This is after Breaking Dawn. Chapter 1 History Bella Cullen “Nessie is 2 today!” I squealed jumping up and down!

We we're helping set up the main house while Esme watched Ness sleep. Alice was going overboard again, like always, but this time i didn't mind at all. If she d idn't i would have. We all would go over board for this. We all loved her so ver y much. Nessie was growing at an unbelievable rate. Even though she was only 2 years old , she could pass for 8 or 9. Everyone spoiled her so much. Her aunts, Alice and Rosalie, always designed her clothes, hair, and shoes. Her uncles, Jasper and Em mett, taught her 'anything unimportant' as Edward puts it. Then her grandmother, Esme, taught her landscaping. Not that i thought she needed this but Nessie lov ed it so this did not bother me at all. Her Grandfather, Carlisle, and her fathe r taught her everything else. While I taught her whatever i could. We all lived in New Hampshire most of the time, for college. All of us went to D artmouth except Jake, Nessie and of course Carlisle and Esme. We just finished t he second year there and we back to Forks for the summer. We invited the denali clan and the Amazon clan here to celebrate Renesmee's birthday. Nessie did not k now they we're coming. So they we're set to arrive any moment. We had planned th is so Nessie would not know a thing. She thought we we're having her birthday to morrow with Charlie. Which we we're with the whole werewolf group too but today was all vampires. She has been waiting to see her friends for so long. “Bella! The denali clan is almost here!” Edward said pulling me out of my head. I had become very good friends with the denali's. We we're now very close. “Yay! Here I come!” I whispered. I ran to the front door as fast as i could. Right as i got there i heard a knock. I opened the door with Edward right beside me his arm wound around my waist, looking dashing as usual. “Bella! Edward!” Tanya gree ted, probably as excited as i was. “How are you?” She said while giving Edward a nd I, a hug. Then she moved aside for her sisters. Kate and Garrett stepped in n ext. After the last insident with the Volturi Garrett and Kate become a couple i guess you could call it. Garrett had committed to being a vegetarian with us. H e had a very hard time with that but is starting to get used to it. “Bella!” Kate squeaked. She came up to embrace me. Edward had let me go to welco me them himself as well. “Its been to long !” She said while letting me go. “That it has, Kate, that it has.” I said back letting her go to welcome Eleazar and Carmen. When we we're done welcoming our guests. They went to ask Alice what they could help with. Right on cue the Amazons showed up. We're greeted them as well. They too went to see what they could do to help. When they did this Edward and i ran back to the cottage to switch with Esme before Nessie would wake. We had about 3 hours till she normally got up so we went to our room and settled in for some a lone time. We didn't focus on anything, just Edward and I. “Momma.” I heard Renesmee call shortly after. I gave Edward one more peck on the cheek. “Coming sweety !” I was in Renesmee's room in a second with Edward right behind me. “Good morning Momma, daddy, I'm 2 years old.” Nessie said very exc ited indeed. “We Know!” Edward said just as excited. “How did you sleep, Honey!” I said. “I slept better then you did.” She said with a smile. “I'd agree with t hat!” I said smiling back, “Okay, c'mon lets get dressed and go to the main hous e. Your aunts are going insane.” Edward said from behind me now. I got Nessie re ady and we ran toward the main house. “Ew! I smell icky wolf.” Edward said with a fake horrified look on his face, on the way to the main house. “Yay! Jake!” Nessie said just as Jake showed up out o

f the trees and came toward us with a huge wolfy grin. He walked up to Nessie, w ho of course, jumped on his back. We ran till we hit the river and then jumped o ver it. Alice and Rosalie were standing outside waiting for us. “Aunt Alice! Aun t Rose!” Nessie crowed jumping off of Jake's back and running over to them. Then Esme came out to greet us. “Grandma!” She crowed even more excited. She was ver y close to her grandparents. Amazingly more so then her aunts or uncles. It plea sed both of us that this was the case. We loved seeing her so close to Esme and Carlisle. “Happy birthday, Nessie!” they all said together. Just as Emmett and J asper came running out looking evil. “Nessie!” They also said together. “Hey, it s my favorite little monster!” Emmett said throwing Nessie onto his shoulder. Th is was a very funny sight because she was almost 4 feet tall. But still not a ra re sight to see. We we're close to her in some way or another. “Uncle Emm and Un cle Jazz!” Nessie said while laughing. “We have a surprise for you!” Emmett said . Edward and Alice growled at him. “Oh c'mon guys the suspense is killing me.” E m said faking death. Suddenly Kate showed up with Tanya at the door. “Man, you t wo fight way to much for brothers.” Carmen said as she showed up. “My aunts Yay! ” Nessie said. “Tanya! Kate! Carmen! What are you guys