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On 19 March 2016 is turn for group ME 40 to go to leadership camp. The
venue for the camp is at XNR Laser Tag, Hulu Langat. Weve been doing a lot
of activities such as XNR Laser Tag, River Tracking, River Flying Fox, River
Tubbing, Lastic Tag and also mini activities. For two days all student of ME 40
was divided into two group which is Group A and Group B. Our team was in
Group B. First activities that our team doing is Lastic Tag. For this activity we
fight with other team by using the lastic, goggle and the ball to aims the target
which is to put down the enemy or shoot the target. This activity require the
strategy of team and strength to shoot the enemy. After that we are doing a
river tracking. For river tracking we need to walk in the jungle also in river.
These activities require the team to help each other by give the right direction
from front to the last person. Then we also do the River Flying Fox. At night
we start with mini activities. We were doing a challenging thinking game which
is called Apple Pie and also introduce ourselves. Around 10.30 pm, we were
starting the Outdoor Laser Tag. For this activity our team (group 5) was
combined with other team (group 6) to fight other team. Our group choose
blue as our colour. First attempt our group was fail because we didnt
strategize the plan carefully. But second attempt we were winning because
the leader gives instruction and planned well and we also cooperate with our
team members. Next day, we start the activity with breakfast and doing an
exercise. Then we start with River Tubbing. We need to balance ourselves on
the tubes and one by one was release to flow the river. We are getting to the
finish area around 1.15 pm. Then we are heading back to the campus. What
we learn from all this activity is the cooperation between each other, give well
instruction, and strategy of planning of activity.

The objective of organizing this Leadership Camp is to:

Trained students to apply the leadership style that they learn in class

with the inevitably conflicts arise among teams members.

Understand and handle stage of team development, design an

effective team in term of size, diversity and interdependence.

Build a close relationship among team members by identify the

challenge associate with teams work.

Enhance the leadership style that students have in their own self.
Allow students to gain experience by exploring the nature and do some

adventures activities that can challenge their mind.

Encourage students to work in collaborative teams that achieve high
performance through shared mission and collective responsibility.

3.0 Leadership Characteristics


The word "leadership" can bring to mind a variety of images. For an example ,
leader can be known as an explorer that cutting a path through the jungle for
the rest of his group to follow and its also known as a manager that develop
her or his Company strategy to beat the competition among the other
companies. According to our research, leaders help themselves and others to
do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create
something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to
"win" as a team or an organization; and it is dynamic, exciting, and
inspiring. Besides that, while leaders set the direction, they must also use
management skills to guide their people to the right destination, in a smooth
and efficient way.
As we know there are several type of leadership that is emotional stability,
enthuasism, self-assurance, compulsiveness and social boldness that we
found from this Leadership programme.
Emotional Stability
Emotional stability refers to a persons ability to remain calm or even keel
when faced with pressure or stress. Someone who is emotionally unstable is
more volatile, which means the person faces an increased risk of reacting with
violent or harmful behaviours when provoked. Emotional stability also usually
happen when a chaotic environment appear. Sometimes something is out of
control. Its because maybe lack inner power and dont know how to control or
dealing with difficult situations. But, those who are emotionally aware are
often more emotionally stable. Good leader must able to tolerate with any
Example for Laser Tag activity, since 2 teams are combines, there will be 2
leaders in a group. So the leader should tolerate with each other to handle the
situation and not let the emotional such as angry to control them. They should
cooperate with each other to find the solution for any problem. So, to avoid
this problem, leaders should think positive and not fight each other. Besides
that, a leader should planning well the strategy for the activity. Learn or
practice to tolerance and should open yourself up to new experience and turn
into a strong and confident personalities.

Compulsiveness mean that leaders were found to be controlled and very
precise in their social interactions. Overall, they were very protective of their
integrity and reputation and consequently tended to be socially aware and
careful, abundant in foresight, and very careful when making decisions or
determining specific actions.
An example of this characteristic is like the moment of one from the
leadership programme participant are having accident while the group B
having river tubing. On that time , there are about 40 participant that join the
programme and it divided by two which mean 20 participant go to group A and
20 more participant go to group B. While the group A want to finish their
tubing, one of the facilitator said that there are one girl that are drop of from
the river flying fox activity and get the body drop on the big stone. So all group
A become scared, stress and dont know what to do while they were an
accident. So, one of the leader of group A get an idea to calm down the
situation and help the facilitator to get the girl from that accident place. The
girl looks very weak and sickness, so the leader ask all the boys to help this
girl get out from the coldness of water to make sure the body temperature
getting normal while waiting for the ambulance. So this leader has control the
situation become better with his knowledge to help this girl.

