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Subject: English Language

Year: 5 Arif
Date/Day: 2 February 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 11.15-12.15 (60 minutes)
Topic : Superheroes
Theme: World of Knowledge
Focussed skill : Reading
Content standard: 2.3 By the end of 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be able to read
independently for information and enjoyment.
Learning standard: 2.3.1 Able to read for information and enjoyment with guidance:
(a) fiction
Objective: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1) recite each sentences of the story entitled Man from the sky group by
group through choral reading with gestures for enjoyment.
2) answer at least 14 out of 20 question on the Typhoon board game.
3) match the correct paper strips in the blanks at least 7 out of 10
Vocabulary: superpower, costume, vision, lift, fight, cape, invulnerable
Moral Values: Courage, brave.
Thinking Skills: creative, reasoning, generate ideas
Multiple Intelligence: Visual, verbal linguistic
Teaching Aids: 1. Word cards,
2. Picture of the superheroes,

3. Mah-jong paper, story entitled Man from the sky,

4. Typhoon game board,
5. Name jar,
6. Worksheets,
7. Envelopes with paper strips.

Stages/ time




Set induction

To arouse the

1. Teacher places the

1. Word card

( 5 minutes)


word cards the under the

2. Pictures of

Example of

pupils table earlier and



paste the pictures on the

1. What is the name


of this superhero?

2. Teacher instructs the

2. What costume

pupils to check under their

does he wearing?

table and bring to the front

3. Do you like him?

to paste them on the white

4. Why do you like



3. Teacher asks the pupils

to guess the superhero
and match the pictures
with the word cards.
4. Teacher asks questions
regarding the picture and
word card.
5. Teacher reveals the
topic of the day.


To introduce the story 1. Teacher sets up the

1. Mah-jong paper

(15 minutes)

entitled Man from

mah-jong paper which has

with a story entitled

the sky

story entitled Man from

Man from the sky.

Example of

the sky.


2. Teacher reads the story

1. What is his name?

entitled Man from the sky

2. Where does he

phrases by phrases.


3. Pupils read aloud after

3. What is his name

the teacher with guidance.

on earth?

4. While reading, teacher

4. What are his

explains meaning of the


text and vocabulary found

5. Which planet does

in the text.

he from?

Example of vocabulary:

6. Does he have X-

a) lift

ray vision?

b) invulnerable
c) fight
d) cape
5. Teacher asks questions
regarding the Man from
the sky story.
6. Pupils answer the
questions orally by
referring to the text.
7. Teacher also explains
the moral value of the


To read the story with

1. Teacher rereads the

(15 minutes)

the gestures and

text with gestures for

2. Token of

answer the question



of the superhero with

2. Teacher asks pupils to

3. Name jar

1. Typhoon board

based on the story

read the text after the

entitled Man from

teacher through choral

the sky.

reading with gestures for

Example of



3. Teacher pastes a
Typhoon board game on

1. What costume

the whiteboard, a Mah-

does he wear?

jong paper with 20

2. Can he move

questions about the story.

faster than a bullet?

4. Teacher explains that

3. Why he uses his

the pupils need to choose


a box from the Typhoon

4. What does the

Board and a question will

enemies use to hurt

be given to the pupils.


5. The pupils need to read

5. Who is

the questions and answer

Supermans enemy?

them by reading and

6. Who are

pointing the answer on the

Supermans parents

Mah-jong paper.

on Earth?

6. Teacher chooses name

7. Superman moves

randomly from the Name

to a city called,

jar to play the game.

Metropolis. Is this

7. Pupils are given token

true or false?

of appreciation for every

correct answer.
8. Teacher observes the
pupils performance.
9. Teacher congratulates

4. Mah-jong paper.


To fill in the blanks

1. Teacher distributes a


(20 minutes)

with the correct

worksheet and an

2. Envelopes with

paper strips of Man

envelope with paper strips

paper strips.

from the Sky.

of Man from the sky to

3. Name jar

each of the pupils.

2. The worksheet contains

10 statements regarding
the passage given to
3. The pupils need to read
the statements on the
worksheet silently.
4. The pupils have to
complete the statements
by pasting the correct
paper strips.
5. Teacher observes the
pupils performances.
6. Teacher checks the
answers with the pupils by
selecting pupils randomly

To play hangman

using name jar.

1. Teacher congratulates

(5 minutes)



1. Whiteboard

2. Teacher plays a

2. Marker pen.

hangman game to reveal

a sentence.
Superman is brave.
3. Pupils guess the
alphabets group by group.

4. The sentence is
5. Teacher explains the
moral value again and
concludes the lesson.