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Who is MosquitNo?
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Protecting our skin from biting mosquitoes previously

After the introduction of the bracelets & SpotZzz

meant using sticky lubricants including the toxic

stickers, MosquitNo developed a new range of

substance DEET.

Mosquito Repellent Polo Shirts, available for men,

MosquitNo thought ‘this can be done with more fun

women and kids.

and functionality’ skin or clothing sticks.
By these technologies we are able to develop new
MosquitNo is well known from the trendy bracelet for

product concepts which connect with current trends

mosquitoes to keep bad bugs away and has

for safe and user friendly protection against

developed practical solutions to replace the clumsy

mosquitoes and other insects. In 2014 we started with

lubrication problem. And MosquitNo... its also hip and

the development of a series of products based on


Nano Technlogy and for 2015 a Cosmetics Product

Above all, mosquitoes are the human killer number 1

Line will be launched.

and we believe that fighting them can be fun!

MosquitNo turns a low interest product into a high
interest product and makes a normally rational sale
into an emotional sale which creates new revenue
chances for the customers.

practical and secure protection a gradual and prolonged during active moments. While sleeping next sweat on the skin. MosquitNo is ideal during holidays and the terrace or during those to your pillow or on the table a safer solution and more travel. functionality for optimal protection Stylish.THE COMPANY MosquitNo provides a unique offering. Marketing 
 & Sales Concept Innovation Product Development HOME & GARDEN SPORT & OUTDOOR TRAVEL & DUTY FREE HOSPITALITY MosquitNo products are very The skin is extra sensitive for The compact and lightweight MosquitNo products are suitable to use around the mosquitoes after sports due the MosquitNo packagings are excellent suitable for use on house. Innovations for the target markets. has patio. distribute the Mosquitno solutions worldwide protecting against package and display solutions. according to SWORDFISH model by MosquitNo. consumer insights and concepts into feasible. Our products are easy nice summer evenings in during the long summer convenience way to apply on to carry during flights and trendy beach clubs. evenings in the garden or the skin. MosquitNo making it a backpacking MosquitNo is easy to use. Practical & Functional . ready to sale teams and partners in marketing and business needs to deliver innovative products with the most attractive sales. concepts and products around the globe in different market segments mosquitoes and other insects. Concept Innovation Product Development Marketing & Sales MosquitNo leverages on new MosquitNo transform new ideas and MosquitNo have multi-disciplinary technologies.



000 deaths per year .a multi billion USD market! Malaria Japanese mosquitoes virus Yellow Fever Dengoe Asian tiger mosquitoes Chikungunya .new upcoming diseases .OVERVIEW COUNTRIES Countries of area at risk 800.

despite billion in 2019. according to trade sources. repellent products in 2014.
 consumers were becoming more sensitive about the chemical residues that insect repellent products might produce. As a result.
 . boost the development of insect insect repellents. stable consumer demand. jointly boosted the development of more natural current terms in 2014. such as coils and spray/aerosol with innovative products. This convenience and innovation successfully attracted consumers and resulted in healthy growth. reaching sales of CNY 7.1 home insect repellent products recorded stable growth in 2014. together hand. In addition.1 billion in 2014. especially non harmful due to infrequent purchases. especially in the summer. especially young parents. expensive less-harmful insect repellent products. had already reached a high degree of maturity. and to a general trading up to more- insect repellent. mainly thanks to consumers’ low price sensitivity and non toxic insect repellents in in 2014. Supported by increasing product knowledge.INSECT REPELLNT PRODUCTS IN CHINA Insect repellent products in China Headlines Stable current value growth Insect Repellent products records stable growth of 8% in current Insect Repellent products recorded stable current value growth of 8% in terms. reaching sales of CNY8. they were increasingly looking for convenience.
 coming from a large base
 Health-conscious and convenience orientated Average unit prices growth Health-conscious and convenience-orientated consumers. types increase in current terms in 2014. 2014. together with The average unit prices of all insect repellents product types grew in innovative products. value CAGR of 3% over the forecast period. On the one Health-conscious and convenience-orientated consumers. most insect repellents. along with the further penetration of liquid insect repellents gave Home and personal insect repellents set to grow at a stable constant home insect repellent products new growth momentum. which was slightly lower than in the previous year. especially liquid repellents Average unit prices of all home and personal insect repellent product On the other hand.

