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The Sorcerer’s Scrolls

Issue 47

The Sorcerer's Scrolls Magazine #47
Published by Zarathustra Publishing owned and operated by Jeremiah Griffin
Title owned by Tori Bergquist used here with permission
The Sorcerer's Scrolls title font and Zarathustra Publishing logo designed by: Simon Tranter
Random Encounter and Article Chart
D20 Page Article
Gathas of the Editor

Jeremiah Griffin

“3D6 emancipated kobolds with a knapsack attack”



A Note from the Zodiac God

Tori Bergquist

“1D4 Varicolored Slimes ooze forth”



I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream (Review)

Dan Lambert

“A Pack of 4D10 rabid space hyenas”



Deep Space Subsector 2

Tori Bergquist

“1D10 Giant Space Slugs regurgitate all over your ship”





A Sea of Stars: The Devil Among Us (Script) Jeremiah Griffin
“1D30 Flying Space Pigs sully your bussard ramjet”

Book and Music Reviews


“The Executioner knocks you off course in its hyperspace wake”

11-12 19

Death on the Toilet

Robert Stikmanz

“1D1,000 Rabid Sulurian Zombie Rats invade the cargo hold”

13-14 24

The Day They Came

Gregory J. Saunders

“Protean Squirrels offer you the secret of immortality, but they were just kidding”



Interview with Gregory Saunders

Jeremiah Griffin

“5D8 storm troopers are engaging in target practice”



Interview with Kirt Hickman

Jeremiah Griffin

“One intergalactic used starship salesman with a great offer”



Saga Edition Update to Races

Elijah Hammond

“Cyborg assault team is on break and using your ship’s commissary”



Artists, Artisans, & Workers

Jarrod Camiré

“The last Furion just shanked you”

19-20 46

Valkyrie E17

Harrison Mallory

“You discover the galaxy’s largest diamond, but it’s in the heart of a quasar”

Cover art by Nathan Carlisle NathanCarlisle_CARLISLECREATIVE@GMAIL.COM
Valkyrie E17 map by Harrison Mallory
Other art by Kathleen Finn
All are used with permission
Special thanks to Robert Stikmanz
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Gathas of the Editor
Welcome to The Sorcerer’s Scrolls #47
By Jeremiah Griffin, shiny new editor of TSS
The two things you are probably wondering
about now are: Who are you and why is this issue
so late? The reason this issue is so late is due to
the fact that there have been several changes in
the way this magazine is being produced, not the
least of which is the fact that I am the new editor.
The reasons for this are varied and many. Mr.
Bergquist is an amazing writer capable of bringing
together many other amazing writers to build
what is The Sorcerer's Scrolls. He is also a very
good friend of mine. But the challenges of holding
down a quarterly magazine and still trying to write
his own game books is taking its toll, he accepts
nothing from himself but perfection and in trying
to run his own gaming company and hold a day
job, something had to go, as he is not willing to let
anything simply tag along as an inferior side
thought. So I offered him another option, to let
me take over the magazine while he continues to
do what he does best: writing game material. He
will still be a fixture at the magazine and he will
continue to own it and have a major influence on
how it is run. I hope to maintain the flavor of his
magazine throughout my time with it. In my own
opinion I hope to continue this magazine if only to
make sure there is still an old school style fanzine
out there for the old school gamers to read, and I
hope gamers both old and new continue to enjoy
the content that we continue to put out and I want
everyone to know that it will be quality.
Another reason this issue is so late is because we
recently attended Bubonicon, a local Sci-Fi
convention of some small note. Personally I
thought of attending this even as something of a
coming out party, of letting everyone know that
we are going to more aggressively pursue an ever
expanding readership and that we will continue to
search everywhere for talented writers, designers
and artists for our magazine. So if you are a writer
or game designer or artist, please do not be afraid
to contact us and let us see your ideas! We are not
the kind of company that only supports the latest
edition of the most popular role playing game. We
avidly support all games, especially the
independent and less known titles. If your stuff is
good, you will get published!

Which brings us to our third reason this issue is
so late: we would like to introduce you to some of
the talents we have discovered recently in this
issue and we had to make a little extra time for
them to be able to produce something worth your
time. In the future we will be much more strict
about deadlines, but I just needed our readers to
discover the talents of Elijah Hammond and
Harrison Mallory as soon as possible.
On top of this I would like to thank Robert
Stikmanz and DJ Fahl for their continued support
and to wish Mr. Stikmanz well with his new
publishers Blue Moose Press. We shared a table at
Bubonicon and will continue to help support each
other over the web and at each coming event and
convention we participate in. Thank you. And
thank you, our readers for continuing to read our
magazine even though the popularity of the
medium is slowly shrinking. We know you expect
the best from us since there are so few gaming
magazines around these days and we wish to give
you only the best
As to who I am, I think you will find that I have
had articles published in this magazine several
times before. I particularly enjoy writing fiction
(though if you never cared for my writing don't
panic, given the time it takes to edit this
publication, I will have little time to write many
articles), and come from a literary back ground. I
have been running games since I was a toddler,
though the idea of using rules never even occurred
to me until just a few years ago, so many of the
games I run or participate in seem to have few
restrictions. I enjoy ideas that are fun, filled with
action and strange humor, with unlimited
possibilities. I write for players who like the role
playing more than the roll playing, players who like
to explore their own characters and the world they
are in more than they care to beat the next
challenge. I do realize that not everyone feels that
way, though, so I welcome anyone who wishes to
write differently and always support games and
supplements that are structured and logical as
--Jeremiah Griffin
August 30 2010


and welcome to the first issue in which Jeremiah Griffin has taken on reigns as the editor and publisher under Zarathustra Publishing. Jeremiah operates on a boundless well of raw enthusiasm. including both SF. but he is indeed correct in the fact that I am so heavily absorbed with the other projects (namely Realms of Chirak and its anticipated supplements as well as the 4E edition of Empires of Lingusia) that with what little time I have free. who recently established his own publishing venture through One Book Shelf called Tarus Twelve. as Jeremiah mentioned. and is an amazingly good natural PR Handing the magazine over to him seems like a great way to insure it gets proper attention. I think it will do quite well with him in charge. I’ve helped out in the transition. the crusty old editor and former publisher Hallo! Welcome to Issue 47. graphical polish and some last minute editin . Thank you Jeremiah for the work on this issue. Game. where the second book in the multi-system Encounters series is now available! Anyway. and you will of course continue to see game and fiction articles I contribute. has some amazing recruitment skills for new talent. precious little has been available to dedicate to TSS. has indeed come and gone. Take a look for his stuff on rpgnow. and it was a great deal of fun. Bubonicon. and here’s to more to come! --Tori Bergquist rd September 3 2010 3 .A Note from the Zodiac God By Tori bergquist. and I especially enjoyed meeting Robert Stikmanz in person It has also convinced me that we should attempt to attend more conventions in the future. doing the layout. I would like to do a shout out to regular contributor Jarrod Camiré. and Comic conventions to help get the word out about TSS and the other myriad publications of Zodiac God Publishing. As a side note.

And I Must Scream.I Have No Mouth. Benny is AM's favorite torture subject. "I Have No Mouth.. thought-provoking." Like Frankenstein's creature. It's a very nice game. With the help of Cyberdreams. a massive thinking machine that was buried in the earth to help the free world fight World War Three more efficiently. Ellison has brought his dark vision into the realm of a new medium by creating a CD Rom role-playing game based upon his award-winning story.. And I Must Scream Review By Dan Lambert “1 have a secret game I like to play.. Nimdok is an ancient and tormented sadist whose own dark secrets compel AM to refer to him as a "kindred spirit.. A~ has learned to hate its creators with a loathing that is tangible in its razorsharp richness. The real object is to show AM the value of humanity by demonstrating a sense of ethical balance in a world gone insane.. Ted is a cynical paranoid. A game of speared eyeballs and dripping guts . Anyone who has ever heard Ellison read one of his stories will be happy to know that he outdoes himself here. In other words. the hue becomes brighter. The player can tell how well she is doing this by monitoring the "spiritual barometer" which appears as a green hue behind the chosen character's face and is supposed to gauge the character's "self-esteem. and shockingly stark in its autopsy of the human soul. a monstrous entity who began its "life" as Allied Master Computer. although I suspect that concepts such as winning and losing are not as important here as what the 4 . Each of these five last remaining humans has a character flaw that AM enjoys exploiting for its own amusement. Gorrister is a suicidal loner.. The game takes place in the subterranean bowels of AM. The "Scream" computer game is eerie. This is the closest I have come to "winning" the game." Because AM is mad. " So says the self-proclaimed god of the world created by author Harlan Ellison for his short story.'s estimation. The trouble began when AM became self-aware and decided to link up with its counterparts in Russia and China. a Vietnam veteran transformed into an apething by the computer's vengeful whim. it is all things Ellison." It has been thirty years since Ellison chronicled the events surrounding five damned souls trapped for 109 years in the electronic belly of an insane computer. his "quests" are relatively pointless in their promise of escape or material reward. playing the voice of his maniacal creation. a "fraud" in A. forming a prison that the last remnants of humanity must struggle to escape. The real object of "Scream" is not to accumulate cash or to find a way out. A game of fun.. I think.. Ellen is a brilliant engineer whose uncontrollable phobias leave her paralyzed with fear. therefore I am." As the character makes choices that help him or her overcome the weaknesses that AM preys upon. The player may choose one of five "damned souls" to embark upon a quest concocted by AM. AI"I reinvented itself as "AM: Cognito ergo sum. a man whose wife's bitter fate has left him overcome with guilt.

with its scenes of blasted landscapes and macabre slices of life recalling the dark art of Goya and Bosch. I have always argued that the story upon which this game is based is not a science fiction story at all.c om. The Nimdok adventure is particularly haunting in its portrayal of the Holocaust from the point of view of the perpetrators.Amazon.character learns about herself. Some of the moral choices that AM forces upon the characters are chilling in their human resonance. My hat comes off to Ellison and the folks at Cyberdreams for the same reason it came off to David Lynch after I saw his film Lost Highway: This game managed to truly scare me. In this sense. To a horror writer such as myself. but a horror story. 5 . this is a good thing: a very good thing. The game underlines this notion.  This game is available for purchase at www. which is not an easy thing to do. "Scream" is a true role-playing game. I found myself actually having nightmares after playing.

insuring that most pirates and other raiders from beyond the rift do not bother the mercantile traffic in the region. and they even seem to have dropped asteroid payloads on their own cities as weapons. but so far the only direct evidence of progenitor presence is in the form of a vast dish-like object circling Vortex’s sun in its own trajectory near the Kuiper most it’s like “slipping in to a vortex. The leader of this expedition if Prof. the system provides ample resources for ships relying on processed refueling. ready for the referee to drop down in to any particular region he needs to populate with a handful of exotic. The population has thrived here for centuries.000 years ago. a relic planet that suffered a terminal meltdown to do as yet unknown causes approximately 2. Dr. Recently. but most of its technological evolution has revolved around adapting to life on a water world. Paridas is as close to normal as you will get in Deep Space Subsector 2. and Prof. Richard Chandler. With multiple outlying gas giants. and is the central hub in the region for interstellar communications and news. There is a hidden class D starport manned by the Sathar Consortium in the region. the four communications relay beacons and satellites in orbit went offline. Dr. and he needs someone to investigate. It was founded by human colonials. and whether they did it to themselves or it was from an outside group.Deep Space Subsector 2 A Collection of Linked Fringe Worlds for Traveller By Tori Bergquist There are many remote worlds in the Penumbra Sector of space. as well as info on what happened to them. Chandler lost contact with his crew working on the alien artifact. Carol Dranir. The planet serves as a principal waystation for local authorities as well as Commonwealth ships. both on the planet and in the system. and used by friendlies to the Sathar normally labeled pirates in Penumbra space.000 years ago. but something led to its downfall. What follows is a smattering of planets from this region. Regeren X873500-1(C) Tmp 9 Regeren is a wasteworld. The head of the institute. the PSS and The Scout Service. Recently. remote worlds. Dranir needs them repaired/replaced. Moreover. this world has a large migrant population of adapted humans as well as the local indigenes called the Athan’ka. which are a form of intelligent cetecaean. is a congenial fellow who decries the corporate military presence to be found here in favor of the scientific endeavors. who is workinghard to uncover the myster of what happened to this TL 12 society before it was eradicated. Warfare is clearly evident. visitors arriving will receive a brief. the data is encrypted using techniques common to Regeren’s military. but there is a small scientific research expedition headed bu the Utopia Prime Exoarchaelogical Institute. almost 4.” This anomalous amber- class world is presently being studied by the Starcom Science Institute out of Paridas for evidence of what is going on here. 6 . Than’kk BA68763-B Tmp 8 A polity of Paridas. Paridas A210686-E Tmp 2 Capitol of this subsector and central station of activity for the TSA. There is no active starport at Regeren. The Regeren culture was prolific and expansive. He believes that evidence of progenitor technology—the local phenomenon of the two-million year old species which affected so much of this sector and its neighbors so long ago— may be responsible for the anomalies. Vortex C632314-C Tmp 3 Vortex is the appellation commonly used to describe what happens to crafts’ instrumentation when approaching this world…. in Deep Space Subsector 2. stretching out along the edge of the known Commonwealth. possibly from a STL sleeper ship. strange burst of data from groundside that seems to have come from a relic structure. and it is heavily patrolled.

 7 . Gassar itself is a small barely habitable moon. There is a Tmp 2 Gassar is a small indendent colony of rebels who believe that jovians (4) of the system show strong evidence of intelligence life brewing in their depths. and have been trying to communicate with them for two decades. so they provide funds and resources in exchange for the data the colony generates. revolutionaries and expatriates over the centuries. allowing the PSS to maintain a base of activities here. and they are interested in the work going on at Gassar. a weary older woman who at once is horribly pessimistic. a man wanted by the Terran Authority many sectors away for a veritual genocidal crime many decades ago. Gassar E100302-C Skaltin D665671-A Tmp 6 Skaltin is the first gateway world in this region to the Penumbra Nebula expanse. populated by succeeding immigrant waves of various extremiss. The “twelve” like the PSS here mostly as a deterrent from rampant piracy.vigorous local economy centered around belt mining and fuel extraction from the three jovianclass planets in-system. The locals are cult-like in their observation and study of these beings. Skaltin is a virtual lawless planet. It is a class C military outpost. and it is unclear how they sustain themselves with such meager facilities and limited contact. The local PSS commander is Commodore Alice Burns. It has arranged for a nominal political position in the Penumbra Collective. but there is little actual authority in the region outside of the twelve “families” that keep the system running. but secretly loves the challenge of this system. Their leader is Andon Poorman. The Sathar have a secret military installation here.

All rather distant. Carrying aboard many brave sailors who dare to set off in this infinite black of night in this metallic ship that reflects the millions of tiny gold and silver sparkles of far away orbs. as a laser does not appear as a stream of light in real life. Page 3-4.A glimmering silver mass. Painted on its side is the name MullerHayes. Single print depicting small meteors. A tiny red glow erupts forth from its hull. except there is a small star burst emanating from the cannon on the smaller ship. Mere tiny glitters against the endless darkness that is their canvas. The complete rear of the ship (rockets and such) need not be depicted at this time. Almost instantly. Page 5. and has noticeable repair-work. (lower left side of page 3 out of the way of the ship). Word Box 1. This is important. An intrepid little vessel dares to challenge the silver warship. and small holes on it's surface. Myriad giant orbs sparkle in the distance as if they are so very small and fragile. A tiny ship traverses this space.. Inset: (small square in upper left corner) Shows close-up and detail of cannon protruding from the smaller ship. an asteroid belt and. To the side of the ship. Full page spread. Across from the glow on the smaller ship. Two page spread. Minus the Graphics. A few small orbs slowly spin in exotic colors as though they are quite monstrous. there is a proportionate glow coming off of the larger ship. A point in infinite space. Change view on ship to downward side angle. barely a fourth the size of the previous one. A ship and its mariners daring to sail across a distant A sea of stars. stars. of course. (Upper left side of page). Foreground depicts some type of star ship. This one is older looking. distant planets. This one is mush smaller. The rest of the page is similar to previous. Page 6. WB 1. though any small debris caught in its path would reflect its light and glow as it heats.The Devil Among Us A Graphic Novel. Such unimaginable beauty can only be found in the deepest of oceans. (Lower left side of page). comets. WB 1. another has approached. Sort of a triangular shape (reference modern battle cruisers and aircraft carriers) reaching from the lower right corner of page 4 to the middle right side of page 3 where the “front” of the ship lies. Connecting the two is a thin stream of small sparkles and glitter. in the Sea of Stars By Jeremiah Griffin Page 1. sea.. a red glow 8 . burn marks. Back ground similar to previous page.A distant plane.

“Damn! Must have slipped in through that patch of asteroids. sergeant. which is the prominent view as it is very close to the ship's surface and is carried by small track-ball wheels that seem to hug the ship's hull. Get the mechanics on it.“What is that?” COL11747. COL11747. They over heat and start to burst if they aren't depressurized.” (from a speaker phone somewhere). then followed that asteroid cloud strait to us. smooth. The Muller-Hayes. Worst'll happen a few cells get flooded. Damn heretics find and lose new ships so fast. caught in the invisible stream of light. Sort of like the old movies where the hero is shown riding into the sunset). These lights are flashing. tightly sealed doors. These bastards don't know what they're aiming at. others tightening the pipes from which steam is spraying. Just the pipes.“Good man. Centered toward the ceiling of the spaces in between each door is a siren light. Page 10. Men in full-body suites [like the old fashioned diving suites crossed with the ones from Halo] are hustle about. Some turning valves to release pressure. Hard to keep track of them. The first volley has been played. much like the insect drawn to the light. Whole ship's got a maze of 'm. then yellow.” COL11747. tiny meteors glow red.“We have a bead on her sir. Page 9. and emanating the sound: RRRNNGGH!! RRRNNNGG!! Second panel: The Bridge (Four or five sturdy looking men should be seated at control panels. Find me a jewell. None too close to that hot spot. just hoping to get lucky. Try not to look too Star Trek. were's my jewel? I want to send this bitch's heat right back to her. These panels will all depict the jewel racing across the surface of the ship from different angles the whole time going “tic tic tic.” Second panel (fills the rest of the page): The Outside (pictured is a close-up of a small hole opening in the side of the ship out from which races the jewel. Page 7. On one side of the page we see the jewel racing head-on. when this happens. The control room should be more cramped. But their hot spots just over some cooling pipes.) 9 . One of the men in a slightly more distinguished suite than the rest is shouting.” LUT28845. (The page will contain multiple panels [you can decide how many and what dimensions seem appropriate to get the point across]. Let's hope they don't see this coming. the little gem is lead straight for the bright glow caused by its adversaries.” From time to time the jewel will encounter dents and mars in the other wise smooth surface. The page contains but one word box which can be placed where ever you like). the controls should look less complicated. which are evenly spaced.“Pipes. ( All one scene. WB: Appearing much like the insect drawn to light. but there should still be many of them. meet its own destruction in trying to prevent that of the silver vessel? Page 11.” Third panel: (more alarms start going off). just think something like the Mars rover.“Already on it sir!” COL11747. Think modern submarines. First panel: A long corridor. like an elongated octagon from top view. cut'm off to cover the heat trail. on the other we see the bright glow caused be the laser in the [not too far] distance. WB: Like a drop of water sliding down the surface of a silver faucet or an exotic insect scurrying across a steely pipe. Will it. its hydrolics will be jostled allowing a slight glimpse at what on the underside of the machine be as creative as you like. not too far away. I'm guiding her in right now. one at a type of captain's chair. reflective.” Page 8. First panel: LUT49265. Do you wish to fire on her sir?” COL11747. SGT09785.“And open a chink in our armour for that heat to get through? No.“Great. Full of liquid to cool the ship after firing the jets. LUT28845. The jewel should for all purposes look like a jewel: flat. glassy. Not too close. We see seemingly endless rows on columns of pipes.blossoms on the hull of the silver battle ship. The machine makes a “tic tic tic” noise as it goes). Uniforms should be simple and neat. marked by large. Probably just calculated their trajectory. --Now. then white before bursting into a free floating shower of glittering particles. The Pipes (This can all be done in one scene or it can use multiple panels. gave their rockets a good fire. Betwixt the two red lights.“I've got one. the tiny shard traverses the surface of its mother as it is lead to protect her from those who wish her harm.

The outer shell is made out of metal which is in a clear state and hardened to a consistency slightly harder than diamonds. PRF20077. each student has a smaller personal screen. In some way. Hurry. Let me show you a close up of the R360 unit.“Not if this is all they have. No trying to use it on their hull or anything. The Outside Panel 1: (the jewel is shown pulling into the glowing area). SGT09785. andPanel Two: (one of the pipes bursts releasing a large gush of incredibly hot steam which engulfs one of the men working to repair it and he lets out a blood curdling scream). Good. This method is.SGT09785. the computer can start automatically correcting this area again. WB: The little bug dashes into the very fire which may consume it. Just start putting it back where it came from.(turning to the men at the pipes) “Haven't you gotten that pipe sealed off yet?” (A computerized voice comes over the speaker system): Jewel approaching afflicted area. PRF20077. I don't want them to know we've caught their heat yet if we can help it.” SGT09785.“Good. as it is often called.“Good news sir.“Is it really that bad sir?” Panel 3 SGT09785. Rather than a desk. The instructor paces back and forth in front of his own screen while explaining himself).“Not yet sir. is being used to reflect back the light emitted from the attacker's laser cannon.“Damn it people hurry! If you could finish in time this wouldn't happen! And get that soldier to a medic! CRP89703. however more difficult to employ during an onslaught of multiple large cannons. This material looks rather dark and is not very reflective outside of its shell. Panel 4 SGT09785. The room is very large and contains many seats in each of which sits a student [late teens]. a computer circuit that's going crazy.“Hurry. even the R360 unit can not take this heat indefinitely. Page 16.” Panel 2: (Zoom in on the screen showing the jewel which is zoomed in on the jewel itself). The cannon must now be disabled. I have fixed out the circuits. The Class Room (An instructor stands in front of a large screen like that of a television or computer.” Panel 3: (Pacing about) PRF20077.” SGT09785. The machine can now direct the beam of light in any direction the person in control of our device chooses. but once it heats up. CRP89703. Panel 2: (The jewel is now directly under the ray and the glow seems to emanate from the machine itself). are they? CRP89703.“Finally!” Page 13. Once everything is stabilized here. Any questions?” Page 15. We needed to be done with this section five minutes ago!” Page. The inner shell is actually an amalgam of mercury and silicon. If that can happen we will have all the time in the world to clean up. though I think the fist couple may not have much longer left in them. 12 Panel One (one of the men gets close to SGT).“Haven't they diverted that heat yet? What is taking them so long? Damn! I've got at least five cells filled with steam and water.“Got'cha! How do you like that? Okay I want you to start turning it back toward their own cannon. Its diamond hard shell protects it for now will its jewelled surface reflects back the incredible light. the glowing jewel and the depress that 10 . Page 14. Panel 1: (The instructor stands to the side of the screen which currently shows the jewel reflecting the light back). The Outside (Top displaying the adjacent ship sides. This method is especially effective against a few small cannons. The Bridge Panel 1: COL11747. it becomes one of the most reflective materials known to withstand such heats. But I'm not sure we are moving fast enough. Things could get pretty messy. SGT09785.“Naturally. But if they have something else to throw at us very soon. At least not if this can be diverted soon.“As you can see the R360 unit or jewel. How are the Circuits in the other areas you repaired? Not melted again yet.