doing here?” Nessie's fa ce lit up brighter then it had when she saw Esme which was hard to believe. By t his time Eleazar, Garrett, and Carlisle we're already down here with us. “Grandd aughter! Look at that smile you would think you surprised her or something.” Car lisle said from behind her. “Grandpa!” Nessie jumped into Carlisle's arms like s he was 3. Then as Carlisle kissed her cheek and put her down Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri appeared at the door. “Well speaking of surprises.” Zafrina said. “No w ay Zafrina! Senna! Kachiri! Oh Ive missed you.” Nessie hugged them all. Then sh e put her hand on Zafrina's cheek. Zafrina laughed at the same time as Edward. T hen everyone seemed to gasp besides Edward and I. I was shielding him. I knew he could see it in everyone elses mind. Edward smiled at me, obviously knowing i was sheilding him. The birthday was a lot of fun. I asked Edward and he said she loved it. Which ma de me happy, i knew she would say she loved it even if she didnt. Alice, Rosalie and Edward got her a book of blue prints and paint sheets. This meant she and E sme would design her own suit at the house in New Hampshire. Emmett was delight ed almost as much as Renesmee. If there was anything he loved more then an irrit ated grizzly it was an excuse for destruction. He, Nessie and Jasper would have that part of the house down in no time at all. Literally the house would be comp letely demolished in 5 minutes. So anyway Edward got her an MP3 with all her fav orite songs and he's taking her on a hunting trip this weekend for some big game . I got her another charm for her bracelet that she never took off, her necklace i gave her for her first Christmas was full already. You never saw her without them, she even played baseball in them. Then Carlisle got her an entire briefcas e- just like his, except blue- full of all his medical tools. She had been askin g him to teach her medicine, just to learn some of these random things and so he promised he would this next year while her parents were in school. She was abso lutely delighted. Emmett whined that he had to go back to school. This was funny to us all because it seemed that as Renesmee grew mentally and physically more adult like, Emmett grew into somewhat of a teddy bear and alot more childish. Jacob got Nessie homemade charm almost exactly like mine and a bracelet made of colored twine. Edward growled under his breath, his fatherly instincts seem to s how whenever Jake is around Nessie. Of course Jake irritated everyone- except fo r Nessie- at least a little. After everyone had mostly settled down, Emmett wanted a rematch with Edward so i was required to shield Emmett's thoughts. Then of course Jasper wanted a turn. Emmett lost and Jasper won, which i thought was odd but i would never tell him t hat. Emmett was just way too confident and got cocky. “Ugh.” Emmett groaned starting the war as Edward called it. “Boys? Please be car eful!” Esme told them both. “I'll try Mommy!” Edward called but i blocked them o

ut i was only focusing on what i wanted from Rose and shielding Em “Rose?” I a sked warily while Emmett was having his rematch with Edward and i was shielding Emmett and now Rose not that Edward would know. “Yes Bella?” Rosalie said dancin g toward me, from where she had stood laughing at Emmett. “Would you do somethi ng for me?” I asked her. “Of course, Bella.” She smiled brightly at me. “I'll te ll you what it is later! So come talk to me tonight when Edward puts Nessie to b ed and yells at Jacob some more, as usual!' I smiled thinking of this. She laugh ed lightly and then said “Sounds about right!” We both laughed. Edward did this basically every night. Jake normally was with us in New Hampshire but now that w e we're in Forks for the summer, he stayed at his fathers house. Edward making t hat rule. I laughed aloud. Edward was very strict, I could be but tried not to b e. Part 2 of chapter 1 Edward Cullen 'Rematch' Emmett thought. “Em I'm just going to win again” i said smiling. 'No i wasn't ready now i am, i thought you would be weaker then you are' He thought a little smug. “Well thank you for the compliment!” I told him now. This was the first time in decades since Emmett or Jasper would wrestle me. -We used the word s wrestle for Esme's benefit. It was more like war.- I smiled again. 'That was n ot a compliment!' He almost shouted in his head and then went mute. I looked at Bella who was smirking at me now. She loved her newly found shield, even though it frustrated me. I loved that she had it but i couldn't help not being a little frustrated with it. She found new ways to use it everyday. it took a year and a half but now she could stretch it away from her mind just enough so i could rea d only what she wanted me to. Almost like talking to me aloud but our family wou ld not hear it. “Ugh.” Emmett grunted while jumping at me. We started our war. “Boys? please be careful!” Esme yelled. I understood her worry she couldn't hel p it, it was motherly instinct. We both grimaced. “I'll try Mommy!” I said. “Ma ybe!” Is all Emmett got out. “Em please?” Esme said in a pleading tone that even Emmett couldn't help but agreed too so as not to hurt her anymore. “Sorry Mommy .” Emmett said back at her, sounding ashamed. “Rose?” Bella whispered obviously trying to hide that she was talking to Rose probably thinking i was to busy to n otice. 