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1. Introduction
India is one of the developing nations of the modern world. It has become independent
country but the nation still facing social problems like poverty, unemployment,
discrimination, health and many more.
Large section of the society is suffering from poverty.

Objectively poverty implies

dehumanizing condition in which people are unable to look after the basic needs. Poor
people lack the necessary resources and capacity to satisfy the basic needs like food, shelter,
health and education. Poverty interferes with development in many ways. For instance lack
of or inadequate nutrition arrests mental development during early childhood
The study says that the poverty condition is demotivating and makes a person more
vulnerable. It has been found that the,
 Social Context of NGO:
Surat Manav Seva Sangh is working at New Civil Hospital Campus, Majura Gate, Surat,
popularly known as “Chhanyado” meaning is to give shelter, working since last 10 years and
involved in numerous social activities. Surat Manav Seva Sangh belief is True Religion is
“Service to Mankind”.
Surat Manav Seva Sangh services are to needy and poor persons irrespective of their caste,
creed and religion. Surat Manav Seva Sangh Trust has been awarded recently on 22/4/07, by
the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Surat for outstanding achievement
in social welfare program for the year 2006-07.
The Surat Dist.Co.op Bank Ltd. has celebrated its platinum jubilee and part of that
celebration on my representation five lac rupees was separately allotted for construction of
Dharmshala at New Civil Hospital.
Gujarat Govt. to allot a plot for construction of Dharmshala. Gujarat Govt. had accepted this
request and allotted plot of ten thousand Sq. feet Surat Dist. Co. op. bank has constructed a


building and there with the name “Chhanyado” started. To promote this activity Mr. Bharat
Shah was appointed as president of the institute and a trust was created.
In the beginning for those relatives of the patients who were taking treatment at New Civil
hospital. We had made lodging arrangement for them. After wards we have started giving
them ration so that they can cook their meals.
For development of “Chhanyado” a new trust Surat Manav Seva Sangh was establish under
president ship. This trust jointly work with poor patient relief trust. All the members of trust
board are discharging their duty with full dedication.
Surat Manav Seva Sangh trustee Shri Satyanarayan Rathi donated for construction of “
Shriyadevi Bhagirath Rathi Aaram Mandir”. Surat Manav Seva Sangh trust is also running
dormitory as well as Lok Seva Medical Store.
Our society is facing several social, economical, psychological and health problems which
adversely affected individual and society detailed study regarding said problems are
explained as here under:

Social problems arise out of social transformation and contradictions. Social problem pose
an obstacle for the upliftment of the society and its economic progress. Through efforts made
at micro-level by voluntary organizations, NGOs (Non-Government Organization), personal
effort and efforts made at macro-level by government, social problems like atrocities against
woman in the form of sati, dowry etc. problem of unemployment and poverty, problem of
untouchability and communalism etc. can be tackled.
The social problems in India today have their roots in the diversity of religion, language,
region, culture and caste.

Attachment to one‟s region, language, religion is a natural

sentiment but when these attachments grow to an extreme level to breed intolerance for other

religion, regions or languages, problems are bound to rise. In common parlance religion and
secularism are juxtaposed as op-positional forces and communalism is viewed as the
degenerate manifestation of religion. Thus, the term communalism is used pejoratively and is
believed to be a negative social force in contemporary India. Communalism has come to be
perceived as the tendency on the part of a religious group to affirm that it is a political entity.
At present, poverty, gender discrimination, and unemployment are the most distressing social
evils in India that has weaken the growth factor of the society. At one end we say economy is
progressing at a soaring rate but the truth remains that in certain sections of the countrypeople
are deprived of their basic requirements like food, water, and shelter. Poverty in India is a
dehumanizing condition that snatches away the right to fulfill necessary resources of life.
Gender discrimination is undoubtedly one of those social problems in India that is causing an
uncertain imbalance in the society.

Issues like girl infanticide, exploration, illiteracy,

maternal mortality, and dowry deaths are throbbing discrimination women of India are
subjected to. In all fields and phases of life women are becoming the key targets of various
kinds of atrocities.
Unemployment is another issue that is pushing many people under the poverty line. With
increasing price of necessary resources of life, unemployed people are unable to fetch
themselves and their families. Increasing competition in the business and job sector is
aggravating the conditions of unemployment in India.
More over the Indian society consists of people from different religious, linguistic and ethnic
backgrounds. Since long there has been cultural give and take between the people from India
and other countries. Since 1947 when India gained political independence the country has
been engaged in the gigantic task of nation building. Efforts have been made to put nation on
the path of socio-economic development. The transformation of nation as a self sufficient
and cohesive political entity has proved to be a difficult challenge. The colonial past, socioeconomic disparities in the society and raised aspirations have culminated in a complex
situation. Traditionally the Indian society was hierarchically arranged and the different

