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Vision™ OPLC™

Technical Specifications

The Unitronics V130-33-RA22 offers the following onboard I/Os:
12 Digital Inputs, configurable via wiring to include 2 Analog, 2 PT100/TC, and
1 HSC/Shaft-encoder Input
8 Relay Outputs, 2 Analog Outputs
I/O configurations can be expanded to include up to 256 I/Os via Expansion Modules.
Available by separate order: Ethernet, additional RS232/RS485, CANbus.
You can find additional information, such as wiring diagrams, in the product’s installation guide
located on the Unitronics’ Setup CD and in the Technical Library at

Technical Specifications
Power Supply
Input voltage
Permissible range
Max. current consumption
npn inputs
pnp inputs

20.4VDC to 28.8VDC with less than 10% ripple
See Note 1

1. To calculate the actual power consumption, subtract the current for each unused element from
the maximum current consumption value according to the values below:


Relay Outputs
(per output)

All Analog Outputs,





*If the analog outputs are not configured, then subtract the higher value.
Digital Inputs
Number of inputs
Input type
Galvanic isolation
Nominal input voltage
Input voltage
pnp (source)
npn (sink)
Input current
Input impedance
Response time
Input cable length
Normal digital input
High Speed Input


12. See Note 2
See Note 2
0-5VDC for Logic ‘0’
17-28.8VDC for Logic ‘1’
17-28.8VDC for Logic ‘0’
0-5VDC for Logic ‘1’
10ms typical, when used as normal digital inputs
Up to 100 meters
Up to 50 meters, shielded, see Frequency table below


0-20mA. 4-20mA Input range Input impedance Maximum input rating Galvanic isolation Conversion method Normal mode Resolution. See Note 4 ±0. In addition. . except 4-20mA Resolution. Analog Inputs 2 Number of inputs 2. or PT100 inputs.If input 0 is set as a high-speed counter (without reset).4% ±0. input 11 can also serve as the CM signal for PT100. or as part of a shaft-encoder.Input 1 can function as either counter reset. or as normal digital inputs. according to jumper settings and appropriate wiring: . .Inputs 7-8 and 9-10 can function as digital.Inputs 5 and 6 can function as either digital or analog inputs. except 4-20mA Resolution. thermocouple. They may be wired in a group via a single jumper as either npn or pnp. Input functionality can be adapted as follows.1V ±15V None Voltage to frequency 14-bit (16384 units) 3277 to 16383 (13107 units) 100ms minimum per channel. pnp/npn maximum frequency is at 24VDC. 1. input 1 can function as a normal digital input. See Note 4 12-bit (4096 units) 819 to 4095 (3277 units) 30ms minimum per channel.04% Yes. See Note 2 See Note 3 HSC Shaft-encoder pnp Shaft-encoder npn 30kHz 20kHz 16kHz 25kHz 12kHz 10kHz 15kHz 7kHz 5kHz 40-60% 32-bit 2. . according to wiring as described above in Note 2 Input type Multi-range inputs: 0-10V. 3. All 12 inputs may be used as digital inputs. . See Note 5 Unitronics . normal digital input.Input 0 can function as a high-speed counter. 4-20mA 0-10VDC 37A 12. at 4-20mA Conversion time Fast mode Resolution. This model comprises a total of 12 inputs.) 10m 25m 50m Duty cycle Resolution Notes: Specifications below apply when wired as HSC/shaft-encoder.9/09 V130-33-RA22 High speed inputs Frequency (max) Cable length (max. as part of a shaft-encoder.77kA 30mA. at 4-20mA Conversion time Full-scale error Linearity error Status indication 0-20mA.

00385/0.1°C/ 0.4% ±0. Conversion times are accumulative and depend on the total number of analog inputs configured. however.04% ½ hour typically. For example. 1 to 320A None Voltage to frequency 0.8°F repeatability Yes. The analog value can indicate faults as shown below: Value: 12-bit Value: 14-bit Possible Cause -1 -1 Deviates slightly below the input range 4096 16384 Deviates slightly above the input range 32767 32767 Deviates greatly above or below the input range RTD Inputs RTD Type Temperature coefficient Input range Isolation Conversion method Resolution Conversion time Input impedance Auxillary current for PT100 Full-scale error Linearity error Status indication Notes: PT100 0. See Note 4 above >10MA 150µA typical ±0. the conversion time will be 30ms.00392 -200 to 600°C/-328 to 1100°F.04% Yes.6VDC ±0. automatic ±1. if two analog (normal mode) and two RTD inputs are configured.V130-33-RA22 Technical Specifications 9/09 Notes: 4.5°C / ±2.1°F 300ms minimum per channel.7°F maximum ±0. See Note 6 6. or value exceeds permissible range -32767 Sensor is short-circuited Thermocouple Inputs Input range Isolation Conversion method Resolution Conversion time Input impedance Cold junction compensation Cold junction compensation error Absolute maximum rating Full-scale error Linearity error Warm-up time Status indication Unitronics See Note 7 None Voltage to frequency 0. See Note 6 above 3 . if only one analog input (fast mode) is configured.4% ±0. See Note 4 above >10MA Local.1°C/0. ±1°C/±1.1°F maximum 100ms minimum per channel. The analog value can indicate faults as shown below: Value Possible Cause 32767 Sensor is not connected to input. the conversion time will be 100ms + 100ms + 300ms + 300ms = 800ms. 5.