'Why is Bella whispering?' Rose thought but answered sweetly. “Yes Bella? ” I listened to hear what Rosalie would think of this but i came up with nothing . Did Bella shield Rosalie? i continued to listen and fight Emmett acting like i didn't know they were even talking. “Would you do something for me?” Why did Be lla want something from Rose? “Of course Bella!” Rose said.“I'll tell you what i t is later! So come talk to me tonight when Edward puts Nessie to bed and yells at Jacob some more as usual!” I could here the smile in her voice. Hmmm I will h ave to watch and see what happens. I felt bad a little for spying on Bella, if s he wanted me to know something, she wouldn't shield Rose, she would tell me. I g uess i should ignore it. I didn't want to but i felt it was right so i tried. I went searching for Renesmee which would keep me occupied. her mind was never som ewhere i had to worried about, at least not if she didn't want to be grounded sh e would. I guess her aunt Alice was right, I was a little strict. Well i would n ever let her know that. Renesmee was with Zafrina, Kate, Tanya, and Carmen and of course Jake was standi ng around in the background. Nessie touched her palm to Zafrina's cheek. 'Show J ake and I the one with all of us in the snow. please' She put in Zafrina's head. Zafrina nodded happy to do it and fixed the image in her head before propellin g it on them. Renesmee smiled and the rest of them gasped not knowing this was c oming. They were all together in this image in the mountains with a lot of snow looking at each other. Jake looked around. “Whoa!” He said amazed. “Isn't it bea utiful.” Renesmee said. Jake turned back to her and smiled. Nessie ran to him wh en the image was gone and jumped into his arms. Jake tickled her and she giggled .

He acts like a very protective older brother. This did not bother me at all. The things that bothered me we're more of when he acted like Nessie was his. Mainly that kind of thing of course other things bothered me too. He always wanted to be with her and complains way to much when he's not. Nessie wants to go shopping with Alice so here comes Jake to see if he could come. No, of course I'm not go ing to let him go to pick out clothes. They will be in the dressing room half th e time. believe me I've gone to some. He wants to go with her to the movies yes if all of us go. No if its just her and him. Then what really irks me is when he wants to stay at our Cottage with her, or when he answers a question that someo ne asks like he's owns her or something. she's my daughter! I smiled at Bella just a little, a request. Emmett wouldn't see this. Just as Al ice and I were good with these silent and unnoticeable conversations Bella and I had become good with them as well. Emmett and I had been at it for over an hour and although of course I wasn't tired, I became bored. Just then Bella opened h er shield. She did not show that she was doing anything different besides shield ing Emmett and I didn't act like she was doing anything as well. 'Are you annoye d at not being able to read his mind so you can't win already?' She asked showin g me a smile in her head but did not show that she wanted to smile. I pulled the corner of my mouth as if I had just thought of a way to get the jump on Emmett but then my face fall. as if it didn't work. 'You owe me for this! No matter wha t happens you have no clue what he was thinking. Got it?!' She said in a threate ningly evil tone, showing my what she would do if I told or even let out a hint. Then she let down her shield without acting as though she did. Then as i saw wh at he was going to do and with a low grunt from Emmett I jumped and caught him a t the throat he froze and then threw me off him and stalked away. I smiled after him and Bella came and wrapped her arms around me. “Thank you!” I said to her as I wrapped my arm around her waist. 'Your such a ch eater.' Bella thought. I jutted out my bottom lip and looked at her guilty. We b oth laughed aloud. “Lets go find Nessie!” I suggested. “I still owe you.” She lo oked at me and was obviously in the same place i was. I kissed her on the lips a nd felt that amazing electric shock that i got anytime i kissed her. It was over whelming and it was hard to remember anything else besides Bella. 'Daddy?' I hea rd Renesmee's mental voice call. -which is about the only voice i would pay atte ntion to when with Bella as I was.