wormwood and mint.
 Increasing popularity of insect repellents Sales of Spray / Aerosol insect repellent by type Compare to the review period. the popularity of small-area commodity housing. home and personal insect repellents are expected to record a slight lower but still healthy constant value CAGR of 3% over the forecast period. as the high-priced liquid electric repellents will continue to account for a larger share of sales at the expense of low-priced mat electric insect repellents. the increasing sensibilities of consumers towards excessive amounts of chemical ingredients. Firstly. further support their increasing popularity. citronella. with the fact that liquid insect repellents contain more-natural insecticidal ingredients. The strong growth momentum from the increasing popularity of personal insect repellent products will support a positive performance from home insecticides. innovative and more high end product versions. which fits in better with the use of smart and functional insect repellents. Price rises within electric repellents are set to be strong. This is due to the further penetration of advanced. such as. natural electric insect repellents.
 Forecast sales home & personal insect repellents by category . all product categories are set to record stable price increases at constant 2014 prices. Secondly. for example.INSECT REPELLNT PRODUCTS IN CHINA Prospects for China 2014/2019 To become increasing popular Sales of insect repellent products by category Smart and non harmful insect repellents are set to become increasing popular over the forecast period. lemon grass. which is already coming from a large base
 Price competition Price competition within home & personal insect repellents is set to be moderate over the forecast period.

2). and DEET at the bottom. The anopheles mosquitoe is a common carrier of Malaria and Dengue Fever. During this time frame. which was 10 percentage points above that of DEET and nearly 20 percentage points above that of IR3535® (Fig. the efficacy of the Saltidin®-solution was still at a level of 99%. A superior performance of Saltidin® was also found when comparing the average repellency over all concentrations. Safety for children “Saltidin® is considered to be the repellent of first choice by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Canadian Advisory Committee on Tropical Medicine and Travel for travelers six months to 12 years of age. no loss of efficacy was observed for Saltidin®. Control PVC at the top. This breed of mosquitoe is more prevalent 
 in Central .” (10) .South America & Asia. firearm finishes. PROTECTION TIME EFFICACY ON TICKS SALTIDIN Material compatibility Saltidin® will not harm or damage plastic or synthetic coatings. Even after 10h. sunglasses. 1). It won’t damage your fishing line. The best protection was achieved with DEET and particularly with Saltidin®. Effect on PVC plastic soaked in Saltidin® and DEET then analyzed after 7 days. watch or other outdoor products.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Detailed eye on the ingredients EFFICACY ON MOSQUITOES Safety and Effectiveness CONTROL With NAN O DEET The efficacy against an Anopheles-species (Mosquitoes) was monitored over a time period of 10h. in contrast especially to IR3535® (Fig. Saltidin®in the middle.

