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Posture Strengthening System

Strengthening mind, spirit and body through
the universal law of adaptibility.

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When you utilize proper posture. this lack of strength develops into permanent and negative body issues. many people begin to lose their ability to hold their body erect. it’s easy to see that our society is struggling to be well. Unfortunately. You have more confidence in your personal and work life. Regaining your full stature has other benefits. rest. The fundamental basis of wellbeing – whole food. How does Correctore improve your sense of well-being? Because it enhances your posture.Product Information IMPORTANCE OF STRONG POSTURE If you follow the news or read health magazines. male and female. Starting as young as age six. too. and produces a feeling of overall well-being. And your muscles respond by instantly improving your posture and building gradually strength. exercise – has been replaced with a harried lifestyle. The resulting solution – the Correctore – is now ready to help everyone – young and old. your stance looks better because your body feels good and works well. The Correctore harnesses the power of elastic resistance training to produce a slight but significant tension for your muscles to work against. Good posture is the cornerstone of optimal physical performance. An alarming 95% of adults suffer from low back pain – and poor posture from muscle weakness is the leading cause. including poor posture. You learn to handle stress more effectively. has been researching and developing wearable body devices to mitigate these posture problems. namely low back pain. your posture becomes the tool it was designed to be: one that supports your body. and poor posture begins to set in. For more that five years. as well as improved concentration and better endurance. STRONG POSTURE: • holds joints in correct alignment so muscles are used properly • helps decrease abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that can cause arthritis • decreases stress on the ligaments that align spinal joints • prevents the spine from becoming fixed in abnormal positions Trapezius Deltoid Pectoralis major Triceps Biceps Latissimus dorsi Abdominal • lessens fatigue by encouraging efficient muscle use • reduces strain and overuse problems • discourages backache and muscular pain • contributes to an attractive appearance Muscles that are responsible for strong posture COVERED AS A THERAPEUTIC DEVICE UNDER HEALTH INSURANCE . fitness experts and novices – attain the posture they need to look and feel great. With daily use. Over time. aligns your spine. And you have more control over how you look and feel. that means that many people are suffering from a range of health problems. Perfectore Inc. and strong posture is the cornerstone of improved body functioning.

Instant Results EXPERIENCE THESE BENEFITS THE INSTANT YOU PUT ON THE CORRECTORE: 3Added height 3Improved posture 3Expanded chest 3Broader shoulders 3Lifted abdomen 3Confident appearance 3Less stress on lower backand neck Raised eye line 3 Before After And what’s the most impressive benefit of the Correctore? Its instant and visible effects on your body! Within moments of putting it on you’ll see and feel a significant improvement in your appearance and posture. .

X-ray Results COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS: • Immediate and signifigant improvement of posture with Correctore • 9 mm shift of cervical spine in positive direction • all vertebra shifted in positive direction • reduced risk of spurs forming in C5 and C6 • Correctore use plus exercise program can remedy weak posture • increased height due to head being pulled back over shoulders with support of the Correctore .

Long Term Benefits A SAVINGS PLAN FOR YOUR BODY When you take a look around. preventing these common problems. poor digestion. By building and maintaining muscular strength through daily use of the Correctore. migraines. osteoporosis. it’s easy to see elderly people suffering from the ravages of old age and muscular atrophy. Not only is the Correctore a simple exercise program. But not everyone has to suffer from them! Every person has the opportunity to prevent these disorders. a different outcome of the body’s natural aging process. Tests show that even a moderate exercise program with elastic resistance training can substantially improve strength and overall health. ELASTIC RESISTANCE BUILDS STRENGTH THE CORRECTORE POSTURE STRENGTHENING SYSTEM IS BASED UPON THE SCIENCE OF ELASTIC RESISTANCE. arthritis. it’s wearable! And this makes it easy and enjoyable for EVERYONE to engage in the Correctore Exercise Program. labored breathing – all of these ailments and many more are related to poor posture. Dowagers Hump. Participants in a six-week exercise program that used elastic resistance training increased their strength by 10% to 30%! Added benefits of this training were: • enhanced balance • increased endurance • improved gait • enlarged muscle mass • amplified power • increased mobility . eye strain. sciatica pain. you can expect dramatic long term benefits – and most importantly.

“My husband wears it while watching TV and working on the computer. “I‘m addicted.Testimonials Dr. “I have less back fatigue at the end of the day. “It gives me energy while doing the house work. I‘ve grown an inch! I am treated with more respect in the work environment!” Marina P. he tried on my Correctore and he wouldn’t give it back! He wears it all day long at work. “Its relieved my back pain!” . I love being upright and broad-shouldered.” Pat C.” Carolyn L. Its saving us from becoming hunch-backs!” Edith P. Spencer Baron “In my 20 plus years of experience I have never come across a product so simple and effective for posture improvement. “Its lifted my chest and abdomin – I look like I’ve lost 10 pounds. it feels good!” Marie P.” Ricardo C. “The Correctore changed my life.” Collon B. (10 years old) “I like it. “Its a Godsend!” Lilly G.” Joel G. This is a product anyone can use and benefit from.” Sarah G. “My husband is a chef.I’m ordering another today!” Bob W. “Everyone should have a Correctore. “ Nora B. He loves it .

and surrounded by a protective braided nylon sheath • manufactured in the United States by notable producer of therapudic elastic resistance products CORRECTORE SHIELD • a TPA fixture modeled on a unique design that comfortably creates a wearable exercise device • allows for easy adjustability and assembly • non allergenic SHOULDER PADS • 2 EVA foam shoulder pads included as an option for additional comfort (1.Product Specs FEATURES: • One size fits all • Easy to use • Fully adjustable • Unisex • Wearable over or under clothing • Use sitting.5” x 6” x 2/16”) END CAPS • 2 nylon plugs that fit easly into the end of the tubes. protective poly bag.5”x 3”) PACKAGING • a 4 mil waterproof. self adhesive closure (9”x12”) . standing or walking • For ages 10 and up • Waterproof • Lightweight • Portable • Washable • Easy home assembly • Affordable • Long lasting • Durable PACKAGE INCLUDES: CUSTOMIZED RUBBER TUBE: • 7 feet of high-quality. natural latex rubber. created to our exacting specifications.5”x11”) • 1 membership card (2. creating a finished product PRINTED MATERIALS • 2 informations/instructional sheets (8.