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“At a Glance” Spanish Language Arts 2009-2010April 19 -

June 3
Kinder Grade 45 WPM 6th six
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Week of 04-19-10 Week of 04-26-10 Week of 05-03-10 Week of 05-10-10 Week of 05-17-10 Week of 05-24-10
(Monday - Friday) (Monday - Friday) (Monday - Friday) (Monday - Friday) (Monday - Thursday) (Monday - Friday)

Letra Ff Letra Bb Letra Nn Letra Ññ Sounds Sounds

/u/,/v/,/y/,/z/ /u/,/v/,/y/,/z/,
,/s/,/t/ /s/,/t/
Earth Day (4/22/10 - TH) Report Cards (4/26/10 -M) No School (5/21/10 – F)
TAKS (4/28/10 – W)

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Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective: Weekly Objective:
Know that active Develop visual Illustrate how the Observe that language Perceive that Understand that
listening for a variety attention to the visual attention to the acquisition develops phonemic awareness, literary elements such
of purposes improves features of print that features of print through multiple letter-sound as character/setting,
literacy development. impact reading and improves the encounters with real correspondence, and main
writing skills. acquisition of reading vocabulary, questions, the Alphabetic idea/details,compare/c
and writing. statements and Principle support ontrast, fact/opinion,
actions. automatically and authours purpose,
fluent reading. point of view, and
retelling enhance
Bilingual Pair: comprehension of text.
Bilingual Pairs can Bilingual Pair: Bilingual Pair: Bilingual Pair:
work making a list of Bilingual Pairs sort the Bilingual Pairs get Bilingual Pairs get Bilingual Pair: Bilingual Pair:
words that begin with words with the letter of together to write books from their Bilingual Pairs review Bilingual Pairs read a
different syllables: the week into 3 sentences with the classroom library and the letters set of words that you
J, K, L, Ll, M categories: letter at new Word Wall words. both identify upper U,V.W,X,Z,S,T,Y and have placed on the
the beginning, letter in and lower case letters. link the sound to each board:
the middle and letter letter by activities such uva, yoyo, zapato,
Bilingual Center: at the end. as showing and sorting salmon, tortuga, vaca,
What you need: pictures beginning or unicornio, Vicente, yo,
• Index cards Bilingual Center: ending with a targeted sandia, tomate
• Markers What you need: sound or using their Then they clap, count
• An “Al Dia” McGraw Hill book or and “measure” the
newspaper looking around the syllables to decide
Students: • Highlighters classroom for things which words are short
Go to this beginning or ending and others that are
center and Students: High Frequency with a targeted sound. longer.
write as many Look through High Frequency Words:
words that they the newspaper Words: vamos, vemos, vi, vas, High Frequency
can come up and highlight vamos, vemos, vi, vas, por, para Words:
with on the words they can por, para como, por, sin High Frequency
index cards find starting Words:
starting with with the letter Word Study: como, por, sin
the letter Ff (at Bb and also Ff. Go over the sound /tr/
the end of the Some students such as: Word Study:
day they can you will find Go over the sound /tr/
take them that they will tripa such as:
home to show read through tres
parents) the paper! tren tripa tres
triste tren triste
trepa trepa
trueno trueno
tronco tronco

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