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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

- a literature case study

Garden type: Nature park

Location: Marina Bay, Singapore
Area: 101 hectares(250 acres)
Architects: grant associates, Wilkinson Eyre
architects, Atelier one, Atelier ten.
Const. duration: 2006-2012
Cost: $1.03 bn
Open since 2012
Daily visitors: 15,000 approx.

Services and amenities: Legends:

No. of gates: 3
Nearby Train station: 1(MRT station)
Bus stops: 3
Taxi drop-off: 1
Parking depots: 4
Bicycle parking: 6
Barrier-free ways: 5
Lifts: 5
Information desks: 2
Toilets: 6
Toilets for differently abled: 6
Baby change rooms: 5
Cash machine: 1
Restaurants/caf: 11
First aid unit:1
Gift shops:2

Plantation & Gardens

Super Tress
Theme gardens & Heritage gardens
Lakes & Ponds
Recreation & Retail
Garden cruiser
Barrier Free Route

(54 hec)

by the

Super tree

(15 hec)

(32 hec)

recreation, etc.

Theme gardens
Views and

Features - bay south

Conservatories- cloud forest and flower dome

The conservatory complex comprises two cooled conservatories; the flower dome and
the cloud forest.
Designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, the domes are intended to be an energy
efficient showcase of sustainable building technologies .
The conservatories provide an all weather edutainment space within the gardens.

The flower dome

Section of the domes

Sectional view

Layers of the cloud mountain

Plan of the domes

The cloud forest

Higher but smaller(0.8 hec.) of the two.

Replicates a cool climate of altitudes between 10009800 ft. above sea level from Asia and S. America.
Features a cloud mountain(138ft.) with a pathway on it
at 115 ft.
It is clad in epiphytes like orchids, ferns, peacock ferns,
spike, mosses, etc.

Lower but larger(1.2 hec.) of the

It replicates a mild dry climate and
features plants from Australia,
America and Africa.
It is 112ft. High and maintains a
temperature of 23 C and 25 C.
The Flower Dome features 7
different "gardens" as well as an
olive grove with a bistro and a
central changing display field has
also been incorporated to enable
flower shows and displays to be
held within the conservatory

Californian Garden


South African Garden

Olive garden

Mediterranean Garden

South African Garden

Australian garden

Succulent garden

Flower field

Features bay south

The Supertree grove

Supertrees are tree-like structures that

dominate the Gardens' landscape with
heights that range between 25 metres
(82 ft) and 50 metres (160 ft).

They are vertical gardens that perform a

multitude of functions, which include
planting, shading and working as
environmental engines for the gardens.

They are home to enclaves of unique

and exotic ferns, vines, orchids and a
vast collection of bromeliads such as
Tillandsia amongst other plants.

Fitted with environmental technologies that mimic the ecological function of trees
photovoltaic cells that harness solar energy which can be used for some of the
functions of the Supertrees, such as lighting, just like how trees photosynthesize.

Supertrees in various sizes

Intrnal mechanism

Night view of the grove

The canopy

recreational area

walkways and seating under the grove

rainwater s collected for use in

irrigation and fountain displays,
View from the top of a supertree
exactly like how trees absorb
rainwater for growth. The Supertrees.
also serve air intake and exhaust functions as part of the conservatories'
cooling systems.

The supertree skeleton

Evolution of the supertree

An elevated walkway is build atop two of the larger trees(150 ft. 60m) to give
a breathtaking view of the gardens to the visitors and a restaurant. At night,
the supertree comes alive with a light and music show.

Features- other bays, energy efficiency.

Theme gardens

Theme gardens, public gathering spaces and signage

The themes are divide

Plants and people
Plants and planet
The heritage gardens
include Indian,
Malayan, Chinese and
Colonial gardens.

Energy efficiency of the gardens

Silver leaf

Flower field hall

The theme gardens cover plants from all over the

world. That is 80% of the total plant species.
The meadow

Water view room

Resource and energy transfer chart

The dragon view lake

Branding and
Heat and water exchange in the biomes

Conclusion :

Singaporean culture is a very well showcased & such thought can be

adopted for other vast/anti-national projects.
The super tree and conservatories are design marvels and an inspiration for
design to think out of the box.
The collaboration of the designers and the government is worth praising to
establish a work culture.
All the spaces and services are designed considering the vast no. of visitors.

Energy transfer in the

supertree grove

shivani sali isha jain aditya sharma saurabh sethi saiyam chaturvedi chinmay gheware