resilient in foreign environments. worker. artist. scavenger. barbarian. including restrictions on technology. and a few who have been illegally removed from the planet have thrived in industries such as pharmaceuticals and terraforming as researchers and explorers due to this natural proclivity and heightened tolerance. 10 . and the unusual adaptivity of the Erikathi to unusually diverse biohabitats due to their own ecologically diverse homeworld. Some scientists are trying to discover the trace genes that lead to the development of psionic potential. Nonhuman Erikathi Characters Sirianthus as a homeworld has the following traits: agricultural. Any inappropriate skill (requiring better than TL 2) must be substituted by a more appropriate skill. although they are neither as dominant or aggressive as the Erikathi. imported long ago by the precursors. This reflects the natural predilection of the species towards psionic talents. thief. tampering with them on a genetic level to induce stronger psionic talent. are allowed to visit. pirate. and visitors who are not themselves psionic are given psionic dampeners to avoid accidental detection by telepaths. The ecology of Sirianthus is a marvelous agglomeration of several different genera of flora and fauna from different archaic ecosystems across the galaxy. They have a stronger immune system. As such. A second and likelier belief is that the precursors bred the Erikathi for psionics. restricting any and all choices to those appropriate for Tech Level 1-2: infantry. and any psionic career. Erikathi may choose from the following career paths although barbarian is the most common. Erikathi have a couple racial traits unique to their species. and over time a measure of natural and forced mutation could have accidentally led to this development. The indirect evidence is that the Sirianthus ecosystem may in fact be an amalgamation of several different alien ecosystems. wanderer. performer. despite their similarities to humans: Notable Endurance +2. enforcer. Because of this.

This has created an 11 . As with all such worlds. with a peaceful. Indeed. The decadence of Utopia Incognita has led to a brisk trade in illegal goods. 4 gas giants. fruitless task. Atmos: 6. only to find out that you must already be a member of the privileged wealthy to gain any perks. rich Capitol City: Utopia Prime (also site of an A class starport) Utopia Incognita (Undiscovered Utopia) is the capitol world and center of Sector Authority in Sirianthus Sector.92) than Earth normal. but strict regional laws prevent the exploitation of the local environment and resources in favor of materials imported from other regions in the sector. Govt: 8. Pop: A. TL: 12 Homeworld Traits: high tech. More over. Law: 5. this is only on the surface. It is likelier that denizens from this system are either very wealthy or very poor. biomods and other treatments not so common in other regions of the sector. 14 standard planets. especially drugs. eco-conscious society. and most of the population is centered around the warmer equatorial regions. on the surface it appears to be an unusually idyllic and beautiful world. It is a slightly cold world. there is actually a healthy population of the underprivileged. Temp: 6. 2 Type A civilian starports and 1 Type A Sector Authority starport WPP: A766A85-12 Moons: Utopia Incognita is a moon around the Darius Gas Giant. Characters from Utopia Incognita have access to cybermods. and both the criminal underworld and the seat of the local naval power can be found here. Utopia Incognita’s governing system tries hard to live up to the name. Size: 7.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 unintended “underworld” of sorts which is most evident in the star ports and the smaller cities and arcologies. Detailed Profile: SP: A. enforcing living standards and insuring a measure of quality living for all citizens. high population. but it is a thankless. closest in of the four large gas giants in the system. It is a nearearth size world with slightly lower average gravity (. The planet has plenty of resources. The Sector Authority takes time quarterly to round up illegals and haul them off to one of the colony worlds. poor and desperate who arrive at this world to receive the free handouts. bio and cyber mods for a population of bored dilettantes. Hydro: 6. Utopia Incognita System Data: binary star system.

17 semi-stable planets in orbit. The Von Neuman Institute pays handsomely for unusual artifacts found by the local belters and prospectors who discover unusual artifacts on the moon. Their technology was distinctly inferior to that of the precursors found on other planets in the sector. Law: 0. then being extinguished in nuclear fire within a few decades. 12 . Pirates have made Apophis a base of operations on more than one occasion. who felt that the world was a damnable location that showed every evidence of being a relic of some lost. There are still clusters of humanity dwelling on the world. Temp: 5 Hydro: 4. then apparently abandoned their operations. Law: 4(5). Apophis has a few rather notable traits worth avoiding. in which copious amounts of frozen hydrogen can be found. Temp: 2 Hydro: 3 (methane seas and ice). 11 smaller planets WPP: E844300-X Moons: Apophis has no moons Detailed Profile: SP: E. Govt: 1(8). 5 gas giants. TL: 8 Homeworld Traits: poor. vaccuum Reardon’s World is an example of the many uninhabitable worlds of Sirianthus Sector that nonetheless garners lots of attention due to its natural resources. The bulk of the moon’s resources can be found in the thick ice sheets. Pop: 4. 2 close gas giants WPP: C303414-12 Moons: Reardon’s World is a moon of the immense ice ball Taurus 443B Detailed Profile: SP: C. The system is rife with relics in space and on other worlds of these cultures. The aliens who perpetrated this crime are unknown. though evidence showed that they used orbital bombardment against a civilization just barely reaching the space age. reaching the first space age thirty five thousand years ago. First. where a great deal of mechanized fuel mining takes place. either forgotten or willfully exiling themselves to this planet due to religious or ideological issues. Govt: 0. though nothing but fossils and dust is left of the original inhabitants. Atmos: 4. which is an orbital refinery platform around the gas giant. desert Apophis was named by its first explorers. though no one has yet established what happened to these former miners. along with a surprisingly rich variety of metals beneath the moon’s crust. TL: 12 Homeworld Traits: ice capped. More interesting than that is the presence of several prior xenoforms on the moon. System Data: single star system. Size: 3. Atmos: 0. Taurus Station (a Class C port) is a primary lifeline to the local miners and belters in the area. Pop: 3.7 gees local gravity on the surface. Size: 8. evil age. who all established refineries and mining activities. struggling to survive. and they are believed to have existed within the llast forty thousand years. Although no bases have been built on Taurus 443B due to the crushing atmosphere and 4. Reardon’s World is in relatively close proximity to Taurus Station.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Reardon’s World Apophis 2216R System Data: trinary star system. The world has evidence of a dead civilization that wiped itself out countless millennia ago in a nuclear apocalypse. several attempts at colonization have tried and failed.

These hard predators are only one of several dangerous local species that local colonists contend with. It will require some additional data from the GM to flesh out all the details. Personality: introspective. On world. They are dimly reminiscent of human sized sapient centipedes with several longer. the harsh alien ecology is littered with the survivors of the lost age. Deception-1. bat-like alien with four legs that have parachute-like skin flaps for gliding. All of the PCs have memories of being somewhere else and doing something else…then suddenly they’re here. self-important. Pistol-0. Polar Star – Heavy Freighter Zeta Class The PCs awaken from cold sleep in the hold of the Polar Star. quiet. confused. it is a major stop over for smuggling vessels transporting illicit goods. Zero Gee-0 Olina Shindra – human female retired scout (tall blonde woman. including a crude species called Skizaddi in their own tongue who appear to be rather sophisticated organisms that evolved sentience rapidly after the collapse of the former sentient species in warfare. age 44. such as drugs or slaves. Start: The S. though no research has taken such claims seriously. determined) 13 . Spacers and colonists in the region regularly report “sightings” of what some claim are ghostly alien remnants from the extinct sentients who once ruled the world. the Galactic North. Broker-2. Computers-1. more ambulatory forelimbs. Persuade-0. the world has received a reputation for being haunted. Flight. had just reached Utopia Incognita for her retirement when she wakes up here)(retired scout. was onboard his own craft. Streetwise-1. Delicate Bones. There are plenty of ruined colonial cities and townships across the globe to attest to how hard life is here. Admin-1. Personality: insolent. The Skizaddi are primitive hunters but have learned tool use. they always stir something up. then suddenly he’s here) UPP: 6A68A9. spacers in the region like to tell tales of ships whose crew went mad and sent themselves out of an airlock after an encounter with such apparitions.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Traveller Sirianthus Sector Story Idea: and a crude class X starport called Trogan’s Respite is currently active.S. about 4’5” tall)Merchant Free Trader. where known criminals can find a safe harbor. Finally. Other sleep-awakened passengers include: Yuldassas Nan – a male Ezathi merchantman (large. Still. Gambler-1. Maybe 1 or 2 actually remember booking passage in cold sleep. Third. but provides a good starting point from which to launch a Sirianthus campaign. Sector Patrol makes a fair habit of stopping in the system whenever possible. 5 terms merchant free trader Rank 5. rank 4. The following outline covers a recent introductory Traveller scenario I set in the Sirianthus Sector.

