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(Dealers letter head)

Date: 7th October 2011

Mr. ..
Dear Mr. .,
It is our pleasure to inform you that based on your performance in the selection
process under Tata Motors Certified Workshop Managers program for
Dealerships, you have been selected as a Trainee Workshop Manager for our
establishment at . subject to successful
completion of 6 months training at AMITY UNIVERSITY, Noida, U.P. and Service
Training Centre as per details enclosed.
Your selection under this scheme will be subject to the terms and conditions set
out in Annexure I, II & III, background verification clearance etc. Please sign and
return the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of acceptance of appointment. If
we do not receive the letter of acceptance within 7 days from the date of issue of
this letter, the offer of appointment will be treated as cancelled.
Congratulations once again and we look forward to working together with you.
Yours sincerely,
for Name of the dealer).

(Dealer Owners / CEOs name)


JOINING DATE: You should report for training in AMITY UNIVERSITY, Noida,
U.P. positively on Saturday 29 th October 2011. Failure to report within the
stipulated time would render you ineligible under the program and any
subsequent request for reconsideration thereafter will not be entertained. (Details
of the institute in Annexure-II)


i. You will undergo a residential training program in AMITY UNIVERSITY, Noida,
U.P. for a period of three months during which you will be intensively trained on
Automobile engineering, general management and leadership skills. You will be
continuously assessed during the program and only if you successfully qualify this
training, you will be selected for the next part of the program.
ii. On successful completion at AMITY Noida, you have to attend another
training program for three months in any one of the Service Training Centre of
Tata Motors in Jamshedpur / Pune / Delhi during which you will be intensively
trained on product portfolio and workshop management.
iii. On successful completion of the above two program, you will report to at our
establishment at .. For the next six months you will actively
undergo on-the-job training in our workshop for acquiring first hand experience on
commercial vehicle servicing / workshop management in entirety.


TRAINING & CONFIRMATION: You will be on training for the entire first 12
months. During the period of training, the Management reserves the right to
dispense with your service without any notice, if your performance or conduct
does not come up to the expectations of the Management. After successful
completion of training, you will be confirmed if your work and conduct are found
satisfactory. After confirmation, your service contract can be terminated by either
the company or yourself, without assigning any reason, by giving a calendar
months notice.


COMPENSATION: You will be paid a consolidated monthly stipend of Rs 10,000/during the first year of your engagement as Trainee Workshop Manager. After
completion of first year, you would be absorbed on the regular roll of the
dealership on a monthly consolidated pay of Rs 15,000/- per month plus
allowances and statutory benefits as applicable. Compensation thereafter will be
determined on your performance, potential and market condition.
An amount of Rs. 3000/- per month for the first 3 months of your training on
account of boarding and lodging expenses in Bhopal will be deducted.



unique in nature in terms of comprehensively developing a young and qualified
workshop management cadre for Commercial Vehicle dealerships of Tata Motors.
Accordingly systematic intervention would be done on a continual basis so that
you are current in terms of skills & capability and there is a gradual progression in
your career.


TRAINEESHIP BOND: A substantial amount of money would be invested on you

during this period of one year on account of your training to enhance your
employable skills and to make you current with competencies required to evolve
as a successful Workshop Manager. Accordingly you are expected to make a
mutually gainful long term career with us. To ensure such continuity, you have to
enter into a service / traineeship bond on a stamp paper of Rs. 500/- with us as
per format given in Attachment-III which would restrain you in opting for any
alternative career for a period of 3 years commencing from your date of joining
under this program. If you however decide to leave within this period, a token
amount of Rs. 2 lakh has to be paid by you as liquidated damages to partially
offset the investment incurred on your training.


CERTIFICATION: A Certificate to the trainee titled Tata Motors Certified

Workshop Manager will be issued jointly by Tata Motors Ltd., and AMITY - Noida
after successful completion of 3 years commencing from your date of joining
under this program.


