1. JOHNb.c.1510 Hogsthorpe, Lincolnshire Issue    I. Michael- b.c.1533 II. John- b.c.1535 2III. WILLIAM- b.c.1537, m. JANET _____ IV. Janet-

2III. WILLIAM (JOHN 1) b.c.1537 m. JANET ______ Issue 3I. WILLIAM- b.c.1562, m.1. 2 May 1594 St. Peter's, Markby, Lincolnshire, AGNES HAY (b.c.1573, bur. 29 Aug. 1613 Willoughby), 2. Jane ______ (bur. 16 Nov. 1628 Willoughby), bur. 5 Nov. 1631 Willoughby  II. Henry- bur. 12 Oct. 1635 Hannagh  III. John- m. Katherine Mason. John lived in Hogsthorpe Ref: The above is from the Dearborn lineage of David Curtis Dearborn- Librarian at NEHGS 3I. WILLIAM (JOHN 1, WILLIAM 2) b.c.1562 m.1. 2 May 1594 St. Peter's, Markby, Lincolnshire, AGNES HAY (b.c.1573, bur. 29 Aug. 1613 Willoughby) 2. Jane ______ (bur. 16 Nov. 1628 Willoughby) bur. 5 Nov. 1631 Willoughby

St. Peter's Church- Markby, Lincolnshire


William and Agnes were married in St. Peter's church in Markby which is the last thatched church in England. See the church's web page at: The administration of the estate of William Dearbarne of Habertoft, Willoughby was granted 9 Dec. 1631 to his son George Dearbarne of Sloothby, weaver. The inventory totalled £ 35/18/2 and listed a debt of 20/ owed the estate by Godfrey Dearbarne.(1) Willoughby is most famous for being the home of Capt. John Smith, one of the early leaders of the Virginia Colony.

St. Helen's Church- Willoughby Issue I. George- bpt. 10 Mar. 1597/8 Willoughby, Lincolnshire, m. 24 June 1624 Helen Robinson  II. Thomas- bpt. 23 Dec. 1600 Willoughby, m. 12 Aug. 1627 Susan Greene  4III. GODFREY- bpt. 24 Sept. 1603 Willoughby, m.1. 23 June 1629 Orby, Lincolnshire, Lucy Richardson, 2. c.1630, ANNE ______, 3. 25 Nov. 1662 Dorothy ______ (m.1. PHILEMON DALTON, d.c.1696), d. 4 Feb. 1685/6 Hampton, NH  IV. Henry- bpt. 8 Oct. 1609 Willoughby Ref: (1) Consistory Court of Lincoln- Admin., 1631, No. 41 4III. GODFREY (JOHN 1, WILLIAM 2, WILLIAM 1) bpt. 24 Sept. 1603 Willoughby, Lincolnshire m.1. 23 June 1629 Orby, Lincolnshire, Lucy Richardson 2. c.1630, ANNE ______ 3. 25 Nov. 1662 Dorothy ______ (m.1. PHILEMON DALTON, d.c.1696) d. 4 Feb. 1685/6 Hampton, NH will 1680-1711



St. Andrew's Church- Hannagh cum Hagnaby Godfrey was a weaver and first settled in Exeter where he signed the Combination of 1639 and was one of the selectmen. He received a grant of meadowland "on the second run beyond Mr. Wheelwright's creek" and in 1645 he had a grant of meadow "at the head of the Great Cove Creek about six acres, if it be there to be found". His farm was located within the present town of Stratham. He moved to Hampton between 1648 and 1650 and served as a selectman there. He settled at the West End on a farm occupied by his descendants. His house is at 73 Exeter Rd (Rte. 27) and is thought to be the oldest frame house in New Hampshire. The large monument in the High Street Cemetery was erected by his descendants in the 1890's and does not mark his grave.

Godfrey Dearborn's House- c.1648



The Exeter Combination of 1639


Issue- all children by Anne.  I. Thomas- bpt. 1 Nov. 1632 Hannagh, Lincolnshire, m.1. Hannah Caldwell (d.s.p.), 2. 28 Dec. 1665 Hampton, Hannah Colcord (b.c.1643, d. 17 July 1720 Hampton), d. 14 Apr. 1710 Hampton  II. Henry- bpt. 22 Mar. 1633/4 Hannagh, m. 10 Jan. 1665/6 Hampton, Elizabeth Marrian (d. 6 July 1716 Hampton), d. 18 Jan.1724/5 Hampton, NH  III. ______- bpt. 22 Mar. 1633/4 Hannagh  5IV. ESTHER- m. 14 May 1661 Exeter, NH, RICHARD SHORTRIDGE (d. after 1689)  V. Sarah- b.c.1641, m. 9 Dec. 1659 Newmarket, NH, Thomas Nudd (bpt. 6 Jan. 1629 Ormsby, Norfolk, d. 31 Jan. 1713), d. 21 Aug. 1714 Hampton  VI. John b.c.1641, m. 12 Dec. 1672 Hampton, Mary Ward (d.14 Dec. 1725), d. 14 Nov. 1731 Hampton. John and Mary are the ancestors of the Revolutionary War General, Henry Dearborn.

Major General Henry Dearborn Ref: Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire- pp. 189, 785 NEHGR- Lincolnshire Origin of Exeter Settlers- Vol. 68, pp. 69-72 The Dearborns- Daniel Goodwin, Fergus Printing Co., Chicago, 1884- pp. 1-8 History of the Town of Hampton New Hampshire from its Settlement in 1638 to the Autumn of 1892- Joseph Dow, Salem Press Publishing and Printing Company, 1893- pp. 654, 659 The Dearborns of Hampton, New Hampshire- Joseph Dow, Salekm Press Publishing and Printing Co., 1893- pp.1-3 Parish Registers for Hannagh, Willoughby, Orby, Hampton, Exeter, Newmarket


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