groups and organization are growing fast. The Indian constitution prohibits against such discrimination and has abolished untouchability. personal impressions and hearsay. it is still practiced in certain ways. Thus if we have prejudice against some one it may lead to aggression.communities and caste groups showed a pattern of social distance in which low caste. they are based on false information. Today caste-affiliations are not so important in social or 6 . You must have read about political movements in North East part of India (Assam. hostility and harm doing towards the target groups. This has led to a number of clashes and conflicts which have been violent and have generated hatred. In recent years inter group conflicts related to caste have moved from the social to the political arena of life. Many times these are not founded in our real life experiences. tribal and minority groups were discriminated against and looked down upon. Madhya Pradesh) is also creating political instability and problems of governance. they are very powerful and shape our behavior in important ways.related prejudice and discrimination has also been on rise in certain parts of the country. Tripura) where demands for separate political identities have been raised from time to time. Many of the communities were considered as untouchables. They utilize casterelated identity for political gains. The Nuxalite movement in certain parts (Andhra Pradesh. In the course of socialization people acquire negative attitudes and stereotypes. The Kashmir region is experiencing the negative impact of cross border terrorism and people are suffering. Bihar. Caste. Nagaland. Infact caste based alliances. All these condition have created a situation in which various kinds of social tensions have become very frequent events are as follows : If we look at the historical trends we notice that the partition of India led to considerable degree of violence and the harmonious relations between HINDUS AND Muslims were disturbed. Various parts of the country are experiencing separatist movements. However. Instead. As a result suspicion and mistrust has developed between Muslims and Hindus. However.

increase in the degree of economic inequality. All these social issues need a careful analysis and demand rational solution to help the society grow in all possible ways. spread of education and media are playing key role. 7 . In this way a diversion of “in group” or “own group and “out group” or other group is created. social problems in India have changed with different historical phases. Further to that social evils in India like corruption.religious matters as they are in political matters. committees and organizations are created to serve these purposes. Thus associations. This also implies that the differences across groups cannot be totally eliminated. The creation of identity involves strategies which enhance similarity within the group and difference between the groups. The presence of this group has changed the complexion of Indian political scene. They are related to the pattern of social change. The major social problems in each of these phases reflect the then existing social norms and values. In this context the rise of low caste groups who often call themselves Dalits is becoming a prominent feature of modern India. We have discussed that social problems vary with time. and urbanization is also making the condition worst for people living in the Indian society. family and community level is clearly visible. Most of the conflicts and tensions revolve around the issue of identity. On the whole the Indian society is currently experiencing social tensions of various kind. There has to be an end to these social problems in India or else the growth and development of the country will be at stake. Similarly. People use identities in an emotionally charged way to create a group structure for promoting certain goals. This kind of differentiation is present in almost all societies. Assertion of separate identity and promoting the same with different tactics is becoming a central problem. The tensions in the lives of people at individual. In particular the rise of middle class migration of people from villages to cities. illiteracy.

In addition to it. to feed the increasing population of the world more and more land is being brought under cultivation. floods etc.2 ECONOMICAL PROBLEMS Economical factors are also responsible for some of the major social problems being faced by the contemporary society. global warming. Earlier. This in turn has led to increased morbidity and mortality. The ecological consequence of such an attempt has now emerged as a major social problem. the other regions are still under-developed. slum. poverty. environment was grossly ignored. It has attracted large number of people to migrate from the under-developed region to the developed region. There are pockets of development where high level of urban and industrial growth can be seen. As a result there is the problem of poverty. etc. Further. 8 Society must better assess how to . This has resulted in regional disparity in economic development. illiteracy. rapid urbanization. Society is facing many economical problems which are obstacle in the growth of the individual and society. pollution. that has threatened the existence of mankind itself. These problems spread from poverty to unemployment. Poverty in turn aggravates other problems like high morbidity and mortality. the process of urbanization and industrialization in India has been very slow. noise pollution. congestion unemployment. crime.1. the regions receiving the migrants are facing the problems of slum. Further. and degradation and desertification of the land. There are several other economical problems has being faced by our society some of them are inflation. However. ozone depletion. in an attempt to develop rapidly. This in turn has affected the population structure of both the regions. water pollution. Rapid industrialization has led to increase in environment pollution that includes air pollution. etc. etc. Unequal distribution of wealth has led to disparity in the distribution of benefits occurring due to development. emergence of new types of diseases. illiteracy. It is more conspicuous in societies of developing countries like India.