SERVICE CONDUCT: During your period of traineeship In the first 6 months, you
will be governed by the conduct rules of the institutes which will be duly notified
by you. During this period you will not be allowed any LEAVE of any kind as you
are expected to attend the entire curriculum. Thereafter your services will be
governed by the companys rules and regulation that may come into force from
time to time.


TRANSFER: You will be liable to be transferred to any of the companys

establishments situated in any part of India or seconded to our other businesses.
On your transfer, you will be governed by the Companys rules as applicable.


MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Your appointment is subject to your being found

medically fit as per Companys norms which will be duly notified by you.


TESTIMONIALS: At the time of reporting in AMITY-Noida, please bring two sets of

certified copies of your certificates and testimonials, including proof of your age
together with original for verification and three copies of your recent passport size

photographs and a No Objection Certificate from your previous employer, if you

are presently employed.


one way Sleeper Class Train Fare from your place and Bhopal during the time of


During the period of your employment with the company, you should not engage
in any other profession or business and endeavor to do your best to promote the
companys interest.


You shall, at all times maintain complete secrecy about the companys business
efforts, inventions, special manufacturing techniques, secret processes and the
like which may have come to your knowledge during the period of your


During the period of employment, you shall not publish any written articles without
the permission of the Management.


You shall keep and render faithful account of all property of the company
entrusted with you in the course of your employment with the company.


You shall inform the company immediately regarding any inventions, patents,
processes, etc., that you make or discover during your employment with the


During the period of your employment, you shall not seek employment outside,
except with the permission of the Management.


Your retention in service will be subject to your background verification process

having been found satisfactory after verification.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I accept / do not accept the offer stated above. I shall report on
_________________________ at ___________________

Signature of Candidate


Amity University Campus, Sector -125, Noida 201303, Gautam Budhha Nagar,
Uttar Pradesh
Prof. B.K. Srivastava
Coordinator Director
Mobile- 9425017472

Phone (O) 0120-4392550

Fax 0120-2432650

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATE: There will be arrangement for boarding and lodging

in the campus. Candidates should carry enough personal belongings to stay in the
institute and thereafter in the service institutes for a continuous period of 6 months as
request for leave will generally not be entertained. Candidates should carry woolens and
formal dresses to wear to suit the climate and etiquette of the campus.
REPORTING SCHEDULE: Candidates should report to AMITY,Noida-201303, Gautam
Buddha Nagar, positively by Sunday, 30th October 2011 and report to coordinators as
mentioned above. He would have to go through document verification and briefing about
the program on that day. Classes start from 9 AM of 31st Oct.2011.
Location of the campus is attached herewith.

The Amity University has been established by an act of State Legislature and recognized by University
Grants Commission (UGC) through the Act of State Legislature



The Articles of Agreement made and executed this 17th day of October 2011.

Name of Dealership, a company registered under The Companies Act 1956 and
through its Director aged about _________Years, hereinafter called or referred to
as the `Company' which expression shall mean and include its successors and
of the First Part
Aged _____ Years, Occupation ___________ hereinafter called and referred to as
Mr.____________________ or as `The Employee' , which expression shall include
his/her successors and heirs as the context may require or permit
the Second Part
AND WHERE AS Mr. _____________________________ has been offered
appointment as a Trainee Service Manager in the Company for 1 year extensive
training in the company and shall be offered employment as a Service Manager
upon successful completion of the training of 1 year.
AND WHEREAS the Employer felt it necessary to enter into a service bond of
Three Years with effect from 6 th December with the Employee in view of the cost
incurred by the Employer in respect of process of selection, training, induction
AND WHEREAS the Employee has also agreed and undertaken to enter into a
service-bond for a period of Three Years (Approx) with the Company from 29 th
October 2011 on the terms and conditions as stated and expressed hereunder :


