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Cathodic Protection System

HEAD OFFICE : 3floor, BM Bldg, 411-16, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Korea.
TEL : 82-2-783-2677 / FAX : 82-2-783-2679
FACTORY : 392-12, Botong-ri, Nam-myeon, Yeongi-gun
Chungcheongnam-do, Korea.
TEL : 82-41-868-8477 / FAX : 82-41-868-8478


Seo-gu. 199903946. Korea Moved head office to 411-16 Dogok-dong.. Zhenhal/Zhujiang/Jinling Combined Cycle Power Plant (China) 4. Korea Midland Power Co. port facility. Ltd Obtained Register NO. Through constant self-initiated technical HISTORY domestically. 2001 05 17 Renewal of registration to “Korea hydro & Nuclear Power Co.A) 8. Sabiya Ph3 Distillation Project (Kuwait) 12.000. Korea OVERSEAS EXPERIENCE LIST High Silicon Cast lron Anode Pb-Ag Anode Pt-Ti & Pt-Nb Anode MM0(Mixed Metal Oxide) Anode Cathodic Protection Rectifier Established Jeil Corrosion Engineering Co. Juan-Dong. Seoul. Korea. petro-chemical facility. 2002 2002 09 11 05 23 Renewal of Registration to “Korea Western Power Co.”as a qualified vendor of cathodic Protection (KEPCO) 1999 12 07 Registration to“Small & Medium Industry Promotion Corp. Shuaibah #1~12 Desalination Plant (Saudi Arabia) 19 PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 2 3 . Korea storage tank etc.Ltd. Korea South-East Power. Ltd. Ambatovy Power Plant (Madagascar S. Meghanghat 450MM CCPP (Bangladesh) 9. Chungcheongnam-do. Korea Foreign Trade Association 1999 05 04 Registration to“Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Seoul. Benghazi North Combined Cycle Power Plant (Libya) 2. supervision.” as a qualified Promising Venture Company(SMIPC) 2000 2001 11 01 13 15 Increase of Capital to Won 500. 1385-15. manufacturing and 1998 1998 1998 06 07 09 25 08 12 construction of cathodic protection. Seocho-gu. We are supplying cathodic protection skill and facility for nuclear and 1998 09 14 Incheon Factory installation Juan Industrial Complex 5.PARK / PRESIDENT CONTENTS History Overseas Experience List Corrosion Cathodic Protection Sacrificial Anode System 3 3 4 5 6 Magnesium Anode Aluminium Anode Zinc Anode Pure lron Anode Pencil Anode(Mg-Anode) Impressed Current System 13 17 Cathodic Protection Rectifier Manual Rectifier Automatic Rectifier Remote Controlled Rectifier and Test box 18 Need for Remote Monitoring System Remote Monitoring Rectifier Remote Monitoring Test box System Composition Accessories Obtained license for contracts of Electric Works Renamed as Prime Corporation Moved factory to 681-5 Kyungseo-Dong. Our company will continue our effort for satisfying needs of our customers based on our high level technology and sense of responsibility.” as a qualified vendor of cathodic protection 1999 05 10 Registration to“Korea Electric Power Corp.Ltd. Inchon. Nam-myeon. Korea Southern Power. Incheon.Ltd” as a qualified vendor of cathodic protection 2001 09 25 Obtained ISO 9001 Certification 2002 06 29 Registration to “Korea Water Resources Corporation” as a qualified vendor of cathodic protection 2002 08 01 Renewal of Registration to Korea East-West Power. Open Dubai office Moved head office to 1321-5 Seocho-dong. Barka ll IWPP Project (Oman) 11. 2005 2006 2007 2007 08 11 02 12 08 06 01 21 Moved factory to 392-12 Botong-ri. water supply system. desalination facility. Nam-Ku. H.. Korea International Trade Association PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) development it succeeded in registering as a venture firm in cathodic protection field for the first time 1.K. Glow 115MW CFB3 Project (Thailand) 3. Nippon Paper Ishinomaki & Iwanuma (Japan) 5.. Yeongi-gun. Korea thermal power plant. Ilijan CCPP (Philippines) 10. We are trying to become a leader in the field of design. Jebel ALI Power And Desalination Station ‘M’ (UAE) 7. Nueva Ventanas Thermal Electric Power Plant (Chile) 6.000.PRIME CORPORATION HISTORY Prime Corporation was founded in 1998. Gangnam-gu.11536332. oil 1999 04 02 Obtained Trade Licence No.

