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In an environment of higher learning it is important to build a foundation
of young leaders who understand the challenges and prospects of
interfaith cooperation as a way of reducing stereotypes and prejudices

We strive to embrace diversity to ensure that our differences remain a
source of strength for our community

Out of The Cold Canada

Out of the Cold embodies Judaism and Islam's religious As a thriving multicultural country, we have the opportunity to lead the
commitment to Tzedaka or Sadaqah, which literally means world in building interfaith and intercultural relations
charity, but also encompasses all acts of compassion and
generosity. In this program, groups of Muslim and Jewish
“It is incredibly encouraging to see groups of students taking the initiative to build
students volunteer side-by-side, once a week, serving warm
bridges and to serve the needy of our community while they do so. It provides me
meals to underprivileged members of the local community.
with a sense of hope for the future, that these young people, who are tomorrow’s
The program encourages students to connect on a human level,
leaders, will continue to work towards change and the betterment of the entire
regardless of their religious background, and fosters a
human family.”
cooperative environment in which students have been able to
Father Michael Béchard, Co-Chair,
build meaningful friendships.
The Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning,
King's University College, The University of Western Ontario
Meal Preparation
Participants prepare sandwiches on campus, which are then “These remarkable people… represent some of the finest hope for our city. They are
delivered by volunteers to shelters and other social service neither ashamed of their faith or their willingness to use it to heal the wounds and
agencies. All food is donated by local businesses. prejudices of others.”
Glen Pearson, Member of Parliament for London North Centre
Breaking Down Stereotypes “In the words of the Psalmist: ‘How pleasant it is to see the brothers together...’
This program gives students an opportunity to identify and engaged in a project like Tzedaka-Sadaqah that underlines the basic values of the
discuss persisting stereotypes and misconceptions that exacer- faithful, to care for one's brother - in peace.”
bate Muslim and Jewish tensions and distrust Participants are Rabbi Ammos Chorny,
encouraged to recognize their own preconceived ideas and Or Shalom Synagogue, London, Ontario
biases in an environment that accepts and tolerates different E-mail:
ideas and values. Website: