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“At a Glance” Spanish Language Arts 2009-2010April 19 -

June 3
Pre-K Grade 15 WPM 6th six
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Week of 04-19-10 Week of 04-26-10 Week of 05-03-10 Week of 05-10-10 Week of 05-17-10 Week of 05-24-10
(Monday - Friday) (Monday - Friday) (Monday - Friday) (Monday - Friday) (Monday - (Monday - Friday)

3 R’s Neighborho Holidays United Needs and REVIEW

Reduce ods and States and Wants from weeks
(reducir) likenesses Celebration Texas flags 1-5
Reuse and s
(reusar) differences No School (5/21/10 – F)

clar) Report Cards (4/26/10 -M)
TAKS (4/28/10 – W)

Earth Day (4/22/10 - TH)

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Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective:
National holidays and Neighborhoods and National holidays and Citizens recognize Everyone needs Daily experiences
Celebrations help us communities can be Celebrations help us and honor the certain things to develop students’
appreciate our identified by common appreciate our national and state survive and desires perceptions of the
environment and the landmarks and environment and the flag. more things to live past, the present and
people who live with predictable people who live with comfortably the future.
us. characteristics. us.

Vocabulario: calles Vocabulario: Vocabulario: Vocabulario: Vocabulary:
verde casas día festivo preescolar desarrollo REVIEW all
reusar apartamentos fiesta jardín en infancia necesidades from weeks 1-5
reciclar tiendas El día de las madres promesa deseos
reducir restaurantes Cinco de mayo historia acto Daily Class Activity:
comunidad libertad compras Go over the concepts
conserje bandera lista of
ambiente pasado Today
recursos naturales presente Tomorrow
Bilingual Center: Bilingual Pair: Past
Worksheet Activity: Let students go to the Bilingual Pairs both Present
Use the worksheet writing center and discuss and talk about Future
attached from My Class Activity: have construction while they illustrate
Bilingual Take a walk around paper, old envelopes, Class Activity: on their individual Emphasize “today,”
for your students to the school and count stamps etc. so they Have children identify sheet of paper a want say, “Today we are
draw a tree on Earth homes, streets, can write a letter to clearly the United on one side of the going to _________
Day stores, and their mom for States and Texas paper and a need on (describe activity).
streetlights. Mother’s Day. flags. Recite with the other. Explain to Close the everyday by
them the Pledge of them that a need saying “Tomorrow”
Allegiance and the would be something we will continue
Motto for Texas and such as food, so they ________ (describe
listen to their actual can draw their activity).
pronunciation. favorite food. A want For days, 2-5,
would be their introduce the new
favorite toy, they activity by saying,
want it but they don’t “Yesterday, we
need it to survive. worked on ________
(describe activity).

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