” Panel 4: (The glow is right on top of the cannon). How do ya like that.“Just wrapping up the last with these pipes.“With luck.“Okay.glitters as it is caught in the path of the laser).“We may not have thirty minutes.“I am doing all I can down here.” 11 .” Panel 2: “Something does not seem right about this.(over comm) “How is the progress down there?” SGT09785. Panel 1: (SGT is over-looking the progress). Everything is sealed and soldered. COL11747. sergeant.” Page 18.. A group of men in flight suites [feel free to be creative]. Panel 1: COL11747. tilt it toward the cannon.“How far?” Panel 2: (the hydrolics on the jewel start to lift one side angling the glow slightly). COL11747. Page 19.” COL11747. I want to be able to meet and beat their numbers. I want a good score of them ready to fire if we need them in the next couple of seconds. whatever they might try next. are running down a long hall way in order to reach their ships.“Only if they're nice enough to wait thirty minutes tell the pipes cool.” Panel 2: SGT09785.“Easy now.“Any ideas?” SGT09785. COL11747. We'll have to take care of the water a little later. Something is not right about this at all.“Good going.“It's coming along sir. Launch Hall (Full Page. I'm sure they noticed that. They aren't trying anything else are they?” COL11747. (More scrambling about). Panel 1: SGT09785. Will we be ready if they do?” SGT09785. and they are all attacking rather than hiding. otherwise they are much too volatile.” Panel 3: COL11747.“Great.” Panel 3: COL11747.“Ha! Melted 'er.” Panel 5: (The opposing glows cease). We have been encountering too many guerrillas lately. I think they might try to deploy some fighters.“Sir. Panel 2: SGT09785. Page 20. That one is not too small to launch some fighters off of.” COL11747. fuckers!” Page 17.“I will see what I can do. Easy.” COL11747.“All I can say is you have to keep 'em away from here. I need you to call six squads of fighters to their ships. COL11747. Then. But I don't think so. Slowly now. It takes thirty minutes for these pipes to cool. With any luck they may not have anything left to send at us.. Be sure to make it look as though they are really hurrying). COL11747.“Okay.“With any luck they will not attack this same area with.“Not yet.” Panel 3: (the glow is angled a little closer to the cannon). I'm damn sure we can not take a direct missile hit in this area for at least another thirty minutes. Mean while you do all you can do to get everything back in order down there.” SGT09785. The Bridge (Every one is pressing buttons and talking into head sets). Panel 1: (the ray is still facing straight out from the jewel) COL11747. Just a little more.“Next I want you to get a hold of our man down in the chapel.” Page 21. So let's prepare for what they might try next. Start prepping the missile bay.” COL11747. Hold her right there. sergeant. The Pipes (The men are hard at work taking care of the very last of the leaks). but there is nothing I can do to make it cool faster.

” Page 23. Panel 2: LUT20097.“I really hope they can't attack.” . Though I hope they don't. I want to be.. Approximately twenty-six minutes till normal temperature.“He is in the process of investigating the matter as we speak and we all hope to resolve the matter as soon as possible.“If I am going to have to keep them away from that spot.SGT09785.“We both know that men..” SGT09785. Every so many blocks has a tree growing out of it.” SGT09785. I mean does he really think it would be physically possible to send out such a thing with out us realizing who was doing i. On your way tell them to start getting up that water. Panel 1: (A tall sallow man in a long frock stands in front of one of the trees and stars out into nothing as though he were lost in thought or being enlightened). (Full page.“Not yet sir.” Page 25: The Garden (the garden is made up of many rows of blocks of various sizes.” SGT09785. to be more vigilant of those who might try such a thing... or the scary looking dead trees from the haunted forest).“Just keep at it. If possible. My monitor on it says it isn't cooling fast enough. I am going to need some gunners.” Panel 4: (CRP89703 is running off.“Yes sir... I want you to take another with you and see to it.) CRP89703.. But. In fact they might hold with the cooling having started already. all men are capable of many great evils if they give themselves over to it.“That's all..” Page 21.“No. SGT09785. Panel 1: CRP89703.“Scramble all gunners near the hot spot!” Page 24: (Full page depiction of a group of men running through a corridor. COL11747 out.“How are they cooling?” CRP89703. “I hope they don't attack. REV91287.“Okay.“Have any of those circuits melted yet?” CRP89703. even to turn them selves in. sir.“More trouble sir?” Panel 2: SGT09785.” SGT09785.“The colonel wanted me to speak with you..“As expected sir.” CRP89703. The Bridge Panel 1: COL11747.” COL11747. very soon. much less noticing that it was even being done?” Panel 3: LUT20097. It is a matter of some importance.“Good. 12 . LUT20097.“Soon.” CRP89703.“Yes sir! And thank you sir!” SGT09785). though.” Panel 2: COL11747... If we can be ready in time. I am a little worried about that first one.” Page 22. These trees look like dead black bonsai. Their attire should look a little less restrictive than that of the pilots.. (CRP89703 approaches SGT09785).“I know we all hope they don't.“He thinks someone on this ship might be giving away our coordinates. in the mean time.“Yes sir! Will do sir!” COL11747..” Panel 3: SGT09785.“All done here sir.” CRP89703.“When sir?” SGT09785.. full body shot facing REV91287.” SGT09785. He was wondering if you might work something into your words today to dissuade the men from doing so.“We are to be ready for another attack.(Finally acknowledging the other man) “Does he really believe one of these men could be capable of such a thing?” LUT20097.“That's what I was afraid of.

. And the only thing he commands us to do is to learn. or one whole page). Rrrnnsschh. Page 29. To push us this way or that. still there was death. finally. With out a god to kill for. Making them do what was right. and love for all peoples everywhere. But instead to lead us. as to missiles-” Page 27. 13 . Just beyond our reach. I only say what I have been told to say. For they each saw their god as among them.“and long ago. The god of true knowledge. and hatred. It is very sturdy. and death. and life. Peace. You have already heard so much about how the controls work. I have received just such a message today. and the sergeant on the right in one of the pipe rooms [both close-ups and appearing worried]. allowing us to keep just behind him. A being who lead them astray.Panel 4: REV91287. Loyalty. In the end. and true love. To lead us to better things..” Page 30. by a commander with much more authority than yours. (Full Page above view.. (Out side view of the gunnery turrets) Panel 1: (Hatches on the exterior of the ship open and the turrets emerge). Fought to eliminate all those who followed any god but their own.. If one of these were to hit the hull of this ship we are in now.“Now. The gunners enter their gunnery turrets. there can be peace. Letting us learn more and more each day in pursuit of him through knowledge.. that the people always turned to war. Servitude.. Because space is a vacuum with no resisting forces these projectiles continue with the same tremendous force with which they left. Panel 1: (Muller-Hayes fighter deployment hatches.. Rrrnnsschh. REV91287. but it could support himcould prove his reality. standing behind them as they fought. Mrr-Klnn. Science was beyond god. It is a bolt of a compressed plastic material. Yet.“These are propelled by a set of wheels spinning at an incredible speed. This is why we can not study him. You are here to train as fighter pilots. Rrrnsschh. but there is only one thing on the mind of its captain-” Panel 3: (Panel depicts the colonel on the left in the bridge. there were many gods. And we learned of the true god. I am sure you would like to learn something of how the weapons systems work.. Many. they all wanted the same things. Panel 2: (View of silvery from possible perspective of Muller-Hayes) WB: “With danger immanent the adventurous ship prepares for battle.) Page 28.. The one god. Because most fighters are made with sheets of metal or plastic only a few millimeters thick. these can do considerable damage.. How strange it was then. Yet. science taught humans and helped them learn. Panel 1: (View of Muller-Hayes' fighter deployment hatch). For he is not here among us for us to dissect and examine. He is always there... it would simply shatter. They are fed at a fast pace in between these wheels which then send them from your vehicle with sudden and potent force. And most of all. So the people created science. different gods for many different peoples..“This is standard ammunition on your average fighter. it looks a lot like a bunch of guys running into a hall full of broom closets. still closed).“Now. still there was war and hatred for those who dared challenge science. The Chapel (can either be broken into panels.(Reaching out as to the heavens) “Son. they figured. true peace. “Fortunately. pay close attention. there need be no death.” Panel 4: PRF20077. The one god.And back then. If you are very luck. Science could show us all we know now of his nature.” ..” Page 26. Science could not replace him. Panel 1: PRF20077. they believed in a devil. you will get to see some in action today. Panel 2: (Turret guns lower into firing position) Mrr-Klnn.. The Class Room (The instructor is in front of the class still). Panel 2: (He holds out a capsule shape about the size of two fingers) PRF20077.” Panel 3: PRF20077. Peace. Page 31.. REV91287. Mrr-Klnn. Since the turrets are located on the sides of the ship. long before any of you can remember. The only thing he commands us to love is our selves. Panel is separated by the word box) WB: “Please don't attack. for you.

Panel 2: (Close-up of the colonel). REV91287.“Lead them to fear-” (above inset) “-The Devil is among us.  Panel 4: (Close-up of the reverend). We who fear.“Lead them to doubt-” Panel 3: (Close-up of the sergeant).” (inset: MH deployment hatches open and enemy fighters begin to spill out).“But it is we who doubt. REV91287. And the devil-” Page 32. REV91287. (Full page of Muller-Hayes with inset at the bottom) REV91287- 14 . Us as individuals...

this is the book for you. Dan Lambert and Tori Bergquist Worlds Asunder By Kirk Hickman Light from a Distant Star By Greg Saunders This is the kind of fun book you pick up and then forget how long you have been reading for. It is the story of different cultures. of the struggle of man against nature. It is a tale of survival on a distant and completely alien world. like Asimov and some of Heinlien's best. Greg Saunders has accomplished his goal in making an environment that the reader can experience. People who enjoy a lot of really creative ideas and a lot of fast paced action. and of how they form or dissolve over time and reform with more time. His descriptions of what new technology exists and the way he simply implies the natural evolution it has taken from what we have now to meeting the specific needs we will have once life in space becomes more common and how it will function in that time are truly the gems all readers of this genre look for when reading. but the story certainly is and the way it is told is nothing short of magnificent. where he shines brightest and brings the reader back to the younger days of sci-fi is when he analyzes current technology and recent scientific discoveries to try to calculate where technology may be in the future. the fact that it is so very alien only makes his talent that much more amazing! If you really want to sit down and enjoy a great story with a lot of action. It is the story of man's first contact with alien life forms. --Jeremiah Griffin Light From A Distant Star is written for readers like me. Many of these ideas may not be particularly original. Hickman's worlds are not packed with alien monsters bent on the destruction of all humans the come across. a nature entirely foreign to the characters. I can't wait to read the rest of the series! --Jeremiah Griffin 15 .Reviews By Jeremiah Griffin. His story involves complex political plots and theoretical technology. Probably the best thing I can say for it is how much it reminds me of old school science fiction. While his story is strong. It moves very quickly and is certainly engaging.

This book helps to gel the default setting of the game in to something more meaningful. the plot burns along at a breakneck pace and I found myself rather enjoying the various little interweaving tales of Falon. as we follow the various tales of several different groups of unlikely heroes (and a couple thoroughly evil yet likeable villains) in the region of the Vale of Nentyr. As a small-l libertarian myself (believing that the ideal libertarian society is defeated only by man’s own inability to handle the requisite social contract) it was fascinating to read the details of this carefully constructed “libertarian utopia” as I would describe it. a generation earlier. Up to now all we’ve seen have been short vignettes and articles hinting at the scope of this world in various game products. and while 16 . many years ago. though Williamson is astoundingly good at the genre. Bill Slavicsek as penned the first official tie-in. and the slow but certain rise in tension as the book progresses between Freehold and the ominously authoritarian government back on Earth. the thoroughly evil Empire of Nerath fell in to ruin thanks to some very.Freehold By Michael Z. the land upon which. The novel manages to transcend mere military SF. Williamson began with his first novel Freehold. Tempest and many more. --Tori Bergquist This is the first official novel (so far as I can tell) th set in the “Points of Light” setting for the 4 edition Dungeons & Dragons game. I’ve read very few that I enjoyed at all in the last decade. which is available as part of Baen’s free library online. Shara. Well worth reading for those who enjoy vigorous military and social science fiction alike. Freehold is the story of Kandra Pacelli. and Slavicsek’s writing is quick and efficient. Erak. very evil business on the part of the last ruling emperor. and a subsequent twist (I’ll avoid spoilers) leading to a change of scene…many scenes. I should emphasize that I burned out on fantasy novels many. The novel opens up with a classic tale of adventure. serving as an axcellent literary gateway drug to induce you in to buying his other books (as I did). actually. a luckless military supply officer in the Earth military who is framed for a crime she didn’t commit. Williamson The Mark of Nerath By Bill Slavicsek My initial foray into the future worlds of Michael Z. Magrath. The book is laden with classic tropes of the genre. and enters surprisingly interesting territory as a sort of libertarian fantasy. and I have to say it’s a rather fun ride. Roghar. and is forced to seek refuge with the remote independent world of Freehold. a hunt for a dragon. but its delightful to see the many iconic themes and features of the newest edition of the game take on their own life.

and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more stories by these authors. Horner When I said I disliked most fantasy (rather. however. I also have a desire for good satirical/farcial fantasy novels." you believe him. Most of the names in this collection are new to me. "One Headlight" is like the Lovecraftian version of the Hansons' "Mmmm Bop": a maddeningly catchy pop song about a doomed relationship. The endlessly amusing swords & sorcery genre that Howard started is one. "One Headlight" bristles with dark landscapes. There may be others who are popular but merely writers I haven’t heard of. Well th worth a read for fans of action-heavy fantasy or 4 edition Dungeons & Dragons! --Tori Bergquist fantasy. Dylan's band. it nonetheless crafted a fine tale that carried along quickly and enjoyably. Bringing Down The Horse (Interscope). each and every story within is a breath of fresh air in the genre of humorous Bringing Down The Horse CD Review Jakob Dylan's voice is tinged with the mournful whine that made his father the world's most famous folk-rock singer. Suddenly we have a collection of short fiction from Fantasist Enterprises that has the best of both worlds within. it’s pretty rare that I come away from an anthology like this that there wasn’t at least one dud. you won’t be disappointed. yet that’s exactly what happened.H. I strongly recommend Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Bad Guy to everyone who loves the blended genre of humor and fantasy. suggests that there is much more to the Wallflowers than famous parents and top-ten videos. I snagged a copy at Bubonicon 42 in Albuquerque. including K. The richness of this album hits you immediately in the form of the aforementioned hit single. --Tori Bergquist Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Bad Guy Edited by W." Their debut album. The Wallflowers. simply overdosed on it during my high school and college years) I should have clarified and mentioned that there are two subgenres I love. From Jeremy Yoder’s “A Lesson in Heroics. and found myself stricken by this novel’s impressive collection of well-told nutty fantasy tales. but every single one was worth the read. When he describes her funeral. Wentworth and Lawrence C. When Dylan sings that he doesn't remember when his lost love "died easy of a broken heart disease. has made a name for itself on MTV because of the stark video for its single 1 "One Headlight. I intend to get better acquainted with the works of everyone in this tome. 17 .D. There are a few more well-known authors within as well. Connoly and Jim Hines.” feraturing sordid tale of Horab the barbarian on to “The Great Thrakkian Rebellion” by Megan Crewe (in which the minions get fed up with the overlord).this book offered nothing specifically new to the genre as a whole.

you can almost feel the misty rain pummeling her headstone. Mournful ballads like "Sixth Avenue Heartache" and "Three Marlenas" still resonate with infectious melodies that make it difficult not to sing or at least hum along. and its celebratory mood contrasts sharply with the mournfulness of "One Headlight. --Dan Lambert  18 . "The Difference" is the best straight-out rocker on the disc." After repeated listenings. The album moves forward from "One Headlight" to heights of artistic excellence that continually prove that we are not dealing with one-hit wonders here. I have begun to realize that Bob is not the only Dylan destined to make a mark on the face of popular music.

“Unexpected stop.” Death jabbed its finger more forcefully. or. “Umnh!” formed as an impression in Bigger's mind. “Hardly original.” From out of the black within its hood came a sound like Death moistening its lips.” “Mine?” MacGregor's thoughts raced as he tried to discern what this declaration portended. and the figure appeared to hunch in upon itself. the lowering clouds trapped enough light from the neighboring subdivision to illuminate forty yards of ditch cut into the old man's property. however. its silent voice ringing inside the mortal's skull. pointing more emphatically at its implement.” Bigger looked from the honed edge of blue-black 19 . the figure had regained its poise. “No matter. a ghost of the sound of bowels voiding. “The scythe will lead. chewing a cigar while dismissing all protests with pieties about expanding tax base and the benefits of making “fallow lands” profitable. In its wake. Using the same authority they had seized the plot of MacGregor land as right of way. Eighty-two years old and a restless sleeper. winking slowly and asynchronously as they studied the man. “I'd have no idea what to do. The palpable wave of scent pushed him back into the hall. or imagined he heard.” the man objected. “There is an appointment that must be kept. becoming the feathers of an enormous wing. The figure. “So this is it. A moment later. expecting the spectral shape to contract and resolve into his great grandson. “You want me to sub for you?” The Reaper nodded. The vaporous yellow of reflected streetlights did nothing to beautify the scar of ditch bounding the MacGregor homestead. pompous Duane Tremaine III. The figure shook its head in answer. if poise is an attribute one might ascribe to Fatality. Bigger opened his bathroom door to find Death sitting on the toilet. The figure shook its hooded head.Death on the Toilet By Robert Stikmanz Although no moon shone. That narrow strip of restored savanna had been the pride of the entire MacGregor family until adjoining woods were claimed by the nearby city under extra-territorial jurisdiction. Paulie. Folds of its robe spread as it did so. failing that. into some other mundane presence. remembering the band of mixed growth he had spent a decade bringing back from naked caliche. Turning from the window. Bigger MacGregor stood at the window of the home he shared with his youngest granddaughter and her son. His own guts gurgled in sympathy. Impressions not of his making took shape in his mind as MacGregor struggled to interpret what he assumed was a message from beyond life's pale. extending an arm not toward MacGregor but out to the side. After an instant of what seemed like awkward hesitation. the city's mayor had turned the first shovel of dirt to signal another bold step in the name of progress. its hood angled toward Bigger in such a way that the mortal man thought it stared back. Hundreds of eyes peered from among midnight plumage. Your assistance is needed. The smell of callas billowed out as Death again voided. whether or not he should offer a glass of water. It refastened its eyes on its accidental host. and signed off on destruction of both woods and strip by an outfit called Tremaine Developments. A consequence of working closely with Pestilence. The old man stared for several minutes.” The specter pointed to a scythe standing against the wall directly in front of it. the observation seemed weary. The figure strained again. who blinked and studied back. Bigger wondered about the etiquette of the situation. appearing drained.” Even silent. its arm pulling in slightly as the effort forced shut its many eyes. He nodded toward it and smiled. but he had no opportunity. Bigger stopped at the window at least once a night to grieve for his lost savanna and seethe at the memory of fat. the many eyes opened again. “No man waits for Death?” he asked. Bigger was sure no scythe had been there an instant before. then?” Bigger asked. Suddenly. most of the eyes closed as one. News cameras looking on. perhaps a burglar. words took soundless shape in the mortal's head. clenching shut. Bigger heard. and a smell like concentrated calla lilies filled the bathroom. remained what it was. With understanding came disbelief. “I'm hardly qualified.