Spray containing 30% DEET: 
 Do not use on children less then 12 years old. at a concentration of up to 20% in the repellent product. (Culicoides impunctatus). Landing and biting was prevented for more than 8 hours) Further test results can be found in the report "Summary Efficacy Data" DEET-based repellents under restriction in many countries Current restrictions based on DEET products: Spray containing 20% DEET: 
 Do not use on children less then 12 years old.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Detailed eye on the ingredients Safety and Effectiveness Advantages of Saltidin® Non -Toxic and Dermatologically tested (not on animals) Safe for kids from 0 months "Human Safety report Saltidin®" Safe for pregnant women (see attached report "Human Safety Saltidin®") What do other say? Conclusion The safety data and efficacy of Saltidin®
 To summarize the implications of Saltidin® 
 (Icaridin) have been reviewed by the 
 for human health. The results of 
 long-lasting use of large amounts of Saltidin®- this evaluation can be viewed online under: containing repellent products will be without any undesired effects on the skin or any Also effective against horse flies and ticks. is also safe for use by small children (no age restriction) and pregnant women. has been marketed since 1998 in now more than 40 countries worldwide without any healthrelated customer complaints. 
 Adults: only apply once a day internal organ.
 (see attached report "SOFW May 2014") On page 28. 
 Adults: only apply once a day Spray containing 50% DEET: 
 Do not use on children less then 17 years old. Saltidin®. WHO comes to the conclusion that KBR 3023 
 Effective against midges (As a part of the WHO Pesticide Scheme (= Saltidin®) “is recommended as a safe and effective insect (WHOPES) the efficacy of Saltidin® was tested against Scottish biting midges repellent for human use”. Saltidin® was shown to be a
 highly effective repellent against the Scottish biting midge. . Saltidin®. with its proven efficacy against a broad range of biting insects as well as ticks. it can be stated that even World Health Organization.

Fabric Softener.a Malaria. Age > 6 months. Non Toxic Protection. How higher the by location or mosquito species. Non Toxic Protection. Factor how more powerful the protection against insects like 100% DEET FREE. The IRF will also help retailers to create display and planograms based on the effectiveness of the products. Safe for the environment.a. Natural protection. dengue.INSECT REPELLENT FACTOR . Polo Shirt
 Citronella products (only use to products with ‘non-EU’ packages) Insect Repellent Factor 4 Powerful Personal Protection To be used on the skin Proven effectiveness against e. Nano products are without scent. Insect Repellent Factor 3 Long-lasting Protection To be used on textiles Proven effectiveness against e. Placemats. dengue. 100% DEET FREE Cosmetics Products . Age > 6 months. 100% DEET FREE Outdoor products: Flowerpot. Lyme disease. product. Lyme disease. IRF includes 4 Factors: Factor 1 up to 4. Malaria.IRF MosquitNo Insect Repellent Factor . Table Cloth Hangers Nano products: Textile Spray. Comfortable Scent. mosquitoes and ticks.IRF MosquitNo is introducing the Insect Repellent Factor 2 INSECT REPELLENT FACTOR (IRF) Easy & Fun Protection This tool will help consumers to select the right insect repellent Effectiveness could be different by person to person.

Trendy Citronella Bracelets .

Re-usable To use for: Easy. Thanks to this technology our bracelets will spread a citronella odor for a minimum of 72 hours. Besides being practical our bracelet is safe for children. waterproof and 100% natural. with or without clip or in the new 'get connected' design. quick and natural protection For children and adults During swimming and outdoor playing . We developed our bracelet as a fun and 100% natural Available in 2 sizes: for children and adults practical alternative to the often sticky and cumbersome repellent creams and sticks. easy to carry during traveling Size easy to adjust thanks to clip Why to use the Clip? 
 (5-pack only) Easy to adapt size Luxury gadget look Easy take off and on The bracelets are available in our normal design. Waterproof Safe for kids 3> years Available in 10 trendy colors Does not contain any liquids: After intensive research MosquitNo developed a silicone which can absorb fluids and let them evaporate gradually. Our 'get connected' bracelets are also available in a smaller size for kids.EASY CARE Trendy Citronella Bracelets About Trendy Citronella Bracelets Why Buy? Why choose for Get Connected? MosquitNo is well known for our trendy citronella 72hrs duration per bracelet Elastic bracelets.

SpotZzz Citronella Stickers .

