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APRIL 2016

. Maduranthakam.E.. KARTHICK. K.D) Mr.M.AJAY P. P.S(421213114020).E. M. MANAVALAN.NAKKEERAN(422113114033)’ who carried out the project work under my supervision. JAYARAJ.ANNA UNIVERSITY : CHENNAI 600 025 BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Certified that this project report ‘DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF CHAINLESS BICYCLE’ is The SILVIN(421213114001). bonafide work of ‘AS. SIGNATURE SIGNATURE Mr .(Ph. Submitted for the university examination held on---------------------- INTERNAL EXAMINER EXTERNAL EXAMINER .DINESH(421213114014). HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT SUPERVISOR Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical Enginneering Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering & Technology Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering & Technology Maduranthakam .

Senthil Kumar. M. M.Sc. M. Meenakshi Annamalai. for allowing us to do this project We thank our dedicated Advisor Dr. ABSTRACT . C. K. for allotting us this project and his able guidance for completing this project. We thank our dedicated principal Dr. Karthick (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering) for his unrelenting support without proper guidance which this project could not have been completed. V.. We thank our project co-ordinator Prof.A. Kannan for his valuable suggestions and timely advice which helped us in completing this project on schedule. We thank our respectful Head of the Department Prof.E.. M. We thank our various facility member and laboratory assistance. We whole heartedly thank for our Project Guide Mr.B. Manavalan.D).ACKNOWLEDGEMENT With profound gratitude and due to regards we whole heartedly and sincerely acknowledge with thanks the opportunity provided to us by our respectful Director Mrs.M. for his painstaking effort and vary engorgement and proper guidance for completing this project.. (Ph.E. Ravichandran for his valuable suggestions and timely advice which helped us in completing this project on schedule.. S. P. and friends for their timely help and guidance in one way or other which want a long way in the completion of this project.

bearings. etc. Usually in bicycle the chain and sprocket method are used but we use the shaft and bevel gears for transmitting the power from pedal to the rear wheel. This avoid the usage of chain and sprocket method and avoid the slip. The back wheel of the bicycle is connected with the bevel gear(driven). circular shaft. Thus bicycle will move forward. There are different components are used to fabricate the chainless bicycle which includes bevel gears. i TABLE OF CONTENT ..The aim of our project is to design and fabrication of chainless bicycle. The other side of the long rod is connected with a set of bevel gears. extension rod. Thus the back wheel is rotated in perpendicular to the shaft. In chainless bicycle the bevel gears are used instead of chain. The shaft of the engine is connected with a long rod. bushes for bearings. The bevel gears are used to rotate the shaft in 90∘angle.

1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ABSTRACT LIST OF TABLES LIST OF FIGURES LIST OF SYMBOLS LIST OF ABBREVIATION 1.2. TITLE PAGE NO.1 Bevel Gear 3.2 COMPONENTS OF CHAINLESS BICYCLE 3.2 Drive Shaft 3.3 Dynamic Chainless Bicycle 2.2 Review of Different Design Configurations of Shaft-driven Bicycles 2.1.CHAPTER NO.3 Bearing 3.1 Bevel gears .1 Design & Fabrication of Shaft Drive for Bicycle 2.4 A Review on Design Developments in Bicycle 2. CONSTRUCTION 3.1.1 PROPERTIES OF MATERIAL 3. 2.5 Shaft Driven Transmission in Velocipede 3. INTRODUCTION LITRRATURE REVIEW 2.

2.7 Frame 3.2.8 Handle 3. PHOTOGRAPHY LIST OF FIGURES .2.2.2. APPLICATIONS 10.2. ADVANTAGES Driven shaft 3.10 Two Dimensional View of Chainless Bicycle 4. CONCLUSION 11.9 Fender 3. WORKING 5.2. COST OF ESTIMATION 7.4 Brake system 3. DISADVANTAGES 9. DESIGN AND CALCULATION 6.3 Bearing 3.5 Hub 3.6 Pedal 3. REFERENCE 12.

2.6 Pedal 3.FIGURE NUMBER TITLE 3. NO.10 2 Dimensional view ii LIST OF TABLE PAGE.2.2.8 Handle Frame 3. .1 Bevel gears 3.2 Driven shaft 3.9 Fender 3.4 Brake system Roller bearings 3.5 Hub 3.2.

1 Cost of estimation iii LIST OF SYMBOLS . TITLE PAGE.1 Selection of standard module 5.2 Selection of transmission ratio 6.TABLE NO. NO 5.

d1 = Diameter of larger bevel gear d2 = Diameter of smaller bevel gear z1 = Teeth on larder bevel gear z1 = Teeth on smaller bevel gear mt = Torque m = Module da1 = Tip diameter of gear one da1 = Tip diameter of gear two ha = Addendum hf = Dedendum hw = Working depth p = Power τ = Shear stress J = Polar moment of inertia L = Length of driven shaft W = Weight of driver G = Modulus of rigidity iv LIST OF ABBREVIATION .

CB = Chainless bicycle DS = Driven shaft RB = Roller bearings BS = Brake system m/s = Meter per second mm = Mille meter rpm = Revolution per minute MS = Mild steel CAD = Computer aided design N/mm2 = Newton per mille meter square KW = Kilo watt v .