Every day I get up in the morning and I think, what is it that I am going to do today? I flip over my bed and think of all the activities. Then I give a call to my friend to confirm the day s plans. I d ask her what are you doing? and she d say what else? and I d give a groan. It was the same most of the days. She d be reading the horoscope page in the day s paper. My friend is a horoscope freak. Big time!! I have long since given up trying to wring her out of it. As far as I knew none of what I said registered in her mind. So eventually I just had to accept this fact about her. She followed everything that she could get her hands on-horoscope, fortune cookies, eclipse predictions, omens, anything, that would affect her life. As far as I am concerned I feel these things are ridiculous. Just because the horoscope guy says that today Libra people are going to find joy waiting for them, doesn t mean all the Librans in the world are going to. The same applies vice versa to some other star. As for my friend even the slightest hint that her day isn t going to go smooth, would mean the biggest job for us-persuading her to come with us. She eventually would (a little emotional talk always helps) but it always makes me wonder, how can you keep your life in the hands of these unknown people, some of them who are probably not even qualified? Whenever I asked her this all I would get was maybe bad luck? Then I d ask her what is luck? and she d just shrug. I knew she had no answer to that but I also knew better than to argue with her. I wonder how it would be if I place my day s events in predictions. Nah! What a boring life. What s life without freedom, without risks, without adventure, without fun? I sure wasn t going to stay at home all day just because someone said that I ll be run over by a bulldozer today. And as for luck, I don t think there exists something called as luck or destiny or fate, for the fact. I mean what s the use of finding life fun if every action we are about to do is preordained? Isn t life supposed to be revealing itself to us in its various magnificent forms? Wouldn t it make a big difference if things come as dessert rather than as the starters?

I still say that there exists nothing as destiny or horoscope. I feel I m the captain of my ship, I m the master of my faith. I know many are there who would disagree with me but it s just a matter of personal choice. As for my friend I hope she realizes someday that she is the one who is shaping her future and not the daily newspaper. 1 May 2010

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