fiscal measures and investment control. Inflation can be checked with the use of monetary measures. According to most economists inflation does not occur until price increase averages less than 5% per year for a sustained period. A small dose of inflation at the rate of less than 5 per cent is good for the economy because it strengthens the developmental push of the economy. But inflation at a higher rate had bad economic and social consequences for the economy. Keeping these negative consequences in view the government is trying to universalize primary education. 9 . It results in a decline of the purchasing power. Inflation or persistent upward movement of prices results in a decline in the purchasing power of money. and tendency of the people to emulate people in prosperous countries and so on. general causes of inflation have been population explosion. Such people have to depend on others for various things and are exploited in various legal documents and are subjected to exploitations and legal hassles. It‟s a sad state of affairs that country which had higher level of literacy (than British) at a time when British came two centuries ago is now facing the challenge of a huge number of people who are illiterate and cannot read or write. is expected to contribute to the literacy mission and making it a success. high government expenditure. Various measures mentioned above have been used to control inflation in India. In India. therefore. The lack of these skills renders them deprived of the opportunities for upward social mobility. poor performance of agricultural and industrial sectors. Inflation could be caused either because of excess of demand over supply or because of increase in the cost of production or both.enhance economical growth together with low carbon development initiative including ways to improve food and other security. Some of these problems are discussed as here under:  INFLATION Inflation refers to a persistent upward movement in the general price level.  ILLITERACY Illiteracy is another major problem before the society. Each and every educated person. The lack of reading and writing skills makes a person incapable of availing the various opportunities to help themselves.

 URBANIZATION Urbanization is another problem that deserves serious attention. economy and environmental planning in many cities are becoming unmanageable. crime and health related problems. Poverty is a phenomenon which is objective as well as subjective. The social organization. The limited civic facilities. Poverty interferes with development in many ways.Poor people lack the necessary resources and capacity to satisfy basic needs like food. The mega cities like Mumbai. This situation in generating pressures on cities which were meant for a definite size of population.  POVERTY A large section of the Indian society is suffering from poverty. This attitude is responsible for the ecological imbalance that is widely experienced in today‟s world. The individual is free and responsible to his or her self only. civilian organizations and structures are facing difficulties in meeting the demands of the people. There is increasingly great migration from villages to cities. shelter. 10 . Objectively poverty implies a dehumanizing condition in which people are unable to look after the basic needs. Consumerism emphasizes on exploitation of resources for personal consumption without any concern for society and environment. As such it is relative and anybody can feel poor by comparing himself as herself with a rich person. Kolkata Chennai and Delhi have crossed the limits for which they are capable of this situation creates a number of problems such as unauthorized and illegal activities. problem of waste disposal creation of foles. emergence of slums. health and education. Also. urbanization is linked with certain kinds of attitude like consumerism and individualism. For instance lack of or inadequate nutrition arrests mental development during early childhood. Similarly the individualistic attitude favours the view that the individual is the ultimate reality and all processes need to be explained at individual level. Subjectively poverty stands for perceived deprivation. They live under difficult conditions which are not conducive for development of their human potential. As you have learned earlier for healthy human development a child needs environmental support for survival and development.

values and coping styles which. Studies of perception. As a result the poor become marginalized and cannot contribute to the mainstream of the society. Low level of achievement motivation and greater need for dependence in these people make them less effective in coping with the problems of everyday life. The question why some people are poor has been answered in many ways. In this context it may be pointed out that poverty is also related to the social structure. A number of low caste. reduce the chances of upward social mobility. intelligence have demonstrated it several times. In this sense they are doubly deprived. 11 . scheduled tribe and backward communities have been put to discrimination for many centuries. The life in the poverty condition reinforces certain behavior pattern. A large section of poor children do not go to school. It has also been found that the poverty condition is demotivating and makes a person more vulnerable. and social disadvantages. The search for causes of poverty has lead to many answers. Even if they go they become drop outs and fail to complete education. For instance many people blame the victim and consider the poor as responsible for the characteristics or dispositions of the people.The unavailability of stimulating environment and absence of effective role models decreases the motivation level. It has been located in the individual. memory and The studies have also shown that the performance between the advantaged and disadvantaged children increases with advancing age. The social and economic structure in India promotes inequality. A detailed analysis of the problem of poverty shows that poverty is caused by multiple factors. or the culture of the people. Their cognitive development and performance is found to be at a lower level. They are socially disadvantaged and are deprived from the experiences necessary for development on account of their membership of specific groups. Studies have shown that the children from the background of poverty and social disadvantage lag behind their counterparts from the enriched background. in the social structure.