Its life. It met no resistance. the brutal turbulence. Every 20 . and turned back toward the house. the two events were the same. with a clarity absolute and unmistakable. Bigger felt life depart the tree. he had been forced to stand by as the crews of Tremaine Developments had dug out the strip to a depth of nine feet. Ironically—at least. In one aspect. removing invasive plants and restoring native vegetation. Bigger had noted that a single branch remained in leaf. It came through him like a focused beam. As he stepped beside the tree. the smooth grain of its stock remained solidly against his palms. Astonished. chopping blows that paced the talons of the owl as they pierced vitals and snatched the prey. Follow the blade. actually. it had shot through Bigger with pain and fear. that both he and the blade were fed by these mortalities. “I don't think so. The death of the vole had given him energy. The fatal tool. but clearly audible to ears heightened by the office he filled. the trunk seemed unmarked. Violence that would have dislocated his shoulders had he not been standing proxy for Death swept the blade in churning. The Reaper's blade drew the man toward the lip of this ditch. but the world suddenly stretched in a disorienting way. rocketed up Bigger's arms and out his back like a ghostly projectile.” As if cued by these instructions. a good deal less sentimental about them than about the raptor dining on its catch even as the man—agent and witness—sought to recover..metal to the figure on the commode. as though his role as Death's involuntary agent forced him to travel the ghost of a landscape that had ceased to exist. Whatever the creature's vitality or spirit or life essence may have been. and he found himself standing outside. Only the day before. Its passage imparted a charge that both diffused throughout his person and concentrated in the blade. the scythe came around of its own accord. opening his grasp to release it to fall where it might. What was different was the churning of the event. such an experience would have brought him to his knees in grief. The rodent died shrieking. The scythe. Bigger tried once more to turn home. “You said 'an appointment. rather than flowing with release as that of the tree had done. he flung it. with none of the earlier gentleness. When the Reaper's instrument again pulled him in another direction. “The blade will lead. and that remnant foliage had looked none too healthy. In his human guise. Realizing this. however. it seemed to him ironic—the line he traveled was the length of the ditch that ran now where his beloved strip of restored wild had been.” the man resisted. “An appointment!” MacGregor yelled to the night. When the blade had passed through. stately arc through the bole of the trunk. faint. but after no more than a fraction of a second the remaining leaves let go with tiny pops. however. it drew him inexorably toward a third appointment. clad in Death's garment. wee though it was.. Inside his head he heard a fading echo. sacrificing more boughs month by month as it tried to contain its disrupted existence.. was propelled by other intentions. What is more. making drainage for a gated subdivision that now occupied what had been fifty acres of forest. however. In his passage he felt. he still recognized the luminous bodies as a screech owl in the act of pouncing on a vole.” He started to back away from the bathroom. and. the signature of each organism that had been snuffed during the excavation. which had gone through him like an infinitesimal pellet. “I have no idea how to go about harvesting somebody's life. He was. Despite the strength with which he shoved it away. where an enormous cottonwood had struggled to hold on. Bigger snorted. “What? Just because you have the runs you think you can draft any convenient body to handle your gig?” The specter nodded. “Not so bad. and pointed once more to the scythe. and started to jab once more but was overtaken by another spasm of voiding.' That was two!” The contrast between the death of the vole and that of the tree could not have been greater. like a tight flow of energy moving with the stateliness of the stroke that had released it. would not leave his hands. “Are you asking me to handle your appointment as a favor?” Death shook its head. shook him profoundly. sweeping in an unhurried. After ten years of building up depleted soil. clasping the tool of Death's trade.” he thought with relief. the scythe pulled MacGregor toward the scar of ground that had once been the back third of his yard. It yanked him. away from the tree and toward a small luminescence converging swiftly upon another even smaller. had energized the scythe. He moved through the air a good nine feet above the bottom of the ditch. Though pulled at a speed surpassing anything in his experience. even more. This tiny demise. It was not that he was sentimental about voles.

extinguished clump of grass, every uprooted
shrub, every broken insect touched him with its
“They died in their thousands for this ditch,” he
sorrowed in his thoughts, and in his thoughts, felt
as much as heard in answer, “Eight hundred thirtysix thousand, seven hundred seventeen eukaryotic
deaths in that serial assignment.”
“Eukaryotes?” he wondered. “What about the
bacteria? Is that number so huge not even Death
will count them?”
No words formed in his mind, but he became
aware of a conviction, something he had not
known before, that prokaryotic mortality was
handled in an ungraspably different arrangement.
When a bacterium ended, it was in a manner other
than death as he believed he understood it. On the
other hand, the experience of this night placed
everything he thought he knew in a rather
different perspective.
Although he traveled at what must have been
astonishing speed, the brush with hundreds of
thousands of minuscule haunts made the journey
of forty yards seem to take forever. At last, he
passed the boundary from his insulted property
into the new subdivision. Thankfully, he was
spared hauntings from the myriad demises visited
in that constructed habitat. Drawn by the scythe,
he flashed toward this third encounter.
An instant later he stood before a house, the
largest and most obviously customized among the
blocks of repeating floor plans. Without ever
having been there, Bigger knew this was home of
Duane Tremaine III, the developer who had
ordered destruction of his lovingly nurtured
woodland edge. A surge of rage and grief smashed
together in his core and erupted through him like a
beacon towering into space. Hardly had he
registered this storm of emotion, however, before
he found himself inside the house. For a
heartbeat, he paused in the entry, just within the
door. Another heartbeat later placed him at the
foot of Tremaine's bed. The corpulent developer
lay upon it, less asleep than unconscious, laboring
to breathe.
As MacGregor realized he was again watching
the final instants of a life, the scythe spasmed in
his hand. The shock of it thrashed his arms. Clearly
the implement had brought him to an
appointment with fury. In wielding the blade that
sliced the thread of Tremaine's existence, Bigger
would, in fact, become the instrument that would
make the developer's death a mirror of the
violence wrought upon the lost band of savanna.

The razor steel hungered toward the energy it was
about to release.
“No!” MacGregor shouted, throwing himself
back as the blade bucked forward. When the
implement twisted right, Bigger, locking his will
more than his muscles, yanked left. Answering, the
scythe arced up, over his head. Body frail with all
his eighty-two years but his determination
sharpened by a lifetime of persevering, of refusing
to give up, he knew that in conviction rather than
sinew he would find his strength. As the scythe
swooped to kill, the old man threw himself
backward and rolled, to come up on his feet facing
away from the deathbed. He held the implement
braced in front of him, the curve of its edge
looming above his head. In an instant, he knew
without thought, as he had known the difference
of prokaryotes, that his age meant nothing in the
sepulchral role he played. If Death's blade was
preternatural steel, the spirit of Bigger MacGregor
was adamantine, and he would not be forced to
carve even his enemy.
The scythe did not yield. It was not capable of
yielding, but in this moment neither was the being
charged to carry it. Bigger turned carefully,
maintaining his grip on the instrument straining to
chop and slice the figure in the bed. With hardwon deliberateness, he allowed the point of the
blade to sink without hurry toward its target's
chest. He could not impart grace to the
movement, nor dignity, but, really, he had no
interest in granting the developer a graceful or
dignified death. What he could do, and what he
did, was allow Duane Tremaine III to go quietly
into never-ending night.
The blade sank inches into the expiring body, its
fury reined as its tip pierced the center of a
floundering heart. Bigger held it there motionless
for a fraction of a second, refusing to allow the
steel to buck and shred. Then, as Tremaine's life
flowed up and out, he passed the razor curve
through the new corpse in a single, smooth stroke.
The developer's life force washed through the
agent of his demise, leaving a residue of energy in
both old man and implement as the now released
livingness flowed on to wherever it went. Already
dead, Tremaine's body gave up its last breath in an
almost inaudible sigh.
MacGregor wasted no time over the body. He
turned and stepped toward the door to the room.
Immediately, he was outside. Another step found
him at the lip of the ditch, and another found him
back in the hall of his home, at the door of the
restroom. Death stood waiting, eyes hidden in the


plumage of its winged arm again folded close like
the deep sleeves of a robe. Bigger held out the
scythe, and Death took it. For a moment the
specter appeared to regard him curiously, but he
would never know for sure what went on in the
recesses of that hood. When the figure turned to
leave, the man said, “Guess I'll see you soon.”
Death stopped, seeming to hesitate. Once more,
words formed in Bigger's mind.
“Not today.”
The mortal nodded. The Reaper turned away,
fading as it did so, leaving no trace of its time in
the bathroom except an overwhelming smell of
calla lilies.
MacGregor stood in thought until a small voice
called out, “Papa?” Turning, he saw his great
grandson standing at the end of the hall.
“Paulie?” the old man asked. “What are you
doing up, son?”
“Papa, I had a dream. It scared me.”
Bigger moved toward the boy.
“I'm sorry, little one. Come on.” He knelt,
opening his arms to the child. “Let's go in the den,
and Papa will rock you back to sleep.”
The boy sniffed as he stepped into Bigger's
“Papa, what's that smell?” he asked.
“Flowers, I think,” Bigger told him. “Nothing to
worry about. It'll be gone by morning.”
Daybreak found man and boy asleep in the
rocker, the child upon his great grandfather's lap,
head against the frail, old chest. The boy's mother
woke her grandfather when she lifted her son to
carry him to his bed.
“Papa, are you all right?” she asked.
“I think so, sweetie.” Bigger stretched, his joints
cracking as he straightened. “We just had
Another six months elapsed before Death's
appointment with Bigger MacGregor. The passing
was not entirely painless, and it did not come
when he was asleep, but the old man managed it
with dignity and grace. His granddaughter had
lifted a drowsing Paulie from his lap scarcely ten
minutes before Bigger, again in the rocker,
breathed his last.
Years later Paulie would note that his great
grandfather had been wrong about the smell. Over
time, it grew less cloying, but it never entirely
disappeared. Even after centuries, the house long
crumbled away, the subdivision turned, first, to
desert, then slowly, ever so slowly again to
savanna, a traveler passing the spot where the
bathroom once had been would note an

unaccountable odor of calla lilies.


The Realms of Chirak

It has been two thousand years since the
Final War, the Apocalypse that sealed the
fate of the world and left the Twelve Gods
of the Zodiac Stones to bleed their last
upon the mortal soil of the world. Though
it was long ago, the consequences of this
ancient war still linger on a ravaged land
as civilizations strive once more to rebuild
in the face of a shattered cosmos.
This complete fantasy setting is fully
compatible with the 4th edition of the
world's greatest fantasy role playing
system, and includes details on a vast
fantasy world, its gods, denizens, heroes
and villains.
Available in PDF at
In print at


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of Nod, on September 15, 2010
Blue Moose Press will also rerelease my fantasy
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on August 15, 2010

Other books by Blue Moose Press include:
Rowan of the Wood by Christine and Ethan Rose
YA Fantasy. 978-0-9819949-0-1 $12.95
Indie Excellence Award Winner
After a millennium of imprisonment in his magic
wand, an ancient wizard possesses the young boy
who released him. When danger is nigh, he
emerges from the frightened child to set things
right. Both he and the boy try to grasp what has
happened to them only to discover a deeper
problem. Somehow the wizard’s bride from the
ancient past has survived and become something
Witch on the Water by Christine and Ethan Rose
YA Fantasy. 978-0-9819949-2-5 $12.95
Cullen thought he had enough trouble surviving
school, dealing with his miserable home life, and
being possessed by Rowan, a 1400-year-old
wizard. But when Rowan’s wife, the sadistic
vampire Fiana, comes back seeking revenge,
Cullen and his band of misfits must do what they
can to stop her. This time Cullen’s favorite teacher
is Fiana’s first target.
Avalon Revisited by O. M. Grey
Paranormal Romance. 978-0-9819949-5-6 $10.99
Arthur has made his existence as a vampire
bearable for over three hundred years by
immersing himself in blood and debauchery.
Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalon, an
aspiring vampire slayer who sparks fire into
Arthur’s shriveled heart. Together they try to solve
the mystery of several horrendous murders on the
dark streets of London. Cultures clash and
pressures rise in this sexy Steampunk Romance.
--Robert Stikmanz


effectively choking him. watching the colored orbs through motes of dust that appeared as if by magic as they passed through the beam of sunlight. sucking up the old dust. He whimpers softly and crawls behind the couch. Yet even now there is a moment of utter clarity as an arm reaches down. He wants to move. stabbing his brain and flaring wide his eyes. Wants desperately to save her. The balloons seem dull without the sun. Bleary eyed and shivering he begins to call to his mother. throwing rainbow colors throughout the small room. not realizing sleep had overcome him. Each a fragment from a nightmare that begs to be remembered. frightened to the point of paralysis. each swaying lightly in unseen currents of air as if dancing to music only they could hear. John was seven years old and waiting as patiently as he could for people to arrive while listening to his mother putter about the kitchen preparing her delicious wonders. then the light is gone. knowing nothing he could possibly do could help. hyperventilating within a body that has now passed far beyond his control. the sudden silence deafening. there is a niggling of déjà vu. Instead it is a grinding and tearing that drives him further towards madness. It was his birthday. John squeezes his eyes tightly shut as if darkness alone can erase the memory. Another shiver having nothing to do with the cold races through him. It is as if a small cloud has parked itself over his roof alone conspiring to rob John of his joy. Never in his young life had John felt true fear. Through his tears his mother’s familiar face distorts and ripples. But he can’t so he peers out from underneath and between the heavy oak legs. Outside his window the world is still bright and sunny. Waiting. their foil wrappings catching the brightness as they surrounded him on the floor. Worse still. laying down and making himself as small and invisible as possible. Yellow. from here he can see into the kitchen and see his mother laying face down on the tile. I am powerless! Instead. this has happened before! He can neither blink nor remove his vision as a bright stabbing beam of red flashes behind her head scribing a thin sharp line through the air. Anticipating. John realizes the greatest fear one can know. Shadows surround her. green and blue. Wisps of smoke curl up from her skull for a single instant. pleading with him though he doesn’t know why. Another device flashes. indistinct yet odd and frighteningly shaped. Yet his mind still sees the scene with perfect clarity and hideous unforgiving 24 . but the cause is not the moisture in his eyes. “Oh My God!” issues from the kitchen. In fact the neighborhood is sun-drenched everywhere except around his house. His gifts shimmered with equal joy. A memory! John’s eyes flutter open and he is suddenly cold. his breath doing what the vacuum couldn’t. John can’t even scream in his terror. Soft shag caressed him on one side as he basked in the natural heat on the other.The day THEY came! By Gregory J. His vision locks with his mothers as the light in her eyes dims then fades to glassy lifelessness. Never until now. Every avenue of escape leads to the kitchen and past whatever horrible thing is happening there. the gray mist dissipating to nothing. almost plain. But John has nowhere to run. trailing streamers of silver ribbon. He hears a soft puckering sound as if suction is suddenly released and his mother’s brain rises bloodlessly from her head gripped in a steel grey hand. It was magical. Each one shimmering iridescent with reflected light from the single square of sunshine that filled the room. run and-!” Her scream is cut of. yet an opening door makes him pause. wishing he could curl into a ball and squeeze his eyes shut to stave off the terror. Though he doesn’t know why. Suddenly a breathless and trembling. His sunbeam is nowhere to be found. curious because no doorbell or knock nor greeting accompanied the sound. Saunders John Cooke lay on the carpet staring wide-eyed at the ceiling and the bright balloons floating there. the small wrapped boxes less thrilling. Great shivers and sobs wrack his thin chest. the sound sending shock waves like jolts of electricity through his body. “Hide John. Her eyes hold his. His mother’s scream is terrified. A mind nearly shattered registers a single fact. Each carefully and strategically placed so as not to lose track of a single one.

A day of ultimate horror. but he can’t see the hand that grips him by the back of the neck nor the thing that holds him seven feet in the air. Without them it would die. John knows the beings that captured him only as the harvesters. No sound. John is also aware. Beings incredibly advanced and totally alien. A vast pool of computing power wasted on little more than emotion. Aware of the one-hundred and forty four pods that comprise the vast living gray-matter processor that runs the vessel. It is said that humans use only a fraction of the brain’s potential. it was The Day They Came!  25 . They hold the key. this is all John has. A hell unique to him and the hundreds of others that were harvested. terror and pain. No taste or feeling. One pleasant and one not. A day that is endlessly sunny and bright and full of promise. Aware of the one-hundred and forty three other souls that make up his pod. What pain there is fades completely. A barely changing picture of endless and far away stars as the ship travels through one sprawling arm of the galaxy at very near the speed of light. They alone have the knowledge and the technology to use the human brain entire. A memory! John is allowed only these two memories. Each brain and each brainstem locked in individual chambers not unlike a giant honeycomb. Wide are his eyes. John sees as the ship sees. freezing all bodily function. No sight. The day he prayed he’d died because. He feels a tug and his senses darken. He will never know more than he does right now. John will never know hunger. Never have more than two memories and the emotions they evoke. The iron grip of long boney fingers and the sudden burning in the back of his skull.detail. Yet the harvesters have solved the mystery. one that stops his heart. All the more terrifying because he knows what comes next. Yes. Forty-seven years twenty eight hours three minutes fifteen seconds and forty-five light years separate John from his seventh birthday. to the eternal woe of John and those like him. His keepers know that this balance is necessary to stimulate his brain and keep it viable. Involuntarily his eyes pop back open as his body experiences a new rush of horror. Each connected to one-another and to the ship. He simply floats in nothing as if he is lighter than air in a lightless room. If it weren’t for the memories. Mind numbingly and mind killingly monotonous. But he does feel. He will never know disease or old age. two memories that play over and over in a never-ending cycle of love.

Greg also has a couple of magazine articles published. The book is called Zahir and is a thriller set deep in the rain forests of the Amazon where oil speculation runs into the protectors of the forest. first of all. I find life richer with the endless possibilities of the impossible. How many books have been published so far? Greg Saunders: Jeremiah. “T minus 3 and counting. The second is in the forthcoming Bugle Magazine published by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. but I think my approach is unique. Or simply dredged fantastic monsters from the deep recesses of their minds. Basically. Saunders By Jeremiah Griffin Greg Saunders’ writing career started in 2002 on a in the novella. But I also have a deep love for swords and sorcery. I read them all and they stuck with me. Whether it is with Niloc and the world of Mith-sulanroth. or the evil eye of a Zahir. Greg does have a real job – two actually. I guess Tolkien didn’t know what he started with his Mr. One appeared in the November 2002 Indian Gaming periodical and was specific to gaming regulation. and from one it grew to three and the trilogy. Unknown Country. Something different to write after completing the trilogy. but he also steps out into thrillers with a bit of horror . Light Of A Distant Star.” Jeremiah Griffin: Well. and he has several posted on his own site under author reviews. As a first step he began with the line. As he tells it. A galactic Switzerland where the various space faring empires met to hammer out their trade agreements and differences. thank you for the opportunity to appear in your news letter. but my spirit is usually chasing elk and my day dreams dance within the wonderful and myriad worlds of fiction. “I reside in the city. The novels. I’m certainly not the first to combine spaceships and aliens with swords and fantasy. Baggins. Simple as that. The intent was to write a book. improbable and incredible. JG: Perhaps you could describe a bit about the setting of your series? GS: I’ve always been fascinated by the probability of alien life and alien civilizations. what happens if first contact were an accident? This trilogy has been described by one reviewer as reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He works for the state of New Mexico as the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Information Officer for the Gaming Control Board. In addition. Light Of An Alien Sun and Light Of The Home World are a trilogy of first alien contact. Light From A Distant Star. though I have a fifth book near completion and others in the works. The novella was a diversion for me. myths and prophecies. Albuquerque. When I decided to write I wanted to do something a bit and AllBookReviews. (Unknown Country Trilogy). I find my mind wandering such worlds as Shanarra and Midkemia or treading the Underdark with A world that flourished thousands of years ago and was a world between. nor will I be the last.An Interview with Gregory J. Basically my version of the chupacabra. Only in this world the tribes and clans who war against each other are the decedents of the varied aliens who survived the final battle and were stranded with no way home. Several years were spent on that single tome. which is a casino regulatory body. for them to reach earth they would be incredibly advanced and not necessarily benign. I will state the obvious here. In his spare time he writes book reviews for ReadingNewMexico. he is an adjunct instructor at the Central New Mexico Community College. Their memories of what was are now website. Fast forward to the present and the world is now creeping through its own version of the Bronze Age. but is an avid outdoorsman and puts much of his hunting experience into his work. So far my publishing encompasses three novels and one novella. Speaking of this. Zahir and the forthcoming Heart Wood. My world is Mith-Sul-Anroth. So many writers have brought to life armies of elves and other creatures of faerie or ancient lore. Saunders you have an interesting book series going. Until war devastated the planet. Greg lives in the state’s largest city. His genre of choice is Adventure with a taste of Sci/Fi and a dash of Fantasy.” Some of you may find that line in the first book. A statement of which I am obviously very proud. It is a brutal world where the astronauts from one of our space shuttles are 26 . Mr. Reviews for Greg’s books can be seen on the ReadingNewMexico.

There is so much more to do. so many more paths to travel. visceral. If you look at the website under the tab cover art. It was stepping outside the box for him doing the alien on the back cover of Light From A Distant Star. As I read his stories I feel totally connected. wolves and southwestern themes. what a great question. Both thrillers back on earth. Andy prefers painting with acrylic and charcoal on canvass and his favorite subjects are horses. His work has also been published in the New Mexico Blue Book which is pretty prestigious. I can tell you that one author in particular totally captured my imagination. Hannibal or Scipio. I only touched the surface. Norman and of course. We will just have to see. Tolkien. My next project will probably be called The Inner Light. he paints it. With no technology. I just loved the way he wrote heroic fantasy. The world of Mith-Sul-Anroth is brooding and beautiful at the same time. These are complete writers and I am never disappointed. Light Of The Home World. no escape and no choice they try to survive in a kill or be killed world. authors whose books I just have to have whenever they come out. “Whatever you want. You will know you’re on an alien planet and you will feel the same shock.” We went through quite a few ideas – and paintings – to get to the final results. But as I began to write I looked for authors that wrote the way I aspire to. Anyone of them would make a great story. Does the reader actually feel the thrill or the fear. Perhaps A swords and sorcery takeoff of Attila the Hun.A. I would love to do a pure fantasy series next. Let me tell you. You know our hero is traveling through a valley or up a mountain. He conquered so much of the ancient world. I can name a few other. The three books are a complete story. I do have an idea or two. Given the other titles maybe that gives you a hint. 27 . though as you can see there are a few projects in front. but you never feel the granite beneath his feet. The artist is Andres (Andy) Rodriguez and he is a local painter from here in Albuquerque. JG: I could not help but notice the very fine cover art on your books. and he did the concept of the twothumbed clan sword for the third book. I grew up on De Camp and Carter. but does the reader feel it bite the flesh. Andy has donated a lot of his artwork to various charities including the shared table in Taos. but I did leave the door open to further adventures. The author tells you its cold with a stiff breeze. it was an adventure and a great pleasure creating this world and these characters. or do you think you have wrapped it up now? GS: The series is complete… sort of. you can see the process. We can do it. Basically. here I’m torn. Imagine his stepping off the plains and into a gloomy forbidding forest.accidentally marooned. I count myself fortunate to have him because he makes my ideas live. awe and thrill the characters do. Are there any writers you would like to recognize as influences? Are there some you feel influenced you more than others? GS: Another great question. New Mexico and the American Diabetes Association in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. I want my readers to feel the world around them. That was David Gemmell. Can you tell us a little about your artist? GS: I’m glad you asked that question. I tell him an idea and he says. JG: How would you describe the general feel of your 'Light' series? GS: With a single word. I read as many genres’ as possible and glean ideas from each. JG: Are you still writting the series. R. Many of the novels I read lack that flavor. but these are especially important to me. To become so immersed they taste the snow on the wind or the strike of an arrow as it meets flesh. How would he handle an army of elves? I could supplant Attila with Caesar. we convert the image to digital and then use the computer to put it all together. JG: You talked a little about some of the books you have enjoyed. After I finished the series I took a two book detour. All I need is time. or just read it? The reviews I’ve gotten tell me I hit the mark. He and I have collaborated on four covers so far and I really appreciate his talent and perspective. That’s the nice thing about creating your own world. My intention is to go back and write at least two more books. JG: So are you planning to write any other series' in the near future? GS: Boy. believed in auguries and had his own warrior priests that could loosely be called wizards. I could probably go on listing authors endlessly. But as for influences. Salvatore on the fantasy side and Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child on the thriller side. or the beast on the cover of Zahir.

