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May 2010 Issue

June 21st 2010 is National Aboriginal Day! Pathway’s

Aboriginal Centre and Richmond Youth Service
Agency invite the public to join our team of volunteers
to help make the day as special as the previous

If you are interested in helping out on National

Aboriginal Day, would like to have a vendors table or
participate as an exhibitor please contact:

Richmond Youth Service Agency, Pathway’s Aboriginal Rhiannon Bennett at 604-271-7600 or by email
Centre and Vancouver Coastal Health are thrilled to offer
a 12 month program for Aboriginal families living in

The Healthy Families, Healthy Children will run from May Pathways Aboriginal Centre - Richmond Youth Service Agency
2010 through to March 2011 and will provide Aboriginal 100-7900 Alderbridge Way
families living in Richmond with opportunities to participate Richmond, BC V6X2A5
in cultural activities that will work towards improving Phone: 604.271.7600
and promoting health, cultural pride and knowledge of Hours of Operation:
local health and wellness resources and opportunities for Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:30am-4:30pm
families to connect. Thursdays & Fridays 12pm - 7pm

A few of the activities that the Healthy Families, Healthy Check out for a special events and activities
Children program will cover are: traditional cedar bark Follow us on Twitter @RichmondYouth
harvesting and weaving of the bark; a day of blueberry
picking followed by a day of canning and preserving;
a winter ice skating party; an Elder lead beach walk; a
recreational day of outdoor games and kite flying; and 2
information sessions with a nutritionist from Vancouver
Coastal Health and bi-monthly potlucks. Page 2
The Tepee is up!
The cost of the program is free and has limited spaces so
register early or before the deadline May 14th 2010. If you Page 3
are interested in registering for this program please contact The Plight of the Salmon
Rhiannon at 604-271-7600ext.150 or by email at Pulling Together Page 4
Reel Youth
Check out for a full registration package AYC Events
and calendar of events.
On April 10th 2010 a group of 25 community members
and youth gathered at the Terra Nova Sharing Farm where
Tony Solomon from Mukwa Teepees lead an interactive
workshop teaching the participants the traditional
protocol of raising and using a Teepee.

Once the Teepee was raised and the traditional protocol

were explained all of the participants entered the Teepee
in a clockwise manner. RYSA member, Jelica Shaw
recognized Marlene Hale with an offering of a silver and
abalone brooch that was locally carved at the Vancouver
Friendship Centre. We thank her for the generous
donation of the Teepee, for all of her time and teachings
that she shares with the youth and their families at
Pathway’s Aboriginal Centre.

The RALLY participants offered Tony a traditional shell

rattle from the Queen Charlotte Islands for his time,
energy, and sharing of traditions around the Teepee.
Rally participants then moved to the garden where they
offered the soil a prayer and some medicines before the
first planting.

Feel free to check out the Teepee anytime – it is located

in the back of the Terra Nova Sharing farm.

If you would like to arrange to use the Teepee for a

workshop or for a get together please feel free to contact
Jelica at 604-271-7600ext.102 or email at

A big thanks to Arzeena Hamir for her tireless advocacy and support with finding a home for our Teepee a home!
Pulling Together

A group of paddlers are going to paddle from This year Pathways Aboriginal Centre will be
Hope to Victoria with a stop in Steveston May the joining the PULLING IT TOGETHER CANOE JOURNEY
6th (time TBA). sponsored by the Collingwood Canoe Group.

The goal of the journey is to raise awareness about The canoe journey is one week long and consists of
the plight of the Salmon. This touches everyone local Aboriginal groups and local R.C.M.P officers.
from First Nations, to fisherman, to anyone who The goal of the journey is to strengthen ties and
believes in a sustainable salmon fishery. relationships between both Aboriginal Youth and
the R.C.M.P Officers in our community.

They group will be making a stop in Steveston May Pathway’s is currently accepting donation of tents,
6th and would love a greeting by our community. sleeping bags and mattresses to ensure that our
A group will be gathering at Pathway’s on May the youth have a warm, dry and fantastic time on the
6th and makeing their way to Steveston. If you canoe journey.
would like to join the group please contact:

604-271-7600 ext.102 or If you have any extra camping gear in good
condition please gives us a call at:
For more information on the time and location, 604-271-7600 ext102.
there’s a Facebook group started at:!/event.
php? eid=113091198714261&ref=ts

A big thanks to REEL YOUTH for coming out to Pathways to
lead a claymation workshop. Participants worked with REEL May 1& 2
YOUTH to come up with a short film on issues) important to Open Doors Richmond
the participants. The group chose technological isolation,
environmental destruction, and safe houses for youth as their Come and meet Pathway’s staff and the OSKAYAK Youth
issues to make the shorts about. Council, try some fresh bannock and make a medicine bag
To view the 3 shorts go to: May 6,13,20 & 27
OSKAYAK Youth Council
Pathway’s 5-7pm
Aboriginal youth between the ages 11-24

May 6, 13, 20 & 27

Drop in
Pathway’s 2-4:30pm
Aboriginal youth between the ages 11-24

May 7, 14, 21 &27

Movie Nights
Meet at Pathway’s 4:30-7pm
Aboriginal youth between the ages 11-24

May 6
Support the Salmon Rally
Meeting at Pathway’s (time TBA)

CHIMO Crisis Line: 604-279-7070 or For a detailed calendar of events please check out
Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
VACFASS-Vancouver Aboriginal Children and Family Services
Society: 604-872-6723
The Healthy Aboriginal, is a non-profit website promoting of
health, literacy and wellness:

Agencies & Organizations: Individuals:

Mukwa Teepee
Arzeena Hamir
REEL Youth
Marlene Hale
School District #38
Kids Up Front
Advisory Council