8 2004-05 41.7 60 50.7 Urban 20.7 13.9 20 13.8 20.8 40 33. It would be more clear from the chart given below : Poverty Estimates (in %) Year Rural Urban 1993-94 50.7 30 Rural 25.8 25.1 31.7 10 0 1993-94 2004-05 2009-10 12 2011-12 .8 25.The analysis of poverty ratio between rural and urban area from 1993 to 2012 as here under.1 50 41.7 2009-10 33.8 31.9 2011-12 25.

denoting deep-seated unresolved identity crises. respect and complementarity need to be created. Majeed and Ghosh (1989). India‟s unique caste system continues to play a critical role in social relationships. caste identity has acquired some new functionality. Since groups are inevitable and constitute an important part of out social reality what we need is to recognize the essence and value of pluralism. 13 . In the recent decades. Psychological problems contains attitude. fond that they do indeed devalue their own group. self-perceptions. in their study of scheduled castes (lowest in social hierarchy). Super ordinate goals may be created that may be shared by all the groups. The authors call this “affective syndrome crisis”. We need to appreciate this diversity in our social life in a positive manner.Building an atmosphere of mutual trust and harmony. inter-caste relationships. Increasing dialogue amongst the diverse groups existing in the society. particularly in sociopolitical life.3 PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS Psychological problems as a scientific discipline in the society is indebted the colonial rulers. The caste-based identities. All groups are important and play distinct role. For example. and caste-related tensions are some of the areas studied by social psychologists. Rath and Sircar (1960) analysed inter-caste relationships and examined attitudes and opinions of six caste groups and found that the lower caste groups perceived themselves negatively.1. The approach should be to evolve a strategy in which diverse groups or communities should compliment each other and help in achieving their goals. prejudice and intergroup relations. Greater opportunities for mutual care. Equity and equality of opportunity for different groups needs to be ensured. Two decades later. To this end the following steps may prove very helpful.

AIDS control programs has been launch in India. Some national health programs like Malaria control programs.1. Some of the health problems are eradicated and some problems are still prevent in the society. Diseases considered to be of great importance are  Malaria  Tuberculosis  Diarrhea  Acute respiratory disease  AIDS India consist of small group of well fed and a very large group of undernourished. 14 . The specific problems in the country are  Protein energy malnutrition  Nutritional anemia  Low birth weight The most difficult problem to tackle in this country is environmental sanitation problem.4 HEALTH PROBLEMS There are several major health problems prevent in society. Such health problems can be classified into different categories like  Communicable disease problems  Nutritional problems  Environmental sanitation problems  Medical care problems Communicable disease continue to be major problem in India. which is multifactorial and multifaceted.

In India national health policies are made but financial resources are considered inadequate to furnish the cost of running such services. 15 . In rural area 74% population doesn‟t get benefit of modern curative and preventive health services. Approx. Several NGOs in the city are trying to overcome such problems of our society. 80% of health services are concentrated in urban area but with uneven distribution of doctors. lack of penetration of health services to social periphery. Our NGO „Chhanyado‟ is also working to overcome such problems preveling in the society. Thus major medical care problem in India is inadequate distribution of available health resources between urban and rural area. Thus above discussed in detail are the problems which is being faced by the society.

food and care to needy people of the society at free of cost at present Manav Seva Charitable Trust serves medical facilities to the large number of the people of the society. Manav Seva Charitable Trust provide services like medical treatment. shelter. The trust is registered under charitable organization with register no. These NGO help people admitted in hospital by giving them free medicines. etc. The detail discussion regarding such NGOs given is as here an under The Manav Jeevan Seva Trust was formed to help needful people in better and organized way. This NGO also help needful student books and stationer. These NGOs help needy and poor people of the society. This NGO evaluates the programs on a regular basis to ascertain that the fund is by used to their maximum possible potential. F27950. This NGO helps people to don‟t have support and nobody to care and not even home to stay. Some of them are Manav Jeevan Seva Trust. Manav Seva Charitable Trust. 16 . DISCUSSION ABOUT VARIOUS NGO‟S There are several NGOs working for this noble cause in this area. They take care of them in their ashram at Surat.2. Manav Jeevan Seva Trust is engaged in providing hospital and medical facilities of maximum possible extent to the backward class of the society with 20 years of experience in this field.

It would be more clear to understand from the images shown as here under: Manav Seva Charitable Trust 17 .

12A of the Income Tax Act. NO. Trust‟s Income Tax Pan.3. Also out trust is registered under Sec. is E-4334-Surat. BACKGROUND ABOUT NGO – CHHANYADO Surat Manav Seva Sangh – „Chhanyado‟ is a Charitable Trust Registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act and its Regi. No. 18 . is AA CTS 0627F.

