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Visit to sadarghat

Sadarghat is one of the most busiest place in has history behind it .

History of sadarghat ;
Dhaka Sadarghat, also called Sadarghat Port, the Dhaka City River
Front, located in the southern part of Dhaka, on the
river Buriganga,[1] is one of the most dynamic places inDhaka.
Here, the Sadarghat River Boat Terminal is one of the largest river
ports in the world. About 300 large and small passenger river
boats (motorized) depart and arrive with an average of 500
passengers every hour at the terminal every day. According to the
officials at the terminal, 1,50,000 people, in average, use the
terminal for departure and arrival every day. At this place
hundreds of country boats laden with passengers and
merchandise cross the river

Sadarghat Launch Terminal
One of the largest river ports in the world, Sadarghat Launch
Terminal is located on the River Buriganga in the southern part of
Dhaka. More than 50,000 people boarding around 200 large and
small launches use the terminal for departure and arrival
everyday. The localities north of Sadarghat turned into a new city
centre when the offices of the magistrate and collector and many
other offices gradually moved eastwards to the areas near the
terminal in the 1820s according to the official concerned. If

00 PM TO 7.00PM TO 9.V KORNOFULI 7.00PM TO 6.V KALA KHAN 6. it is the lifeblood of old part in the capital. At the terminal. the most eye soothing scene is plying of hundreds of country boats laden with passengers and merchandise on the river.V SUROVE DHAKA TO BHOLA M. the place still attracts the foreign tourists for its glorious past.V GAZI 6.V TIPU 8.V PARABAT PATUAKHALI M.V SOYKPT PM DHAKA TO M. Although it is very chaotic and dynamic river port. she/h will see a good number of launches and steamers.anyone wants to make a brief visit to Sadarghat. the biggest religious festival for Muslim.V SOMPATH DHAKA TO CHADPUR M.V SAMPA DHAKA TO HULARHAT M.30PM TO 7.V TIPU CABIN 1212 DECK 303 M.00 PM TO 5.30 PM BORHANUDDIN EXPRESSN 239 KM CABIN 1460 DECK 365 193 KM CABIN 1200 DECK 300 M. Many called it the heart of Dhaka as it carries countrys history and culture. DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL TIME NAME OF WATER NAME OF LAUNCH TIME DISTANCE AMOUNT OF RENT M.V BHOLA CABIN 1532 DECK383 M.00 PM 161KM CABIN 1020 TRANSPORT DHAKA TO BARISAL M.OO M. Apart from all this.00 TO 7.V SHUVORAJ DHAKA TO AMTOLI M.30 M.30 252 KM M.00 PM 252 KM CABIN 1532 DECK 383 .V SUNDORBAN DECK 225 M.30 PM 195 KM M.V SUNDARBAN M.V EGALE PM 68 KM CABIN 464 DECK 116 M. it is very pathetic that the worlds largest river port has to witness a number of marine accidents almost every Eid celebration.V BONDH DHAKA TO M.V EAED 5.V AGRODUT 6. commercial transports to country southern parts like Barisal and Patuakhali.V SANATORY 7. But.00 PM TO 12.

V SOMRAT picssssssssssssssssssssss 6.DHAKA TO M.V NUSRAT BORGUNA M.00 TO 7.30 PM 278 KM CABIN 1676 DECK 303 .V TIPU M.