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Joel S. Cruz or “Joel” to his family and friends is the sixth among the seven children of Mr. & Mrs.
Dionisio Cruz. Having spent all his schooling at the University of Santo Tomas from elementary to
college and honored with Loyalty Awards, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in
Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas. Driven by his passion to pursue creative undertakings
and business skills, he became an entrepreneur instead of becoming a doctor. Joel found it equally
fulfilling, if not even more.
With his passion for fashion, Joel ventured into importing apparel from Hongkong and Bangkok in
1986. In 1987, he established Joel Cruz Enterprises Inc. (apparel), manufacturing and selling apparel
to leading department stores in Metro Manila. In 1997, with the glut of apparel goods from China and
Thailand, the company saw the opportunity to switch to the perfume business. In 1999, Joel engaged
in another business venture establishing Joel Cruz Enterprise-perfumery. This was the beginning of
big things to come. Retailing is just the start of everything.
On September 5, 2000, Central Affirmative Co. Inc. was born on the process of acquiring license to
distribute the perfume brand “Affirmative” or popularly known as “AF”. In 2001. The company
laboratory was officially registered by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD now FDA) and established
as a manufacturer and distributor of Aficionado Germany Perfume brand. In 2002, Aficionado
Boutiques were opened nationwide to reinvigorate the former apparel business. In 2006, the company
operated a 2,000 sq m plant in Sterling Industrial Park, located in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

and body care industry. Through the years. home. From one small kiosk. lotions and body scrubs.LOCAL ZEN ZEST Zen Zest. events. and viral exposures on TV and print publications along with celebrity endorsers who embody the Zen Zest vibe. . began retail operations in 2001 with eau de toilettes. the creative team behind the brand. this fragrance empire continues to thrive in the fragrance. the proudly Filipino-owned company has grown exponentially since it started. has continued to come up with comprehensive design and marketing plans and strategies. the pioneer brand to carry and offer a complete range of fragrances and body care items in the Philippines. This include the ongoing development of new products and fragrances that will further cater to the needs of our market. Today. The company believes that buyers want high quality offerings worth their money that will allow them to indulge their increasingly refined sense of style while remaining attuned to the latest trends. Our extensive marketing and marketing advertising programs include magazine ads. along with innovative product engineers.

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