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Kitaabain jhankti hain
band almari k sheeshoon se
bhari hasrat se takti hain
maheenon ab mulaqaatain nahi hoti
jo shamaain un ki suhbaat main katta karti thein
ab aksar guzar jati hain
computer k pardoon par
bari bay chain rehti hain kitaabain
inhain ab neend main chalnay ki aadat hogai hay
bari hasrat se takti hain
jo qadrain jo woh sunatein thein
k jin k sal kabhi martay nahi thay
woh qadrain ab nazar aati nahi ghar main

jo rishtay woh sunati thein
woh saray udhrhay udhrhay hain
koi safha palat ta hoon to ik siski nikalti hay -------kai lafzoon k mainee gir paray hain
bina patoon k sookhay dhund lagtay hain woh sab alfaaz
jin pe ab koi maani nahi hotay
bohat sii istalhain hain jo matti k sokorron ki tarah bikhri pari hain
classon main unhain makri ka dala
zaban pe jo aata tha zaiqa safhay paltnay ka
ab ungli click karnay se aik jhapki guzarti hay
bohat sa teh ba teh khulta chala jata hay
kitaboon se jo zaati rabta tha
kat gaya hay
kabhi seenay par rakh kar lait jatay thay
kabhi goudi main laytay thay
kabhi guthnoon ko apnay rehal ki sorat bana kar
neem sajday main parha kartay thay
chotay thay jabeen se
Khuda nay chaha to woh sara ilm milta rahay ga
baad main bhi
magar woh jo kitaabon main mila kartay thay
sookhay phool --------kitabain mangnay
girnay uthanay k bahanay rishtay
bantay thay un ka kia hoga!!!??/!!!
woh shayad...... ab nahiin hoon gay!!
Kitaabain Jhankti Hain

dropping and picking up books together What of them? That perhaps shall no longer be! . They stare longingly For months we do not meet The evenings once spent in their company Now pass at the computer screen. leafless stumps Where meaning will grow no more Many traditions lie scattered Like the debris of earthen cups Made obsolete by glass tumblers Each turn of the page Brought a new flavour to the tongue Now a click of the finger Floods the screen with images. And the love forged on the pretext Of borrowing. They are so restless now. but what of The pressed flowers and scented missives Hidden between their pages. Bowing our heads as in prayer Of course the world of knowledge still lives on. layer upon layer That bond with books that once was. is severed now We used to sometimes lie with them on our chest Or hold them in our lap Or balance them on our knees.ककततबब They peer from beyond Glasses of locked cupboards. these booksThey have taken to walking in their sleep They stare longingly The values they stood for Whose batteries never died out Those values are no more found in homes The relationships they spoke of Have all come undone today A sigh escapes as I turn a page The meanings of many words have fallen off They appear like shrivelled.

my one prayer is. 'Lord. give me the energy to change the world.' "Now that I am an old man and my days are numbered. Just my family and friends and I shall be satisfied. I changed my prayer to 'Lord.' If I had prayed for this right from the start I should have not wasted my life. give me the grace to change myself." .Change the World By Changing Me I was a revolutionary when I was young and all my prayer to God was 'Lord. give me the grace to change all those who come in contact with me.' "As I approached middle age and realized that half my life was gone without my changing a single soul.