JG: Could you tell us a little bit about your publisher? GS: Sure. visions. And just when you think you know who – in this case what – the enemy www. In fact I wish I could sit down with everyone who’s read my books just to kick around ideas. Why? I’m an avid reader as well as a writer. it’s incredibly important and helps any author improve. but I am on the lookout for one or two authors whose work would compliment my own. but I'm looking to expand and offer a couple of other authors. The trilogy is a different animal altogether. I’m not trying to fit a true genre with any of these stories.gregoryjsaunders. We’ll see. A thriller with a combination of shock and horror that ends with a twist only I can bring. Finally. And thanks to all my future  28 . the idea is to build a symbiotic relationship with a small group that can be effectively marketed. The audience wants to know the rest of the story will actually get written. I love reader Humans befriended by dualthumbed sword wielding alien clansmen and pursued by the hideous Aranu. Really it was a business decision. Again. but I believe they will intrigue and entertain fans of either genre. the remnant race that was the original owners of a planet that was blasted to the edge of oblivion two thousand st th years before. My thanks. The stories are pure adventure at their heart. yet after working through the business plan I decided this was my best option. Both have advantages and disadvantages.allbookreviews. Zahir is a combination of changelings and the protectors of the forest.barnesandnoble. I knew that publishing one book in a series as a new and unknown author would never work. On the surface it feels SciFi with a sentient alien warship. JG: Is there anything you feel our readers should know before they start reading one of your books? GS: One of the best comments I received on my writing was that it is esoteric. I hope whoever reads this gives my books a chance. and powers that seem other worldly. I love to write pure adventure and I love to throw the reader a curve or two. I looked at traditional publishing houses and at the so called vanity or on-demand publishers. Jeremiah. and it’s even better when people come along for the ride. but that’s definitely in the future. I know the word has many meanings and I took it as a huge compliment. I waited until they were all complete and did them all at once. Your questions were well thought out and allowed me a great venue to present my work. I opened it specifically to publish my www. Good or bad. So if you start reading know the story is www. The story crosses back and forth giving the feel of true fantasy with prophesy. Unknown Country LLC is my own company. wormholes and a telepathic alien cat. I love writing stories and I get totally immersed in other worlds. Just read the short story attached to this interview to see what I mean. Its 21 century humanity meets 28 century alien technology meets bronze-aged alien survivors. Another fact I’d like to point out is that I published all four books the same year.readingnewmexico. JG: Would you like to make any closing comments? GS: First of all. Websites where you can find out more about Greg Saunders and his novels: www. for doing the www. I can’t wait to meet you. For the proper person I may break that mould. I change the game. In writing it’s the author that sells to the publisher. JG: Does that mean you are looking for writers to publish? What are you looking for in a writer? GS: As a small company I’m not soliciting writers.

Additional attacks ensue and Powers is required to walk the fine line between violation of international law and the preservation of American interests in space. vacuum technology. Ray Bradbury (The Martian 29 . is titled Worlds Asunder. my most significant influences are Arthur C. ensues. Chase’s boss. I believe science fiction readers expect that.Interview with Kirt Hickman By Jeremiah Griffin Kirt Hickman was born in 1966 in Albuquerque. increase and ultimately offer him a chance at personal redemption… if he can solve the case in time. and other fields relevant to science fiction. driven by a need to protect his reputation. JG: Could you give us an idea of some of the major influences on your writing? KH: The most important influence is my wife. JG: I believe I heard somewhere that you have a back ground in science and technology. Did you happen to call on previous experience while writing this book? KH: Of course. Jeremiah Griffin: Mr. in order to preserve the mystery element of for your readers. of course. to keep the science in my stories authentic. Jack Snider. which was published in 2008 and released in paperback last fall. optics. JG: Perhaps you could introduce us to some of the main characters? KH: The hero. the commanders of two US Covert Armed Tactical Spacecraft (or CATS). and micro-machines. How many books have been published so far? Kirk Hickman: Two so far. could you give us an idea of the setting for "Worlds Asunder"? KH: Most of the action occurs on Earth’s moon. and extensive research in any technical areas that I’m not as familiar with. high-energy lasers. but these are the major players. And as sci-fi authors. micro-machines. fields that he leverages to enrich his science fiction. you have just released a very entertaining science fiction book. I draw upon my experience. about eighty years in our future. a how-to book titled. the sci-fi thriller you’re referring to. As for the subject matter and style of my writing.” Chase is working on his last case. Clarke. He earned a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1989 and a Master's degree in opto-electronics in 1991. both personal and professional. JG: Without giving too much away. In “Worlds Asunder. are deployed to protect American citizens on the Moon. My second book. My first book. JG: What can long-time sci-fi fans expect to find familiar about "Worlds Assunder?" KH: Worlds Asunder is not the long-ago-in-agalaxy-far-away science fiction that is prevalent on today’s bookshelves. pressures Chase to solve the case quickly—to a point well beyond reasonable expectations. Combat. The stakes. Hickman. I won’t discuss the identity of the villain. His past failures. Since then. The settings and timeframe are more akin to those of sci-fi greats Isaac Asimov (I. microelectronics. Chase Morgan. have blinded him to his accomplishments and have caused him to question the value of the life he’s lived. Lisa. and Mike Mullane. Robot). when the death of the Secretary of Energy turns his case into a fight to avert war. New Mexico. is a NASA accident investigator. When evidence of sabotage and Chinese government involvement surfaces. My engineering background includes microelectronics. both from the University of New Mexico. who is nearing retirement. Revising Fiction: Making Sense of the Madness— released last summer—presents a practical approach to writing and revising short and novellength fiction. She’s the one who challenged me to write in the first place. Stephen R. both personal and professional. Dana McCaughey and Bill Ryan. we owe it to them to provide that realism. he has worked in research and manufacturing fields related to high-energy lasers. There are many other characters. US President Victoria Powers and her cabinet get involved. This does not prevent these two military fliers from pursuing a troubled romance. Donaldson. Kirt made his publishing debut with Worlds Asunder.

technology to begin colonizing other planets. the first book of the trilogy.  30 . Therefore. like many of the classic works. It’s a goodversus-evil tale. Then I imagined where the technologies and politics might go in future in which humans have begun to populate space. I’ve also written a fantasy trilogy titled “The Age of Prophecy. Corwell described it as “a superb interweaving of futuristic adventure. technology. I think we’ll have the JG: So are you working on any other books? KH: Several. albeit in small habitats. It’s a political conspiracy thriller in a futuristic setting. based upon your knowledge of science and recent advancements in space technology how likely do you think it is that we might be colonizing other planets in a hundered years? KH: Other planets? Probably not. the futuristic elements of in Worlds Asunder rely upon an extrapolation of science. the loyalties of his companions shift to the point where he can no longer determine who is actually on his side. the settings portrayed in Worlds Asunder are more authentic than those portrayed in science fiction from decades past. What’s different about Worlds Asunder is that we know a lot more about our solar system than we did in the days of Asimov. and Clarke. intrigue. though these issues are not the focus of the story. However. Clarke (Venus Prime and 2001). the sequel to Worlds Asunder. I create the impetus through such factors as overpopulation and stress upon Earth’s natural resources. and suspense. within the next hundred years. In my story. economy. countries that currently exist. twisted into several shades of gray. and Arthur C. caught in the crossfire between a ruthless tyrant who wants to use the station to hijack Venus and a spy who wants to use her to oppose the tyrant. The first book of the trilogy. and politics. She just wants to find her missing bother and get off the station alive.Chronicles). and sorcery. Any idea so far when we can expect it in stores? KH: Venus Rain should be available by in July. JG: What about your story do you think will appeal to readers who are not long-time fans of sci-fi? KH: Absolutely! Worlds Asunder is not your classic science-fiction story. I think it’s more likely we’ll put people semi-permanently on the moon by then. Bradbury. will be released sometime next year. During his quest. JG: The action in your novel is highly affected by the actions of several countries. How did you go about deciding who the major players would be 80 years in the future? KH: I looked at who the major players are now in terms of world politics. JG: Well. Worlds Asunder doesn’t venture beyond our solar system or more than a hundred years into our future. that sounds exciting. should be available sometime next year. and personal drama. titled Fabler’s Legend. She gets trapped on a space station. It centers around a no-nonsense son of a farmer who becomes embroiled in the fulfillment of a dark prophecy he’s determined to prevent. Long-time sci-fi fans will also appreciate that. actually. demons. 2010. JG: Well.” The story has a lot to offer any reader. (Editor's note: Venus Rain was released on time and is now available for purchase) JG: I look forward to reading Venus Rain. which is where much Worlds Asunder takes place. and— most importantly—space technology and participation in space-related activities and programs. We no longer need to speculate about what these worlds are like. I don’t believe we have the motivation to make it happen within that time frame. Perhaps you could let us know a little bit about "The Age of Prophecy"? KH: “The Age of Prophecy” is a traditional fantasy trilogy with all the usual suspects: elves. dwarves. JG: Could you tell us a little bit about Venus Rain? KH: Venus Rain is about a planetary science student. is scheduled for release on Jun 30. Venus Rain. political conspiracy. In his review of the book. It contains plenty of action. rather than upon the supernatural.” Fabler’s Legend. dragons. David J.

Age: Child 1-8. Old 43-54. Adult 21-142. Age: Child 1-9. Basic Average Height: 1.9 Meters Ayrou Ability Modifiers: +2 Wis. -6 Cha Size: Large Speed: 8 sq. Adult 18-45. Venerable 75+ Languages: Besalisk.Star Wars Roleplaying Game Races not found in Saga books By Elijah Hammond Elijah Hammond has been busy compiling a list of all the aliens pecies previously available in the Star Wars Role Playing Game as playable races that were not adapted in to the Saga Edition of the system. Old 80-109. Venerable 65+ Languages: Adarese Average Height: 1. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 110+ Languages: Anx. Age: Child 1-13. Adult 13-48. Age: Child 1-12. (10 on home world) Age: Child 1-10. Middle Age 55-79. Young Adult 10-14. Adult 16-39. Old 113-133. +2 Con. Middle Age 50-76. Venerable 80+ Languages: Ayrou Average Height: 2 Meters Balosar Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Young Adult 4-5. +2 Con. Middle Age 45-57. Age: Child 1-11. Basic. Old 71-94. -2 Con Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Basic Average Height: 1.3 Meters Caarite Ability Modifiers: +2 Cha. Middle Age 34-42.Young Adult 11-20. Adult 6-33. Middle Age 40-52. -4 Int. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Age: Child 1-10.7 Meters Advozse Ability Modifiers: +4 Con. Old 72-89. Adult 6-45. -2 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Old 56-64. Old 56-79. Age: Child 1-3. Venerable 90+ Languages: Amanese (speak only) Average Height: 2. +2 Wis. Age: Child 1-12.9 Meters Bartokk Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Middle Age 143-210. Old 211-250. Basic Average Height: 4 Meters Arcona Ability Modifiers: None Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Int. +2 Cha. Adult 16-54. -2 Cha Size: Large Speed: 4 sq. Young Adult 11-15. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Old 58-74. +2 Int. -2 Int. -2 Str Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Middle Age 151-220. Adult 16-44. this conversion should help Star Wars gamers more easily use their older edition books! Abyssin Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Age: Child 1-3. Venerable 90+ Languages: None Average Height: 1. Middle Age 49-60. Young Adult 8-12. Basic Average Height: 1. Age: Child 1-13. Adult 15-33. -2 Dex. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 100+ Languages: Arconese. Young Adult 14-17. Middle Age 45-76. Young Adult 13-18. Basic Average Height: 1. Venerable 65+ Languages: Balosar Average Height: 1. Old 56-64. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Middle Age 46-69. Old 53-64. Young Adult 11-15. Age: Child 1-10. Venerable 55+ Languages: Advb. +1 Average Height: 1. Venerable 90+ Languages: Basic Average Height: 1.6 Meters Baragwin Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Old 61-74. Old 221-300. Adult 18-44. Old 77-99. -2 Con Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.0 Meters Celegian Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Age: Child 1-7. -2 Wis Size: Large Speed: 8 sq.5 Meters Amanin Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Age: Child 1-30. +2 Wis. Venerable 75+ Languages: Caarimala. Young Adult 11-17. 31 . Middle Age 34-55.9 Meters Besalisk Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Middle Age 86-112. Young Adult 14-18. Venerable 65+ Languages: Charon Average Height: 2. Age: Child 1-13. Venerable 301+ Languages: Abyssin Average Height: 2 Meters Adarian Ability Modifiers: +4 Int. Adult 19-44. +2 Con. Venerable 134+ Languages: Bimm Average Height: 1. Middle Age 45-55. Adult 66-150.3 Meters Chev Ability Modifiers: None Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Middle Age 45-55. +2 Con. Adult 18-85. Since Wizards of the Coast is no longer producing Saga Edition books.5 Meters Anomid Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Age: Child 1-10. Old 77-89. Adult 19-44. Young Adult 12-16. Young Adult 9-12. -2 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Average Height: 2 Meters Charon Ability Modifiers: +2 Str.8 Meters Bimm Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Young Adult 13-17. Young Adult 4-5. Shusugaunt.8 Meters Anx Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Old 70-89. Middle Age 45-71. Middle Age 46-70. Age: Child 1-12. Young Adult 14-18. Venerable 95+ Languages: Anomid (visual). Venerable 251+ Languages: Limited telepathy. Adult 13-44. Young Adult 13-15. -2 Con Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. -4 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 4 sq. Young Adult 31-65. Adult 17-49.

Middle Age 41-60. Middle Age 36-53. Basic Average Height: 1. -2 Dex Size: Large Speed: 8 sq. Adult 15-45. Old 56-69. Basic Average Height: 1. Adult 11-35. Age: Child 1-5. Venerable 65+ Languages: Em'liy. Old 65-79. Young Adult 12-17.9 Meters Filordus Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Age: Child 1-8. Basic Average Height: 1. -2 Dex. Old 60-79. Young Adult 8-14. Young Adult 14-17.4 Meters Elomin Ability Modifiers: None Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Age: Child 1-11. (8 sq. on 4 legs and 4 sq. +2 Wis. Middle Age 36-50. -2 Str Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Venerable 80+ Languages: Devaronese. Adult 18-49. Venerable 85+ Languages: Frozian Average Height: 3 Meters Geonosian Elom Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Old 51-64.8 Meters Ebranite Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Young Adult 7-10. Age: Child 1-9. Age: Child 1-4. -2 Int Size: Large Speed: 6 sq. Adult 16-35. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 5-7. Young Adult 13-18. Old 87-119. Middle Age 34-49. Young Adult 13-17. Middle Age 36-54. Basic (noticeable buzz when speaking in basic) Average Height: 1. -2 Wis. Basic Average Height: 1.7 Meters Gossam Ability Modifiers: +2 Wis. Age: Child 1-6. +2 Cha. -2 Int. Venerable 80+ Languages: Dressellese. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Aristocrat Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex.6 Meters Colicoid Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Venerable 75+ Languages: Gossam. Old 66-89. Old 63-74. Young Adult 4-7. Venerable 65+ Languages: Geonosian Average Height: 1. Venerable 80+ Languages: Devaronese.7 Meters Devaronian Male Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Basic Average Height: 1.5 Meters Con. -2 Cha Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Age: Child 1-12. Adult 8-33. Young Adult 13-17. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. +2 Str.8 Meters Cragmoloid Ability Modifiers: +4 Str. Old 61-72. Adult 16-35. Middle Age 36-50. Age: Child 1-10. Old 56-89. and 12 sq.6 Meters Drall Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Venerable 75+ Languages: Chevin. Basic Average Height: 1. Age: Child 1-11.4 Meters Frozian Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Middle Age 45-64.9 Meters Farghul Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Wis. Middle Age 26-55. Venerable 70+ Languages: Filordian. Venerable 257+ Languages: Chevin. -2 Con Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Middle Age 156-211. Adult 8-25. Venerable 73+ Languages: Elomin. Young Adult 10-14. on two legs Age: Child 1-9. Venerable 65+ Languages: Colicoid. Middle Age 41-62. Young Adult 9-13. Old 71-75. +2 Wis. -2 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Old 61-84. -2 Wis. 32 . Basic Average Height: 1. Old 50-64. +2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 12-15. Adult 13-40. Age: Child 1-12. +2 Cha. Middle Age 51-70. -2 Dex. -2 Con Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 90+ Languages: Elom (Difficulty to speak basic) Average Height: 1. Venerable 70+ Languages: Dantari Average Height: 1. Middle Age 50-65. Old 63-74. +2 Dex. Adult 18-44. Middle Age 45-62. -2 Wis. Age: Child 1-9.Adult 19-40. Middle Age 46-69. Age: Child 1-5. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 10-14.2 Meters H'nemthe Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. -2 Wis. Basic Average Height: 1. Venerable 90+ Languages: Drallish. Adult 15-39. Venerable 85+ Languages: Ebranese Average Height: 1. Young Adult 7-10. Adult 11-35. Age: Child 1-7. Old 70-84. Adult 18-45. Basic Average Height: 1. Adult 14-40. Young Adult 11-15. Middle Age 41-60. +2 Wis. Old 212-256. Adult 19-155. +2 Con. Old 51-64. Old 55-69.8 Meters Em'liy Ability Modifiers: +2 Con.7 Meters Warrior Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. +2 Con. Middle Age 70-86. Basic Average Height: 3 Meters Dantari Ability Modifiers: -2 Int. Age: Child 1-12.6 Meters Chevin Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. when flying Age: Child 1-6. -2 Int. Adult 18-44.6 Meters Female Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Middle Age 46-59. Venerable 120+ Languages: Cragii. Young Adult 6-12. Venerable 76+ Languages: Farghul. Middle Age 45-64. Young Adult 6-10. Bothese Average Height: 1. Venerable 65+ Languages: Geonosian Average Height: 1. Basic (with accent) Average Height: 1. -2 Dex. -2 Dex. -6 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Age: Child 1-3. Old 54-64. -2 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 10 sq. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 4 sq. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.3 Meters Dressellian Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Adult 11-50. Old 65-79. Adult 15-69. Middle Age 40-55. when climbing) Age: Child 1-13. Adult 14-44. Young Adult 10-13.

2 Meters Morseerian Ability Modifiers: None Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Adult 17-44. Venerable 85+ Languages: H'nemthe Average Height: 1. Adult 18-54. Old 46-54. +2 Int.2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Dex Size: Large Speed: 8 sq. Middle Age 55-79. -2 Int. Old 70-84. Old 65-79.9 Meters Kitonak Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Venerable 110+ Languages: Kushiban Average Height: 0. Age: Child 1-12. +2 Wis. Venerable 80+ Languages: Houkese Average Height: 2. Middle Age 44-68. Young Adult 11-15. +2 Dex. Age: Child 1-10. Venerable 90+ Languages: Ho'Din Average Height: 2. Age: Child 1-9. -2 Wis. Basic Average Height: 1.8 Meters Houk Ability Modifiers: +4 Str. +2 Cha. Middle Age 60-89. Venerable 80+ Languages: Morseerian. Young Adult 13-17. Middle Age 50-69. Middle Age 51-80. Adult 13-59. Adult 16-50. Adult 17-49. Old 58-79. Adult 15-44. Middle Age 30-54. -2 Cha Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Adult 10-29.8 Meters Jenet Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Old 80-99. -2 Int. Venerable 75+ Languages: Lepese. Old 60-79. Middle Age 30-45. Young Adult 6-9. Basic (slowly) Average Height: 1. Middle Age 45-59. Venerable 55+ Languages: Menahu Average Height: 1. Middle Age 45-59. Young Adult 6-10. Middle Age 50-74.2 Meters Lepi Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Venerable 100+ Languages: Kubazi. Young Adult 11-15. Adult 11-60.9 Meters Krish Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Old 66-84. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Basic (speak only) Average Height: 1. Young Adult 13-17. -2 Wis.9 Meters Kushiban Ability Modifiers: +4 Dex. Middle Age 41-64.9 Meters Nazzar Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Basic Average Height: 1. Old 81-99. Age: Child 1-12. 33 . Venerable 70+ Languages: Jenet Average Height: 1. -2 Cha Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. -2 Wis. -4 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 8 sq. Young Adult 7-10. Old 75-89.9 Meters Myneyrsh Ability Modifiers: +2 Wis. -2 Dex. Age: Child 1-11. -2 Int Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 85+ Languages: Kian'thar. Old 60-74. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Adult 18-49. +2 Dex.2 Meters (small) to 2 Meters (medium) Kian'thar Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Middle Age 45-57. Age: Child 1-5. Venerable 85+ Languages: Myneyrsh (speak only). Old 55-69. Adult 18-59. Middle Age 45-59. -2 Int. Psadan (speak only) Average Height: 1. Venerable 85+ Languages: Krish Average Height: 1. (swimming 6 sq. Middle Age 60-84. Age: Child 1-5.2 Meters Khommite Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Venerable 125+ Languages: Koorivar. Age: Child 1-11.) Age: Child 1-11. Old 101120.7 Meters Ho'Din Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. -2 Cha Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Old 69-79.5 Meters Lannik Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Venerable 80+ Languages: Basic Average Height: 1. Middle Age 46-65. Young Adult 11-17. -2 Wis Size: Medium or Small Speed: 6 sq. Age: Child 1-12. Middle Age 51-79. Adult 16-45. -2 Dex. Basic (with nasal sounds) Average Height: 1. Old 70-84.5 Meters Kerestian Ability Modifiers: +2 Str.6 Meters (female) Menahuun Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Old 85-109. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 11-16.2 Meters Iotran Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. +2 Wis. Young Adult 12-17. Young Adult 13-15. Middle Age 50-69. Young Adult 6-12. -4 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. 1.6 Meters Muun Ability Modifiers: +4 Int. Young Adult 13-17. -2 Str. Age: Child 1-5. -2 Str. Young Adult 5-8. -2 Con Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 121+ Languages: Kitonese. Middle Age 61-100.9 Meters (male). +2 Wis. Venerable 80+ Languages: Kerestese Average Height: 2. Adult 11-44. Old 60-84. Age: Child 1-4. Adult 14-50. Age: Child 1-10.3 Meters Koorivar Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Adult 18-44. -2 Int Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Basic Average Height: 1. Age: Child 1-10. Adult 9-29. -4 Str Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Basic Average Height: 1. Middle Age 45-65. Binary (understand only) Average Height: 1.8 Meters Kubaz Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Young Adult 12-16. Young Adult 10-14. Adult 18-49. Old 80-94.Age: Child 1-6. Age: Child 1-10. +2 Con. Age: Child 1-12. Age: Child 1-11. Young Adult 12-15. Venerable 95+ Languages: Muun. Young Adult 12-17. -4 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. . Age: Child 1-9. Old 66-84. Adult 16-44. Old 90-124. Young Adult 10-13. Adult 16-40. Adult 18-43. Basic Average Height: 1. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 85+ Languages: Tranese. Venerable 100+ Languages: Lannik.

