Internship Report A library practice at Hilton C.

Buley Library ± Southern Connecticut State University ILS-582-01 1 - Library Science Practice

By Hanem Ibrahim Student at SCSU

Supervised by Prof. Elsie Okobi / Internship Coordinator

ILS-582-01-1 Library Science Practice coordinator and
Alba Reynaga / internship supervisor Social Sciences Reference Librarian. Hilton C. Buley Library 501 Crescent Street. New Haven, CT 06515- 1355 Tel: (203) 392-5134 Fax: (203) 3925775.

Spring 2010

The professional work experience (internship) was very important for me as student of MLS program, I didn¶t have any experience working in a library before, I chose to have my internship at academic library because I prefer to work as an academic librarian, through these three months( January 25- April 20), I gained lots of experience practicing library services at Buley Library the main library Southern Connecticut State University under the supervision of Alba Reynaga the social science reference librarian there. I µll sum all these experiences in the following points: 1- First I was directed by my supervisor to get familiar with Association of College and Research Libraries( ACRL) standards and the other guidelines for academic libraries, she encouraged me to read these guidelines from ALA publications and other website for the related library organization, and also she encouraged me to participate in the monthly events by Connecticut Library Association(CLA) 2- The first project I did in the first two weeks was the collection development of all books, and references for the History and Geography fields, I followed her instructions of the process of collection development which started with reading about the available courses at the university for both graduate and undergraduate students, to get more familiar with the topics they study to help me searching for the suitable resources that will support the curriculum. She provided me with all the tools for selecting the book and reference for these topics like : ( Choice Reviews online and print , and other reputable printed and online publisher lists) after selecting the suitable titles, I learned how to place order for these items. 3- The second project was preparing my first LibGuide in Geography, I got an account through the Buley library which has a subscription with the provider of LibGuide

software. After I learned all the procedure of creating the LibGuide from its tutorial video , I started preparing the geographical links to add to my LibGuide, I was reviewing the links all the time to be sure that all links are working fine By the end of the course , my supervisor reviewed it for the last time and published it , under her account, because of the library rules, but she gave me the credit of doing that as you can see through the link to my LibGuide which is : 4- The reference services: Through these three months, I was practicing all the reference Librarian tasks at the reference desk, the one-on-one instruction, and in the reference instruction classroom, I helped my supervisor serving patrons, at the reference desk and during the one-on-one instruction, also I helped he outreaching student or faculty who asked her for specific resources, I helped in searching through the library resources, and the online resources. I helped her in doing the library survey. We have fun when we were doing mocking reference interviews during the Spring break when there was not much patrons , she was the patron, and she asked me real reference questions that she needed answers for, and I provided her with what she asked for as she taught me before . Also she left me at the reference desk by myself , and I think I helped some of those patrons, even when she was busy solving other patrons¶ questions I had the courage to step up and assist those who were waiting for answers, I enjoyed this experience very much . 5- I was anxious to practice all the other services at the library, I spend enough time in each of technical services ( cataloging and classification) periodical department, and I learned how the works run since they receive the materials ( books, periodicals , and Videos) and how they do MARC record for each item and add it to the library database.

6- I also practice how the work runs in the Access department, how they do circulation, interlibrary loan, reservation, and other process like following up the borrowed materials, and provide users with library accounts. 7- I had a great time discovering the special collections of Buley Library which I didn¶t know about it before, Dr Paul the head of special collection introduced these collection to me and showed me how he manages all the acquisition and maintenance process of these collections, he also showed me the other library building where they store these collection. 8- I learned from the distance learning librarian and the digital service librarian how to manage the new information technologies used by the library like Text the librarian service, and using the other social networking technologies (facebook, tweeter, and other mobile technologies user by librarians) 9I also attended these workshops and conference inside and outside the library. The conference was held at Mohegan Sun. On Tuesday Feb. 9th, webinar work shop at Buley library Topic: Social Networking for libraries, Sponsored by Alliance Library system and TAP information services, the link: On March 18th 2010 I attended Libraries and Mobile Technology workshop with Lisa Thomas the digital service librarian This links to the presentation she used in her workshop On April 20th 2010 CLA Annual Conference- held at Mohegan Sun, From April 18-20. I attended on Tuesday April 20th . That conference was one of the best experiences I had through this course. I went with my supervisor and other reference librarians who became friends with me, I attended four workshops, and the most experience I had through the conference exhibition, where I met with all the vendors, librarians and also The CLA professionals, I knew about how they supply the libraries with furniture, and other equipments, I also met with the database vendors (EBSCO, ProQuest, and Other Audio and video publishers), beside that I met with some of my classmate on other online classes. I wish I had more time to attend all the activities of that conference.

10- I learned about some administration tasks, I met with the head of each department, and I did some management course assignments with the help of them ( like the head of access services, and the head of reference services) 11- Finally I had a special meeting with my supervisor who gave me important advises on how to do my resume, how to search for the new opened librarian positions and how to prepare myself for the interviews.

This course was very important and productive one, I am so glad that I had this course at the end of my MLS program, I will always remember all the advices and the practice experiences I

gained through this period, I wish to extended it another 3 months, but, I¶m almost done, this was the best and the last semester for me in this program. Thanks Hanem

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