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RENO ANNOUNCES NEW AGENTS & RESOURCES TO SECURE TEXAS BORDER & CUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Biggest Increase Ever in Deploying Agents & Equipment to Border TEXAS--Attorney General Janet Reno announced today that Texas will receive an unprecedented increase in border enforcement personnel and equipment to stem illegal immigration and more fairly and effectively handle legal immigration in the state. Border Patrol stations throughout the state will receive 300 new agents, bringing the total of new hires and redeployed agents to 434 over the last two years --a 28% increase. In the latest step in the Clinton Administration's Southwest Border Strategy the McAllen Sector will get 75 new agents, raising its staff to 30% above the level of two years ago. The Del Rio Sector will get 100 new agents, a 39% increase over a two year period. The Laredo Sector will get 75 new agents, a 24% increase over a two year period. The El Paso Sector which received 104 new or redeployed agents last year to support Operation Hold the Line will get 50 new agents for its Texas-based stations this year, and 15 agents for the Sector's New Mexico-based stations -- a 26% increase for the Texas stations alone over the last two years. Marfa will receive 10 new agents, a 7.5% gain. "We are committed to securing this nation's borders," Reno said. "We have already made a huge difference in El Paso and are working to cut illegal crossings all the way down the Texas border ." Reno said the additional resources are needed in Texas now to detect and deter increased crossing attempts all along the state's border as a result of the heightened security efforts in San Diego and El Paso, the busiest illegal entry points. The Attorney General is meeting today and tomorrow with immigration and law enforcement officials in El Paso, Laredo, Del Rio and Brownsville to discuss strengthening Border Patrol operations on the entire Southwestern border. Reno noted that alien apprehensions, a measure of crossing activity, decreased significantly last year in El Paso by 72%, signaling a decline in attempted crossings in those areas. "We're not going to sit back and see if illegal crossings go up in Texas this year, we're going to move forward now to deter them," Reno said. In addition to infusing the border with new assets, Reno said the Department of Justice will also increase resources to detect

illegal entries and facilitate legal entries at ports, as well as expedite the removal of criminal aliens. The new resources directed to Texas and other states to control illegal immigration were appropriated by Congress in the FY95 budgets of the Department of Justice and the Immigration Naturalization Service. Many of these resources were authorized by the President's 1994 Crime Bill. The resources that will be deployed in Texas this year include: ​ 59 new inspectors. These new inspectors, coupled with inspectors added last year (a 14% increase over two years ago), will reinforce the Ports of Entry throughout Texas. They will facilitate legal immigration and international commerce, at the same time helping to identify fraudulent documentation and deterring illegal immigration. ​ Two high technology systems -- IDENT and IBIS. These systems will be installed and upgraded to help INS officials in Texas quickly detain and prosecute criminal aliens. The systems will use fingerprints and access other computerized data to identify repeat border crossers and criminals who are trying to enter the U.S. ​ Assistance to the State of Texas. Already, the federal government has sent Texas $2,120,300, as a down-payment to help reimburse the State for the costs of incarcerating criminal aliens. A total of $130 million dollars has been appropriated to Texas in the FY95 budget. ### 95-009