Computers-0. and to slay the beastly Slaag which had been attacking his village for weeks. Zero Gee-1 NGC774289B. 5 terms Scout Service Rank 2. Rifles1 Cyberware: Subdermal Armor-3. as well as the inimical Mister Whalberg have come to call this location their home. speaks only Erikathi. He was working undercover on a sting operation UPP AAB776. 24 years old. Investigate -1. Athletics (climbing)-0. Sector Patrol agent (brown haired. native to the quarantined Sirianthus world. and violent. no local dialect) this poor soul is an Erikathi. according to Stellar Cartographic Records. 2 terms barbarian rank 0. Diplomat-1. Newman’s Star contains an expansive ruin from a prior civilization along one region. Seafarer-0. Enhanced Vision Newman’s Star WPP E552200-3 Temp 5 Newman’s Star is ostensibly an uninhabited world. Rifles-1. labeled 14 . Deception0. Language: Erikathi only The Polar Star is adrift in orbit around around an uncharted world. The tech level within Whalberg’s personal base is closer to TL 10-12. Survival-1. Computers-1. Pistols-1. Richard Zaerg – human male. mid 30’s)(Sector Patrol Agent. Vacc Suit-0. Astrogation-2. muscular. long dark hair. dubbed “Newman’s Star” by the Scout Service Explorer who first mapped it back in 2815. Stealth-0. 3 terms Law Enforcement Sector Patrol Agent Rank 0. In the many centuries since it was first surveyed and dismissed as a fairly useless piece of rock. Personality: suspicious. although a current scan would reveal the above. UPP B9A723.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 UPP 788978. Melee (blade)-1. The ruins were built by a dead species called Skaldarin Vaag – Erikathi male. Pilot (small craft)-1. but the average resources at best are TL 3 on the planet. Athletics-1. Agent Zaerg is a young undercover agent assigned to try and track down the mysterious Mister Whalberg. Life Sciences (Xenobiology)-2. Pistols-1. it has never been visited since. Medic-0. correct WPP. who’s last memory was of heading out on a vision quest. who is believed to be a major slave trader and exporter of illegal antiquities. the Star Charts indicate a WPP of X552000-0-5. around which the Polar Star is in a decaying orbit. Animals-0. Recon-0. Personality: gruff. Survival1. shrewd and observant). Pilot (shuttles)-0. Animals-0. There is one known habitable world. In fact. a small number of regional prospectors. it is the decaying orbit that prompted the automated computer onboard to activate the emergency release on the cold berths. wild eyed. a ruin that was completely missed by Scout 1st class Harold Newman many centuries ago. barbarian (tall. Neural Com TL-12 (audio/visual and Computer 0).

having declared this “Targan’s Empire. those who got too close to discovering his secrets. On board the ship is a deadly Slaarg. and fighting is breaking out in the ruins and beyond. and a degenerate racial offshoot of the crocs has even been found on the mystery planet Sirianthus. as they were known to have done on at leastr 15 other worlds at the time. His shuttle craft was stolen by some of these stranded people. Whalberg has not stopped him. One inventive survivor named Mac Targan (WPP 9B9833). if he could only figure out a way to signal it to send down a second shuttle on autopilot.000 years ago. but has been trapped here now for two decades. a reptilian beast from Sirianthus which was the very same beast the Erikathi Skaldarin Vaag sought to slay on his homeworld. One of the main features of the survivor game is a massive inidenous beast that Whalberg controlled called a Pathlitanus (using the old croc name).” The players get to discover the mysteries of Newman’s World when they awaken on the derelict Heavy Freighter Polar Star. something has gone wrong with 15 . One of the big mysteries about this race is: why did they not exterminate the indigenous species on Sirianthus. Titus can tell anyone who finds him in the ruins two important bits of data: first. Second. which sends signals to the hand receivers Whalberg would distribute to motivate the game players. The current batch of survivors are a mix of criminals. On arriving. This eight-limbed dull grey and green monstrosity with numerous Crocs by the locals. and of even greater importance: who wiped them out. They were active approximately 30. said to be entirely intact. It is considered most interesting that they were very active in this sector. Titus believes that his own ship is (hopefully) still in orbit.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 the “survival game” because it’s quarterly schedule has passed and no one has heard from Whalberg. or exterted any control. has learned to ride and control the beast with a crude device. he found that a few hundred humans and other aliens were already dwelling on the surface. that it might be able to boost a signal to his ship. which is in a decaying orbit around the world below. a former mining prospector who came to this world to see if he could strike it rich. and broadcasts illegally throughout the Federation of Worlds. The current batch of survivors are betting antsy. Whalberg’s enemies. He believes that if he could figure out where the local broadcasting station is. who he later learned were survivors of a deadly Survival Game that Mister Whalberg carries out in the ruins. in which the survivors must compete against one another in increasingly deadly circumstances in order to escape the planet. although this fact is not widely known. and how? Archaeoxenologist Titus Fathom (UPP 766BA9) is one of a handful of individuals who have willingly come to Newman’s Star to learn the secret of this lost Croc outpost. The crocs appeared to be a rather vicious militant culture centered around a militant religious form of xenophobia. and hapless citizens of the sector who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Targan and his thugs are running amok. an immense worm-like monstrosity that Whalberg controlled with an electronic device.

Scans of the attacking vessel are logged on file in the ship’s datalogs. Melee (natural) 6 Tail Venom (paralytic). where it has laid hundreds of eggs. DM -2. It indicates an unknown vessel of unknown class. And finally. Whoever disabled the ship left. and their nature remains unknown (so far). or pursued the 16 . which used a high energy particle beam for the attack. lure in to cargo hold or airlock and send int o vacuum. use of materials on board. and dragged the bodies in to the nest area. the slaarg broke open the containment hold it was in and is marauding freely through the ship. they show evidence of dozens of infant slaarg growing within. kill. Slaarg Adult Type: Habitat: Killer Forest (any) Str: Dex: End: Int: Instinct Pack: 28 12 20 3 10 4 (carnivore) Size 10 (800 kg) Claws+1 (x8) Dmg 3D6 and Tail Spikes+1 Dmg 3D6 Skills: Survival 1. and the ship was immediately attacked by an unknown vessel and disabled.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 shuttle. Recon 2. Athletics 1. employed by Whalberg to bring new fodder for the games. has made a nest in the engineering chamber of the ship. a search of the cargo hold will reveal six OES’s (Orbital Entry Suits) that allow for a high altitude aerial drop) • Solving the mystery of how they got here and why… single-toed spikes at the end of each limb. The crew. or ignore long enough to make an escape) • How to survive the plunging descent of the ship in to the atmosphere of the world below (pilots can cold-glide it in. It has slain the crew that did not abandon ship (see below) from the looks of it. and a long three barbed tail. Polar Star has been horribly compromised. improvised escape. with nutrient-limbs jammed in to the bodies. he’ll be alarmed at how closely it resembles a croc warship!) The ship’s engines were annihilated. Images of the vessel show it is clearly not human or of any known design (and if Titus from below ever sees the image. PCs need to figure out the following: • How to evade/defeat the slaarg (containment. and it’s in a slowly decaying orbit. It began when the vessel arrived in orbit around Newman’s World. As the “egg sacs” expand. paralysis for 1D6 hours if failed. from which the polyp-like eggs are presently growing. quickly abandoned ship in the only shuttlecraft onboard and fled. All shuttles and the emergency pods are missing. fearing it was Sector Patrol.

It is suggested that if you implement them as such. then the items. Daily: Bone Shard Strike. if you do this.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Bloody Good Gear New Armor and other Magical Devices for D&D 4E By Tori Bergquist If you’re looking for some really hellish new magical items to spice up your campaign. you regain the use of this daily effect. free reaction. Some DMs may like these items best as NPC weapons. look no further… Each of the following magical devices are potent but require a “little something” from their users in exchange for the impressive effects they bestow upon their bearers. or the devices will not work unless the wearers are of evil alignment. and it hugs you closely. possessed of demonic spirit and intellect. any attack you initiate may gain the necrotic property Encounter: Deathward. as if it seeks to direct your hand to drive the blade deeply in to your foe’s hearts itself. and do not wish to have them fall in to PC hands. instant. History of the Demon Bone Armor History DC 22 In Chirak. to help give you some ideas for how to integrate it in to your own game. The demon bone armor is usually forged with bones culled from abyssal beings. free action. These magical devices include a little back story from whichever campaign they originate from. If either of those measures fail. then the devices can either be viewed as “obviously” cursed by those who make Arcana checks. and moves with your own movements. You don the armor. this legendary armor was forged by the Kragit orcs of the Dryssirian Mountains to be worn in to battle by their templar-warriors of Shaligon. Special (optional. Level 12 +3 Level 22 +5 Level 17 +4 Level 27 +6 Armor Type: scale only Property: as a free action. will seek to thwart their use and find their way in to the hands of truly evil beings as soon as possible… Demon Bone Armor This armor writhes and shifts with a clanking menace all on its own. Effect: gain resist necrotic 10 (15 for level 22 or better armor) against the attack that hit you. you deal the amount of your surge value directly to your opponent as necrotic damage. Trigger: you are hit by an attack. expend two healing surges. if DM permits): You may expend a healing surge as a free action. dug from ancient grave “Hellslice” 17 . if you strike a target.

Daily: Hellbomb Burst. free reaction. free reaction. Reflexes and Will Property: You gain Resist 15 radiant while wearing the Dread Robes. Encounter: Life Drainer.) The Dread Robes of Sul’Ziddaran Woven from a mysterious fabric that feels at once supple and unreal. Effect: your foe loses one healing surge or is weakened (save ends). until after the time of the Cataclysm in Lingusia. taking 10 fire damage (save ends. Trigger: you are hit by an attack. falchion or great sword) Critical Bonus: +1D12 per bonus Property: all attacks with Hellslice have the necrotic property in addition to any other properties. who has made himself famous for his depravity and callous disregard for human life. Trigger: you attack and hit a foe with Hellslice.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 History of Hellslice History DC 22 Hellslice is a legendary weapon. instead. when it left his possession. teleport. instant. instant. Daily: Ward of Madness. Attack: Cha vs. Level 18 +4 Level 28 +6 Level 23 +5 Armor Type: cloth only Protection: Fortitude. a 42 dice weapon that made arena warriors of Khazan nighunstoppable in battle!) sites on forgotten battlefields dating to the time of the apocalypse. the dread robes sparkle with starlight and look like they depict the vast depths of space. range 20 burst 3. Andre for the original Hellslice. all of the damage issued to you is converted to psychi damage and dealt to your attacker. Hit: 4D10+Cha modifier fire damage. standard. Effect: You take no damage. (Special Thanks to Ken St. When worn. arcane. Miss: half damage.) Daily: Black Shroud of Sul’Ziddaran. Most recently the weapon was believed to surface in the hands of the Golmadran warlord Surthak the Reaver. which is instead replaced by necrotic. it was said. you feel a starry chill as if your skin is touching the nameless void. Secondary Effect: the bearer of the sword suffers backlash. Dark runes of chaos glow with purple energy as you ready your attack! Level 15 +3 Level 25 +5 Level 20 +4 Level 30 +6 Weapon Type: any heavy blade (usually a scimitar. Ref. except radiant. He carried the blade for centuries. Secondary Effect: You take 10 ongoing psychic damage (save ends. first won by the ancient dark elf Ashtarth gladiator Dihralk Nephu on the field of battle in the legendary Arena of Khazan in Troll World. You may choose which effect happens. psychic. 18 . standard attack. “Demon Bone Armor” Hellslice The ebon blade writhes in your hand with a life all its own.

Hit: 1D10+Wis psychic damage and you may slide each foe 2+your Cha modifier squares. History of the Ruby Death History DC 25 The Ruby Death. Effect: you gain a +1 19 . First Missed Save: If the first save is missed. the god of Death and transition in the Lingusian pantheon. although the Nameless One. Trigger: you attack and hit a foe with Ryshelka. seeking eternally the right ritual to awaken him from slumber that he may destroy the universe and remake it in his own image. Secondary Effect: you gain Vulnerability 15 to psychic damage (save ends). as those souls it steals will go immediately to sate the appetite of the wielder’s dark deity. Its runic inscriptions fill with the blood of your enemies. however. called Ryshelka in the Old Tongue of Lingusia is a venerable and ancient artifact of the Nameless One. Third Missed Save: foe is reduced to 0 hit points. History DC 30 Ryshelka has being held by the avatar of Death. Attack: Wis vs. free reaction. the Death God of Lingusia or another figure such as the Raven Queen may object). Daily: Soul Killer. Optional: Foes slain by Ryshelka can not be resurrected by any ritual magic or ordinariy means (Orpheus-like journeys in to the Shadowfell to recover these stolen souls are permitted. Ryshelka can be a potent weapon in the hands of a paladin dedicated to a death god. Level 30 +6 Weapon Type: Great Sword Critical Bonus: +1D12 per bonus Property: As a free action you may declare any attack with Ryshelka necrotic. can sense who is using it and what they are doing with the device. bonus to attack and damage until the end of the encounter. causing weakness (save ends). Gilrad of Hyrkania. instant. but it is a unique device and any god of death. In the modern era of Astrophikus one can find a handful of such garments still worn by dedicated subterranean high priests dedicated to the dark god. Trigger: you reduce a foe to 0 hit points. Effect: foe’s soul is drained by Ryshelka. the foe becomes stunned (save ends). Its whereabouts after this catastrophic event are unknown. This bonus will stack to a maximum of +5 to damage and to hit. Will. History of the Dread Robes History DC 26 The Dread Robes of Sul’Ziddaran are a relic from the most ancient demigod priests of the lost primordials who worshipped this unfathomably powerful entity that rests at the heart of the world Astrophikus. and feel as if you are wearing nothing but the cold depths of space when donned. Pulsing with curious life. Ryshelka. Special Property: Soul Stealer. Each foe is stunned until the end of your next turn. as such. until the time of the catalcym. instant reaction. especially the Nameless One. the Ruby Death This immense great sword of blackened steel has a ruby inset to the hilt that glows with the life force of your foes. for untold centuries. This weapon is not a self-aware artifact.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Range Close Burst 3. these garments are disturbing to the touch.

The data below is based on some research I did eons ago in traditional mysticism in Tibet. Believe it or not. and you could derive some useful supplementary data from a reference on the folklore and myths of that region. this is a fantasy treatment that derives from real-world beliefs. An eon of warfare and subjugation under the mantle of the Tai’Kong Empire of the western lowlands. and little is known about it save what can be found below. you could easily take the data below and extrapolate from or port it in to a campaign backdrop of your own choosing or for your homebrew. coupled with the constant fear and strife caused by the closeness of the mysterious hundred years of close experiences with the 20 . I have made stats available for D&D 4th edition as well as Castles & Crusades and older editions of D&D. It is meant to convey such beliefs in a fantasy-action setting. since I have not (as yet) released much data on the continent of Takkai.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Sorcerery of the High Mountains A Keepers of Lingusia Supplment on The Mountain Kingdom of Nalinot By Tori Bergquist that Suethendur airship caught in a storm could be a suitable lead-in. I have literally hundreds of additional pages of material that has never made it in to the main book! What follows is a short treatment on the mysterious Takkain mountain kingdom of Nalinot. Nalinot is located deep in the heart of this vast eastern continent. Likewise. Needless to say. to keep the article flexible for your use. Some of you may be familiar with my campaign setting. fat old school setting loaded with far too much dense text and exotic data on the world of Lingusia. and isn’t meant to be a serious treatment of those beliefs! There are a couple spots where I included stat references. It’s a big. Fans of KOL may find this an interesting addition or a suitably exotic locale to send off intrepid adventurers… I suggest The Kingdom of the Mountain Sorcerers Nestled within the world's most expansive (and second tallest) mountain range are the people called Nalinot. The Keepers of lIngusia (available in PDF and in print at Lulu).