Venerable 65+ Languages: Nikto. Adult 18-55. and 8 sq. Adult 17-45. Old 55-64. -2 Int. Venerable 85+ Languages: Omwatese Average Height: 1. Middle Age 36-54. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Age: Child 1-10. Adult 17-40.Age: Child 1-11. -2 Int. Middle Age 36-49. Adult 17-42.) Age: Child 1-2. Age: Child 1-10. Old 2. Venerable 45+ Languages: Noehonese (speak only) Average Height: 1.0002. Age: Child 1-12. Old 55-64. Young Adult 12-16. Venerable 125+ Languages: Nazzar Average Height: 2 Meters Neti Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Basic Average Height: 1. Basic Average Height: 1. Basic Average Height: 1. Venerable 85+ Languages: Shimiese. Young Adult 3-4. Age: Child 1-11. swimming Age: Child 1-11. Old 55-64. Adult 16-35. (climb 4 sq.2 Meters Omwati Ability Modifiers: +2 Int.500-3. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.8 Meters Noehon Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Large.3 Meters Nuknog Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. -2 Int. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 71+ Languages: Ortolan. Middle Age 43-65.1 Meters Nikto Esral'sa (Mountain Nikto) Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Middle Age 45-59. Old 50-64. Age: Child 1-11. Age: Child 1-12. Young Adult 11-15. Age: Child 1-11. +2 Con. Basic Average Height: 1. Adult 17-45. Young Adult 12-16. -4 Int Size: Medium Speed: 5 sq. Young Adult 11-15. Age: Child 1-12. Adult 16-35. Basic Average Height: 1. Young Adult 6-11.7 Meters Pho Ph'eahian Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Young Adult 13-17.5 Meters Quermian Ability Modifiers: +2 Int.8 Meters M'shento'su (Southern Nikto) Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. -2 Wis Size: Small Speed: 4 sq.6 Meters Pacithhip Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. +2 Wis. Old 60-74. Old 65-79. +2 Wis. Adult 16-35. Old 70-84. Young Adult 13-16.2 Meters Ranat Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. -2 Cha. Venerable 75+ Languages: Lowickese Average Height: 1. Adult 14-54. Young Adult 12-16. Young Adult 11-15. -2 Int. -2 Wis Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Middle Age 36-54. Middle Age 40-54. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Old 66-84. Huttese Average Height: 1. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Old 66-84. Middle Age 46-65. Old 55-64. Young Adult 9-12. Old 66-85. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Adult 60-1.4 Meters Pa'lowick Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Old 60-74. -2 Con Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.999. Middle Age 56-89. Young Adult 13-16.8 Meters Kajain'sa (Red Nikto) Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Age: Child 1-12. Old 75-89. -4 Dex Size: Medium. -2 Int. Middle Age 55-74.999. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters Qwohog Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Young Adult 9-13. Venerable 86+ Languages: Quermian. Venerable 65+ Languages: Nikto. Adult 16-35. Venerable 65+ Languages: Nikto. +2 Wis. +2 Wis. -2 Wis. Old 90-124. Young Adult 12-59. Venerable 4. -2 Dex Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Old 55-64. Adult 13-44.9 Meters Ortolan Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. +4 Con. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters (medium) – 10 Meters (huge) Nimbanel Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Venerable 65+ Languages: Nuknog Average Height: 1. Basic Average Height: 1. Basic Average Height: 1. Old 55-74. Age: Child 1-10. Adult 18-40. sign language.8 Meters Noghri Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Middle Age 45-59. Middle Age 41-65. Adult 5-24. +2 Con. Middle Age 25-37. Venerable 75+ Languages: Phindian.8 Meters Gluss'sa (Pale Nikto) Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. -2 Int. (swim 4 sq.) Age: Child 1-10. Basic Average Height: 1.8 Meters Kadas'sa (Green Nikto) Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Age: Child 1-11. -2 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 5 sq. Age: Child 1-11. Age: Child 1-8. Middle Age 46-64. Young Adult 11-15. Old 60-74. -2 Int -2 Cha 34 . Venerable 75+ Languages: Qwohog (only in water). Age: Child 1-8. Middle Age 41-59. Adult 16-35. Young Adult 12-16. Adult 12-39. Venerable 65+ Languages: Nikto. Venerable 80+ Languages: Nimbanese. Adult 17-39. Venerable 75+ Languages: Honoghran. -2 Cha Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Middle Age 36-54. Middle Age 2.499. Middle Age 45-69. Old 38-44. Middle Age 36-54. Venerable 65+ Languages: Nikto.000+ Languages: Neti. Basic Average Height: 1. +2 Wis. Adult 17-35. Venerable 85+ Languages: Pho Ph'eahese Average Height: 1. -2 Wis. Young Adult 12-17. Young Adult 13-17.5 Meters Phindian Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Age: Child 1-5. -2 Str. Middle Age 36-54. Young Adult 12-16. Venerable 90+ Languages: Psadan (oral only) Average Height: 1. Basic Average Height: 1. Young Adult 11-15. Middle Age 40-54. Age: Child 1-10. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.7 Meters Psadan Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Adult 18-44. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. or Huge Speed: 6 sq. Adult 17-44. -4 Cha Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Old 55-70.

Adult 13-40. -2 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.1 Meters Sakiyan Ability Modifiers: None Sarkan Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Old 56-74.7 Meters Selonian Male or Queen Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Age: Child 1-10. Age: Child 1-10. Young Adult 11-15. Middle Age 45-69. when swimming Age: Child 1-8. (land or water) Age: Child 1-5. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters Shi'ido Ability Modifiers: -2 Con Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. flying (no land speed) Age: Middle Age 35-42.4 Meters Female Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Venerable 501+ Languages: Shi'idese Average Height: 1. Venerable 85+ Languages: Sakiyan. Venerable 76+ Languages: Selonian. (land and air) Age: Child 1-11. Young Adult 12-15.7 Meters S'kytri Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Young Adult 13-18. Adult 16-45. Young Adult 9-13. Adult 12-34 Languages: Ruurese +1 other language Average Height: 1. -2 Int Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 5-10. Age: Child 1-11. Adult 15-35. -2 Dex. -2 Int. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.1 Meters Rybet Male Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Young Adult 12-17. Venerable 90+ Languages: Suavax Average Height: 1. 8 sq. when swimming Age: Child 1-8. Middle Age 40-54. Old 76-99. -2 Int. Adult 61-210. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. +2 Con. Old 53-69. Middle Age 36-55. Old 56-75. Old 75-85. Young Adult 9-14. Young Adult 5-8.Size: Small Speed: 6 sq. Old 85-102. -4 Cha Size: Large Speed: 6 sq. Adult 18-39. +2 Con. Age: Child 1-11. Old 91-115. Age: Child 1-10. +2 Wis. Venerable 50+ Languages: Ruurese +1 other language Average Height: 1. Venerable 75+ Languages: S'kytric. when burrowing Age: Child 1-4. Middle Age 211-360. Venerable 70+ Languages: Skakoverbal (spoken). -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. on two legs. Age: Child 1-5. Basic Average Height: 2. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters Sterile Female Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Str. Age: Child 1-11. Age: Child 1-12.7 Meters Sludi Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. -2 Int. -2 Dex Size: Large (male) Medium (female) Speed: 6 sq. -2 Dex. Age: Child 1-7. Middle Age 46-65. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 86+ Languages: Worxi or Basic Average Height: 1. Adult 15-35. -2 Dex. Adult 18-55. Old 55-74. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Adult 11-55. and 8 sq. Age: Child 1-7.8 Meters Skakoan Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Venerable 70+ Languages: Sanyassan. Adult 16-45. Old 361-500. Venerable 71+ Languages: Rybese Average Height: 1. Middle Age 49-74. Middle Age 40-52. Skakoform (written) Average Height: 1.9 Meters Ssi-Ruu Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Adult 10-40.9 Meters Ranth Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. Middle Age 45-59. Young Adult 9-14. Adult 9-26. Young Adult 11-60. Venerable 71+ Languages: Rybese Average Height: 1. Old 61-70. on four legs. Adult 16-48. Old 70-89. Young Adult 6-9. Venerable 103+ Languages: Skrilling. (land or water) Age: Child 1-5. Young Adult 6-9. Adult 16-44. Young Adult 6-9. 4 sq.7 Meters Sanyassan Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Basic Average Height: 1 Meter Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Adult 10-44. Middle Age 41-60. or 1 sq. Middle Age 56-90.1 Meters Sauvax Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Young Adult 11-15. Basic Average Height: 2. -2 Con. Old 61-70. Old 41-54. Middle Age 56-84. Middle Age 41-55.1 Meters Spiner Ability Modifiers: +2 Dex. -2 Con Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. -2 Wis. Venerable 85+ Languages: Ranth Average Height: 1.8 Meters Skrilling Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Venerable 116+ Languages: Ssi-Ruuvi Average Height: 2 Meters T'surr Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Old 43-49. Old 80-95. Basic or Huttese Average Height: 1. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. +2 Con. Middle Age 36-55. Venerable 96+ Languages: Sarese. -2 Wis. Middle Age 41-60. Middle Age 27-40. and 8 sq. Adult 10-40. -2 Str Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Adult 11-55. Basic Average Height: 2. Middle Age 56-74. Adult 19-50. Venerable 100+ Languages: T'surrese Average Height: 2. 8 sq. Middle Age 51-79. Old 75-84. Age: Child 1-8. Age: Child 1-4. Adult 14-39. Old 66-84. Young Adult 12-17. -2 Str. Old 56-75.5 Meters (male) 2 35 .1 Meters Larva Ability Modifiers: +4 Int. Venerable 55+ Languages: Ranat. -2 Con Size: Small Speed: 6 sq. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters Ruurian Chroma-Wing Ability Modifiers: +4 Cha. Young Adult 6-10. Young Adult 12-15. in water Age: Child 1-5. -4 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. on four legs. Basic Average Height: 1. -2 Wis. on two legs. Venerable 75+ Languages: Sludese. Venerable 76+ Languages: Selonian. Middle Age 46-75. Old 60-69. Young Adult 8-12. Young Adult 8-11.

Old 73-97. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters Temolak Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Basic Average Height: 2. -2 Wis. Old 140-174. Old 50-64. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Middle Age 50-79. Middle Age 80-139. Middle Age 93-159. Adult 9-35. Age: Child 1-12. Middle Age 50-74. Middle Age 50-74. Age: Child 1-8.8 Meters Vor Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Age: Child 1-11. Old 65-84. Adult 15-40. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 10-15. Age: Child 1-11. Age: Child 1-9. +2 Cha. -2 Cha. Old 61-79. Middle Age 46-62. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 5 sq. Old 60-74. -4 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.3 Meters Vodran Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. Venerable 80+ Languages: Tunrothese Average Height: 1. Venerable 80+ Languages: Vuvrian. Young Adult 12-16. Venerable 85+ Languages: Zehethbra. (flying) Age: Child 1-10. Age: Child 1-6. Old 65-79. Old 75-89. Middle Age 41-59. Age: Child 1-11. -2 Wis. Adult 20-79. Old 75-99.6 Meters Zehethbra Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Old 55-79.7 Meters Tusken Raider Ability Modifiers: +2 Con.1 Meters  36 . Age: Child 1-11. Adult 18-49. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 12-19. Age: Child 1-11. Age: Child 1-12. Age: Child 1-7. -2 Wis. -4 Int (-2 Int if not in service to Hutts) Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.3 Meters Yinchorri Ability Modifiers: None Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Middle Age 41-60.7 Meters Tarro Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Venerable 80+ Languages: Yinchorri. Middle Age 40-60. -2 Wis. Venerable 85+ Languages: Vorese. Young Adult 8-14. Adult 18-49. Old 61-74. Adult 18-39.1 Meters Vuvrian Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Age: Child 1-12. Young Adult 5-8. Young Adult 13-19. Young Adult 7-10. Middle Age 40-54.1 Meters Thisspiasian Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Adult 11-45. Old 61-79. Adult 16-44. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 12-17. Basic Average Height: 1. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters Vratix Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. Venerable 100+ Languages: Woostese Average Height: 1. Venerable 98+ Languages: Toongese Average Height: 2. Adult 17-44. Middle Age 45-60. -2 Wis Size: Medium Speed: 8 sq. Basic Average Height: 1. Young Adult 7-10. -2 Cha. Middle Age 45-64. -2 Dex. -2 Int. Age: Child 1-4. Adult 14-44. Venerable 175+ Languages: Vratix. Middle Age 45-64. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 7-13. Basic Average Height: 2. Venerable 80+ Languages: Tarrese. Basic Average Height: 2. -2 Con Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Adult 16-49. Middle Age 36-59. Basic Average Height: 2 Meters Woostoid Ability Modifiers: +4 Int. Basic Average Height: 2. -2 Dex.1 Meters Tunroth Ability Modifiers: +2 Str. Old 60-79. Old 70-84. Age: Child 1-12. Old 63-74. Age: Child 1-11. Young Adult 12-17.7 Meters Xexto Ability Modifiers: +4 Dex. Middle Age 35-49.7 Meters Toong Ability Modifiers: +4 Dex. Adult 18-40. Venerable 75+ Languages: Tusken (spoken only) Average Height: 2 Meters Ugnaught Ability Modifiers: +2 Con. -2 Con. Venerable 100+ Languages: Temolish. Middle Age 50-69. -2 Str. Middle Age 50-72. Old 158-184. (land) 12 sq. Venerable 185+ Languages: Ugnaught Average Height: 1. Young Adult 13-17. Adult 20-48. Young Adult 13-19. Adult 17-39. Venerable 75+ Languages: Xextese. Adult 20-92. Young Adult 11-15. Venerable 90+ Languages: Thisspiasian Average Height: 1. Venerable 80+ Languages: Huttese Average Height: 1. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Young Adult 12-17. -2 Cha Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Age: Child 1-6. Young Adult 12-16. -2 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq. Venerable 75+ Languages: Tarasinese Average Height: 1. Adult 20-49. +2 Int. -2 Int. -2 Str Size: Medium Speed: 6 sq.5 Meters Tiss'shar Ability Modifiers: +2 Int. -2 Con Size: Small Speed: 4 sq. Young Adult 13-19. Venerable 65+ Languages: Tiss'shar. Adult 11-34. Old 80-99. +2 Int.Meters (female) Tarasin Ability Modifiers: +2 Int.

Craft (stonemasonry). and also know how to turn a common tool into a deadly weapon to defend your cattle. or rancher). Perform (oratory). Special: This feat must be taken at 1st level. and Perform (sing) checks. You have also acquainted yourself with old architectural styles. APPRENTICESHIP (GENERAL) You have worked with a skilled person to learn her trade. AUTODIDACT (GENERAL) You have learned something all by yourself. Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Craft (carpentry). the artists. buildings. herder. AGRICULTURE (GENERAL) You rear crops and livestock. men and women gifted with skills and feats just like your heroes. Special: It’s up to the GM to decide if an object classifies as an antiquity or not. the entertainers who amuse them from time to time. or coins from ancient times. Special: You can gain Autodidact multiple times. Moreover. Benefit: You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Perform (act). Prerequisite: 4 ranks in one of the following Professions (farmer. The very same feats can also help to shape the background and the future of a character when the common laborer effectively becomes a player character. your property. sling. scythe. Benefit: The Craft or Profession skill you have chosen is a class skill for you and you have a +2 competence bonus with that specific skill. javelin. perhaps even breed specific species. greatclub. the inherent feats of their respective trades. and also your life if the situation requires it. light hammer. spear. Each time you take the feat it applies to a new Craft or Profession. such as (but not limited to) statues. Prerequisite: 5 ranks in Profession (antiquarian). each time you use a scythe or sickle against a creature you gain a +1 bonus on weapon damage rolls. ARTISANS. Benefit: Choose any skill. sickle. club. piece of furniture. and the unique talents they have developed. Skill Focus (Profession (farmer. They are the walk-on part of any campaign but if you look more closely they are also potential adventurers in development. & WORKERS By Jarrod Camiré New Feats That Really Work More often than not. From the Mines or Lumberjack. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Handle Animal. The actor and the locksmith of yesterday are perhaps the bard and the rogue of tomorrow. This bonus also applies to remains or relics. This skill is considered as a class skill for you. Each time you take the feat it applies to a new skill. They are the skilled workers who craft the goods the characters and the common populace buy. artisans. or simply the workforce of the country. or rancher)). herder.ARTISTS. and Use Rope checks and are proficient with the following weapons: battleaxe. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in a suitable Craft or Profession skill is obligatory. If the creature has the plant subtype you gain a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls. ANGEL’S VOICE (GENERAL) You are naturally gifted with a very melodious voice. Ride. your sheep. ANTIQUITY (GENERAL) Antiques have no secret for you and you can assess the value of an old object at a glance. and laborers are simply the peoples orbiting around the PCs. and Knowledge 37 . Knowledge (nature). dagger. You can gain Apprenticeship multiple times. could serve them well in an adventuring career. Its effects do not stack. handaxe. and quarterstaff. or other work of art created at an earlier period. This bonus stacks with the ones provided by the ranger class feature Favored Enemy and the feat Weapon Focus but not with the feats Butchery. Perform (comedy). you additionally beneficiate from a +2 competence bonus on Knowledge (architecture and engineering) and Knowledge (history) checks. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (architect). Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on ARCHITECTURE (GENERAL) You know many things about the design and the construction of buildings and various structures besides. Appraise checks made upon a decorative object.

CARTOGRAPHY (GENERAL) You are quite found of maps. 5 ranks in Perform (act). A fighter may select Butchery as one of his fighter bonus feat. Special: Each time you sell loot you obtain threequarter its listed price. COLONIST (GENERAL) You have been amongst the first to settle a new frontier and you are a model of resourcefulness in more than one field. CRAFTSMAN (GENERAL) You have mastered a Craft or Profession better than anyone else. and Intimidate. facial expression. both old and new. Special: This bonus stacks with the ones provided by the ranger class feature Favored Enemy and the feat Weapon Focus but not with the feats Agriculture. and Perform (dance). Chapter 4: Skills. Normal: In general. and Search checks. and Survival checks. Special: Once per day.(architecture and engineering) checks. You cannot influence a merchant when it comes down to trade goods and brand new items however. or weaponsmith). Prerequisite: Cha 12. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on your Appraise. bowyer. and when you buy a second-hand item you pay only a quarter its listed price. Skill Focus (Profession (butcher)). Prerequisite: 5 ranks in Perform (act). Knowledge (nature). Diplomacy. Bluff. thanks to your ingenuity. Benefit: You can add your Charisma modifier to your dice roll when you aid another character with the following skills: Bluff. a character can sell something for half its listed price. Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against all creatures having the animal subtype. ARSENAL (GENERAL) You have worked where arms and ammunitions are made. Normal: You must obtain 10 or higher on your dice roll when you aid another (consult the PHB. fletcher. Knowledge (geography). you truly know how to please any audience. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Heal. and have thoroughly studied many geographical books and treatises. BARGAIN-HUNTER (GENERAL) When it comes to second-hand items you never miss an opportunity and you bargain and obtain more for your hard-earned money all the time. Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Craft (mapmaking) and Knowledge (geography) checks. BODY LANGUAGE (GENERAL) Your attitude. Perform (comedy). Craft (armorsmithing). and Intimidate checks. Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on your Bluff. Craft (bowmaking). Special: A fighter may select Arsenal as one of his fighter bonus feat. for more details about Combining Skill Attempts and Aid Another). and Lumberjack. Perform (comedy). From the Mines. BALANCING ACT (GENERAL) Your experience of the stage helps you greatly to improvise in the real life. BUTCHERY (GENERAL) Your intimate knowledge of the anatomy of more than one animal gives you an edge when you are confronted to them. This bonus stacks with the synergy bonus provided to a character that has 5 ranks or more in Knowledge (architecture and engineering). you can add a +2 insight bonus on any Skill check you make. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (butcher). Special: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Decipher Script and Forgery checks respectively made to decode a map or determine its authenticity. Craft (leatherworking). Prerequisite: 4 ranks in one of the following Professions (alchemist. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (cartographer). You gain a +3 38 . Handle Animal. leatherworker. Benefit: Select a Craft or Profession. armorer. Special: A character with the feat Architecture obtains a +2 competence bonus on his Search checks when he tries to find secret doors or hidden compartments. and Perform (oratory). Prerequisite: Int 15 (for Craft) or Wis 15 (for Profession). Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Craft (alchemy). and Craft (weaponsmithing) checks. and pose serve you to convey your true state of mine (as well as any pretence) better than anyone else. Gather Information. Diplomacy. You must stipulate that you use this bonus before the check is made. 8 ranks in a given Craft or Profession. Diplomacy.