1. That the Employee agrees to serve with and be employed in this Company, or
concern or associates to which the Employee's services may be transferred by
this Company for a period of three Years from 29th October 2011.
2. The employment terms and the salary of the employee will be as set out in
the offer of traineeship vide letter dated 29th October 2011.
3. That the Employee hereby agrees and undertakes to safeguard and hold in
trust all notes, notebooks, memorandums, papers, drawings, sketches,
diagrams, formulas, designs, books, letters, lists, CDs, DVDs, Floppies
including those of or pertaining to raw materials, finished products, goods-inprocess, names of suppliers, names of purchasers, or dealers as also price lists
of the Company's product or of things in which Company may be dealing in, or
may be contemplating to deal in, and all other papers and documents of
whatsoever nature and kind that may have come in possession of the Employee
while in the Employment of the Company and not to handover the same to any
unauthorised person or suffer or permit the same to be handed over to any
unauthorised person and the Employee hereby undertakes to handover all such
papers or things above said to Senior Officers whenever called upon to do so
and the Employee further agrees not to make copies of or to take extracts from
any papers, documents etc., belonging to Company for any purpose other than
those of the employment in the Company and further agrees not to carry any
such paper, document or copies of extracts outside the premises of the
Company and the Employee further agrees to deliver up all such papers,
documents etc., in his possession to his Senior Officers whenever called upon to
do so and it shall not be competent for the Employee in such an eventuality to
withhold any papers or documents of whatsoever nature on the ground that
they relate to his employment directly or indirectly.
4. The Company has invested a lot of time and scarce resources to enter into a
tie up with Tata Motors Limited and AMITY-Noida, to provide best in class
specifically designed training course to the employee which will equip the
employee in effectively discharging the role of a service manager at the
companys workshop/service centre. The training will upgrade the skills of the
employee who is an inexperienced graduate to that of a trained and employable
manager and it is reasonably expected by the company that having supported
the employee with the necessary training inputs and with a stipend during the
training and all amenities and facilities for travel, stay etc.while the employee is
at AMITY, Noida and/or while employed or training under an authorized Tata
Motors service training centre, the employee will put in a minimum of 2 years

service after successful completion of the training in case he is so selected for

placement as a regular service manager. In the event the employee defaults in
taking up such employment or in serving a minimum of two years (24 months)
with the Company, not only the investment of time and money will be lost, there
would also be an opportunity loss to the company, in as much as it would be
without a planned resource of a service manager at its service centre. The
amount of loss on this count is not capable of being calculated in money terms.
The employee has been made aware of the implications and has agreed to
reasonable sum of Rs.2 lakhs or the amount of stipend/wages received by him
during the preceding 12 months whichever is higher as a token amount of
liquidated damages payable by him to the company in the event of a default, for
any reason whatsoever, to complete two years of service after successful
completion of the training and placement in the company.
5. That in the event of the Employee leaving the services of the Company before
the Expiry of the period of the Contract, as also in the event of the Employee
making it obligatory or necessary or expedient on the part of the Company to
terminate his services for any reason of whatsoever, the employee shall be liable
to pay and shall pay to the Company or to any of the Companies or concerns to
which his services may be transferred as sum equivalent to Twelve Calendar
Months last drawn salary or Rs.2 Lakhs whichever is higher by way of agreed
token liquidated damages and the Employee agrees to pay the same without any
proof of actual damages suffered by the Company or by the other Companies or
concerns concerned to which his services may have been transferred, being
required to be produced and such payments shall always be independent of and
not in lieu of any other compensation or damages that the Employees may have
rendered herself liable to pay to Company or any of the Companies or concerns
as above said, by reason of his having committed breach of any of the
conditions herein before contained by reason of his having caused any damages
or injury to the Company or concern to which his services might have been
transferred, by his conduct or omissions while in employment, the Employee,
further agrees that, the Company shall have lien on all amounts due to the
Employees from the Company in respect of the damages aforesaid and the
Company shall be entitled to exercise the same and to set the said amounts off
against such damages without reference to the Employee.
In the event of dispute regarding the terms and conditions and
interpretations of the above clauses, the same shall be referred to a sole
Arbitrator appointed by the company and shall be conducted as per the
Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 at the town where the company is

IN WITNESS where of the Company has set the signature of its authorised
Director hereto in the presence of and the Employee has his signature in his
own hand hereunto on the _____ Day of ____________ 2011.

Signature of Designated person

Signature of Employee