Lamaists revere their principle deity. • hired: Ability to teach is the final great requirement of the Lamaists. The lamaists of the Adibuddha must uphold three significant notions to their PCs should be awarded experience for upholding to these three ideals. led by the Dali-Lama. There are a number of important things to distinguish Nalinot from other regions. the Adibuddha. are the two-hundred year old followers of Tai’Kong monks who came with the first directed houses of Tai'Kong. The three ideals of the Lamaist are as follows: • Clang: The Spiritual Power of the Adibuddha. Mixed with the beliefs of the older Bon cults. but not necessarily having attained dbang (enlightenment). regardless of which class they specifically follow. additional components apply as necessary). This entails not merely the process of learning. all Lamaist magic is verbal in its components. They must learn these teachings through the understanding and use of Mantras. The knowledge that is imparted of life and those who speak of it must be understood. Some titles among the Lamaists are as follows. Those who have accepted the ways of the foreigners have integrated the new ways with the principles of the old. which has been their way of life for two thousand years now. devout tribesmen continue their ancient traditions. Meanwhile. Their religion has since diverged from the common followers of the Path among the western empire. the people of the mountains have managed to cope with the influx of Tai’Kong culture and beliefs. they now seek to suppress the hardcore followers of the older way. followed by a pantheon of lesser gods (the bodhisattva). They are categorized as follows: The Lamaists The Lamas of Nalinot. The most important is its gods. and the power of the self. with meanings: • K'an-po These are the monastery heads who oversee the teachings and activities of their charges. to be imparted to them upon attaining the other two states. perceiving them as originating their beliefs from the demons of Holkynyn to the north.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 teachings. and now takes on a pantheistic form all of its own. 21 . the knowledge previously gained can be imparted to others. which are of two different religions. worshipping the mysteries of the Bon. the old Bon Cult and the new Lamas of the Adibuddha. demonic entities of Holkynyn have left Nalinot rife with superstitious barbarians that are being slowly but surely absorbed into the mainline consciousness of Tai'Kong. but of knowing how to learn. This must be understood to attain internal understanding. and all magic of lamaists is performed through the chanting of these memorized mantras (therefore. Then. • lung: Knowledge of teachings. Fortunately.

The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 • • • collectively the Ch’os-Skyon. the most common priests. the Adibuddha is also the most northern incarnation of the Followers of the Path. with age. Dali-Lama: The Lama who has been chosen to be the mortal incarnation of Buddha. Ch’os-Skyon (servants of Adibuddha) There are said to have been eight giant immortals who have reached the heavens and ascended to true enlightenment. The Adibuddha." Manjasri is respected among the venerable elders of Nalinot. where her cult has spread intermittently. within Nalinot. age) Manhasset is the Boddisatva of Wisdom. There are several principal deities recognized by the Lamaists. and fierce archons of power. though. firebreathing three-headed giants. and rarely recognized by the old traditionalist cults of the Bon. He is the conqueror of enemies in all forms. and manifests as Kuan Yin in Tai'Kong. the latest of a cyclical series of incarnations. Manjasri is principally worshipped only among Lamaists. She is seen in Nalinot as a manifestation of mercy. and the favorite god of the Nalinot warriors. and one of the derivations of the Adibuddha. war) Avolakita is a deity who makes her presence known in Al’jhira in the south. Adibuddha (Life-Death-Rebirth) The Adibuddha is the embodiment of Buddha as seen by the Lamaists. but the phenomenon is less common in Nalinot. and sometimes takes on Athena-like aspects of war. Avolakita (love. slayers of those who stand against him. the representative of the idealized concept of "the right choice. compassion. He receives attention both among the Lamaists and the Bon cults. These deities are usually identified as the bodhisattvas. and they are regarded as the servants of Adibuddha. will embrace with time. These immortals are 22 . and reflect influence from Tai’Kong in the west and Al’Jhira in the south. Lama: The lamaists of the monasteries. Her temples in the deep south are manned by priestesses who are also sacred prostitutes. and other important human elements. and is a god which all. has been seen to manifest additional incarnations which reflect the needs of Nalinot life. who sits upon all warriors' shoulders with bow in hand. the best possible action. They include: Da (war) Da is the representative of war. Lo-Pon: These are the travelling buddhist teachers of the Path. Manjasri (wisdom. They appear as immense. She is a goddess of love and fertilitity. These manifestations are known as the Boddisatvas.

but also in known for fertility. and Yeenoghu labeled among them. some of which (Nan Iha. They might be considered comparable to 23 . and both cults worship her equally. The Bon Priests are called Nag-pas. sGrol-Ma (Nature) sGrol-Ma is the mother goddess of the land. while the Lha are said to embody the land of Nalinot. The Po demons are said to come from Holkynyn. while other nag-pas seek the aid of the good spirits (called iha). one might use oni or other ogres to typify their followers in Nalinot. the monkey god.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 traditional greater demons of different types. and their dark powers are used by malevolent shamans of the Bon. Nalinot demons are called the po. and are not in fact religious men but shamans and sorcerers who work to defeat the evil demons (I suggest that player characters who follow the way fo the Bon choose multiclass combinations such as sorcerer and shamans combined with clerics). or mo for females. She is one goddess on whom the Bon and the Lamaist both agree about. sGrol-Ma is debatably an incarnation. for example) are tolerated by the Followers of the Path. The Bon Cults The Bon Cults hold to the belief of many more gods. She is a representative of nature. from Akira. These spirits are grouped as follows: rGyal-po: The King Fiends There are eight classes of fiend demons in the Bon myths. gaining the additional fealty of the Dharmalapolas. Priestesses of Yi-Dan look to Kali for their class requirements. and one could no doubt find evil personages such as Demogorgon. they are the generals of Yi-Dan. SGrol-Ma is said to have married sPyan-ras-gzigs. who is a manifestation of Kali. Her form is the mountains. and this is the most malevolent of them. Orcus. her breath the clouds. To model fiendish servants of the rGyal-po. and it was through this union that all things of the earth emerged. her origins could go far beyond the Lamaists into the Bon. and do exist within Nalinot. Dharmalapolas: The Protectors of Religion These are the demonic fiends who serve to maintain the balance of spiritual energies necessary for the pursuit of worship.

and seek to destroy the lamaists and drive them from Nalinot. Other Gods of Nalinot There are. a great many more gods than this in the pantheons of the Nalinot. a fiend who is known for having great treasure. and a free will to prosecute the lamaist priests. If you are interested in more deities. where yaks are far more common. both Buddhist and Bon alike. Nag-Pa who call upon bDud are very dangerous sorcerers. but the deities mentioned tend to be the most active and important in the affairs of the present. Hayagriva is given tribute by any warrior who wishes his mount good health. The MC stats The Nag-Pa: Sorcerers of the Bon These are the mysterious devil dancers. pull anything out that you like if it makes for a good story! Hayagriva: The Horse Protector A dreadful demonic god. Hayagriva is the originator and protector of horses. the hoarder The Yul-lha are one of the eight classes of benevolent demons in the Bon cult.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 will work for representing members of this fiend class. I recommend http://journal. to seduce and infect those who would fall prey.pdf for a useful and interesting overview of Tibetan myth. or would like to read a nice treatment of the Tibetan Mountain God religion.oraltradition. in fact. They are tortuous and come with the night winds. 24 . Non-lha is the one to bring benefits to the house and those who live cles/16ii/Xie_Jisheng. which are a rare and desired commodity in the Nalinot Mountains. so you need not extrapolate everything whole-cloth from traditional Tibetan belief. who take up sword and armor to combat the fiends of the Bon. and are wicked mistresses of disease and other forms of bodily detriment. these fierce and deceptive undead are vicious beast who prey upon the living in many different forms. Take note that the Nalinot religions are still steeped in fantasy. Ma-Mo: The Mistresses of Disease These are among the eight classes of fiends. Srin-po: The Ghouls and Vampires The ghouls and vampires of Nalinot lore come from this category of fiends. and keeps it free of the Srin-po (ghouls and vampires). but by all means. and bDud is the most famous. Non-lha: The House God In all houses of the Nalinot. you can find ceremonial shrines to the house god Non-lha. Yul-lha: bDud.