With the help of such kind donors today this NGO is on the top of the cities. 200 for medicine kit charge) for dialysis instead of Rs.The donation of the trust is eligible for exemption under section 80G under Income Tax Act. The people come from far away to get benefitted. Chhanyado is engaged in running 16 different medical services in different departments. MIRService. The core function of the „Chhanyado‟ is giving maximum possible support to the needful and poor people of the society. „Chhanyado‟ name itself enough to define the noble cause where poor and needy people and patients get care and shelter in the NGO Chhanyado has been establish in 1998. members and workers. This trust is believe in service to mankind. 1000 charged in other hospitals. In addition to that the organization is also registered under Home Ministry of Foreign Currency Regulation Act of central government so that the donations are acceptable in any form of currency. Chhanyado is giving shelter to needful and poor people since last 10 years. freedom fighters. The NGO firmly believed that Chhanyado will get kind support in future also and will keep continue in working for such noble cause. Due to support of the donors and trustees popularity of the „Chhanyado‟ is increasing day by day. Every year around more then 14000 people takes benefit from our trust. and people above age 70 and economically poor admitted in New Civil Hospital & referred by Superintendent of New Civil Hospital. they will take definite of dialysis service. 350 (150 processing charge and Rs. Mealservice and Laboratory. There are 15 trustees who is running such organization. 19 . Further it is to inform that donations for dialysis project is eligible for deduction under section 35AC. There are no other branches of „Chhanyado‟. Chhanyado is working at “New Civil Hospital Campus. There are total 90 members working for such noble cause including trustees. For others we will charge Rs. Majura Gate. Surat”. We will be giving this service free of charge to people below poverty line. With help of kind donors and trustees due to their experienced in different fields.

Such activities are promoted by the group or team members of the Chhanyado.  HOW THEY ARE CREATING AWARENESS IN THE SOCIETY? Chhanyado has different departments to promote their activities.4. This marketing department set mission and vision of the such activities of different departments. Thus by promoting such activities „Chhanyado‟ create notable awareness among the needful people. In Chhanyado there is a PRO marketing department for successful strategic planning of promotional activities. Chhanyado is concentrating on health issues which are being faced by the needful people who cannot even fulfill their basic needs. These create awareness among the people. DETAIL ABOUT NGO „CHHANYADO‟ As said earlier „Chhanyado‟ is engaged in working to help poor and needful people of the society. The detail analysis and discussion regarding „Chhanyado‟ discussion and mention as here under. Since last 10 years Chhanyado mainly focused to provide medical treatments to the needful people those who cannot survive in the society. Thus this NGO plan with strategic vision to promote their activities. 20 .  HOW DO THEY PLAN THEIR ACTIVITIES? There is a special department in Chhanyado for proper planning and successful implementation of their promotional activities. These team members support this activities and promote them by visiting the needful areas of the society. Further it is to inform that such PRO marketing department plan their activities and gathered necessary information by visiting and concern doctors at different places.

Morning tea is given at free cost.3/. at Rs. In our “Bhojanalay” daily average 500 to 550care takers of patients are benefited by our trust. we are running canteen & giving Breakfast & Tea at a subsidized rate on „No Profit. No Loss bases. Navsari. Also for OPD patients. We also offer meal at free of cost to the very poor and needy. We are serving best quality food prepared from pure ghee and groundnut oil. 21 .e.only per person per dish for the care takers & relatives of the patients admitted in the New Civil Hospital and who are coming from the interior villages area of Surat. The activities of Chhanyado is explained in detail as mention below Food Services We are running "Bhojnalaya" at extremely concessional rates i. Also we are sending daily 40 Tiffins for the old civil hospital patients of “ParivartanVyasanMukti Kendra”. ahawa. dang and Bharuch District. HOW DO THEY CARRY OUT THEIR MISSION OF THEIR WORKING FOR A SOCIAL CAUSE? Chhanyado is working multifunction activities for such noble cause. Bulsar.

500/- Take Sponsorship " TWO TIME MEAL " for 22 01 Day(s) Add .1.500/- Take Sponsorship " ONE TIME MEAL " for Day(s) (2) .TWO TIME MEAL Add Rs.ONE TIME MEAL Rs.2. Anyone who is willing to donate can easily opt such option from anywhere at anytime.Below is the sponsorship project of Chhanyado. BHOJANSHALA (1) .

15.ONE DAY TWO TIME MEAL (SPONCERSHIP OF LIFETIME) Take Sponsorship " ONE DAY TWO TIME MEAL -LIFETIME " for 01 (5) .000/- Take Sponsorship " PURE GHEE HALVA TO POST DELIVERY WOMEN " for Day(s) 01 Add (7). ONE TIME MEAL (SPONCERSHIP OF LIFETIME) Take Sponsorship " ONE TIME MEAL -LIFETIME " for Rs.000/WOMAN Take Sponsorship " NUTRITION FOOD TO POST DELIVERY WOMAN " for Day(s) 23 01 Add . VASANAPAK [ NUTRITION FOOD ] TO POST DELIVERY Rs.PURE GHEE HALVA TO POST DELIVERY WOMEN 01 Day(s) Add Rs.100/- Take Sponsorship "NEW BABY CLOTH KIT " for (6) . CLOTH KIT Day(s) Add Rs.000/- 01 (4) .(3).000/- Day(s) Add Rs.