- I pulled away from the kiss immediately. “Ne ssie?” I asked searching for my daughter. I found her looking at a stranger, but i knew by her surroundings where she was. I had her in my arms in less then a s econd her mother standing behind me? “You may speak in one moment.” I said holdi ng up my finger at the man. I noted that he was a vampire and then turned to Nes sie who was on the virge of tears. “Nessie where is Zafrina and the rest of our guests?” She went back through in her head what had happened. [She was with them when she turned to look for Jake and told them she would be right back. She had smelled him come this way and went looking for him. Then while she was just fol lowing his scent this dude – I smiled as she used the word dude to describe the vampire standing in front of us- came and grabbed her and so she punched the dud e in the face when he went to bite her. He thought she was human? Wow. “Nessie y ou never go out looking for Jake by yourself. Baby you gave me a panic attack. I was so worried.” I said to her trying to tell her she was wrong to do so but no t in a way that made her cry she was on the verge of hysterics coming. I could t ell. “I'm s.. s.. sorry Dad..dy!” She said and then burst into tears. I handed h er to her mother and turned to face this guy who scared my daughter so much. I w as infuriated with him. I saw red I tasted metallic I felt blood lust. Just then I heard Jasper feeling my mood and He and Emmett were almost here. “Who the hel l are you. Why did you try to kill my daughter!” i growled through my teeth. Jus t then Emmett and Jasper had my Flanks. I smelled Jake but had no clue where he was but oh boy would he be in trouble. Alice and Rose were already standing in f ront of Bella and Nessie Carlise getting Emmetts flank then Garrett getting Jasp er's. Everyone else stood comforting Nessie and staring ready to fight. Growls r

ipping out of every single one of my family's mouth. The vampire that was once s tanding ready to pounce like a cat was now looking quite terrified. 'whoa what t he Hell is all this?' This guys mental tone was terrified as his expression. 'ho ld yourself together Taylor' He thought and just as he thought it his face turne d from terrified to expressionless. “This is my family!” I spit through my teeth . 'Son! Let me take over?” Carlisle thought. I turned and Carlisle went to stand where i was and i stood behind him Emmett and I now getting Carlisle's Flanks. “Speak friend!” Carlisle said in his calm yet a tone that would tell you he's th e boss and you cant change it. We all growled at the word friend but Carlisle ac ted like he didn't notice. The guy just stood there in shock. His thought incohe rent at best. It took him about 3 and a half minutes to become coherent again. “ I am Taylor.” The guy named Taylor said in a controlled voice. “Hello I am Carli sle and this is Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Garrett, Eleazar, Tanya, Carmen, Kate, Alice, Rosalie,”- Rose and Alice hissed at there name.-”Zafrina, Senna, Kachiri, and Esme.” I was qutie happy he skipped over Bella and Nessie. Just then i real ized why this man was going crazy, he was unbelievably thirsty. “You are thirsty .” I stated and everyone jumped. “There are some deer out by the river a hundred yards away go then return to the house behind us. I can read your thoughts so d o exactly as i say!” I say controlling my anger amazingly easily for me. Never m ind, Jasper was the one calming, The guy looked at like i was crazy but didn't a sk i could tell he would take animall blood judt to be a abl to control his this t. Everyone went to the house and made a line in the front of the house. I went to see how Nessie was doing. Bella was on the swing on the front porch with Ness ie. She had stopped crying and was calming down. Then I smiled at Jasper who was sitting on the ground next to them. He smiled back at me as I sat next to Nessi e on the swing. She got in my lap still holding onto Bella slightly and lay her head in my shoulder. She was exhausted. I squeezed Jasper's shoulder as a please and a thank you and suddenly Nessie was asleep. I kissed her on the head and ci rcled her securely into her mothers arms and went to stand by Carlisle. Just then I heard Jacob and was suddenly furious. “Jacob!” I yelled though my te eth. 'Man! Edward, what did I do now? And how much trouble am I in?' Jacob thoug ht. “Heeps! Buts that doesn't matter at the moment now get your wolfy but over h ere!” I was not at all happy with him. Jacob walked through in wolf form.'Should I phase?' He asked unsure about my expresion. i just shook my head. I pionted a t the steps of the house. He whined and walked over there with his head down pou ting a little. “Sit! Stay!” He did as I said. “Good doggy!” Rose said 'Bite me J ake thought. “I can have that arranged pup!” I said still mad and a little sarca stic. I was mostly trying to block everyone else out now and focas on this Taylo r. His eyes were blood red and he seemed young mostly no control. He was having a very hard time with control, he could not even think because he was thirsty. Part 3 Bella cullen I was a little worried when this boy, Taylor he ran back still a little scared i t seemed. “Now! Who are you?” Edward said a little hesitant. That was not the qu estion i would have asked, Why did you try to kill my daughter and upset her so much. Seemed more apropriate. “I'm Taylor.” I got that part. I wanna know why yo u try to kill my daughter. “You seem quite young.” Edward said to this Taylor bo y. Jasper agreed with Ewdard. He was nodding, His moods must