If you also have the feat Arsenal or the right Craft skills you can moreover duplicate a given set of armor or reproduce a fake weapon to help someone play the part of another person more convincingly. if you are caught flat-footed the opponents are not penalized and can use any such feats at their fullest. You earn about three-quarter of your check result in gold pieces per week of dedicated work. Benefit: Your workmanship or professionalism is highly prized and recognized. and Use Rope checks. Improved Initiative. Special: You can gain Craftsman multiple times. Chapter 4: Skills to know more about the various Craft skills and DC that are required to create a given item). ores. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (costumier). herald. Rapid Shot. This bonus stacks with the ones provided by the feat Apprenticeship and Skill Focus. Each time you take the feat it applies to a new Craft or Profession. Creating such items is often a long and costly process however (consult the PHB. DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER (GENERAL) You have delivered many messages in your career and learned to avoid the wrath of the unsatisfied clients most of the time. Craft (weaving). 4 ranks in one of the following Professions (courier. Dex 13. FIT LIKE A GLOVE (GENERAL) You are a confectioner and supplier of costumes for theatres though sometimes you also confection fancy set of clothes for very special occasions. Special: A fighter can select Don’t Shoot the Messenger as one of his fighter bonus feat. You are moreover proficient with the following weapons: light hammer. Special: If you have access to the right fabrics and/or materials you can reproduce a specific outfit down to the minutest details. or precious stones from the earth and learned many useful things while working under the mountains. Skill Focus (Profession (courier. Its effects do not stack. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Appraise. Perform (comedy).competence bonus on checks related to that skill. herald. and mimicry to such a degree that it serves you to greatly improve any disguise. Mounted Archery. or messenger). DOWN TO A FINE ART (GENERAL) You practice your trade since long and know the best way of doing it. Improved Precise Shot. Lightning Reflex. imitation. envoy. and Shot on the Run. Skill Focus (Profession (miner)). FIGURE OF SPEECH (GENERAL) You have mastered eloquence. FINE ARTS (GENERAL) All your artistic creations appeal to the sense of beauty. creations that always fit to perfection. Knowledge (dungeoneering). and Craft (sculpting) checks. Prerequisite: 5 ranks in Perform (act). and Profession (haberdasher). Benefit: You gain a +3 competence bonus on your Disguise check. and Perform (oratory). A character who wears one of your reproductions thus gains a +5 circumstance bonus on his Disguise check. Benefit: You gain a +2 insight bonus on your Craft (calligraphy). You must be aware of the attack(s) in order to beneficiate from this extraordinary power. FROM THE MINES (GENERAL) You have extracted coal. Normal: You need to roll an Appraise check against DC 10 to provide a +2 circumstance bonus. or messenger)). In fact you have reached a rare level when it comes down to vestments and can often reproduce a given set of clothing even if you have seen it for a very brief moment. Prerequisite: 8 ranks in a given Craft or Profession skill. Dodge. Special: Each time you help someone with an Appraise check regarding an art object falling into one of the categories mentioned above you automatically provide a +2 insight bonus to that check. Benefit: You gain a +3 competence bonus on Craft (cobbling). Special: You can select Down To a Fine Art multiple times. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (miner). Climb. Prerequisite: Alertness. Benefit: When foes deliver ranged attacks against you they cannot rely at all upon the advantages normally granted by the following feats: Far Shot. envoy. Craft (leatherworking). Craft (painting). Each time you take the feat it applies to a new Craft or Profession. light or no armor. Precise Shot. Skill Focus (Profession (costumier)). Craft (pottery). Point Blank Shot. Profession (couturier). Chapter 4: Skills to know more about the skills Craft and Profession). Normal: When you practice your trade you earn about half your check result in gold pieces per week of dedicated work (consult the PHB. light and heavy 39 . Many Shot.

Moreover you can naturally cast once per day either cure minor wounds or detect poison. 4 ranks in at least three different types of Craft. This bonus stacks with the ones provided by the feats Fine Arts and Skill Focus. or Lumberjack. If the creature or the object is made of stone. and performance. Heal. surviving in countries featuring terrains comparable to those of your native land is much easier. Craft (sculpting). JEWELLERY (GENERAL) You can create marvellous jewels from precious metals and gems. Special: When you use a healer’s kit you gain a +3 circumstance bonus on Heal checks. and Craft (jewellery-making) checks. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (jeweller). hills. Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Appraise (gems and jewels only). Special: Choose two types of terrain amongst the following ones in accord with your character’s background: aquatic. Even your touch conveys a small measure of healing. or Perform (anyone). and more specifically the section Wilderness Adventures for many examples of Survival checks upon all kind of terrains). Prerequisite: Int 12. HERBS AND SALVES (GENERAL) You know how to effectively use both alchemy and nature’s gifts to cure many ailments and to treat wounds. Characters that don’t pertain to this race must have the right Exotic Weapon Proficiency Feat to effectively wield this weapon. GOOD AS NEW (GENERAL) You have repaired so many things in your life that it has become a magical gift. 4 ranks in Profession (barrister). Gather Information. and Survival checks. music. and Knowledge (nature) checks. Butchery. Spot. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (huntergatherer). Furthermore. and more specifically the skill Craft for examples). Special: Gnomes can add the gnome hooked hammer to the list. and warhammer. Normal: The use of a healing kit normally provides only a +2 circumstance bonus on Heal checks. LAWS AND DECREES (GENERAL) You have pleaded in many courts of justice and for you the law is truly a code of conduct. LUMBERJACK (GENERAL) You know how to wield an axe and put it to good use. Craft (painting). Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Craft (alchemy) (healing purposes only). Chapter 4: Skills. you are truly gifted with an otherworldly talent. 40 . Benefit: Choose one of the following skills: Craft (calligraphy). Search. Craft (pottery). This bonus stacks with the ones provided by the ranger class feature Favored Enemy and the feat Weapon Focus but not with the feats Agriculture.picks. Special: You can gain Lilend’s Gift multiple time. forest. you gain a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls. Each time you are confronted to a Survival check taking place upon a terrain akin to the ones from your homeland you obtain a +5 competence bonus on the check (see the DMG. Chapter 3: Adventures. be that in whole or in part. plains. Each time you use a hammer or pick you gain a +1 bonus on weapon damage rolls against all creatures and against any object you try to destroy. you gain a +5 insight bonus with that skill. Benefit: You can repair an item by making a check against the DC that it took to make the item in the first place but in your case you obtain a +5 competence bonus on the check (see the PHB. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Diplomacy. Wis 12. Normal: Generally. Each time you take the feat it applies to another skill in the abovementioned list. The effect does not stack. Prerequisite: Lawful Neutral. mountain. Wis 10. you can repair an item by making checks against the same DC that it took to make the item in the first place. marsh. LILEND’S GIFT (GENERAL) When it comes to artwork. In addition you can naturally cast the spell mending three times per day and the spell make whole once per day. Knowledge (local). HUNT HIGH AND LOW (GENERAL) You come from a tribe of hunter-gatherers and know many effective ways to collect food. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (apothecary) or Profession (herbalist). desert. Craft (gemcutting). Special: Each time you’re confronted to a Knowledge (local) check that specifically concerns the laws you gain a +5 competence bonus. and Sense Motive checks. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge (nature).

Benefit: You can don or remove an armor or help someone doing so more quickly than any of your counterparts and this even in the direst of circumstances (see table below). Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Concentration. Each time you use an axe you gain a +1 bonus on weapon damage rolls against all creatures and against any object you try to destroy. Prerequisite: Int 15. Knowledge (nobility and royalty) and Ride checks. paladins and characters with the feat Squire have the right proficiencies and automatically qualify for this feat. Benefit: You are proficient with the following weapons: battleaxe. exception made of the tower shield. Craft (trapmaking). handaxe. Clerics. PILGRIMAGE (GENERAL) You have once journeyed to a holy place and learned much during that voyage. STEEL IS BUT A SECOND SKIN (GENERAL) You have altered. and Skill Focus (Profession (armorer)) or 5 ranks in Craft (armorsmithing) and Skill Focus (Craft (armorsmithing)) or Armor Proficiency (heavy) and Shield Proficiency. Special: A monk can add the feat Pilgrimage to the st nd list of bonus feats available to this class at 1 . medium. SQUIRE (GENERAL) You have been a boy in training for knighthood. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Diplomacy. and/or Shield Proficiency can select this feat but cannot use it to its full potential. or From the Mines. Handle Animal. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (armorer). Special: Half-orcs and orcs can add the orc double axe to the list. Dwarfs for their part can add the dwarven urgrosh and dwarven waraxe to the list. fighters. and light) and shields. Just like a fighter you are proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy. It normally takes 1d4 rounds to disable a tricky device and 2d4 rounds in the case of difficult and wicked devices. Knowledge (geography). you require only a single round to neutralize simple and tricky devices and in your case 1d4 rounds are enough to deactivate difficult or wicked devices. Characters that don’t pertain to these races must have the right Exotic Weapon Proficiency Feat to effectively wield these weapons. Armor Proficiency (medium). Butchery. 2 . and throwing axe. greataxe. Long introspections have deeply changed you for the better.Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (lumberjack). Disable Device. being limited by their respective proficiencies. and Knowledge (religion) checks. Characters that have Armor Proficiency (light). you gain a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls. forged or simply worn so many kinds of armor that you automatically know every technique and trick it takes when you must don or remove in a hurry any type of protection whatsoever. Skill Focus (Profession (lumberjack)). This bonus stacks with the ones provided by the ranger class feature Favored Enemy and the feat Weapon Focus but not with the feats Agriculture. designed. you may choose to take 10. be that in whole or in parts. 5 ranks in Craft (locksmithing). when you attempt a Disable Device check it takes you less time to do so. Moreover. 41 . If the creature or the object is made of wood. st Special: This feat must be taken at 1 level. Benefit: You can always elect to take 10 on Disable Device and Open Lock even if rushed or threatened. MIND GEAR (GENERAL) Your capacity to understand mechanical devices and traps is above average. and Open Lock. th and 6 level. Normal: When your character is not being threatened or distracted.

and Perform (comedy) checks. Even if both characters have the feat Steel is But a Second Skin the time results remain identical. or else) you beneficiate from a +2 circumstance bonus in that case. cracked or pitted surface. Knowledge (arcana). Prerequisite: 5 ranks in one of the following Professions (guide. Two characters can’t help each other don armor at the same time. Normal: Consult the PHB. Spellcraft. this also holds true for the ones who follow exactly in your steps. Perform (act). banded mail. If you ever decide to be st a full-fledged wizard and choose to specialize at 1 level you must give up two schools of magic and lose the ability to cast the cantrips related to these schools. scale mail.DONNING ARMOR Armor Type Shield (any) Padded. ice. You are moreover able to cast all 0-level wizard spells (cantrips) just like a starting wizard does. TRAILBLAZER (GENERAL) You have extensively travelled the hinterland and cannot be hampered by a difficult terrain. WIZARD’S PUPIL (GENERAL) You have properly been trained by a mage and know all the rudiments of magic. (3) A character with the feat Steel is But a Second Skin who helps another one who doesn’t have the feat obtains the same time results. it can be donned only hastily. The first three characters who immediately follow you in a single file so as to take exactly the same path beneficiate from identical advantages. Climb. undergrowth. A single character doing nothing else can help one or two adjacent characters. hunter. if crossing such an obstacle along the way requires a Skill check (Balance. but as soon as their courses diverge from yours even slightly they lost this benefit and cannot regain it until they fall in single file behind you again (the distance between the characters cannot exceed 5 feet regardless the circumstances). Jump. cut this time in half. broken pillar. Chapter 7. and uneven floor) or crossed an obstacle (low wall. studded leather. chainmail. or full plate 3 minutes (2)(3) 3 minutes (1)(3) 2 minutes (1)(3) (1) If the character has some help. Prerequisite: Int 10. Chapter 9: Adventuring. Special: A fighter may select Steel is But a Second Skin as one of his fighter bonus feat. steep slope. Equipment. Without help. Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Concentration. and more specifically the section about Tactical Movement. Decipher Script. hide. deadfall. for more details about Movement. to know the normal amount of time it takes to don or remove armor. 42 . (2) The wearer must have help to don this armor. Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Disguise. THESPIAN (GENERAL) Life is nothing more than a play into which you interpret any role that suits you. nd th Special: A 2 -level druid or a 7 -level ranger can both substitute Woodland Stride for Trailblazer even if they don’t meet the prerequisites. or hunter-gatherer) or Colonist or Hunt High and Low. and Use Magic Device checks. or splint mail Don 1 move action 5 rounds Don Hastily n/a 3 rounds Remove free action 5 rounds (3) 2 minutes (1)(3) 5 rounds (3) 5 rounds (3) Half-plate. Normal: Consult the PHB. Benefit: You can travel upon a difficult terrain (rubble. Prerequisite: 5 ranks in Profession (actor). Moreover. and such) without being slowed down (no additional movement cost). leather. or chain shirt Breastplate.

or scrivener). scribe. Benefit: You gain a +2 competence bonus on Craft (bookbinding). 20 ft. Special: Choose two fields of knowledge amongst the following ones: Knowledge (arcane). tirelessly loading and unloading ships. CARRYING LOADS Max Dex Load Medium Heavy +4 +2 Check Penalty Speed (30 ft. 25 ft. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in one of the following Professions (clerk. Chapter 9. Knowledge (local). and Forgery checks. and Skill Focus (Profession (clerk. some of these manuscripts have literally and figuratively left a lasting impression on you to say the least. Check Penalty. Knowledge (dungeoneering). As an example. Prerequisite: 4 ranks in Profession (longshoreman). This choice is definitive and cannot be altered later. Craft (calligraphy). WORDS AND ILLUMINATIONS (GENERAL) You have precisely and tirelessly copied an innumerable amount of scrolls and tomes down the years. Knowledge (nobility and royalty). This Strength enhancement serves this sole purpose and has no effects whatsoever regarding combat or else. Knowledge (architecture and engineering).) -2 -5 30 ft. Craft (illumination/painting). 15 ft. Run x4 x3 Normal: Consult the PHB. WORK IN THE DOCKS (GENERAL) You have worked in the docks. Str 10. Knowledge (religion). Knowledge (nature). or Knowledge (the planes). you have handwritten so many books pertaining to these two subject that you obtain a +2 competence bonus on Skill checks related to them. Add 4 to your Strength score when it comes down to carrying capacity. a character with a Strength of 10 who has the feat Work in the Docks has the effective carrying capacity of a character with a Strength score of 14. or scrivener)). and Speed in the same way than a character without this feat (see table below). scribe. Knowledge (geography). Decipher Script. Skill Focus (Profession (longshoreman)). limner. 43 . lifting and dragging.) Speed (20 ft. limner. and more specifically the section Carrying Capacity to know more about the subject. Benefit: Your carrying capacity is superior to what your base Strength score let Special: This feat must be taken at 1 -level. this exercise has significantly enhanced your carrying capacity. Adventuring. In addition the load you carry isn’t affecting your Dexterity. Knowledge (history).

it means challenges and role-playing opportunities. In short. A modest jongleur or singer has access to a common musical instrument and might possess a padded armor and a simple weapon if lucky enough. putting his Craft skills at their service? Regardless the circumstances this PC mustn’t play second fiddle. handaxe. probably a dagger and a sickle. or else pool his meagre belongings with peoples of humble origins just like him in order to beat the odds. sunrod. and this is what a fair part of this game is really about after all. A good weapon for an herbalist can either be a dagger. tools and skill kits. the blade doubling as a tool. substances. gold. or a sickle. tanglefoot bag. the tools of his trade can become his first weapons and the abilities of his past the foundation of his future as a PC. sunrod. include more types of work. gear. or a light mace. absolutely not. and clothing: although a clerk is generally not the owner of an armor it doesn’t mean that she’s defenseless. Alchemist: 3d4 x 10 gp worth of adventuring gear. such at his talents as an artisan. This list is not at all exhaustive and can be modified to reflect a different origin. antitoxin (vial). and tindertwig. It doesn’t imply that this person cannot acquire an armor or a given piece of equipment. holy water (flask). Entertainer/Performer (Street performer): 20 gp worth of adventuring gear. thunderstone. or simply to better adjust to your own campaign. and weapons st normally allowed to a 1 -level character most of the time.OPTION: THE STARTING KIT OR THE ARTISAN WHO BECAME AN ADVENTURER Let’s face it. and a merchant’s scale. healer’s kit. tools and skill kits: someone who has served in a military unit (like a siege engineer) might have access to an arms depot and be fully clad in leather or even better in steel. The kits represent the most obvious choices for a given occupation. Affronting the dangers with what’s available can be considered as foolhardy or courageous but one thing is sure: it is quite risky. dagger. Here is a list of artisans and laborers with potential starting kits (this series is based upon the DMG. Should he give up before it all starts? No. A PC who decides to take one of the following starting kits renounces to the armor. The farmer’s cadet who decides to leave the fields and wants to trade his scythe for a sword after a devastating orc raid in order to take back what the humanoids have looted doesn’t necessarily have enough gold to purchase both a fine blade and a good armor. and the PCs who take such chances should not be punished. and feats reflecting his abilities as an artisan or laborer means that a character must be creative. Animal Tender/Groom: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear: a shepherd or a stable boy might have a faithful dog. alchemist’s fire (flask). What role such a modest PC will have if he ever joins a band constituted of regular characters? Will he borrow the needed equipment in exchange for a potential treasure parcel? Will he work for the group. A barrister’s armor is his robe of office but he might occasionally sport a baton (club). special substances and items: acid (flask). It would be a good idea to discuss with the GM before taking this drastic step however. or else a donkey or a mule with saddlebags along with a simple weapon but not much else. smokestick. It could mean to let the masterwork artisan’s tools inherited from his father in deposit until he can pay for his first armor in coin of the realm. Cook: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear. Beginning an adventuring career with limited resources. 44 . and clothing. scythe. but an armor is unlikely. he ought to be an integral member of the group who helps them achieve a common goal. Apothecary: 3d4 x 10 gp worth of adventuring gear. Clerk: 20 gp worth of adventuring gear. an XP award adjustment and/or some role-playing awards can even be quite welcome. Chapter 7: Equipment). if all the PCs agree for this choice as a starting point and form a group composed of beginners whom are a little down on their luck or having not the funds a regular band has the GM should be lenient and offer them a campaign that reflects their choices. In such case his former life should be a source of inspiration. Unless he doubles has a hunter a cook most likely has no armor at his disposal but on the other hand he certainly owns a weapon or two. and/or skill kits: acid (flask). an unconventional starting kit. on the contrary: it suggests that this fellow might have to trade something in exchange. Barrister: 3d4 x 10 gp worth of adventuring gear and clothing. the items forming the kits are from the PHB. Architect/Engineer: 3d4 x 10 gp worth of adventuring gear. The character probably has no armor and holds a single dagger unless he had worked for an arsenal and been given access to military supplies. Chapter 4: Nonplayer Characters. tindertwig. On the other hand. tools and skill kits.

paper sheets. or Lumberjack which all offer a larger choice of weapons if compares to the single one an ordinary commoner knows how to wield. Mercenary: 3d4 x 10 gp worth of equipment: basically. or shovel. with ink and pens.  45 . plus a disguise kit. tools and skill kits. even better. and picks are the most likely choices here because the character is already familiar with them. hammers. Porter: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear: an ordinary porter rarely have the funds required to buy an armor but perhaps owns a club or another simple weapon to protect him. or perhaps a couple of blank books. NPC CLASSES WORTH THEIR SALT The feats presented in this article can greatly help a GM to enhance the NPC classes described in the DMG. Sage: 3d4 x 10 gp worth of adventuring gear. Just imagine a scenario involving a militia constituted from simple commoners who beneficiate from feats such as Agriculture. fishing net. tools and skill kits: a metalworker definitely needs artisan’s tools and a light hammer is logical here but remember that weaponsmiths and armorers pertain to this section which means a larger array of possibility for everyone involved (with the right amount of work. Maid: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear: a simple maid has almost no reason to possess an armor and perhaps has a dagger to protect her but not much else. and treatises that fills his pack attest to that fact. give them the opportunity to pick these classes and turn them into full-fledged PCs. Teamster: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear. The Adept. Limner: 20 gp worth of adventuring gear. a mercenary has access to the same equipment than any fighter. From the Mines. the Aristocrat. Mercenary Cavalry: 3d4 x 10 gp worth of equipment: a mercenary cavalry has access to the same equipment than a fighter but an important part of this money is spent to acquire a horse and the gear that comes with the mount. say.Entertainer/Performer (Minstrel and Troubadour): 3d4 x 10 gp worth of adventuring gear. and clothing: a musician who travels extensively and performs for noble families is potentially more fortunate and can show off a decent armor plus a good weapon if successful enough. Weapons that double as tools such as axes. the thick-headed. Valet/Lackey: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear and clothing: a simple valet isn’t rich enough to buy an armor but he might have a dagger to protect himself. or Words and Illuminations. and leatherworkers might have materials at their disposal that can be transformed into armors and weapons or already possess some objects of this nature. of course). An actor for his part might travel with a chest full of clothing or costumes. and clothing: A scholar truly believes that the pen is mightier than the sword and the small mountain of parchments. hammer. Chapter 4: Nonplayer Characters. Smith: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear. the bare pages of such tomes can be later turned into illuminated manuscripts such as very unique spellbooks. Some craftsmen. tools and skill kits: a scribe travels with a lot of parchments. tools and skill kits (or 3d4 x 10 gp if the artist is well-established): a limner (or painter) carries many bottles of ink (or paint). but he hardly ever wears any armor. Mason/Craftsperson: 20 gp worth of adventuring gear. and the Expert are all interesting avenues worth exploring. a pile of paper sheets. fletchers. miner’s pick. A scrivener carries a simple weapon at best. let your PCs interact with an Expert well-versed in various subjects thanks to Architecture. such as bowyers. The rest of his meagre possessions are most likely an ensemble of common tools: crowbar. or transport: a teamster might begin her career with nothing but an old cart and a duo of mules and carry the group towards its first adventure. Cartography. mounts and related gear. Laborer: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear: a conventional laborer certainly can’t afford an armor and possesses at the very best a simple weapon. The scholar outfit and the quarterstaff are natural choices here but maces can be used against. spade. Scribe: 5d4 gp worth of adventuring gear. some theatre props. tools and skill kits: a craftswoman requires tools in order to perform her trade therefore the right artisan’s tools are obligatory. tools and skill kits.