Oni or spirit as identified by the DM with this dagger. a character with a stronger sense of good and evil and a firm belief that the forces of darkness can be dispatched. The Lamaists revere no single god. Trigger: you strike a demon. according to system): Nag-Pa and Lamaist Player Characters The Nag-Pa is less of a class and more of a way of thought. It will purge a body of possessing spirits. for example. The Phurbu in Castles & Crusades and older editions of D&D The Phurbu Dagger is a basic +1 /+3 versus Bon fiends (any demons. but they themselves tend to be wrapped within chaos to do so. demons Encounter (Free Action). To create a Phurbu. devils. Baatezu. and imbues any dagger forged of iron with the following traits (see below. allowing for peace in the land and a chance to at last attain enlightenment. devil. This has often created some strange alliances between the two rather contentious religious factions The Phurbu Nag-Pas use a specialized ritual dagger in their arts. A traveling lamaist might join a party because he has a vision or a sudden sense of intuition that he must aid these souls. invoker or cleric class. The Phurbu is a mystically enchanted dagger for use against demons. indirectly. with a very difficult road to the path of enlightenment. The Phurbu in Dungeons & Dragons 4E “An iron dagger carved with sacred mandalas. Effect: you automatically treat the attack as a critical hit. and serve the Dali-Lama with their lives. Oni. daemons. a Nag-Pa could easily belong to the shaman. The Nag-Pa are not recognized by the Lamas of Nalinot. etc. simply because both believe in the need to defeat the demons that plague the mountains. The ceremony lasts six hours. what matters is how that character perceives his universe. the Nag-Pa have a strong following among the barbarians and traditionalists of Nalinot. or help them on their path. pulsing with dark energy to harm demons and other spirits. evil gods. The Nag-Pa certainly fight the demons of chaos. pouring in from the northern lands of Holkynyn. Once per day the dagger will do double damage against such a target. +1D6 critical. sorcerer. the Lamaist is most likely to be a paladin or cleric. will do). but often works with them. In D&D 4E. Likewise.” Level 4 +1 Level 9 +2 Level 14 +3 Level 19 +4 Level 24 +5 Level 29 +6 Weapon Type: Dagger only Property: bonus to damage. the Nag-Pa must have a properly prepared dagger which he then performs the ceremony upon. and acts as a magical weapon against those creatures affected by such. one of perpetual conflict between mortals and demons. +1D12 critical vs.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Believing that the lamaists are misleading in their attempts at order in the midst of the obvious conflict between good and evil that occurs within the mountains. Landmarks of Nalinot The following are some of the locations that can be visited within the 25 .

established by the Jade Emperor. and among some of the more elite members of Rataeo it has become fashionable to espouse membership in this mystery cult. It is very difficult to map this realm. will become the spiritual vessel for the next Dali Lama… 26 . but no one knows who. Shining Sky Monastery Several miles up from the virtual sealevel grasslands of the western Tano province. ancient stone walls for defense and maintains a strong regular garrison to stave off local attacks from angry tribesmen. but it has strong. the howling winds. The current Lord of Nalinot is Hendicho. neither the local Bon cults nor the Lamaists appreciate the presence of the Ch’yo Kyon in their lands.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 mysterious mountains of Nalinot. the representative advisor to Lord Hendicho. but he is now venerable and beyond all human years in appearance. the constant snow and the endless mist seem to leave the land constantly swathed in mystery and uncertainty. as the constant groaning of the mountains. then. Needless to say. It seems like every season another charismatic Bon sorcerer sends some local tribe of barbarians in to a frenzy against the city walls. to overthrow the foreigners. There are rumors and whispers that he will soon shed his mortal coils and ascend to the heavens and true enlightenment. as well. but they are forced (on the surface) to tolerate this enclave of the governor’s own deviant servants. The mysterious Tiger Cults from the south has a presence here. changing in to actual tigers for strange rites. The current Dali Lama was chosen long ago (centuries. the Lamaists suggest) as a young boy. Rataeo This is the capitol of the New Nalinot government. and maintained by the ever-present House Sho'jukin. resting on the slopes of the Sacred Seat of the AdiBuddha (the name given to the mountain) is the Shining Sky Monastery. while working to persuade the government of their interests over that of the Ch’yo Kyon. the heart of the Followers of the Path in Nalinot. stories of Tai’Kongese cartographers going mad in this land are common fables among western entertainers! There are a few other local threats. who is served by a coalition of necromancers called Ch'yo Kyon and the family housings (mostly in Ishikoro) are the dwelling spots of the Na'Ch'un. The hardcore members of this group are said to subject themselves to transformations. Here the Dali Lama directs the ceremonies and intrigues of the Lamas. Rumors abound that the depravity of these eunuch-sorcerers was so strong that the Emperor banished them along with Hendicho to this remote corner of the empire specifically to keep them as far away from the palace as possible! Rataeo is the most secure city in Nalinot.

that has since been decentralized in its meaning to include a place of spiritual sanctity for the Lamaists of the Shining Sky Monastery. It’s haunted nature scares many superstitious folk away. but the only "safe" way to get to the southern regions of Nalinot. or to the long but safe western valley which leads to the Tano province of Tai’Kong must pass through this valley. Tano. Or so the tales go… Nalinot Villages Some of the villages deep in the mountains include Ago. Any traveler who wishes to travel to the rural lowlands of the mountain range. Chanja. Tasgon. seeking out the unwary travelers who would fall into their grasp. descended from the benevolent gods. The cult leader is a Bon priest called Anhama. and tear them apart. a powerful woman who some claim is a Deva. Valley of Many Voices Here. Demons who were once women that lost their lives looking for the men of a tribe that was buried beneath an avalanche. Cheno. and cities which are loyal to the indigenous government established two centuries ago by the 27 . Strange and horrifying things occur here. Weeping Valley The name of the Weeping Valley stems from an ancient local legend about several mysterious hags that dwell within the valley. on certain starless nights during the equinox and solstice. Gosh'pon. villages. the Tiger-Cults also meet inside a section of the caves to carry out their shape-shifting ceremonies. Still. secretive cults of Bon travel to this point to carry out their ancient rituals. but cast out of her community in Al’Jhira in the south for her sacrilegious practices. known only by the Nomads of the mountains. and while they might initially disguise themselves and beautiful nymphs and attempt to lure hapless men to the valley. These are the towns. Loga.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Place of Seeing Atop the Sacred Seat of AdiBuddha. they will inevitably grow angry that these are not the men they seek. a sacred place of supernatural manifestations as powerful in its magic as that of the nearby Shining Sky Monastery. it is said that the voices of the dead echo through the canyon. Ishikoro. devouring the marrow of their bones. to Al’Jhira beyond. The Hags are given to be Me. is an ancient center of Bon sacrifice. and the native mountain dwellers appreciate it! Caverns of the Horned Devil This is a difficult place to reach. Compos. bringing down avalanches on the living below. It is a legendary center of Bon activity and belief. still a half-mile above the Shining Sky Monastery. Alo'Pan. They have been driven mad in their new-found state. It is a dangerous place to cross.

The demon-haunted lands of Nalinot are a great place to mix up some unusual encounters. or even 28 . These are only two of many isolated towns. travelers and smaller villages. born from the very frost. but regularly emerge to harry caravans. as well as hundreds of nomad groups that exist throughout the mountains. and many nomad groups. Oni and Ogres-the ogres and their smarter cousins are dangerous giant-kin dwelling in the mountains. and see all humans on the region as encroaching on their territory.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 Encounters in Nalinot: The mysterious. They dwell in the many deep caverns of the mountains. Yoinja. the villagers of these town are fearful and superstitious. A few suggestions follow: Jade Emperor. Bon tribelands These include Cheno. continuing the way of life that that they remain happy with. but rarely will they ever be friendly. at best. chilling demons. Nonetheless. and dark spirits. for the dissident tribes tend to roam as nomads. sculpted in to life by bDud himself. ice-covered. are a particularly cruel form of local undead. The oni strongly revere the rGyal-Po demon fiends. snowladen mountains of Nalinot are filled with frozen undead. such as in the Weeping Valley. though they may look askance at any adventurers from foreign lands who somehow think that Nalinot is a fun place to travel! Srin-po Ghouls and vampires of all types (pretty much any free-willed undead) prowl the desolate mountainlands terrorizing the hearty folk who dwell here Hags Hags. even after the arrival of modem Tai’Kong beaucracy. and tend to revere both the Lamaist faith and the Bon cult at the same time. It is possible. Kala Frost Barbarians This especially remote tribe of barbarians believe they were the first men of the land. to earn the grudging respect of a tribe of Kala. and it is no small wonder that the Bon cults are so certain that a great conflict between the heavens is spilling down to the mountains. They will not necessarily be hostile to outsiders. This place at the top of the world appears to be a center of spectral and demonic activity.