be all over the pla ce. “Well I woke up 3 weeks ago.” This boy said having a little hesitation tryin g to find the right words. “Very young.” Carlisle said. “Who created you?” Edwar d asked. “I don't know! I was out on a camping trip deep in the woods. When this lady showed up. The prettiest lady i had ever seen and she just attacked. She b it me on the neck and then I have no clue what happened after that. I just remem ber it was so painful. Then I was so thirsy so I found a lady right near Seattle . I felt horable with myself. I could not believe i was this monster. So I just started running and I have trying to thing of someway to not kill humans but i h aven't come up with anything. Seems apparently you guys have.” He said pointing towards where the deer we're. “We have!” Carlisle said. “Can I ask a question or

two though?” Taylor asked looking at me now. I could help but pull my lips back and hiss. Nessie was sleeping in my arms. I was glad Jasper was there to help s he was having hysterics. Jake whined at me and I turned and glowered at him. “Ja ke! Edward is not the only one thats mad at you.” I glowered at him. “Yes of cou rse.” Carlisle said back to Taylor. “Okay well is that a humen or what? She's st rong like one of us.” He asked confused. “Bella, Love will you bring Nessie over here please?” Edward looked at me and smiled. I stood up and walked to Edward w ith Nessie and stood behind him. Jake fallowing close behind. Edward kissed Ness ie and I on the forhead and turned back to Taylor. “This is my daughted, Renesme e!” Edward said pionting toward Nessie still sound asleep. Taylor looked t him c onfused. “This is my wife! Bella conseved my baby while still human. It almost k illed my Bella so I had to save her. But Renesmee is half vampire and half human .” Edward smiled at us and let his hand rest on my face. “Impossible!” Taylor said. “That's what I said.” Carlisle spoke now. “Edward and Bella must get to th ere house to put Nessie to bed. But please come in.” Carlisle spoke. Edward nodd ed and took my hand and we ran with Jake fallowing again. When Nessie was in her bed tucked in and Jacob being yelled at I went back to th e main house to talk to Rose. We went hunting together so we could talk. I was s hielding her the entire time just in case. Rose said they had been talking to T aylor and Emmett is jealous now and Rose thought it was funny. “So Nessie is get ting older and now I'm getting worried about her!” I said to Rose after we both had a deer or 2. “What would worry you Bella?” She asked me.”Boys! And I know sh e wants to go to school. Edward doesn't want her at school until later which is understandable. But I want her aunts to be her best friend and I trust you guys, you know that so I wanted for all of the women in the house to take Nessie and spend a week like a vacation. Just anywhere we can go a bunch of different place s.” I smiled after telling her all this. “Thats a great idea Bella!” Roses face perked up. “The best part is no Jake!” I said smiling knowing that we would all love this. “Yes! That is the best part!” Rose shouted. Now we just had to get Al ice and Esme in on this. “When your done hunting we can sneak in and get Esme an d Alice. Then we can tell them about it.” Rose said. “Deffinetly!” I said.

“Momma! I cant wait to get there. Please tell me where we're going?!” Renesmee s aid sleepily. “My mouth is seeled.” I mumbled. We had left this morning and we'r e 5 minutes from out destination in North Dakota. I just wanted Nessie to sleep before we got there so she would wake up in a beautiful house in the mountains. We we're vacationing while the guys got the house done and Jake learned how to b e away from Nessie a little. Jake had begged me not to go for 2 reason. He was t errified of Edward and he didn't want to be away from Nessie. But we left while he was still asleep. This was so just the girls could get out and have a good ti me no boys aloud and Edward and I did not want Nessie to think that she had to c hose Jake. Or anything else she can have what ever she wants and we wanted to sh ow her she didn't constantly have to be with Jake either. getting away sometimes is good. “Bella?” Rose said softly pulling me out of daydreaming. “Yes Rose?” I said softly trying not to Wake Nessie. “We're here! Can I take Nessie?” She off ered her hands smiling. “Sure Rose!” I said handing Nessie to her slowly and car efully not to jostle her. “Thanks Rose.” I told her while marveling at the huge house. “Your welcome Bella!”She said back. “For everything! You do and have done so much for me and I don't remember ever saying thank you!” I whispered. “Your welcome Bella. You know I love and would do anything for you or Nessie. I know I was never nice to you till Nessie but believe me I love you very much. Now I wo uld say I loved Edward but if you ever tell anyone I said that I would deny it.” She said the last part smiling widely. “Okay enough mushy mushy crap lets get i nside.” Alice said. Then shot toward the door to the big house. Rose and I fallo wed into the house to begin our vacation.

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