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Neck Muscles





Sternum &


Lateral Flexion & Rotation of
the head



Upper 2 ribs

Elevates the rib cage in


Cervical &


Extension of the head

Sacral & Thoracic Vertabrae 7-12 Humerus Adducts. Depresses & Retracts the shoulder girdle Rhomboids 7 Cervical Vertebra & Thoracic Vertebrae 1-5 th Scapula Retracts the shoulder girdle Serratus Interior Ribs 1-8 Scapula Protraction of the Scapula . extends and outwardly rotates the arm Pectoralis Major Clavical. Sternum & ribs 1-6 Humerus Horizontal Flexion. Triceps Scapula & Humerus Olecranon of Ulna Extends the elbow Deltoid Clavical & Scapula Humerus Abducts the arm Latisimuss Dorsi Lumbar. adduction & medial rotation of the arm Pectoralis Minor Ribs 3-5 Scapula Protraction of scapula & elevates rib cage during breathing Trapezius 7 Cervical Vertebra & all Thoracic Vertabrae th Clavical & Scapula Elevates.synergy3training Upper Body Muscles Muscle Origin Insertion Action Biceps Scapula Radius Flexes the elbow & Supinates the forearm Brachialis Humerus Ulna Flexion of elbow joint Brachioradialis Humerus Radius Flexion when arm is semi pronated.

synergy3training Rotator Cuff Muscles Muscle Origin Insertion Action Supraspinatus Scapula Humerus Abduction of the humerus Subscapularis Scapula Humerus Medial Rotation of the humerus Infraspinatus Scapula Humerus Laterally Rotates the humerus Teres Minor Scapula Humerus Laterally Rotates the humerus Teres Major Scapula Humerus Adducts & Medially Rotates the humerus .

illium to thorax Ribs. vertebrae & Occipital bone Extends the spine. Lowe 6 Ribs & Iliac Crest Linea Alba Support of abdominal contents Erector Spinae Sacrum.synergy3training Trunk Muscles Muscle Origin Insertion Action Rectus Abdominus Pubis Ribs Flexes the thoracic & Lumbar spine Transverse Abdominus Lumbar Fascia. Rotates the thoracic spine Quadratus Lumborum Iliac Crest & Iliolumbar fascia 4 Lumbar & th 12 Rib Extension of the spine bilaterally & Lateral Flexion unilaterally Multifidis Transverse process of Vertebrae Spines of superior adjacent vertebrae Rotation & Lateral Flexion External Obliques Lower Ribs Ilium Laterally Flexes & Rotates the thoracic spine Internal Obliques Illium Lower Ribs Laterally Flexes & Rotates the thoracic spine th .

synergy3training Leg Muscles Muscle Origin Insertion Action Illiopsoas All lumbar Vertebrae Femur Flexes the hip Sartorius Anterior & lateral Iliac spine Tibia Flexion & Lateral Rotation of thigh Gluteus Maximus Ilium & Sacrun Femur Extends & Outwardly rotates the hip Gluteus Medius & Minimus Iliium Femur Abducts & Medially Rotates the thigh Abductors illium Femur Abducts & outwardly rotates the hip Adductors Pubis & Ischium Femur Adduct & inwardly rotate the hip Pectineus Pubis Femur Adduction Hamstrings Ischium Tibia & Fibia Flexes the knee & extends the hip Quadriceps Femur & Illium Tibia Extends the knee Gastrocnemius Femur Calcaneus Plantar Flexes the ankle also assists in knee flexion Soleus Fibula & Tibia Calcaneus Plantar Flexes the ankle Tibialis Anterior Tibia Ist Metatarsal Dorsi Flexes the ankle .