We offer this facility at just Rs. common gas and freeze facility etc. 'Relatives of patients are provided with all sleeping material and common toilet and bathroom facilities. lockers. 24 . we are running dormitory.per day.1/. This includes bed.Dormitory Facilities "Shree Shriyadevi Bhagirath Rathi Aaram Mandir" For the relatives and care takers of the patients admitted in New Civil Hospital.

and monthly average 300 kits are being gifted regularly since last 3 years.125/. one meter cloth pieces and 11 other necessary pieces of cloths and sleeping zula with net protecting from maleria'smoskitos to all new born babies born in New Civil Hospital. One kit costs Rs.Sanitary materials to New born babies We are giving totally free gift of one kit containing baby mattress. baby towel. 25 .

like Fouler bed. sticks. Back rest. without charging any rent. comods. Oxygen bottles. Walker. semi Fouler bed.Medical Instruments to use at home without any rent- Late Shri ChimanbhaiNarottambhai Patel Medical Instruments service center" We are providing medical instruments required for patients at their home after taking discharge from hospital. traction kits. etc. Wheel chair. 26 . just by taking refundable deposit. Suction machine.

one for city and other for out city services. One ambulance is sponsored by Shri Jitubhai Shah of Jainam Share Consultants Ltd. We are giving free ambulance services to Below Poverty Line patients referred by New Civil Hospital and charges are on „No Profit. No Loss bases‟ for others. & one from Shri Jay AjitChhaira 27 .Ambulance Service We are having two ambulances.

to Rs.Fair Price Medical Store "Lokseva Medical Store" We are running fair price medical store namely „Lok Seva Medical Store‟. Also we are giving 25% to 50% charity discount on surgical items.000/.000/- 28 .25 lacs by way of charity discount to the poor and needy patients. Average yearly we are giving around Rs. 65. 70. We are selling the medicines of only standard companies. 'The daily sales of lokseva medical store is Rs. Also patients who are very poor say Below Poverty Line and in abnormal circumstance patients who don't have money to purchase medicine. then for them we are giving additional discount up to 100% from the medical relief fund of the trust. We offer charity discount @ 17% to the patients of New Civil Hospital and also 14% discount for other public of the city.

Anyone who is willing to donate can easily opt such option from anywhere at anytime.Below is the sponsorship project of Lokseva Medical Store of Chhanyado.00 Add .MEDICAL RELIEF FOR POOR PATIENT Donate as Your Wishes 29 01. LOKSEVA MEDICAL STORE (1) .

' 30 . Also one Blood donation camp is organized every year by the trust for the benefit of poor patients of New Civil Hospital who have no money to pay for even process or services charges for blood bottles.Medical Camps Trust is organizing two medical camps every year. In 2008 Last year. Surat. free medical check up and free medicine camp were organized in poor locality of Limbayat Area. 'Not only patients of Civil Hospital but citizen of surat are also taking benefit of this activity.

Shree Mahavir General Hospital . Our trust becomes the sahyogi trust for this hospital and helping the parent body in administration of hospital as well as bearing 50% loss of the hospital from 111-2008.In this hospital medical services are provided at a very affordable rates and all other medical service charges are very very reasonable and affordable for poor & lower middle class people.Sahyog helping in running the hospital Shree Mahavir Health and Medical relief society is running hospital namely Shree Mahavir General Parent Hospital. 31 .

34 Lacs to help them. oil] among diamond workers at a very concessional rate and spent Rs. 2 kg tuvar dal & 1 ltr.Help to Diamond Workers in year 2008 Looking to the recession period in diamond industry of the city.000 grossary kits. so many diamond workers are jobless & they all are facing financial problems for running their household expenses. [each kit contain 15 kg wheat. 32 . Our trust has distributed 17.

Blood Donation Camp .Medical store anniversary celebration Every year on 4th April on anniversary of our discounted rate LOK SEVA MEDICAL STORE we organize blood donation camp. 33 . Till now we have supplied 600 to 650 bottles of blood to new civil hospital so that poor and needy patients can have blood at a time & that too without any cost.

In flood at Barmar (Rajasthan) we have sponsored 12 Lacs for 24 homes for homeless below poverty line flood affected people and contributed Rs.50. 3 kgs rice. Also we have distributed 30. We have also distributed clothes & educational kits to the students residing in poor areas. Also we had distributed 10. 2.000 grain kits containing 5 kgsatta.Help at the time of natural disaster At the time of natural disaster our trust is always ready to serve the affected people. 2 kgstuvar dal. 34 . Then after we have organized so many medical camps in different location of Surat city.000 milk pouches. At the time of flood in Surat in the year 2006 our trust has distributed 40. 5 lacs in five schools in surrounding poor locality.Help flood affected people .000 educational kits to the affected students of the city through Surat municipal corporation education department.000 drinking water pouches and food packets to affected as an immediate relief. 1 kgs oil and required masalas ( spices) and salt.

