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Chapter - Air and Water

Task 1: Enquiry Based Learning-Live
Anil was given a task to separate sugar and water from sugar
and water solution.
Could you suggest the method to be used to conduct this
Process Success criteria
1. Name of the method.
2. Write the two processes involved in separating sugar and
water from the sugar and water solution.
3. Draw and label the apparatus neatly.
1.Distillation method
2. Evaporation and Condensation.
3. fig. 6.6 pg 69-TB.
Extra questions:
1. Explain how a doctor’s syringe is filled with medicine from a
medicine bottle.
Ans: When the plunger of the syringe is pushed in, there is no air
in the syringe. As the plunger is pulled, air pressure forces the
liquid in the medicine bottle to rise up through the needle.
2.How is the atmosphere useful to us?

It retains the heat at night so that the earth does not freeze. in vacuum cleaners. 3. Ans: 1. Air exerts pressure. 3. List the properties of Air. in hair dryers. The ozone layer in the atmosphere absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and prevents them from reaching us. 4. Air occupies space. 2. The atmosphere helps in recycling water through the water cycle. It also provides carbon dioxide to plants for making food. . 5. The atmosphere sustains life on earth by providing oxygen for breathing.Ans: 1. In what ways is expired air different from inspired air? INSPIRED AIR EXPIRED AIR Nitrogen Same Same Oxygen more less Carbon dioxide less more Water vapour Variable Saturated Temperature Variable The same as that of the body. The atmosphere absorbs the excessive heat of the sun so that the earth does not get overheated during the day. Air has weight. in the straw that is used to drink liquids etc 4. 3. 2. What are the uses of air pressure in daily life? Ans: The principle of air pressure is used in the doctor’s syringes. in ink fillers.

Water can absorb a lot of heat. So the water should be made clean and pure for drinking. 7. That is why it is valuable to industries. It’s the only natural substance that is found in all three states of matter. the pressure is very low and it is difficult for us to breathe. Pure water has no colour. or smell. 6. List the properties of water.4. taste. . For this reason all high flying aircrafts have pressurized cabins. insoluble substances are sedimentation and filtration. 3. Water is called the ‘universal solvent’ because it dissolves many things. Air is needed for burning. Water contains many disease germs like bacteria. Ans: 1. Why should our drinking water be made clean and pure? Ans. Name the processes used to separate soluble and insoluble substances from water. in which the pressure of the air is kept the same as that near the ground. 4. Why are the cabins of jet aero planes filled with air and all doors and windows are sealed before take off? Ans: Higher in the atmosphere where jet aircrafts fly. b. protozoa and viruses. 8. soluble substances are evaporation and distillation. Ans: The processes used to separate a. 2. These produce serious diseases in man. 9.

. This lower layer of the atmosphere is called the troposphere.10. Even in troposphere air gets very thin higher up and breathing becomes difficult. Why? Ans: Sufficient air for breathing is present only upto15km above the earth. carry air in cylinders with them. Hence mountaineers who climb high mountains carry air cylinders with them.Mountaineers who climb high mountains.