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a m=) be > S < 5 Ps 7 3 Easy Masnoon Du’as for the Morning Evite Mdm aC ourbired AD DUA DEVINE HELP (Translation of Momin Ka Hathiyar (Urdu) Easy Masnoon Du’as for the Morning and the Evening Compiled by Mohammad Yunus s/o iS Mohammad Umar Saheb — - > @| read the Masnoon du‘as (invocations derived |p ¥) from the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad f S| #5) in Arabic, can, indeed, achieve closeness to Gq Allah (Sub-hanahu wa ta‘ala) by invoking Him be) Gq through reading their translation, and Insha- jp | Allah, they will get reward for it. In this way kx “| they are acting upon the decree of Allah that j Ce “gyal “invoke Me” (regarding everything). be) ) Further more they are also acting upon a Hadith i A sShise4 Li" “Du'a (invocation) is the f @ essence of every prayer or worship”. Since J these invocations have been reported on the f & authority of the Prophet (2), they are @ comprehensive and free from any kind of error P a or disrespect. Therefore, even those who can by} read Arabic language must occasionally read @ their translation to grasp the meaning of the [ @ invocations to know for what they are invoking, f a Allah. Then this invocation would be real & } invocation. (Allah knows better) Mohammad Yunus Palanpuri Mar . SS