snow tigers to the “Sacred Mandala” 29 . as they worship the rGyal-Po feverishly. The most powerful of the yetis are called Dzu-Teh. said as a race to have sprung from the sweat of the rGyal-Po in the old days during the great wars of the demons against the gods. Yaks. and their lesser kin include Meh-the and Yeh-teh. and strike out against man whenever and wherever they can from their subterranean lairs. Lha Spirit Tiger Cultists These weretigers are dangerous cultists locally. Nagas are also a local danger. and often war with one another. Local Wildlife From the semi-intelligent deranged snow-trolls. often dwelling in ancient ruins of pre-human kings. guarding their sacred treasures. goblins and hobgoblins are a terrible plague. Lamias build up covens of evil Bon sorcerers and dedicated remote tribes to carry out their will. belonging to the slowly growing mystery cult formed by an enclave of exiled evil devas and rakshasas who dwell in Caverns of the Horned Devil. and strong servants of the rGyal-Po in this region. the smaller and smallest of their kind. although these are the mysterious and haughty eastern dragons who believe themselves to be divine celestial beings. In the hierarchy of demonservants they are near the top. there are many local dangers that adventurers can encounter. Yetis The yetis are a powerful yet mysterious presence in the lands of Nalinot. forlorn people.The Sorcerer’s Scrolls Issue #44 trade amongst any other than their own kind. are terribly obedient to lamia and oni alike. Some dragons also make their home in the high mountains. remhoras ice wyrms. Lamias-The lamias are a dangerous local presence. Bakemono Goblins and Hobgoblins The bakemono of the mountains. They are a harsh. The goblins do little to quell this belief.

This feat is often used by the military wing of her Church. You can easily use these with any other water-born denizen god or goddess in a campaign where your characters are about to take to the sea… Benefit: The demiurge aids you in your mental faculties when submerged in water.Feats of the Water Goddess New Feats for use in the upcoming Realms of Chirak Setting By Tori Bergquist The following feats pertain to Kalie’Yana. Ritual Caster (Water Breathing) Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Water Breathing spell as a permanent effect on yourself only. the Raven Knights of Kalie’yana. Kalie'yana's Swimmer's Blessing Prerequisite: Paragon Tier. Athletics (trained) Benefit: you do not suffer a -2 penalty when using normal weapons underwater. Kalie'yana's Mystery Aquatic Prerequsite: Paragon Tier. to patrol harbors. Creatures who do not breathe water (either naturally of by ritual) must still make swim checks. the demiurge of the waters. worshipper of Kalie’yana. History or Nature check and gain the better of the two results. Aquatic Combatant Prerequisite: Heroic Tier. mount attacks on undersea enemies. Kalie'yana's Watery Boon Prerequisite: Paragon Tier. at least one skill in Arcana. Religion. History or Nature as trained 30 . Gift of Kalie’Yana Prerequisite: Paragon Tier. worshipper of Kalie'yana. and sneak aboard pirate vessels or islands. Worshipper of Kalie'Yana Benefit: You and any ally within 3 squares of you gain a +2 bonus to swim speed. worshipper of Kalie'Yana. Ritual Caster (water walk and water breathing) Benefit: The component cost and casting time of your Water Walk and Water Breathing Spells are reduced by 50%. and you gain a +2 Arcana bonus when casting Water Breathing. patron of sailors and eladrin in the world of Chirak. So long as you are completely submerged in water. you may roll twice on any Arcana. Religion.

The devastation was so great that it caused a momentary convergence of planes. scouring the region around which the great conflict occurred of all life and causing serious harm to lands sometimes a thousand miles way. Hazedlan was the center of an epic struggle between these forces. Simultaneously. and several other undetermined planar realms were found to exist coterminously with Hazedlan for second.5 and the Expanded Psionics Handbook by James Curtis When the Eldritch Weave ruptured.HAZEDLAN The World of the Forgotten Ways A Campaign Concept for D&D 3. the gods and their champions on both sides of the conflict lost their magical abilities (and immunities) as the fabric of the cosmos buckled in turmoil. the ectoplasm of sorcery had saturated the world. ethereal. multiple events transpired. The world’s atmosphere seemed to boil in ectoplasmic flames. minutes and sometimes even hours. The Eldritch Weave. The final and most significant effect of this rupturing was not to be fully appreciated until much later. The World of Hazedlan had lost its magical bind. For a very long time to come. First. In its ancient days. In this time. as it was known. which came to be known as psionics. and a terrific conflict that spanned the many continents of the world ruptured the weave of magic which surrounded the planet. horrific beings from beyond roamed the land seeking an end to the madness that they were plunged in to. held the fundamental laws of sorcery and the essential pinions upon which the magical physics of Hazedlan were founded. Most every being with a soul or some other property which tethered it to the planar realms gained an innate potential. assaulting the hapless inhabitants of the prime. 31 . the capacity of The Origins of the Psionic World Hazedlan is one of the many worlds of the multiverse which once suffered from the cosmic war between the Lords of Order and the Courts of Chaos. the bleed of magic had drained the regional cosmos of arcane and divine power. and the astral. but the essence of magic.

at that somewhere in the world is a very old. although the stories told of those old times are still fresh in mind to many. converged on one spot on the mortal plane. The final tale is more pragmatic. This just-so story is the most popular. at which time he will claim his prize world in the name of chaos. Only a handful of spell casters would ever learn to cast again. These events took place nearly a thousand years ago. There are several stories that name different culprits. depending upon who you ask. When the war came to the ancient kingdom of Meretal. immortal being who quietly awaits the day when the Eldritch Weave is at last whole again. In the west. After the final war. and that it was inevitable that they would rupture the skein of the cosmos when they did. The story is considered noble. the old gods fell. Here. This story is popular among the descendants of the Meretali people. or began to heal over time. as they struggled to find small but noticeable regions of the weave which remained intact. No one knows exactly who or what tapped in to the Eldritch Weave to unleash its fury. a land from which life was scoured. no further did the forces of order or chaos come to bother Hazedlan. told in taverns and inns by drunken storytellers is that it was Haelatan. recounted through countless tales of old. It had kings and kingdoms. it is said. gods of the Great War. Men and creature alike found solace in the worship of deities who espoused their virtues and vices. seas were boiled. The world has remained a quiet. It is this philosophy that has shaped the lives of many people in the wake of the Great Hazedlan’s Development Hazedlan was a relatively normal fantasy land. Some variations of the tale suggest this was not an accident. wizards. who fought for either chaos or order for the infinite prize of the multiverse. priests and other magical practitioners was extinct. the trickster god of chaos who unwittingly sought too much energy from the Weave and ruptured it by accident. god of Meretal and divine protector of order who intentionally unleashed the arcane explosion to stop the conflict through mutually assured destruction. the civic 32 . there is a great region where the old armies of chaos and order fell in battle. pouring out so much destructive energy at one another. and godless domain ever since. and simply states that too many cosmic powers. the situation somehow escalated in to an unexpected cataclysm. victim to their own hubris. dwarves and elves. and the earth turned to glass.sorcerers. where an uprising of villainy had sought to overthrow the ancient servants of order. for it is used as a parable of why one must seek to control the inner turmoil and work towards a better cause than mere violence and destruction. The second most common tale. too many gods. you name it. who are now nomadic tribesman along the Western Wastes. The most commonly accepted tale is that it was Mourland. and that Haelatan intended to destroy friend and foe alike through his actions. orcs and ogres. and serves to justify the destruction wrought as a necessary sacrifice which ended up doing more good than evil. an almost unheard-of conflagration by even the most well-studied of planar scholars.