rust in the case of steel : Fe(OH)₂. Thus corrosion is accompanied by the flow of an electric current from vital to electrolyte due to the movement of positive ions into the electrolyte and of electrons into the metal. METHODS OF CATHODIC PROTECTION 1. Sacrificial Anode Sysystem PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) CORROSION Economical Loss Environmental Pollution Satety Problem 2.CATHODIC PROTECTION WHAT IS CORROSION ? WHAT IS CATHODIC PROTECTION ? When a metal corrodes in contact with an electrolyte (soil. The process is indicated for iron as followings .→ M O2 + 4H+ + 4e. and the reaction is called an anodic reaction.→ 2H2O 2H+ + 2e.→ H2 3. Impressed Current System ANODIC AND CATHODIC REATION ■ Anodic Area M→Mn+ + ne- ■ Cathodic Area Mn+ + ne. Fe₂(OH)₃ Cathodic protection is a method wherein an electric current sufficient to stifle a Corrosion current is continuously supplied from the opposite direction.”There are three methods for supplying current. water). This suppressing current is termed a“Protective Current. Any area at which current flows in this direction is referred to as anodic area. Excess electrons are left in the metal. Drainage System CONDITION OF CORROSION Conditions where corrosion can occur : ∙Presence of anodic area and cathodic area on metal surface ∙Electric path between anodic area and cathodic area ∙Presence of electrolyte which may cause ionic reaction PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 4 5 . Fe → Fe++ + 2e-. The metallic ions may react with negative ions in the electrolyte to give insoluble corrosion products (for example. neutral atoms pass into Solution by forming positively charged ions.

70% 9D3 9(4.9) 8(203.9) 3-3/4(95. 1.9) 3-3/4(95.2) Total of Impurities 0.7% Zn - 2.9) 3-3/4(95. 0.21) 2-3/4(69.2) 6-1/2(165.8) Si 0.68) 2-3/4(70) 3(76) 33-1/2(850.1) 29(736. 0. 1.SACRIFICIAL ANODE SYSTEM SACRIFICIAL ANODE SYSTEM MAGNESIUM ANODE MAGNESIUM ANODE ■ General ■ Product Properties Weight(Lb/Kg) Bare Dimension(Inch/mm) PKGD A Open Circuit Potential(V) (Cu/Cuso4) Effective Capacity (A.7) 5-3/4(146) 20-5/8(523.5 ~ 1.08) 35(15. 50 Min.6) Fe 0. ■ Application .80 PRH-1 -1.8) 6(152. 1.3% Max.3% 0.4) 31(787. 0.4) Mn 0.2) 45-1/4(1149) 6-1/2(165.51) 74(33.4) 55(1397) Ni 0.71) 45(20.8) 2-3/4(69.65 Max.80 ■ Chemical Composition ■ Nominal Dimension And Weight Type Type B C D E Element High Potential PRH-1 Al 0.05% Max.5 ~ 3.003% Max.41) 3-1/2(88.1) 53(1346. Mg anode has the highest driving potential of sacrificial anodes.05% Max.3 ~ 6. 5.105 Min.4) 46(1168.100 Min.4) 17(431. 17D2 17(7. 17D3 17(7.50 Max. ■ Installation PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 6 7 .5% 9D2 9(4.56) 5-1/2(139. 50 Min.2) Other Metal Impurities 0. 0.15 ~ 0. 0.001% Max.Underground Pinping.24) 3-1/2(88. PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) Magnesium anode is the most widely used metal in sacrificial anodes for underground structures and certain aqueous environments. Underground Tank. Tank Bottom.3% Max.2) 28(711.2) 25-7/8(657. 32D3 32(14. - 32D5 32(14.9) 6(152. 1.1% Max.4) Cu 0. etc.02% Max.71) 60(27.08) 27(12.27) 3-1/2(88.02% Max.01% Max.002% Max.8) 50(1270) 6(152.87) 2-3/4(70) 3(76) 21-2/3(560) 6(152.2) 14-1/8(358. 14D2 14(6.51) 91(41.Hr/Kg) Current Efficiency (%) Specific Gravity High Potential -1.35) 50(22.03% Max. Mg Remainder Remainder ※ The size can be changed by the requirement of users. It is used for most direct Underground applications and in higher resistivity. aqueous electrolytes.

