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An Analysis of Loveliest of Trees Poem Based on Structural Theory

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Those principles and guidelines will help accelerate the process of understanding the poem. feelings. phrase. structure. Poetry is different from prose. Background of The Study Literature (Sanskrit: Shastra) is a loan word from Sanskrit 'literary'. the one who wants to understand the poem also have to process it anyway. the more clearly the understanding of literature become. The main difference is in the process of creating each literary work. The process in the poem is the concentration process. In Indonesian. which means "the text that contains the instruction" or "guidelines". In the literature. the element of correspondence and language elements). Sumardjo (2001:3) said that literature is a form of personal expression of human experiences. couplet. Here literature is not much to do with writing. this word is commonly used to refer to the "literary" or a kind of writing that has a specific meaning or beauty. it takes some of the principles and guidelines that must be held. from the word 'Sas' which means "instruction" or "teaching" and "Tra' meaning "tool" or "medium". Literature is an art not a science. any limitation of literature concerns only one aspect of literary understanding. belief in a form of a concrete image that evokes fascination with language tools. literature can be divided into written literature or oral literature. process intensification and process imagery.1. thoughts. In the process of the concentration of all the elements of poetry (musical element. . Every science such as biology may be defined precisely because it only involves thinking. or images that exist in the poem. He should be able to find the meaning contained in every word. Esten (2011: 31) states that in poetry will take place some processes that are not so perceived as well as in prose. Poetry is built through a process of intensification. Also in the meaning of literary. Literature relating to the creation and personal expression (expression). ideas. According to Esten (2011: 32) that in order to understand a poem properly. but with language that is used as a medium to express certain thoughts or ideas. array. The more the limitation of literature collected. focused on a single issue or a particular impression. Thus. sometimes the element of feeling is so great that it is not possible to be approached scientifically. spirit.

and the writer will using a structural theory to limit the problem. the writer is interested to analyze using structural theory of Loveliest Trees by A. Read the whole of Loveliest Trees poem. and tones. The technique of collecting data: 1. How to analyze the poem? 4. sound. 2. the writer has an objectives that expected to be gained through this study. 6. What are the meaning and the elements of the poem? 2. Whereas the technical elements are divided into five parts. 2. Identification of Problems The main point of this study is to find out the meaning and the elements of poem. Research Questions 1. 3. themes and moral messages. objects. Find out some references related to the poem. 7. rhythm. which are elements of philosophical and technical elements. who is an english classical scholar and poet in the late 18 century. Housman. the viewpoint of the poet. Limitation of The Problems There are many theories that can be used in analyzing works of literature such as analyzing poem. diction. Theoretical Foundation Structural theory is a theory that has two elements.Loveliest Trees is a poem that told about the man who looking at the cherry threes on the woodland ride in spring. Research Methods A. 5. Objectives of The Study According to the research questions. Philosophical element is divided into three parts.E. Based on the background. . https://en. tell the reader about the library data or references that have been obtained. Fifth. B._E. the conclusions of the study have been analysed. The technique of analyzing data: First. Fourth. http://www.dosenpendidikan. describe about the background of this study of the poem. http://kafeilmu. Eighth.htm https://en. Uniting the whole group’s ideas about the meaning of the poem. Sixth. discusses the telling used. the reason for choosing this study. Bibliography http://www. explain the purpose of this study. make one of the data collective for . find out and solve the research problems.3.