and they dwell in remote. although for a time the elves were lost without their connection to the Eldritch Weave. a strong young empire in the south which is ruled by a ferocious cabal of psionic witches. Among nonhumans of Hazedlan. begin to repair itself. and many elves were said to have gone mad with the loss. and led to the foundation of the many mystic and philosophical orders that came to fill the void willed by the absence of divine and arcane magics. usually immortal. old enemies of the empire have since gone on to form entirely different nations and alliances as a result of the great power gap and new geographical limitations. Still. and can tap in to the Eldritch Weave through the unique traits of their species. are a western culture of nomads who dwell in rugged tribes and struggle to make a living in a harsh wasteland. and the other beings of Hazedlan who will define their own future. like humans. but none have ever confirmed this. as well as Chyrabal. rumors do persist that the Eldritch Weave will. Hazedlan is ruled by men and the demihuman races which populate the land. a sea-kingdom of rugged water nomads who claim the eastern seas. Today. but such tales are considered imaginary by most people. while refusing to move to more fertile climes lest they anger their ancestors. one day. secluded domains where they refuse even to practice psionics on the 33 . The psionic energy which permeates the land and embodies all living (and even unloving) beings is the source of energy that has for a thousand years served as man’s only source of magic. and perhaps even psionics as well. learned how to use psionics after the Great War. dwarves and other demi-human species continued to survive and prosper. Likewise. the elves. Old beings. Elsewhere. which was at the center of the great destruction wrought upon the world. There have been no divine beings to provide clerical power to priests. Some of the most well-known kingdoms in this category include Shaddim. that they may once Hazedlan Today Hazedlan in the modern era is a land of fractured kingdoms surrounding the remnants of an ancient empire. and Haaridan. The direct descendants of Meretal. the descendants of elves who were mentally affected by the loss of the Weave are called the Drunasis. who still hold the name proudly. Rumors abound that beings such as dragons are also capable of casting true magic.again unleash their ancient sorceries upon the land in an effort to regain their rightful place as rulers of the world… War. once called Meretal. Furthermore. and that it’s rupture will at last seal away the bleed of magical energy which permeates the world and grants the power of psionics to Hazedlan. who dwell in the world are eagerly waiting that day. and it is common knowledge that the gods all died in their own apocalypse. To this day. degenerating in to the realm of true superstition. The general consensus now is that it is men. arcane magic and all of its trappings ceased to function and has remained inert. a conquering kingdom led by whatever warlord is currently strongest. able to cast true magic. many scholars have it on good authority that most dragons. Stories do abound of rare sorcerers and wizards who still exist.

Traveling from the Planes to Hazedlan Foreign travelers from other planes do not like coming to Hazedlan. and work to restore the lost magic. priests other planar beings seek to visit Hazedlan despite a lack of psionic power. For all these reasons above. They come here both to try and figure out how it happened and also how to prevent (and occasionally even cause) it in other dimensions. a once remote species called xeph (and still remote) developed powerful psi potential. The dromites. Others are fascinated by the Great War and the subsequent destruction of the Weave. as well as other. Species such as the githyanki and githzerai. Some travel here specifically to learn psionic abilities. as druids and rangers. A few are even said to have mastered the practice of it once again. for example. Surprisingly. knowing it’s magically endowed pursuers will be unable to do much more than hire local assassins to try and slay it. on occasion a being with great enemies abroad decides to strand itself in Hazedlan. that became new psionic species in their own right. show up with surprising regularity in Hazedlan. beings who were once human. at which time they can only manifest spells as if they were a level 1 spell caster! Unless the planewalker is an unwary sort. found Hazedlan to their liking. Some new beings arose from the aftermath of the Great War. Likewise. though most consider this apocryphal lore. These elves find locations where they can still feel the weave. Finally. entities such as aasimar and tieflings. more powerful planar beings. such travelers from beyond will always seek either psionic artifacts or a psionic guide who can plane travel to insure that they can leave Hazedlan after their visit. and only the most powerful such travelers are capable of performing any magic at all. for example. maedar and élan appeared.all they must be at least 21st level. and may not even leave until they have attained sufficient mastery of their new abilities to do so on their own. unique suited to the psionics of the world. And finally. Arriving in Hazedlan for arcane and divine practitioners is tantamount to being stranded on a desert island. quite a few powerful mages. possibly. and the obsession of these twin species with dead gods made it an even more tantalizing locale to visit. This means that for a character to be capable of any magic at 34 . but after this nonsentient species became psionic they also became keenly intelligent and manifested as a new demihuman species to contend with. principle that any form psionic power is an abomination which must be eradicated. were not even sentient before the rupturing. As a rule of thumb any non-native arcane or divine spell caster must subtract 20 from their caster level to determine their effective caster level in Hazedlan.

usually building impressive. some special rules apply to beings which have arcane or divine magic and/or spell-like and magical abilities. unless the nature of the resistance is obviously magical. some beings may keep their magical abilities. • Substitute any levels of arcane or divine spell casting for the • • • • • • 35 same levels of an appropriate psionic class (usually psion). At the GM’s discretion. In any case. a region of the land in which the Weave has begun to heal. griffon’s flying. The only exception to this rule is if the creature in question is located near or dwells in a Mana Well. These regions are admittedly very rare (less than one square mile will be a Mana Region for every 1000 square miles. if the being has natural abilities that have magical qualities. well-stocked with monsters and guards to keep their turf safe from other would-be sorcerers. Such creatures will be discussed in the section on monsters.) are usually still intact on creatures which have them. defensible fortresses and dungeons upon them. acid. etc. a medusa’s stare. on average). In fact. they become psionic qualities. Any spell-like effect that is clearly not psionic in origin is lost or replaced by a psionic effect that is most closely equivalent. Likewise some other beings were unable to do so and are mostly extinct. the CR should be adjusted. and beholder’s eye rays all become psionic effects. among those few sorcerers and wizards who can still perform magic. If the power is lost. then in Hazedlan these qualities change to psionic effects. the following guidelines should be applied to all monsters and beings native to Hazedlan: • If the creature has spell-like qualities. which can be either a natural trait due to wings or a mastery of a sort of localized telekinesis) then the GM should do so. . Any creature which has a psionic version should use the psionic version instead. Example: the ability to summon planar beings. Resistances (such as to fire. Thus. The first rule of thumb is. at which time they manifest these abilities (or if they are 21st level or higher spell caster in ability/effect). one of the reasons most people never see them or believe they exist is because these practitioners almost never leave their precious Mana Well lands. Some creatures were especially suited to adapting to the highpsionic environment of Hazedlan.Magical Abilities in Hazedlan: The Psionic Conversion and Magic Wells Because Hazedlan is a harsh domain for magical power. but such abilities are suppressed until they are placed in a high-mana location. but some creatures will dwell upon and fiercely protect them from intruders to preserve their access to the magic. or to commune with a god. If it is at all possible to infer a creature’s ability to be either psionic or natural in nature (such as flying.

he should restrict this feat to one character per group/campaign. and so can choose classes based on such magic for advancement. inevitably. Ardent. Wilder. but only if they are willing to deal with the consequences of being unable to access their spell abilities if they choose to travel outside of a very small patch of rare land. On incredibly rare occasion a human or other being is born which can cast magic with no problem whatsoever. consider the following: does it have divine or arcane traits? If so. (Note that someone could easily pick a level of sorcerer to go with their several levels in a psionic class. Rogue. the feat grants a boon to casting. If the character journeys to another plane where there are no magic limitations. wizard. Unless the GM wants to make this the primary theme of his campaign. Since most people probably don’t want to do that. the normal available classes are limited to the following nonmagical/non-psionic and psionic-only classes. Psychic Warrior.A Summary of Available Classes When deciding if a class is viable for Hazedlan natives or not. Hazedlani native Effect: The character can cast divine or arcane magic (or both) with no penalty. a Hazedlani coud be a sorcerer. unless they choose to practice skills which can only be used in rare Mana Well lands. for example. MageBorn [Heritage Feat] The character is born naturally able to cast divine and arcane magic without penalty in Hazedlan. Rare Spell-Casters One theme of Hazedlan is that magic is.” So yes. bard. In other realms where this is normal. then the answer is an easy. If a player wishes to play such a being. and at worst a highly coveted 36 . Such a character will be at the very least a curiosity and novelty. Divine Mind. druid or cleric. Expert. Lurk target by many powerful sources seeking to unlock the means by which he or she is able to perform real magic. then he must choose the following feat during character creation to allow the character to be a regular spell-caster with no restrictions. The character does not need to be in a Mana Well for this effect to work. then he or she gains a +1 bonus to effective caster level instead on all spells cast. or is in a Mana Well region of Hazedlan. Warrior Psionic Classes Psion. Ranger (gains psionic abilities). Soulknife. “no. slowly returning. if only to surprise the hell out of everyone with some magical ability when they enter a Mana Well region!) Non-Psionic Classes Barbarian. Fighter. Prerequisites: 1st level.