The stickers do not contain any liquids and are 100% natural and safe for children >3 years. Available in handy retail displays Do not apply directly on the skin . sleeping bag. textiles.EASY CARE SpotZzz Citronella Stickers About SpotZzz Citronella Stickers Why Buy? To use for: Handy & fun citronella stickers that can be attached 72hrs duration per bracelet To use on textiles to. Also available: SpotZzz safari stickers. bed frame. quick and natural protection etc. 100% natural Easy. Waterproof Specificly for children Safe for kids 3> years During camping. for instance. swimming and outdoor playing The MosquitNo SpotZzz stickers gradually evaporate a citronella odor during 72 hours per sticker. sports and traveling designs. The assorted SpotZzz stickers are available in 29 fun Working duration: 72 hours per sticker Gradually evaporates a pleasant citronella odor (minimal 72hrs) per sticker Comfortable for kids and adults during sleeping. Available in 5-pack and single sheets containing 12 animal designs.

Insect Repellent Cosmetics .

has many advantages: 1) More effective as DEET. The best has yet to come… An insect repellent with a outstanding fragrance and great safety advantages for human and environment. Due to the increased awareness of the dangers involved in using DEET-based repellents we 3) Safe for children and adults. Saltidin. Repellent cosmetice range will offer a excellent alternative to replace DEET-based products on the market. White Lotus & Saltidin® Safe for children >6 months Active insect repellent ingredient Saltidin®. the active ingredient used in our 2in1 Cosmetic range. 2) Non toxic. Saltidin® is recommended by the World Health Organization as the best alternative for DEET.<100ml . 
 fragrance & insect repellent Through an exclusive joint development MosquitNo has created a ground breaking skin care series protecting against the sun and mosquitoes! Imagine: an advanced 2in1 skin care range that protects you and your family against a sunburn and at the same time against mosquitoes and other insects. believe that MosquitNo's advanced Insect 4) Safe for the environment. To use for: 100% DEET free Environmentally friendly Easy to apply on skin No typical insect repellent fragrance! Dermatologically tested With Aloë Vera.INSECT REPELLENT COSMETICS Insect repellent Cosmetics 2in1 Luxury skin care. Recommended by the WHO Non-toxic Flight Safe Label .Easy to carry in handbag or luggage .

camping. Body Moisturizer protection up to 8 hours. Wipe protection up to 5 hours. cycling. After Sun lotion protection up to 8 hours. cycling. hiking and 
 safari trips For children and adults For children and adults For children and adults Ook verkrijgbaar: 
 Travelsets! . backpacking and safari trips During evening dinners Top class fragrance for women and men 100ml spray. To use for: To use for: To use for: To use for: To use for: At the beach and swimming pool During the early evening and night Advanced luxury fragrance All day during all outdoor activities Easy to carry in your handbag During sports.
 backpacking. easy to carry For quick protection For children and adults During sports. hiking. Fragrance protection more than 10 hours.INSECT REPELLENT COSMETICS Insect repellent Skin Care Insect Repellent 
 SUN CREAM 30SPF Insect Repellent 
 AFTER SUN LOTION Insect Repellent 
 FRAGRANCE HER / HIM Insect Repellent 
 BODY MOISTURIZER Insect Repellent 
 WIPES Sun Cream protection up to 6 hours.

Insect Repellent Products BASED ON NAN O TE CHNO LOG Y .

Yellow Fever and Long lasting protection Malaria. sleeping bags and tents biocompatible. This is innovative and unique and consists a matrix of nanoparticles which allow the transportation of active components. Nano Technology is a fairly new and extremely innovative technology which consists of the manipulation of elements on an atomic and molecular scale. Clothing. like the fabric softener. consumer insights and business needs to deliver innovative solutions for worldwide protection against mosquitoes and other insects. Besides. can even be 
 re-activated without re-applying. it is non toxic and Treat bed sheets.PRODUCTS BASED ON NANO TECH Nano Technology products Nano Technology MosquitNo leverages on new technologies. All products in our Nano range offer long lasting protection. curtains. The Nano products protect against To use for: diseases like Dengue. uniforms and sporting gear Use the Nano-tech bracelet for long lasting personal protection . Some products.