5. 5VDC 100k operations at maximum load 10ms (typical) External precautions required (see Increasing Contact Life Span in the product’s Installation Guide) Notes: 8. at a resolution of 0. The device can also measure raw value frequency at a resolution of 14-bits (16384). Range Type Temp. Input ranges are shown in the following table: Type Temp. The device can also measure voltage within the range of -5 to 56mV. See Note 8 SPST-NO (Form A) By relay Tyco PCN-124D3MHZ or compatible 3A maximum per output 8A maximum total per common 250VAC / 30VDC 1mA. Analog Outputs Number of outputs Output range Resolution Conversion time Load impedance Galvanic isolation Linearity error Operational error limits Notes: 2 0-10V. and 7 share a common signal. 1. 4 Unitronics .9/09 V130-33-RA22 Notes: 7. jumper settings. Note that the range of each I/O is defined by wiring. See Note 9 12-bit (4096 units) Both outputs are updated per scan 1kA minimum—voltage 500A maximum—current None ±0.1% ±0.01mV. and within the controller’s software. Outputs 4. Outputs 0. Range mV -5 to 56mV N -200 to 1300PC (-328 to 2372PF) B 200 to 1820PC (300 to 3276PF) R 0 to 1768PC (32 to 3214PF) E -200 to 750PC (-328 to 1382PF) S 0 to 1768PC (32 to 3214PF) J -200 to 760PC (-328 to 1400PF) T -200 to 400PC (-328 to 752PF) K -200 to 1250PC (-328 to 2282PF) Digital Outputs Number of outputs Output type Isolation Type of relay Output current (resistive load) Rated voltage Minimum load Life expectancy Response time Contact protection 8 relay (in 2 groups). 4-20mA.2% 9. 2 and 3 share a common signal. 6.

LCD display White LED.V130-33-RA22 Technical Specifications 9/09 Graphic Display Screen LCD Type Illumination backlight Display resolution Viewing area Screen contrast STN. including 10 user-labeled keys Key type Metal dome. software-controlled 128x64 pixels 2. Images – 256 kb.) 192K fixed data (read-only data.4” Via software (Store value to SI 7). Refer to V130 Keypad Slides. HMI. Alarms. Program Memory size Operand type Memory Bits Memory Integers Long Integers Double Word Memory Floats Timers Counters Data Tables HMI displays Program scan time Application Logic – 512kb. backup Ladder. See Note 10 Notes: 10. Refer to VisiLogic Help topic Setting LCD Contrast. and OS. datalogs. sealed membrane switch Slides Slides may be installed in the operating panel faceplate to customlabel the keys and logo picture. See Removable Memory below Up to 1024 20XS per 1kb of typical application Removable Memory Micro SD card Compatible with fast SD cards. Fonts – 128 kb Quantity Symbol Value 4096 MB Bit (coil) 2048 MI 16-bit signed/unsigned 256 ML 32-bit signed/unsigned 64 DW 32-bit unsigned 24 MF 32-bit signed/unsigned 192 T 32-bit 24 C 16-bit 120K dynamic data (recipe parameters. ingredient names. etc) Expandable via SD card. Keypad Number of keys 20 keys. A complete set of blank slides is available by separate order. Unitronics 5 . etc.pdf. User must format via Unitronics SD tools utility. Data Tables. Trends. store datalogs.

Refer to the product’s Installation Guide. Integrate up to 8 I/O Expansion Modules comprising up to 128 additional I/Os. Adapter required (P. Coin-type 3V. I/O Expansion Local Remote Additional I/Os may be added.An additional port (Port 2). Via CANbus port.1 x 68mm (4. 7 years typical at 25°C.A CANbus port Port module documentation is available on the Unitronics website. Configurations vary according to module. high-speed. refer to the product’s Installation Guide. EX-A1). Miscellaneous Clock (RTC) Battery back-up Battery replacement Real-time clock functions (date and time). See Note 13 Weight Notes: 227g (8 oz) 13. Ethernet . The user may order and install one or both of the following modules: . Available port types: RS232/RS485 isolated/non-isolated. lithium battery.9/09 V130-33-RA22 Communication Ports Port 1 Galvanic isolation Baud rate RS232 Input voltage Cable length RS485 Input voltage Cable type Cable length Nodes Port 2 (optional) CANbus (optional) Notes: 1 channel. including variable data.67”).N. 12. RS232/RS485. Supports digital. Via I/O Expansion Port.49 x 2. The standard is set to either RS232 or RS485 according to jumper settings. CR2450 Dimensions Size 109 x 114. 6 Unitronics . Adapter required (P. analog.29 x 4. For exact dimensions. Yes. in compliance with EIA 485 1200m maximum (4000’) Up to 32 See Note 12 See Note 12 11. Connect up to 60 adapters to a distance of 1000 meters from controller. and up to 8 I/O expansion modules to each adapter (up to a total of 256 I/Os). EX-RC1). battery back-up for RTC and system data. See Note 11 No 300 to 115200 bps ±20VDC absolute maximum 15m maximum (50’) -7 to +12VDC differential maximum Shielded twisted pair. This model is supplied with a serial port: RS232/RS485 (Port 1). weight and temperature measurement I/Os.N.

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