We are doing free MRI to Below Poverty Line patients referred by suprintendent of new civil hospital. Also for other patients our charges are very concessional about 50 % less than charges prevailing in open market.5 MR scanner from siemens.2009 about 9. We have installed latest MAGNETOM ESSENZA brand new latest model machine of 1.054 MRI is done at our centre. 35 . As per the terms & conditions of the agreement with Government of Gujarat. Upto May .MRI Center . Surat under public-private partnership scheme of Government of Gujarat on 15th May 2008. 25 Lacs every year to lower middle class poor and needy people. The centre was inagurated by honorable cheif minister Shri NarendrabhaiModi. Surat."Aatmajyoti MRI Centre" Our trust has started MRI Centre named "Aatmajyoti MRI Centre" at new civil hospital. Also on Donor's right we are giving concession of Rs.

( INR ) for MRI to one Poor Patient 36 Add . Anyone who is willing to donate can easily opt such option from anywhere at anytime.Below is the sponsorship project of Atmajyoti MRI Centre of Chhanyado. AATMJYOTI MRI CENTRE (1) .ONE MRI FOR POOR PATIENT Rs.2500/- Donate fixed amount of Rs.2500/.

Here everyday 39 dialysis are there take place. For remaining patients they charged Rs. For one dialysis there is expense of Rs. 1 crore and 22 lacs but 50% of dialysis are taken place free of cost.1050 that as per 300 working days expense of 11700 dialysis is Rs. 37 .Dialysis Center There is 13 dialysis machines are engaged in providing dialysis services managed by Chhanyado . 150 or Rs.1000 to as per wish for dialysis services provided by the organization.100 or Rs.200. Following policy is there for dialysis donations Any person can donate anytime can donate from Rs.

Anyone who is willing to donate can easily opt such option from anywhere at anytime.1.000/- Take Sponsorship of " ONE DIALYSIS " for 01 (2) .000/- Take Sponsorship of " PERMENENT DIALYSIS EVERY YEAR " for Day(s) 38 Add 01 Add .ONE DAY DIALYSIS Day(s) of poor patient Add Rs.000/- Take Sponsorship of " ONE DAY DIALYSIS " for (3).Below is the sponsorship project of Dialysis Centre of Chhanyado.40. PERMENENT DIALYSIS EVERY YEAR 01 Day(s) of poor patient Rs.4.ONE DIALYSIS Rs. MAHESHWARI DIALYSIS CENTRE (1) .00.

More eye treatment provided to patient free of cost. In this hospital every treatment regarding eyes is being provided. Up till now there is 6000 operations has been done in this hospital. 39 .Establishment of Eye Hospital With the help of the organization there is the establishment of Eye hospital in 2001 at Mandvi of Surat district.

protein.00 INR Add . malaria. diabetes. LABORATORY REPORT FOR POOR PATIENTS. kidney. Here upmost every kind of taste has been done like blood urine. tumor art. Below is the sponsorship project of Pathology Lab of Chhanyado. 2011 by Chhanyado. TB. Enter the amount you wish to donate 40 01.Service of Pathology Lab The Jaimala pathology lab has been started in August. Here services are being provided to the patient of the 50% less than market rate. Anyone who is willing to donate can easily opt such option from anywhere at anytime. vitamiB-12. PATHOLOGY LABORATORY (1).

41 .to the patients between 9:30 am to 1:00 pm except Sundays and public holidays. We are providing 1 cup of tea with fresh breakfast at only Rs. 5/.Tea & Breakfast Patients from outside city and nearby villages come to New Civil Hospital for OPD treatment.

We are also participating in this trade fair and by this we try to reach more & more citizens by providing information of our social activities. 42 . Surat is organizing Trade Fair for the period of 5 days for different businesses & try to create awareness of different products of different companies.Trade Fair In Surat every year Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

Moreover our trust has distributed practice books & calculators to the student of science faculty. Our trust is also providing 1. Our trust has spent about 15 Lac rupees for the same. that too totally free. wheat Atta and Gur to all patients of Gynec ward and children ward of New Civil Hospital . ginger. Educational help to students of Tribal area Our trust has distributed 60. Kaparada.5 kg "Vasana Laddu" prepared from pure ghee. Ahwa & Dang.Nutritious meal in Gynec ward We are giving „Shiro‟ prepared from pure ghee. dry coconut.000 notebooks and School uniforms free of cost to the students of tribal areas like Dharampur. Vasandu. 43 . eatable gum (Gunder) to every patient after their discharge from Gynec ward of New Civil Hospital Surat.