Being a leader is all about enthusiasm. Even one enthusiastic person in a
group can change the entire attitude of that group. Enthusiasm is one of the
critical characteristics that define the leader that gets superior results from
their people. "In the ancient Greek vernacular enthusiasm meant inspiration or
divine influence. In modern English it refers to intense enjoyment, interest, or
approval (Michaels, 2009).
As we can see from the team building camping, usually all the leaders are
seen as active, expressive and energetic. Especially when we are required to
do all the activities there such as Lastic Tag, River Trekking, River Flying Fox,
River Tubing, and Laser Tag. All these activities need an enthusiasm
characteristic in our self either the leaders or their team. For example, our
leader always shows his alertness towards our opponent, his openness to
hear all our opinion, and very energetic to form any strategy every time while
we do all the activities. With that kind of leader, we as a group member feel
his energy and enjoy our time being together to do all the activities. Overall,
all the group members are very enthusiasm.
Self-Assurance is a people with the strength of Self-Assurance have great
faith in their own strengths. They are confident in their abilities and their
judgments. They know they are unique and this gives them confidence to face
challenging situations. People with Self-Assurance believe in their abilities
and capacities and know they are able to deliver exactly what is needed.
For example River Tubing activity. River Tubing is activity which taking risk
and leader gives confidence to his members to do activity in river. Which one
tube has one person. Leader should give a support and instruction with a
confidence. So the members will feel more confidence when their leader give
a support and instruction very well. And when a leader show his confidence to
the other group, they will feel like be challenged. Because the leader show a
high level of confidence.


River Flying Fox
We start the river flying fox after the river trekking activity around 5.30 pm.
This activity need student to be courage to jump from high platform and slide
into the river. For this activity, students need to slide on a fix rope between 2
points in a distance of 100 150 meters. There occurs the situation the
student contribution when some student is not dare to doing the activity
because they scared, but all team members was giving support to him and
its increase the confidence to do the river flying fox. In the term of leadership,
the leaders show how to support the other members to do this activity. By
that, its show that the leader gives a positive encouragement to the student to
achieve goals.

River Tracking
River tracking is an activity where we as a group have to walk in the river and
side of the river which is when the area of river is deep so we need to get on
the side of river. The area of river tracking is about 1 kilometer or below then
that and its took about 45 minutes to finish the tracking. This activity are
showing how the leader clear the obstacle for their follower or group mate to
handle any situation. For example, when theres situation like theres person
that has heavy weight of body and how to let this person to to be confidence
and taking risk on how to handle the situation like jump out from the hole. The
leader will ask the team member to hold his hand while he tried to jump from
hole to make sure he can be confidence to jump off. This is what leader role to
do, will help the others to get an ideo to achieve the goals. At last, the
contribution of this activity to own self is its give experience, knowledge to
own self .not only that, it also make the person be confidence and dare to do
the activity with willingness to take the risk.

River tubing is our second day activity at Xnr Laser Tag. This activity is quite
same like the river trekking but this one, we have a tube and stick. This
activity required half an hour contribution from all group members to show
their cooperation, confidence, enthusiasm and good relationship with each
other in the group. River tubing activities also required us to be patience while
taking a risk along the river.
The team building that occur in this activity, as I can see, my group member
which is Afiq, Hazwan and Nadia having hard time from the start to the middle
of the river. They three helping each other to move by using the stick and they
made it until the end. From that situation, we can see that there is good
cooperation and support from them to overcome their hard times. We also
communicate with each other from the start until the end to make sure that
everyone safe and be in a right direction.
Other than that, river tubing activity also gives our own self new experience
which is gain confidence to do the adventure task, willing to take any risk,
overcome the problems and build a strong relationship with other group
members. As a conclusion, without team building such as cooperation and
support from other members, we cant feel the enjoyment while doing this
activity. All this kind of little things usually gives good memories.

Lastic Tag
Lastic Tag is similar with Laser Tag activity which is Lastic Tag used a lastic to
attack an opponent and Laser tag used a weapon. Lastic Tag activity gives
many contributions to the team building, where the activities are based on
understanding the differences between a group and team and aim at
enhancing relations through better communication. Because in one group, we
must communicate each other to tell the strategy to attack the opponent.
Lastic tag activity is a fun team building activity that will help corporate team
learn about each other while maintaining a slight competitive twist and
challenge for the team to learn
In this activity, our leader, Afiq give an instruction to us how to attach the
opponent. We as a team member must follow his instruction because from
there we can build a team building. Lastic Tag is very fun activity even
sometimes it is very hurt when an opponent attack on us. But, it is gives us a
good memories to remember in future.


Team building camping for 2 day at Xnr Laser Tag were very enjoyable. As a
recommendation from the activities that we already done there, first we think,
all the team member should give more cooperation especially when we need
to form a group. Some others members do not want to split group with their
close friends. So others need to wait for them to make a decision which is can
cause an argument, because everyone does not tolerate and give full
cooperation. They should think of others and time wasted rather than put their
need first.
Second, what we think need to be improve is an activity at Xnr Laser Tag. It
can be improve by add more activity such as exercise, music ball and music
chair at the night. Not just an activity ice-breaking but add other activity to
make all participate and become closer.
Third, we think a safety at Xnr Laser Tag need to improve like at a place that
we do a flying fox. The way that Xnr Laser Tag need to improve is they should
prepare a safety helmet and belt to everyone that want to do a flying fox. This
becomes more safety because when our time to do the flying fox, there is an
accident which is our group member that falling down from the platform of
flying fox. They should do something to avoid this accident happen again to
next future group.
Last but not least, for the facilities there, we think that they should provide
more toilets because it gives us problem to prepare ourselves especially in
the morning. We need to rushing in the toilet because should be punctual for
the activities. So we think Xnr Laser Tag need to improve their facilities
especially the toilets.




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1.0: River Tracking Activity

2.0: River Flying Fox Activity


3.0: River Tubing Activity

4.0: River Tubing Activity


5.0 Lastic Tag Activity