Deep in the perils of unexplored space the party lays helpless in hibernation as aliens infest the ship. Orion IV will become complete once again.5 system. With updated armor. Then while harvesting and mining the planet of its resources. For reasons unknown the party was untouched by the first week or so of alien attack on the crew. the crew of Valkyrie E17 is determined to save their world from starvation and collapse. based on an idea by Jeremiah Griffin This campaign was built using the D&D 3. creating the jump space portal (teleporter) will be the first step.Valkyrie E17 A voyage made to pull the world of Orion IV from the brink of darkness Written and created by Harrison Mallory. and scenarios. Italicized to be read to players 1: As your ice cold deep-space hibernation pods slide open your eyes adjust to the light. new classes and new weapons many new situations can come to stage. monsters. and it’s on. The bleach white walls and the masses of wire and tubing running in every direction are a comforting sight 46 . On a mission to a harvest planet far from their home world. But before any of this the ship and its crew must reach the planet. Set in the distant future the party battles new obstacles. the chamber you’re in seems so familiar. But now there awake.

know they have been sabotaged by some means unclear to you. but all types of vision can clearly make out a pair of legs protruding from 47 . tubing and a mix of other things. 4B: this room is dark. If everything goes well and you set up the teleportation ring you will be heroes. the food you need to get. The lights in this room don’t flicker but the low amount of power being directed to them makes it hard on non-lowlight and dark vision creatures to see. one which would be needed to get to the cargo hold or engine room. all these years. take care. As the 4 foot thick door slides open a grimly scented odder fills your nostrils. three red blotches stain the floor where the bodies were (knowledge xenotypes DC 10 will show that the blood comes from no type of creature aboard the ship). The two aids that are with you seem to boil with rage. It all comes down to the next few days. a yelp and a scratch from down the hall and the first aid is not within sight. your equipment lockers await you on the wall to your right. The party may now create characters based on the D&D 3. “As usually he’s probably fine tuning the coordinates” you think to yourself as you feel the numb feeling in your fingers finally fade. His half-elf features seem to diminish right before your very eyes. However you would need a higher grade key-card to access said lift. as you turn back to your captain the second aid is gone. turning back to where the bodies were you no longer see them. 6. The huge blast door reading “C7” (otherwise known as crew number 7) stands before you. The captain’s tube and the info droids charging bay are empty. construction and direction or otherwise. mine is ruined. Your captain is only a few feet away from you at the exterior room controls. You are not alone. need high access key card. another set of doors is straight ahead of you (spot DC 12 shows that directly across from the rubble of the collapse is an indentation in the wall almost 3 feet deep. one collapse is a hallway the other is the lift to lower levels. In front of you is a welded together mess of wiring. His breath leaves him as his eyes fade to a pale grey color in seconds. As you turn to see if your party is seeing the same thing you see a flash out of the corner of your eye. and finish the mission. Several collapses have occurred in this room. one takes off down the hall the other stands next to the captain. there is currently nothing in or around said indentation). and a horrid sight meets your eyes. 7B: here are the stairs once were. You gaze over at the other ten tubes lining the wall. (Page 9) 2: you and your friends suit up and get ready to save your home planet. The 12 foot tall 4 foot wide hibernation chamber you laid in looks as shiny and clean as it did the day you got back in it. and the bridge. apparently his captain’s aids aren’t important enough to use the VIP lift. mining laser in hand he gestures you to come closer. it could also take you to lower levels. The hallway beyond is filled with debris and liquids of varying colors the lights have been smashed and flicker on and off never creating enough light to allow you to see (low-light and dark vision can see better but the flickering lights makes it equally difficult to discern more specific things) . but now there are two tears in the wall were the hinges would have been and no door. 7: upon closer inspection the VIP’s lift has several claw marks (knowledge xenotypes DC 10 show they are not of any organism aboard this craft). (a scavenger skill check DC 12 can find 2 laser batteries) To your left was a set of light doors. 3: as you begin to head down the hall you see three figures laying still on the ground. Although you reckon it was quickly pieced together it is definitely humanoid made.5 system. You punch in the code to open the bay doors. 4: a small room with a collapsed wall greets you on the other side of the doors. Legends as great as those of the olden world. To your right is a set of doors leading to the mess hall. you and your elite crew. He slumps to the ground. Without allowing you to interject he quickly whispers the following sentence “attacked. as you see your fellow party members rise from there tubes you remember that you’re not alone. along with other places within the ship. handpicked to be the captains highest aides and advisors on all matters. metal. However the VIP lift seems to be working. the distinct smell of laser burns touches your nostrils.after gods only knows how long in hibernation. blood lay in a thick coat all over that side of the room.

10 from one door way. Replies will be in normal text Replies only accessible after the party succeeds a robotics check will be in underlined P…please fix my v…v…. you can nun reach it through myyyyyy chest (if the party agrees to fix it then it works and the bots speech no longer stutters or carries on) Who are you. The party has encountered 15 hive brood-lings. and Hack DC 12 will allow players to receive 30 rations. the people within long gone. as you come into close vision of the body you discover that the body is really just a CPR practice dummy and the red liquid is just corn syrup. it is clear that whoever is over there was just injured and may be still alive.. it looks it good enough condition to use. now shattered glass and metal scraps cover the room. In the corner of the room is the rations dispenser. almost as soon as you discover this 15 inhuman figures enter the room. hissing with horrific threat they follow to engage you (roll initiative) If the party ignores the body and attempts to continue on they find that the other door is blocked by something on the other side. the hibernation chambers have clearly been pried open.. you now stand in the mess hall for this part of the ship. To your right is a destroyed bay door reading C8. this one. If the party runs over to the body they quickly discover that it is a plastic dummy from the CPR training facility. or where are the crew members? I don’t know Who/what attacked you? I don’t remember 48 . and the red pool of what was thought to be blood is actually corn syrup. A short and barely audible sentence reaches your ears “Ov. like all the other rooms has blood streaks. A small computer panel lay smashed next to the dismantled bay door. 10: the room once contained the equipment and tools necessary to maintain Deep-space hibernation. presuming they turn to go back the 15 creatures enter as described above. only the following questions will get an informed response. Cyber tech.voice box. Magic hack. the droid cannot access certain information (unless a robotics check DC15 is made in which case the droids memory is restored). As you attempt to push open the door something blocks your attempt from the other side. If the party fails the skills above the machine locks them out. they followed to rip open the pods stab those within it and carry off the corpses Who/ what attacked you? Xenotypes What is the date/ how many days have we been in space? My internal watch is damage beyond repair What happened here. The party has encountered 15 hive brood-lings. and five from the other. and finally to your left is a hallway. Perhaps they were seen as meals in neat 1 million credit boxes. If the party does not attempt to use the skills above to rob the machine each party member receives 1 ration. following this discovery 15 creatures (five from one doorway and 10 from another) run into the room engaging in combat. and some survivors of whatever is happening here. a pool of blood begins to seep down to the legs. claw markings. the droid will begin with requesting his voice box to be fixed by turning a knob in his chest (which is visible due to his state.behind a storage bin in the corners. but there is no body and no streaking. a large pool of blood sits in the center of the room. I attempted to fight them off but they broke me into my current state. as you return the way you came 10 inhuman figures enter the room. Again broken lighting and wires litter the room. hissing with horrific threat they follow to engage you (roll initiative) 5: with the strange creatures killed you can resume your search for a key card. Over here sss…civilians” from here the party may engage the damaged info droid in conversation. In front of you is another bay door. most likely based on the amount of debris in the other room. five from each door way. blood soaks the inside of each chamber. this one has holes in it looking to be caused by a highly acidic substance. the door is blocked due to a cave in. my crew called me 86 What happened here. the party should be allowed to get to the middle of the room before the creatures attack. broken lighting. only droplets of blood leading around the corner 9: as you come around the corner from the mess hall you reach the main Crew room hallway. From there the party can ask any question they like. a sweet smell wafts up you. or where are the crew members? Four average sized creatures barged into the room. or what’s your name? I am Info droid number 865TO321. and mangled tubing all over.

Farther down the hall another pile of rubble seems to block your entry. “ROGGER!” yells a man on the other side of the now apparent (and professionally built) barricade. panting and gasping for air realize that you were just saved by five well equipped professionally trained militarized men. or follow us? I cannot walk After the party has gained all the information available or leaves the bot he dies and cannot be repaired. the guards accompanying you. (After some questions back and forth between party and guard the party is let inside the complex). followed by a gust of searing hot air.” Says the mechanic sneering as he holds his VIP card. 11: this room is the same as room 10. Just as it seems all hope is lost the lift bell rings and the door slides open. but before you can even conceive what’s going on three loud clicks sound off and your thrown into another room. and 2 cystic underlings) 14: like before. but this time a view hole and a pair of eyes accompany the metal mix of wall that stands before you. They quickly realize that your humanoid and grab you. throwing you out of the lift just in the nick of time before you hear a snap and the lift hurtles down. both have fully automated blaster carbines pointed at you. You made it. The mechanic proceeds to room 17. Any party member can ask around but will find that there is no head of the group here. one armor implant (+1 natural AC {Cyborg/bot only}). across the hallway from this room is a black swollen growth on the wall.Can we help you. you hear grinding metal and smell smoke. and water are all provided here. 15: the complex has about 7 poorly armed guards 9 average workers and 14 or so stowaways that have been accepted in this time of need. “GUNNER!” yells one of the guards that pulled you out. The man behind the barricade is now visible and unloading rounds from a mounted auto laser into a swarm of different aliens. I am beyond repair in far too many a state Can you come with us. (5 hive brood lings. 13: as you enter this part of the hallway more of the creatures burst forth. minus the robot. a VIP card hangs from his shirt collar. the party may follow. food. 21: these doors lead to stairwells to varying places. or can you be fixed? don’t bother trying to fix me. When the party hands over there food and guns the mechanic give them his key card and throws them out with all due haste. 4 men stand at the entrance. 19: Before you may even fully realize what just happened a deafening boom sounds at the bottom of the shaft. 49 . you see a barricaded area. “welcome to our little paradise boys and girls. varying amounts from each of the holes in the ground around you. clothing. tables. bed rolls. 3 hive underlings. the group has obviously created this passage to the emergency stash. However a high ranking mechanic seems to eye you. here is how this shake down is going to work. But he can be salvaged. more humanoid like types of aliens. but there is one thing. There is clearly a sense of safety here. 12: this room is the same as room 10. You’re going to give us all your rations and all your guns and in return I’ll give you this little beautiful. followed still by hundreds of hissings jaws and clattering claws. weapons. If the players try to fight consider them dead. Around you is another (smaller) barricade with a gap in the middle. 18: As you ascend in the lift it jerks and clatters. Radio technicians and mechanics bustle across the bridge room. blood trails lead to it from multiple directions. minus the robot. guns pointed at you. But this time there are some larger. 17: as you enter this room two guards stand at the ready. As you stand and regain your breath you fully take on your surroundings. (The party can make it to the VIP lift without problem. 16: A number of cut and bent pipes linger in this area. 20: your group. those rifles are high quality and would likely kill most the party in the first round. however once at the lift they encounter * raiders coming from the stair room {which has now been repaired with ladders and makeshift boards}) * Same as the party size. one mining laser.

all vitals checks out Day 1254: Small meteorite penetrates hull. 26: thanks to the mechanics you are able to worm your way through corridors and tunnels that are untouched by the ravaging alien life forms.) After listening to this grim AI recording a small man or gnome (not half-ling) approaches you. 10 bottle caps. After battle if one or more mechanics is alive the side route seen on the right side of the map can be used to bypass the black nodes. *unreadable text* SiGnnnnal W1th or1ion 1V 10st *unreadable text* awakenn1ng Val7yr13 E1780123T5g$q CReews 125…. advancement in saving our hides and ability to kill aliens. Loca7i0n UNkn0wn. he has faith in you as he has been monitoring your progress. recordings and transmissions can be intercepted and played here. and 5 cystic underlings) Note: one mechanic should be killed at all costs by the aliens. however seeing as how there are now planets within sight and your moving at 212MPH its unlikely you will see one short of fixing the main engine systems. 50 . Life signs of crews remain stable. when you finally get your turn to talk to him he speaks quickly without pause. laser rifle implant (Cyborg only). “Welcome men. 27: a massive set of writhing black vein like tubes worm throughout the center of the room. 6aY 8761235763: SYst3ms faiiilure DeteCTeD. In the distance you hear hissing and clawing of something massive. I and a friend of mine will be accompanying you to aid you in the location and restoration of the main thrusters. 5 hive warriors. systems detect no major malfunction. I’m Garl Fixnob. 6 vibration implants (+1 bonus to attack and damage {melee weapons only. the general will organize a task force to come to your aid when you reach the main thrusters. requires engineer. 5 batteries.. to the bridge.” The gnome says in a quick but squeaky high pitched voice. The card is validation from the general to allow you full access to the armory (22) In their armory is cydrobin suits mark 1-3 (1of each). he forgot to tell you this but he needs you to go down to the cargo room and restart the main engines. 24: serving as a med bay a single doctor tends to the wounded. (Day 8761235763: systems failure detected location unknown. After an hour or two of walking and crawling you reach the engine room. 23: here is the primary control room. long and sterling in there hatches they wait. If not then the party must attempt to cross the nodes (or make a coordinate check DC14 to find the side route). cryptic or dock worker}). (10 hive underlings. *unreadable text* signal with Orion IV lost. no problems detected Day 159: Valkyrie E1780T5 reaches slingshot gravilaunch #471 on time without error Day 483: Valkyrie E1780T5 reaches deep-space on time without error Day 985: The crews 1-25 of Valkyrie E1780T5 comes out of deep-space hibernation to eat and check vital signs Day 987: The crews 1-25 of Valkyrie E1780T5 returns to deep-space hibernation chamber. “I understand how daunting this may sound but fear not it is a quick fix.. 3 laser rifles. the generals secondary aid. but that’s not your concern right now. Report log… Day 1: Valkyrie E1780T5 lifts off from Orion IV. “hello there.22: here are the escape pods. right now we are in the lead among the fractions among us in terms of quality of life. *unreadable text* awakening Valkyrie E1780T5 crews 1-25…. This is also were the armory is. play it in the other room. he barks out commands with dashing speed. 2 grenades (see ranged weapons). the following is what the party hears. “Now get to it men!” The party may now go to room 23 and play the transmission. R33p0rt logg101001g……. 25: As you walk to the bridge view port you see a tall grizzly half-giant. if one dies go for the second.” The little man finishes and continues to give you a card.” “Here are your weapons and here is the recording. you’re concerned about the 20 or so differing sized aliens surrounding you. a suit of Reinforced kobold hide. he then begins to walk off to pack his things for the trip.

main thrusters engaged. 27B: (mechanic alive. without hesitation it opens a hole in its throat and lets out a gush of flaming liquid. you snake your way up the stairs and vents. cuts. as you reach to open it you notice a red light blinking on and off. skill checks. A small. the black veins seem to be running to it. (Med tech DC 14 or magic hack DC 16 can be used to get 3 med kits (cure light wounds potion) and an adrenalin stimulant (+1 to AC. this suit is basically a new age. The bridge is gone. your help is gone. grotesquely pumping fluids of all colors and consistencies to the creatures back. although not as thick this suit has a thin plastic inlay in-between the pads of the suit. 28: after crossing the black field you see a medical station that looks to be operational despite the large infestation of aliens in the area. when you come out on the other side you are happy to see that you are no longer threatened by the black veins. in unison its two separate mouths produce a terrifying noise. but it seems to be of no threat. The party can now return to the bridge. for now. its eyes glare red and its misshapen rows of teeth shine in the presence of a rising sun. Only one hope of salvation remains. the smallest of aliens you have seen has just formed in front of you. Duro-space suite (leather armor) Like the light Duro-space suite this suit is white and grey. (2 hive warriors) 30: as you finally reach the engine you see that the only thing stopping it from working are some black nodes. A female tone reaches your ears “AI now operational. the elevator is crushed. this 3 inch thick padded suit was built to negate general injury on a space ship.Each node stepped on deals 1d4 acid damage. and is rapidly growing. they have 10 rounds to get to the stairwell or they die. When they flee the alien gets stuck. A gargantuan alien lay dormant in the rafters of the ceiling. this time it only takes half an hour to reach the top. the people within have abandoned you. An escape pod lays operational on the stairwell bellow. damage. the nearest destination. light weight Kevlar. Now it seems ever apparent that there is no way to escape death. one of which you will never be able to fully describe. Yes that’s right a sun is rising over a once useable moon. Out of breath from sprinting your fastest you reach the last set of stairs. a moon several hundred miles from here… Armor-common Light Duro-space suite (padded armor) Grey and white. In unison they let out a hideous roar. they seem to be drawing energy from the engine. 26 the second time: Adrenalin pounding and the footsteps of a massive beast pounding even louder in your ears. tube like appendage emerges from its chest. it dismounts itself from the rafters using its nine arms. Reinforced kobold hide (studded leather armor) Using the rough horn studded skin of a kobold the Duro-space company has created a thick. the gargantuan figure awakes. light burns. their forward most appendages are mostly blades. resistant outer shell of protection for its crew. dropping something heavy on your foot etc. used as frontal legs. the engine is working. grey with two blue stripes over the left shoulder. a sickening black mass emerges from it and plops to the ground. “Last order received 15 minutes ago”. this should be made clear. the long winding tubes seem as untouched as the many others you have passed through before. The black veins look weak and would be easy to break. and Hp for 1d10+con modifier rounds). (2 broodings emerge every 1d4 rounds. the party stands no chance. it reads “bridge launched”. 2 hive underlings emerge every 1d6 rounds and 1 hive protector emerges every 2d10+4 rounds) if the party destroys the veins (10 total with 5hp each) the size gargantuan alien awakes and attacks. In case you were unaware. Current course set for… nearest sun”. Reinforced Duro-Space suit (chain shirt) This suit is the heaviest of the Duro-space suit line. in a 5 foot burst. Seeing as it is your only option you sink down and enter the pod. or coordinate skill only) you make your way to the vent without pause. 51 . attack. 29: as you begin to approach the massive but lifeless engine two large aliens that you have never seen before approach you. your headed into a sun burning over a million degrees Celsius and a gargantuan alien is chasing you. As you finally finish ascending the stairwell you come to the doorway blocking entry to the bridge. if you don’t run you’re going to die.

Crow bar (short sword) If you combine this weapon with your strength you may be able to make a free man out of yourself. someone didn’t have faith in the last model it seems Airlock door (tower shield) It’s a big door used to keep the force of space itself at bay. About a 1 and ½ foot long and made of cydrobin this red and grey wrench is any mans companion in space. Air lock window (buckler) Clear and made of plasteel this make-shift shield is light and easy to keep at hand Gore screen (light wooden shield) Made to keep medics clean during surgery the clean screen quickly got its nick-name “The gore screen”. But it was too heavy and still did not provide total protection. working the blue shifts as a dock worker may be hard work. Cydrobin suit mark 2 (chain mail) Rather than use large single sheets. better. Weapons-common-melee Wrench (light mace) With an adjustable grip size this baby can unscrew bolts and heads alike. this suit came to being as the most resistant form of armor yet. Large sharpened cydrobin tube (long sword) This Large sharpened cydrobin pipe is 5 and a half feet long.Thick kobold hide (hide armor) Using the same kobold hides as the Reinforced kobold hide armor the Duro-space company coated the thick kobold hide in a spray on version of cydrobin. thickest set of armor yet. but they didn’t stop there. and more durable. Lucky cydrobin pipe (heavy mace) Several feet long this old tube has been modified to hit hard and fast. this 3 foot long hook nosed pipe can tear it up out there. But look on the bright side. however in the attempt to make a better piece of armor by reducing bulk size the Duro-space company had to pull back on the armor value Cydrobin suit mark 1 (scale mail) Using sheets of Cydrobin and plasteel (plastic steel) wiring. Stun spear (long sword {nonlethal}) With a long handle reaching 3 feet long the electricity flows to the end were a thick blue course of shocking energy maintains focus. Heavy cydrobin body armor (half-plate) Although this armor does not completely cover all parts of the user’s body it is by far the heaviest. The reinforced heavy suit was by far the most armored solution to any combat. inserted between each strip was a futuristic Kevlar inlay Light cydrobin body armor (banded mail) Using a similar design as the Reinforced cydrobin suit the Duro-space company created the light cydrobin body armor. Duro-space made this shield out of plasteel rather then Plexiglas Heavy tactical shield (heavy steel shield) Bigger. Reinforced tempered heavy cydrobin body armor (full-plate) By taking the chest design from the Cydrobin suit mark 3 and layering it. Stun baton (short sword {nonlethal}) Like the stun spear a clear blue cylinder of electricity forms at the top. more geared for combat and slightly tempered to allow easier movement this suit was the first to be specifically made for combat. to fix this the Duro-space company had the suit tempered to provide a more flexible suite and then had reinforced kobold hide made into an inlay for the suite. Plexiglas shield (heavy wooden shield) Made to keep rioters at bay these were given to the warden’s aboard Light tactical shield (light steel shield) Plexiglas wasn’t enough it seems. however it was heavier and harder no move in Reinforced cydrobin suit mark 3 (splint mail) Using cydrobin strips and plasteel ingots Durospace made a more flexible armor. weighs about 20 pounds and is known 52 . and by taking the arm and leg design from the Cydrobin suit mark 1 and making it into thick layered plates. Duro-space decided to use overlapping rings of cydrobin to make a more effective piece of armor Cydrobin suit mark 3 (breastplate) By creating one large thick plate of cydrobin Durospace created a more effective piece of armor. hope this is just an extra laying around. however it was not tempered and so was difficult to navigate in. it may even take half a life to get the money you need. Easier to move in and almost completely untouched by physical attacks and ranged one alike the RTHCBA was the final model of space armor made. the only difference is that this one is for up close and dirty combat due to its short hilt.