Nice for travel. and more. One treatment lasts 3 months or up to 2 bracelets in box. Use the bracelet for arm and repellent for 10 washings afterwards and 2 months the next washing. shirts. activities and leisure! Available in 6 trendy colors.
 Softener to your washing and your textile is textile spray. Why Buy? Why Buy? Why Buy? Easy to use Long lasting: 3 months or until the next washing Long lasting: Working duration 20 days For all textiles from bed sheets to 
 curtains and clothing Odorless! Trendy and functional Long lasting: up to 10 washings Apply to any type of textile One size fits all Especially suitable for people with 
 skin allergies/irritations (as there is 
 no skin contact) For wrist and ankle Pleasant lavender scent For up to 5 kg of textile Use at 30˚C max. You can use it for any type of ankle. sleeping bags. mosquitoes and other insects. Odorless! .PRODUCTS BASED ON NANO TECH Nano Technology products Insect Repellent 
 FABRIC SOFTENER Insect Repellent 
 TEXTILE SPRAY Insect Repellent 
 NANO TECH BRACELET Just add the 60ml bottle MosquitNo's Fabric Protect any fabric by treating it without repellent The trendy bracelets are available in 6 colors . to curtains. events. No liquids. and one size fits all. One bracelets protects 20 days long against without washing after first wash time! (Not for textile from bed sheets. odorless leather) tents.

BALCO NY AND M ORE… .Outdoor products FOR GARDE N.

INSECT REPELLENT OUTDOOR Outdoor products Outdoor products We know that mosquitoes and other insects are uninvited guests at your table! Keeping them away is easy with the functional and trendy range of products in our outdoor range. These products belong in every home. Unique product for restaurants and hotels . tablecloth hangers and placemats in trendy designs and colors. Both editions are available for countries with specific regulations regarding the active ingredients.or citronella. To use for: Dining table. balcony or garden and make memorable and practical gifts for family and friends. picnic. garden and balcony The MosquitNo Flowerpot and Tablecloth Hangers include a refill Gom based on either citriodiol. Our outdoor range contains many useful product items such as flowerpots. side table and terraces Camping.

Insect repellent function Long lasting: 100x washing. camping. The tablecloth hangers include clips to apply to textiles such as table cloths. keep mosquitoes and other Citriodiol or Citronella. garden and balcony activities. terrace. Use the placemats for terraces.INSECT REPELLENT OUTDOOR Outdoor products Insect Repellent 
 PLACEMATS Insect Repellent 
 FLOWERPOT Insect Repellent 
 TABLE CLOTH HANGERS Our unique Insect Repellent Placemats. The tablecloth hangers contains a Why Buy? To use in your bedroom. picnic. Why Buy? 6 Different colors available 2 Placemats per package camping activities. insects in your garden or balcony and during odorless and perfectly fit on dinner and side tables. side table. Collect all 4 funky designs to provide protection against mosquitoes and other insects at a remote distance. Easy and comfortable protection against insects. rebooted system (at 40 degrees wash) Dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm . made from Silicone Flower pot including refill gom based on Our functional tablecloth hangers are made to 100% Organic Cotton. Why Buy? Set of 4 MosquitNo Tablecloth Hangers Refill gom included Double-sided design Effective for approx 2 months 100% organic cotton Clip for easy attachment Odorless! For dinning table. balcony and garden Ideally suited for children’s bedrooms Citronella odor is 
 gradually released from 
 inside the flowerpot Includes refill gom refill gom based on Citriodiol or Citronella. etc. The placemats are keep mosquitoes away.

All-in-one sales displays . Displays for each store surface available.FLOORDISPLAYS Instore Presentation Modular displays to stimulate sales.

COUNTER DISPLAYS IRF 3 + 4 Counter displays IRF 3+4 For Nano products and unique 2in1 Wipes .


M O S Q U I T N O .eu W W W. 6041 JB Roermond . info@mosquitno. local sales team or visit our website. E U . The Netherlands . Kapellerlaan 19 .More information? Ask our MosquitNo country distributor.