■ Installation PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 8 9 .4 HB2 20 (190+225)×205×510 64. Aluminium anode has lower driving potential than Mg anode and high current capacity than Zn anode.8 HA2 10 (135+170)×130×585 34.02 Sn 0. 2. Barges.Weight Gross(kg) Remark ■ Product Properties Open Circuit Potential(V) (Cu/CuSO4) Theoretical Current capacity (A.4 HB4 20 (170+200)×190×1.10 Max.340 126. Nom.890 Min.8 HA3 10 (125+160)×125×875 47.15 Mg 0.Hr/Kg) Current Efficiency (%) Consumption rate (Kg/A.195 59.8 HA4 10 (115+155)×120×1.555 71. Ship Ballast Tank.5 Al Remainder PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) Aluminium anode makes it an attractive sacrificial anode material.05 ~ 0.600 Min.3 HB1 20 (200+235)×230×300 45.4 HB3 20 (180+220)×190×765 85. ■ Nominal Dimension And Weight Nom. 3.004 ~ 0. and these are important point for its use in long life saline system. 90 Min. Dock.3 HB5 20 (165+195)×180×1.5 ~ 5.0 HA5 10 (120+155)×110×1.Yr) Specific Gravity .Steel Pile.Hr/Kg) Effective Capacity (A.SACRIFICIAL ANODE SYSTEM SACRIFICIAL ANODE SYSTEM ALUMINIUM ANODE ALUMINIUM ANODE ■ General ■ Chemical Composition Chemical Composition (%) Zn 2 ~ 15 In 0.37 2. especially in low resistivity applications such as seawater and produced brines.5 ※ The size can be changed by the requirement of users.7 ■ Application . etc. 2.Dimension (B1+B2)×D×L(m/m) Type Life (year) HA1 10 (150+170)×145×335 23.035 106. Pier.1.

3 Zn Remainder ■ Product Properties C 0. S 0. P 0.8 PSA-ZN-4 25×150×300 7.005 Max. Heat Exchanger. ■ Chemical Composition Chemical Composition(%) ■ Chemical Composition Chemical Composition(%) Al 0. Steel Pile.05 ~ 0.99% pure Zinc is used as permanent Reference electrode. ■ Nominal Dimension And Weight ■ Nominal Dimension And Weight Type Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg) PSA-ZN-1 20×100×200 PSA-ZN-2 Remark Type Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg) 2. ■ Application .4 PSA-FE-1 400×250×40 31 30×100×200 3. Condenser.10 Max. Ballast Tank. etc.186 7.Hr/Kg) Effective Capacity (A.Hr/Kg) Current Efficiency (%) Consumption rate (Kg/A. Zinc anodes are usually applied in low resistivity soils below 1.000 ohm-cm and in seawater or produce brines.2 PSA-ZN-5 30×150×300 8.67 Max.Hr/Kg) Current Efficiency (%) Consumption rate (Kg/A.Yr) Specific Gravity Open Circuit Potential(V) (Cu/CuSO4) Theoretical Current capacity (A.Hr/Kg) Effective Capacity (A. etc. 11.003 Max. 960 Min.PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) SACRIFICIAL ANODE SYSTEM ZINC ANODE PURE IRON ANODE ■ General ■ General Zinc anode has been used widely for decades both for marine and soil applications. 860 Min. 10. Grounding cell. In particular it is a very useful anode for protection of Cu alloy tube from stress corrosion.040 Max. 780 Min.Desalination Plant. PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 10 11 .007 Max.23 7. Fe Remainder ■ Product Properties Open Circuit Potential(V) (Cu/CuSO4) Theoretical Current capacity (A. Sn 0.1 -0. Brine Heater). Zinc is excellent for use as electrical grounds and special 99.Desalination Plant (Evaporator. Heat Exchanger. 820 Min. ※ The size can be changed by the requirement of users. 90 Min. Pure iron anode is an anode which contains very low carbon than ordinary metal and it is frequently used for cu based alloy protection of heat exchanger and desalination plants.Yr) Specific Gravity -1.87 ■ Application . Barges. Condenser.1 ~ 0.005 Max.5 Cd 0.5 PSA-FE-2 300×200×40 18 PSA-ZN-3 20×150×300 5. Pier.4 PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) SACRIFICIAL ANODE SYSTEM Remark ※ The size can be changed by the requirement of users. Mn 0. 95 Min.

■ Nominal Dimension And Weight ■ Chemical Composition Type Element High Potential Al 0.19 0.02% Max.75% Carbon 99.00% Ash 0. PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 12 13 .10% Moisture 0. Zn Nominal Dimension(Inch) Nominal Weight (Lb) Nominal Area Sq.I anodes with chromium alloy have been used extensively in many countries and conforms to ASTM A 518 Grade 3. Volatiles 0% (950。C) Cu 0.Underground Piping.IMPRESSED CURRENT SYSTEM PENCIL ANODE (Mg-ANODE) HIGH SILICON CAST IRON ANODE ■ General ■ General Pencil anode is Mg anode being used at inside of small boiler and condenser as well as heat exchanger and it is simple to handle and install. H. Total of Impurities 0.05% Max.20% Max. The H. Heat Exchanger.5 34 42 1. PHR 3 60 110 4. Mn 1.25 ~ 5.0 0.Boiler.6% Max. Water Tank Inside. Fe Remainder 61 PSA-PE-3 ※ The size can be changed by the requirement of users. Tank Bottom.03% Max.3% PB1 Si 0. Mg Remainder Diameter Length PFW 1-⅛ 9 - PG2 2 Mn 0.ft M2 1 0. Condenser.01% Max.05% Max.C.340 9. Cu PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) SACRIFICIAL ANODE SYSTEM ■ Chemical Composition of Anode & Backfill Material H. Mo 0. PHA 2 60 44 2.05% Max.S. ■ Application . Cr 3.37 Fe 0.5 27 28.3% Max.40 0.I anodes have been used with coke breeze to surround them completely.S. Underground Tank.315 7 13 19 24 28 66 72 73 85 97 Length(Inch) 29 29 33 31 35 35 42 37 44 43 48 49 50 55 54 Backfill Material (Coke Breeze) Si 14.35% Min. H. C 0.I anode have been sucefully in the cathodic protection industry for decades.22 0.0 0.6 0.C.001% Max. etc.50% Max. Other Metal Impurities 0.02 9 5 0.S.50% Max.S.246 Ni 0.05 22.C.4 0.70 ~ 1.20 ~ 14.5 ~ 1.I Anode ASTM A518 Grade3 ■ Size of Pencil Anodes Type Diameter (Inch) PSA-PE-1 0.04 1 60 12 1.C. ■ Application .5 12 17 21 26 PSA-PE-2 1.13 PHK 1-½ 60 26 2. etc.