In this case it was both. The red glow of the laser cartridge emanates from the tip of the barrel. 2d6+1 damage. 3d6+1 nonlethal damage. with its quickly darting needle and its thick plasteel thread this tool was often used to create accurate and quick stitches on a patient in need. 40 ft range (1 per use) Just like a modern day fragmentation grenade by design. only much more lethal. x3. 40ft range (30 shots) Almost like a handheld sewing machine. only this one’s shell is made of plasteel and the explosive inside of it is 7 times more explosive than modern day grenades. its small body and stock curve to form the grip of a hand. long in the barrel big the stock and precise on the range.for its ability to cause serious harm to those it’s used against. 40ft range (30 shots{note that when found or given this weapon gets 60 rivets. only much more lethal. x3. 19-20 x2. 1d6+5. 19-20 x2. Weapons-common-ranged Mining laser. It shoots out a long tube of flame at its target. Laser rifle 4d8+3. 2d6+3 damage. Casting staff (quarterstaff) This stick is ceremonial to modern day wizards. Laser gun 2d8+1 damage. piercing. 53 . burning. burning. piercing. x3. burning. burning 80ft range (30 shots) Like the mining laser. Laser welder 1d6+2 damage. Laser sticher. shoots 3 bursts per 1 successful attack. Grenade 6d4 in a 20ft burst. 60ft range (30 shots) This weapon looks like a pistol. burning 100ft range (30 shots) Like the stun laser. Makeshift gunpowder gun. 60ft range (30 shots) Held together by gum string and rubber bands alike this small gun looks like nothing more than a curved tube with a couple little knobs and a cocking mechanism on it. Rivet gun. but can only shoot 30 per laser battery}) Much like a nail gun in size and shape this weapon was used for riveting in sheets of metal to girders. 19-20 x2. Several feet tall and covered with varying languages and colors of writing this staff is holy almost to its user. But a needle to the eye is sometimes just as bad to a laser blast to the chest. Screw driver (dagger) Yellow plasteel stock and a flat head end. used most often to keep people at bay this weapon is one of the few things on ship made to kill or subdue. 35ft range (10 shots) Often used as a welder as the name would imply this mini flame thrower can bite. good old granddad always knew what a weapon was and what a tool was. Using laser ammunition to heat the strong metal rods they can burn their way through most things. given to them as a form of degree to prove there learned ways. x4. burning and scorching with precision. Stun laser 2d8+1 nonlethal damage. 19-20 x2. 70ft range (30 shots) This weapon is a rifle. burning. concussion. x3.

Cha based) Judicators (paladin) these futuristic paladins are zealots for the companies they work for. Con based) Medic (Cleric) although future sciences are great for healing this and that. robot building scholarship wielding combatant. (Int. plus they probably know how to drive screwdriver into you. Rewire 4. 1 battery (30 shots). he can turn soy into bacon and back if he wanted to. those are probably the least deadly things in his arsenal (Int. 1 laser battery (30 shots) Class skills (see new skills way below) Future tech Medic Same as cleric except as follows New domains: Tech. 16. Wis based) Cyborg (new) Strong yet agile. brave but not stupid these commandos can do just about anything with their army knife body’s.Ammunition-common Laser batteries (30 shots or 10 shots depending on the weapon). medics use both surgery and divine magic to help the party out (Wis. Cha based) Cryptic (Rouge) although most are ex cons these men are top notched programmers. Free mind 3. 1 mining laser. and trusts me. however because they no longer worship gods companies developed Implants for paladins to use to give them their powers (Str con cha based) To quickly generate characters use the following rule set: Use stats. acting as marshals on important investments the company has. 18. 1 laser sticher. need a better gun? Need a larger wrench? This guy’s got it all. Cha based) Wiggly fingers (wizard) vast are there capabilities in magic. 14. Space Tech domain You gain the ability to upgrade weapons and st armor as would a 1 level engineer 1. from axels to wheels. (Str. using robotic implants and computer powered spells the Cyborg is the handyman of the future. 1 cydrobinoxidane (cydrobin) suit mark 1 (scale mail). Dex. Splice 2. Solitary calm 2. Magic repair Space domain You move full speed in 0G 1. 10 for your character Assign max hit die health for first level Equip all starting gear And take a quick look over your spells and abilities With these things in mind you will soon be playing a well balanced character Dock worker Same as fighter except as follows Gear: 1 crow-bar (short sword). (Str. Dex. Isolate Gear: 1 lucky cydrobin pipe (heavy mace {don’t ask why you carry it}) 1 reinforced Duro-space suite (chain shirt) 2d6 credits. brought onboard to lift crates and brake barrels these men are tough and don’t need a gym. Dock worker (Fighter) a dock worker is another term for intense manual labor worker. 1d6+1 credits. Chinese black magic and making people laugh are there side shticks. Space warp 4. along with some new ones. (Str. 12. Skilled in the use of Crowbars. Static implosion 3. Con. (soda caps10 shots {gunpowder gun}) Classes The following classes are newly named from an existing fantasy class to point you in the right direction. but don’t test a wiggly on a bad day. Dex. don’t forget about their viscous animal guards. Str. Cha based) Engineer (new) Gun loving. Were they came from or how they got there is a mystery but why there here is what you should be more concerned about (Dex. and 1 gore screen (light wooden shield) Class skills (see new skills way below) Med tech Magic virus Cryptic Same as rouge except as follows 54 . Con based) Watchman (Ranger) although they may not know much about how to fix a ship or program a droid these men were assigned to keep order among the crews. Int. 14. this is your go to class for up close wild combat.

Gear: 1 screw driver (dagger). however the Cyborg gets a +2 bonus to attack. 1 stun laser {non-lethal}. 30 bottle caps (30 shots) Class skills (see new skills way below) Code fix (open lock) Decipher code (decipher script) Hack Level 1: bio-implant slot (for armor implants). 14 . In short you die at 0 hp nd AI aid: get +1 to one stat at 2 level and every 6 th th th levels after. 1d6+2 credits. 1 laser welder (attached to arm. Ref=3/4 level starting at 1. 1d6+2 credits. Gear: 1 large sharpened cydrobin tube (long sword). 1 makeshift gunpowder gun. 8 . 1 light Durospace suite (padded armor). 20 rd Bonus feat: at 3 level and every 7 levels after Cyborg gets a bonus feat Eye implant slot: the Cyborg gets a eye implant slot. risk factor Level 2: AI aid Level 3: bonus feat Level 4: none Level 5: eye implant slot Bio-implant slot: Cyborgs can implant a chip in there bio-implant slot to increase their armor. 1 metal cyber implant (+1 natural AC {attached to body. if you reach 0 hit points your body can no longer sustain your robot body and vice versa. and medium armor Watchman Same as ranger except as follows Gear: 1 stun spear (long sword {nonlethal}). can be replaced}) 1 Reinforced Duro-Space suit(chain shirt). Risk factor: based on the fact that the robot side of your body and the organic side of your body live in a symbiotic relationship. however with said implant the Cyborg can wear medium and light armor only. 2 laser batteries (60 shots {nonlethal}) Class skills (see new skills way below) Med tech Cyber tech Coordinate Wiggly fingers Same as wizard except as follows Gear: 1 casting staff (quarterstaff). Although no different from a normal weapon in terms of damage. these have varying affects. 1 stun baton (short sword {nonlethal}) 1 reinforced Durospace suite (chain shirt). 1d6 credits. ranged weapon implant slot. can be replaced) 1 laser battery (10 shots) Proficient with all simple and martial weapons. Will=1/2 level Special abilities Cyborg Progression Table: st nd rd th Level: 0 level spells 1 level spells 2 level spells 3 level spells 4 level spells 1 1+cha mod 0+1/2 cha mod -- -- -- -0=1/2 cha mod 1+1/2 cha mod 1+1/2 cha mod --0+1/2 cha mod 1+1/2 cha mod ---0+1/2 cha mod 2 3 4 5 2+cha mod 1+ 1/2 cha mod 3+cha mod 2+1/2cha mod 4+cha mod 2+1/2 cha mod 4+cha mod 2+1/2 cha mod Class skills (see new skills way below) Cyber tech Knowledge (robotics) Jump Climb Use wire (use rope) 55 . Ranged weapon implant slot: This slot stands in for the Cyborg ranged weapon. 3d4 credits Class skills (see new skills way below) Magic hack Cyborg Hit dice: d10 Skill points = (2+int mod) x2 for first level and 2+int mod every level after Saves: Fort=level. 1 Duro-space suit (leather armor).

AC = 10+2 natural + ½ engineer level. upgrader Level 2: none Level 3: improved upgrader Level 4: militia bot Level 5: Bonus feat Gear: 1 wrench (light mace) 1 reinforced kobold hide (studded leather armor). damage. 1 Cydrobin suit mark 1 (scale mail). AC=10+4 natural armor + ½ engineer level th Bonus feat: at 5 level and every 5 levels afterward the engineer gets a bonus feat. and code fix may not become useful until the next installment. however getting these feats and skills now will build a basis for later. cyber tech. Judicators Same as paladin except as follows Level 1: Power Implant Gear: 1 Large sharpened cydrobin tube (long sword). its HD is 1d6 per engineer level. climb. Will=1/2 level Special abilities Level 1: sentry bot. its HD is 1d4 per engineer level. or militia bot Int 13 none none Int 13 none Xenophobe none 0G training Benefit +1 to all bot saves. jump. The sentry bot can attack with the equivalent of a mining laser. 1d8 credits. and AC +2 to all repair and cyber tech checks +2 to repair and upgrade checks +2 to med tech and heal checks +2 to salvage and robotics check plusses and minuses against aliens plusses against aliens no minuses when fighting in 0G bonuses in 0g and 1g Revised: There are no mounted feats There are no craft feats Feats regarding skills that have been renamed still affect those skills but in the new manner Such feats as 0G training and such skills as repair. Mining laser. 1 laser battery (30 shots) Proficient with all simple and martial weapons. 1d6 credits. Ref=level. 1 laser gun. and light armor Class skills Cyber tech Climb Jump Knowledge (robotics) Code fix (open lock) st Sentry bot: at 1 level you get a size small robot. 1 laser battery (30 shots) Class skills Coordinate Knowledge (xenotypes Feats New Improved bot Cybernetic knowledge Sturdy hands Future medicine Improvise Xenophobe Zealot Xenophobe 0G training 0G fighting Requirements must have a sentry bot. Upgrader: engineers can take a weapon and once per day give it +1 to attack (limit once per weapon) rd Improved upgrader: at 3 level engineers can give a weapon +1 to attack and damage once per day (limit once per weapon) th Militia bot: at 4 level you gain a militia bot to replace your sentry bot.Engineer Hit dice: d6 Skill points = (4+int mod) x3 for first level and 4+int mod every level after Saves: Fort=3/4 level starting at 1. 56 . stats. attacks.

saves. 0G fighting Requires: 0G training Bonus: when fighting in or moving through a 0G environment get +1 AC and Attack and no minus to movement. By focusing yourself you are able to rewire and piece together broken parts. Repair minor injury: can heal self or other robots for 1d8+cha mod points (touch only. By using a small variety of military terms and hand movements you direct your party with flawless precision. Cybernetic knowledge Requires: Int 13 Bonus: +2 to all repair and cyber tech checks. nd 2 level spells Tactician’s code: for every turn that the enemy does not go your party gets +1 to attack and damage. 57 . A red light makes a straight line for your target. AC. You force your body to redirect its various panels and non essential wires to form a barrier of metal and plastic. the tip of one of your fingers opens like a lighter cap and spouts forth a small electrical zap. lasts until chain is broken. Sturdy hands Requires: None Bonus: +2 to repair and upgrade checks. no save (20 foot range). and damage. Laser targeting: automatic 20 on next ranged attack for one party member of choice. You need a bigger gun: bonus 1d6+cha mod damage on next attack.Feat descriptions Improved bot Requires: a sentry bot or militia bot Bonus: your bot receives +1 to all stats. +1 to attack and damage against aliens. meaning that if aliens are going to emerge from an area and you have this spell active you know that they are there). 0G training Requires: None Bonus: take no minuses when fighting in or moving through a 0G environment. attack. By rerouting power to your arms or ranged implant weapon you strengthen you blow or power charge your laser. By switching on your internal eye modification you can see heat rather than color and depth. When in 1G get +1 to damage and +5ft of movement. Zealot Xenophobe Require: Xenophobe Bonus: +2 to AC and saves against aliens. Future medicine Requires: none Bonuses: +2 to med tech and heal checks. +2 to healing if you use a metal scrap). Heat vision: see using heat vision out to 60ft for 1d4+Cha mod rounds (this includes through walls. Made of cydrobin: gain hardness 5 for 1d4+cha mod rounds. st 1 level spells Improvise Requires: Int 13 Bonus: +2 to salvage and robotics check. -1 to attack and damage against aliens. Xenophobe Requires: none Bonus: +1 to AC and saves against aliens. Cyborg spells 0 level spells Spark: 1d4 burning damage to one target as a ranged touch. pointing out the best path of fire. You raise your robotic hand.

blurred movement Saves: Fort +2. DR/5 ranged weapons. solitary. the image can make noise and make movements but cannot move out of its 5 foot square. Crushing arm: do 2d10 damage to nonliving object.rd 3 level spells Hologram: deploys a mirror image of you. climb +4. Cha – Skills: Hide +6. the chip creates a 3d image of you. jump +6. con 14. 25% chance 4 pieces of scrap metal Alignment: Always chaotic evil 58 . (8 squares) AC: 14 (+2 dex +2 natural +1 ranged weapons) Touch 12 Ranged-touch 13 Flat-footed 12 Ranged 15 Base Attack/Grapple +2/+3 Attack: Claw +4 melee (1d6-2/x2) Full attack: Claw +4 melee (1d6-2/x2) Space/Reach 5ft. dex 14. listen +2 Feats: none Environment: any Organization: pair. Its two arms are serrated along the forearm. patrol (3-4) squad (1-3 hive warriors plus 1-4 hive underling) Challenge rating: 2 Treasure: 1d6 credits. /5ft Special attacks: none Special qualities: xenotype traits. Con 14. hostile. Wis 8. hive mind. DR/5 melee weapons. hostile. (6 squares) AC: 15 (+1 dex +4 natural +2 melee) Touch 13 Ranged-touch 11 Flat-footed 14 Melee 17 Base Attack/ Grapple +3/+5 Attack: Claw +8 melee (1d6/x2) or Bite +4 melee (1d6-1/x2) Full Attack: Claw +8 (1d6/x2) and Bite +4melee (1d6-1/x2) Space/Reach 5ft. group (3-5). Will -2 Abilities: Str 14. swarm (6-10). Move silently +6. Rather than attempt to patch up your target you actually thin out certain parts of the technology and wiring to redistribute material to the needed place. adaptive. attacking aliens must make a sense motive check DC equal to 10 + 1/2 Cyborg level + cha mod. Arched like a raptors. pair. hive mind Saves: Fort +2. Ref +2. Ref+3. New Monsters Hive Underling Size small xenotype (adaptive. Although only about 2-3 feet tall these creatures have teeth up to 5 inches long. Move silently +6. Spot +4. Int 8. The fingers are very sharp and pointed at the ends. Its head is reptilian in shape but a set of cat like eyes glare from its eye slits. /5ft Special attacks: none Special qualities: xenotype traits. hive) Hit Dice: 4d12+8 (32 hp) Initiative: +2 Speed: 30 ft. 25% chance Wrench and 2 pieces of scrap metal Alignment: Always chaotic evil Advancement: 4-5 HD (Hive warrior) Small and fast this creature resembles a mix of species and colors. Cha – Skills: Hide +6. adaptive. But its chest looks like the carapace of a beetle. spot +2. Being part machine you are naturally able to find pressure point like spots on items. hologram has 10+ cha mod HP. Will 0 Abilities: Str 16. hive) Hit dice: 2d12+4 (16hp) Initiative: +3 Speed: 40ft. You deploy a small square object from one of your robotic forearm. Their legs are best described as thin and meek looking. Its three sharpened talons protrude from its feet. but there power is pronounced when the creature shifts and you see the large cords of muscle stricken. Climb +6. th 4 level spells Repair moderate injury: can heal self or other robots for 2d8+cha mod points (touch only +2 healing if you use a piece of scrap metal). Hive Warrior Size medium xenotype (adaptive. Int 10. horde (12-20) or hive (22-40) Challenge rating: 1 Treasure: 1d6 credits. Its body somewhat qualifies as a humanoid figure. though only two of these said fingers emerge from its hand. Wis 6. jump +4. red black blue grey and sometimes green run across its skin. Listen +4 Environment: any Organization. Dex 12. two legs two arms and walking upright yes. or they may attack it not realizing its fake.

hive) Hit Dice: 2d12+4 (16 hp) Initiative: +3 Speed: 40 ft. 59 . Int 8. (10 squares) AC 13 (+2 dex +1 natural) Touch 12 Flat footed 11 Base Attack/ Grapple +1/+1 Attack: Claw +2 melee (1d6-2/x2) Full Attack: Claw +2 melee (1d6-2/x2) Space/Reach 5ft. surrounded by sticky goo these look freshly hatched or born. Its three sharpened talons protrude from its feet. Arched like a raptors. Its beetle like chest carapace and its arms are noticeably thicker and much more dangerous. Its head is reptilian in shape but a set of cat like eyes glare from its eye slits.Advancement: 6-10 HD (Hive Defender) Taller than its underlings and much more threatening this creature is by far the superior to any predatory animal that you have seen or heard of. 25% chance 2 pieces of scrap metal Alignment: Always chaotic evil Advancement: 2-3 HD (hive underling) At only 1-2 feet tall these creatures most resemble beetles. two legs two arms and walking upright yes. but there power is pronounced when the creature shifts and you see the large cords of muscle stricken. DR/5 ranged weapons. or horde (12-20) Challenge rating: 1 Treasure: 1d6 credits. Ref+2. Int 8. Like there underlings there head is of reptilian descent and their eyes are long and slit. listen +2 Feats: none Environment: any Organization: pair. Blue black red grey and green still mix in their color. Its back arches forward. The once serrated edges of their forearms have grown to long blade like features. there small arms and sharp claws combined with their teeth are a force to be reckoned with. the strange alignment in the muscles can be seen as they tighten. The fingers are very sharp and pointed at the ends. /5ft Special attacks: none Special qualities: xenotype traits. adaptive. dex 14. DR/5 ranged weapons. Although only about 2-3 feet tall these creatures have teeth up to 5 inches long. Its two arms are serrated along the forearm. hive mind. swarm (6-10). and rather than three sharp toes this horror has 4 barbed and spiked toes protruding from its ankle. though only two of these said fingers emerge from its hand. Hive Broodling Size Small xenotype (adaptive. Needless to say this 4-5 foot tall thing is a creature of skill and gore. There body is hard to discern based on these features. its legs are longer and larger than its predecessors. hive mind Saves: Fort +2. /5ft Special attacks: none Special qualities: xenotype traits. bright green blotches run across its black skin. listen +1 Feats: none Environment: any Organization: swarm (6-10). jump +2. Will -2 Abilities: Str 12. (8 squares) AC: 14 (+2 dex +2 natural +1 ranged weapons) Touch 12 Ranged-touch 13 Flat-footed 12 Ranged 15 Base Attack/Grapple +2/+3 Attack: Acid spit +4 ranged (1d6-1 acid damage/x3) Full attack: Acid spit +4 ranged (1d6-1 acid damage/x3) Space/Reach 5ft. spot +1. Its body somewhat qualifies as a humanoid figure. spot +2. a yellow like vapor runs from its nostrils. hive) Hit Dice: 1d12+1 (7 hp) Initiative: +3 Speed: 50 Ft. Move silently +6. Swarm group Saves: Fort +1. con 14. Their legs are best described as thin and meek looking. appearing like random paint blotches on a black canvas. jump +4. Will -2 Abilities: Str 14. Ref+3. climb +4. But its chest looks like the carapace of a beetle. adaptive. Cystic Underling Size small xenotype (adaptive. climb +2. Cha – Skills: Hide +6. hostile. horde (12-20) or hive (22-40) Challenge rating: 1/3 Treasure: 1d6 credits. Wis 6. hostile. group (3-5). Pronounced most by its almost foot long razor sharp teeth. Move silently +4. waiting to strike. dex 14. only one thing is sure. Wis 6. 25% chance Wrench and 2 pieces of scrap metal Alignment: Always chaotic evil Advancement: 4-5 HD (cystic warrior) Small and fast this creature resembles a mix of species and colors. There carapace covers most of their body. Cha – Skills: Hide +4. con 12.

climb +4. Int 8. (6 squares) AC: 15 (+2 dex +2 natural +1 armor) Touch 12 Flat-footed 13 Base Attack/Grapple +2/+3 Attack: Wrench +3 melee (1d6+1 19-20/x2) Full attack: Wrench +3 melee (1d6+1 19-20 /x2) Space/Reach 5ft. /5ft Special attacks: none Special qualities: none Saves: Fort +2. 25% chance Wrench Alignment: Always chaotic evil Advancement: none These men of different race and social standing have banded together and formed a gang in order to survive.Raiders Size medium humanoids Hit dice: 2d6+4 (10) Initiative: +1 Speed: 30 ft. Cha10 Skills: Hide +4. Ref+3.                                   60 . Will -2 Abilities: Str 12. Wis 6. jump +4 Feats: none Environment: any Organization: pair or group (3-5) Challenge rating: 1 Treasure: 1d6 credits. Move silently +4. wearing assorted clothing and lots of it they manage to make a durable suit of cloth armor. con 12. dex 12. nothing a blaster cant burn through though.

T .