It had been started facing problem of persuasion by the people in our society still people look suspect fully towards an organization if it demands for monetary resource.chhanyado. Apart from this due to popularity of Chhanyado fulfill its requirement by way of on internet Chhanyado fulfill requirements. What are the resources requirements and how do they try to meet this requirement? Chhanyado is a charitable trust our NGO required wide range of resources as working area of Chhanyado is wide to provide latest and up to date medical facilities Chhanyado required latest and updates medical equipment. Further it is to inform that to fulfill its requirements „Chhanyado‟ is running separate marketing department. 44 . Moreover there were many legal formalities and approvals of Governments for NGO which was time consuming regarding registration Procedures of Chhanyado.  What are the challenges being faced by Chhanyado? In initial phase when the very first idea of NGO is developed. Moreover by way of marketing and camping through its website named www. Moreover it was challenging for the organization to put our idea to the public but as time pass by its work in public interest Chhanyado started getting positive response and it positively approved by public and its helping authorities.

As said earlier apart from Chhanyado there are several other NGO and charitable trust working in the city for noble cause.5. NGO engaged in Surat city for providing such facilities to people who are economically challenged and weak are listed as here under :  Disable Welfare Trust of India  Narayan Seva Sansthan  Pathsala 45 . These Ngo provide needy people medical facilities and running health centers for the lower class of the society. Government is also concentrating on such issues and has established many hospitals and health centers in various parts of the states and cities are over the country. Such NGOs help them to meet their basic needs and requirements. The objective of such NGO is to identify children and persons who are in need of medical treatment and surgical assistance from the rural pockets and help them avail the medical and surgical facility. STUDY ABOUT FEW OTHER NGOs There are number of NGO and government department working for such noble cause.

Paralyzed by Polio in both his legs he had to literally drag himself to the school. The evolution of this Organization revolves around the spirit. Kanubhai Tailor the numero uno of this institution. During his stint at the college he came across many like bodied persons who narrated their sufferings from the society and the perfunctory attitude of the State Government towards the disabled. Kanubhai decided to fight for justice by knocking the doors of the society and the Government and to make them understand their responsibilities. whose singular effort has transformed the lives of many physically challenged humans of the city. State and Nation. Having heard about their miseries. The Gujarat Government bowed & came to terms and today thousands of disabled in Gujarat are availing this benefit for which Kanubhai had borne 46 . In 1979 Kanubhai went on a hunger strike for eleven days with a protest to allow bus traveling free of cost for the disabled.The brief detail of each NGO above mentioned is as here under: Disable Welfare Trust of India. dream and vision of one man. for his basic education and for his further studies.

the pain & agony. His indomitable spirit and his inclination to voice out for the disabled made him form an NGO in the name and form of “Disable Welfare Trust of India”. This he thought would be instrumental in creating a platform from where he could offer a basket of services to the underprivileged disabled persons. like education. 47 . In the year 1985 he shifted to Surat where he started of his entrepreneurial venture with a printing press in this very hutment. This success was a beginning in the life of this little champion to fight for respectability and right for the Disabled. He always felt that the sufferings that he had undergone should not be borne by his fellow brethren. in the year 1991. Here he used to train the disabled in this trade to make them self-dependent & self-sufficient. training and rehabilitation.

cerebral palsy and serve the orthopedically handicapped and disabled. Our programs are made possible by donations and contributions from corporations. Kailash Agrawal „Manav‟ to treat patients suffering from polio. we will continue to extend our efforts and services provided to improve the quality of life for the physically challenged individuals. rehabilitation facilities. As support builds. organizations and individuals who generously support us. mentally retarded children. Out charitable organization works closely with hospitals. Our aim is to provide education and vocational training to the disabled and mentally retarded people with proper facilities to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be solf0reliant and independent. 48 . Narayan Sewa Sansthan Narayan Sewa Sansthan is a NGO established in 1985 by Dr. handicapped and disabled individuals.

49 .Poor. enabling them to earn their livelihood on their own. these people are imparted vocational training. needy and physically disabled people are being operated free of cost at Narayan Sewa Sansthan. These services are provided by highly experienced and motivated professionals and volunteers. Afterwards.

This is also organizing event‟s. PathShala PathShala is Group which is teaching to poor people and children‟s who cannot able to study due to the money problem. 50 . By making event‟s and different things we can get the profit so that we can able to help that children by giving the food and by many different things. function. and many more for the children‟s so that can also get enjoyment and they can also able to see the different thing‟s which they can‟t able to effort by themselves to see it.

„Chhanyado‟ is doing undoubtly well when its come to help poor and needful people.6. I firmly believed that Chhanyado will keep on gaining public trust in future. It should start their charity in other cities also. 51 . With help of new technologies and ideas „Chhanyado‟ can establish in each and every cities. Recommendation From the all the information gathered and provided in the report its come to know that „Chhanyado‟ is engaged in the social activities. Apart from that I would like to recommend that as „Chhanyado‟ is engaged in social activities in Surat.

52 . WWW.economishelp. Chand Websites 53 .sa www.Bibliography Books Economica – Raland Benalau General Economics – S.