including the dark elves (Daelfyr).Prestige Classes Any prestige class which has a divine/arcane requirement may. elves. A Summary of Playable Races All of the following races. Most dwarves are not and will not bother with psionics. Halflings Halflings are a rare subspecies of elf which did not suffer from the loss of magic. can be played in Hazedlan. though they recognize their greatest elders universally. Gnomes Gnomes are a rare lot. Humans Humans are numerous and can be found dominating most kingdoms. Dwarves The common dwarf. The Cerebramancer is still available to a character which has taken the Mageborn heritage feat and then met the necessary requirements. Additional races are certainly possible (almost anything. unlike their deep dwarf cousins. really) but any foreign visitor from the planes must deal with the specific traits of this world. but dwell within their own local enclaves as part of another group’s city or town. and to them psionics are just another variant on the theme which they choose to ignore. Elves come in four flavors. then the psionic variant may not ever attain arcane/divine abilities later on should that option come to pass. Dwarves dwell in subterranean and mountainous kingdoms throughout the world. an assassin prestige class taken by a psychic warrior would allow the assassin to substitute arcane magic level from the prestige class for additional psychic warrior psionic advancement instead. the wood elves (Undalyn). with specific notes attached. They are of only once distinct race. haflings and dwarves. find Hazedlan to be perfectly normal. and most are psionic in one manner or another. their counterparts being the duergar. Most Halfling dwell in small communities nestled in fertile. but they adapted well to the change. lush Elves Elves are rare but dwell in small communities throughout the world. among human. Natives. and went on largely unaffected. They have no centralized kingdom or rulers. at the GM’s discretion. Dwarves rarely invested time in to magical study. As an example. substitute psionic ability advancement and requirements instead. If so. They are not adventurous in the least. All of the prestige classes for psionic characters in the EPH and CP are available except for the Cerebramancer. Gnomes tend to not have communities of their own. which is the surviving language of the lost empire. The most famous one is Durnhammer. the high elves (Eiddithin) and the Drunasis. or lost elves. The most common language among humanity is Meretali. are dour and surly but ultimately agreeable when dealing with men and elves. but on rare occasion a Halfling will leave his or her tribal land to go a’questing. 37 . and has long been regarded as a common trade language among all. as described below. in the Pinefrost Mountains of the north.

As a result. remnants of the ancient chaos armies who now seek a place for themselves in the greater wilderness of the world.said that the original orcs of old were all sprung from magic. thus forcing them to find and mate with the women of other species. It is Lizardfolk The lizardmen of Hazedlan are a fierce and proud species. On rare occasions a true-blood orc is born to a lucky (?) mother. working on the sides of both order and chaos. Such true-bloods usually go on to become great and dangerous warlords. agriculture regions. so half-orcs seem all too common. Both male and female lizardfolk can fight with equal fierceness. many half orcs sprang from such unions. Orcs True orcs are brutal and militaristic. They lack a society of their own. and over the rapid succeeding generations the species as a whole seemed to settle down with it’s own curious and barbaric intensity. and over time their numbers were spread throughout the world. and they maintain a strong state of equality on their chiefdoms. The lizardmen were mercenaries of old. and had no females to breed with. but the orcs did eventually begin to spawn female offspring. and they thrived in the remnants of the blasted lands after the Great War. chosen for their seclusion and safety due to natural barriers. The orcs of today are not said to be as fierce or big as their original counterparts. Half-Orcs The orcs of the world had to save their species through cross-breeding. but instead live with and adopt the ways of one or more of their parents. Dromites The dromites were born in to psionic ability and intelligence simultaneously 38 . and as a result of cultural tradition from the old days they still do a lot of raping and pillaging.

but some half giant clans have been found living with other giants. Xeph The Xeph dwell in hidden enclaves to the distant north. Maenads The volatile and emotional maenads have sometimes split in to small communities of their own. the offspring were half dragons. They are a harsh folk. tieflings and aasimar of the planes (and other species) have sometimes come to Hazedlan to escape dangers which are much easier to deal with in this magic- Githzerai The githzerai usually find alliances amongst humans and elves to work 39 . but when they had offspring. and they have come to expand throughout the underworld and beyond. Maenads have no distinct culture.against the power hungry githyanki. orcs and dark elves for control of their dark realms. Elan Elan are a subtype of humans who operate in secret with special societies. there are enough such beasts in the world to merit inclusion here. instead adopting to the region in which they dwell. although many migrated to the blasted lands and now eke out an existence there. Half-Giants The half giants are an enigma of the old empire. half giants had to give up the endless fight and learn to live in polite society. but it is said that early on dragons who were trapped in humanoid form when the magic died were unable to change back. Although rare. but most are intermingled with human society or sometimes amongst elves and other kin. now destined to live in a land forever changed by those old wars. after the explosion of the weave. Their hivelike nature makes them incredibly cooperative with fellow beings. They are found throughout the human lands. seeking hidden meaning in the region scoured by the ancient explosion. Githyanki The githyanki are planar creatures. dwarves and even orcs. mind flayers hobgoblins. once bred to be the ultimate fighters and shock troops. and they are found to be working with their neighbors far more often than against them. looking for lost relics and the remnants of fallen gods. but many will travel to hidden fortresses in the prime world and dwell there for years at a time. They are most likely to be found among men. and often inhabit fortress complexes in which psionically powered portals to limbo can be found. and always at war with their fair-skinned mountain brethren. Duergar The deep dwarves of the most subterrene realms often vie with chitins. ogres. usually in the blasted lands. Tieflings and Aasimar Rare but possible. Like the orcs. Half-Dragons The rare half dragons of the land are a site to behold.

These cultists are known as Immortalists. most Hazedlani consider resurrection to be an abomination. but quickly seek to adopt psionic ways and abilities. Nonetheless. who worship the old dead gods believing they can resurrect them. and their spirit went on to join the ectoplasmic essence of the hazy nebula of psionic 40 . Immortalists. extinguished in a brilliant moment of magical destruction. until one has reincarnated a sufficient number of times to have achieved a sense of true wisdom. from repairing the Eldritch Weave to even becoming new gods to oversee the vacant pantheons of Hazedlan. and they are a small but very powerful less land. it is not believed possible to achieve transcendence. they had already mastered psionics. Reincarnation is also very popular among Hazedlani belief. The thri-kreen say that. The thrikreen have long contended that they are the oldest race in the world. Not all Hazedlani believe this. predating all other species. these cults believe that the soul is destroyed in the process. and to recover and prevent their spirits from escaping to be reincarnated. as well as the astral. Thri-Kreens The insectoid thri-kreen were around and intelligent (unlike the dromites) before the magic died. to achieve the perfection of the transition from life to death to eternal existence. that this is actually the means by which the lost magical power is eventually returned to repair the Eldritch Weave. but some cults and secret societies feel that the notion of reincarnation and transcendence is a misnomer. including the following: Transcendants. and that it has always been present. who believe that reincarnation and ascencion to a high state of being is the way to become divine. since their passing a new form of religious worship has arisen around what are called the Ascended. who feel that they must achieve physical immortality to escape a terrible fate. and limbo planes adjacent. ethereal. and even more amazingly have always exhibited psionic power (like the mind flayers). and the Zealots. The divine minds and other psionic practitioners often seek to follow these ascended. These are beings of such great psionic strength that they transcended death. Such beings forsake their own magical talents and abilities. The Religion of Hazedlan Religion never dies. even dragons. a force apart from the Eldritch Weave. long before magic was ever learned. In that permeates this planar region of the prime material plane. The gods of Hazedlan died a long time ago. a practice which can damage the soul. and they seek to prevent such from happening to themselves. The chief means by which they seek to stave off this fate is through learning to achieve immortality. They believe that the sudden absence of magic was what awakened the psionic energy latent in all beings. In Hazedlan there a number of religious faiths. Even worse. even when the gods do. There is a popular belief that such ascended souls can then go on to achieve great things in the afterlife. Because of this common belief that reincarnation is a necessary part of life and existence.

movement among the kingdoms of men. although often as not it is merely psionic talent being attributed to divine influence. Sometimes. Finally. 41 . there are some Hazedlani known as Zealots who still worship the old gods. on rare occasions a priest or initiate of such a cult seems to exhibit real divine magical power. believing that with enough time and faith they will manage to restore the lost spirits of these gods to strength once more. These curious old pagan cults of order and chaos are sometimes scary in their zealotry. and as a result of their dedication manage to cause all sorts of trouble when they begin to grow in size and strength in whatever region they manifest.