■ Chemical Composition Chemical Composition (%) Ag 2. ■ Nominal Dimension And Weight Type Size(mm) PIA-PB-1 50×100L PIA-PB-2 60×100L PIA-PB-3 70×100L PIA-PB-4 50×150L PIA-PB-5 60×150L ■ Specification of Anode Consumption rate (Kg/A.032 Current Density (A/m2) Coating Thickness (micro-inches) Consumption rate ( Kg/A. ■ Installation ■ Application .Yr) 0.0% Sb 4.0 ~ 5.Yr) Current Density (A/ft2) Electrolytes 100 ~ 300 6×10 -6 50 ~ 300 Salt Water. Heat treatment. It is anode which is used by plating of platinum (Pt) to titanium (Ti) or Niobium (Nb) and it has low consumption rate and current output is very high thus widely used.5% Pb Remainder ■ Application . etc.Condenser. Heat Exchanger. ■ Installation PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 14 15 . Fresh Water(Nb) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) IMPRESSED CURRENT SYSTEM 30~300 ※ The size can be changed by the requirement of users.IMPRESSED CURRENT SYSTEM Pb-Ag ANODE PLATINUM ANODE (Pt-Ti & Pt-Nb) ■ General ■ General It is anode produced by adding silver (Ag) and Antimony (Sb) to lead. etc. Heat Exchanger.5 ~ 7.Condenser. (Pb) the main material and is used for condensers and heat exchanger of power plant and it is anode suitable to seawater of low resistivity.

■ Specification of Anode Type of Anode Consumption Rate ( Kg/A.005 Wire Anode Minimum - (Remark) AUTOMATIC RECTIFIER Method of control Special feature ■ Application . It is a DC power supply equipment which is being used to provide a required current from anode to protected structures through electrolyte.Suitable to facility with unchanging surrounding environment and load (Ex.02 Ribbon Anode Minimum 0.IMPRESSED CURRENT SYSTEM CATHODIC PROTECTION RECTIFIER MMO (MIXED METAL OXIDE) ANODE CATHODIC PROTECTION RECTIFIER ■ General ■ Shape of MMO Anode MANUAL RECTIFIER Method of control Solid Tubular Probe PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) MMO anode is anode which can be broadly used in field of structures for its use of catalytic anode coated with conductive metal compound where electric current flows upon titanium. . Above Ground Tank Bottom. Cooling facility and Intake facility) . (Ex. .Reinforced Con’ c Structure.At each regular cycle operator confirm type potential value and manually adjust voltage and current in order to maintain target potential value. In application of impressed current method. 10 ~ 50 Expanded Mesh Anode Minimum 0.At the time of malfunction repair is very simple. Condenser. underground piping and Tank bottom) Wire Special feature . depending upon the controlling method of the rectifier to keep the proper protective potential.Proper potential is maintained automatically thus possible to save electricity cost and cost for maintenance and repair.Yr) Current Density (A/ft2) Solid Rod Anode 1. Mesh Ribbon . the most commonly used DC power source is the rectifier which converts alternating current (AC) to full-wave direct current(DC). etc. .For maintaining initially set type potential value such value is feed back by rectifier automatically thus voltage and current is controlled accordingly.0×10-6 Max.Suitable to facility which has changing surrounding environment and load. . PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 16 17 . 10 ~ 50 Tubular Anode 1.0×10-6 Max.Remote monitoring function can be added. The rectifiers are classified into a manual and automatic types. 10 ~ 50 Probe Anode 1. . Heat Exchanger.0×10-6 Max. .Remote monitoring function can be added.Cost is very low thus possible to reduce initial investment cost.

) Program for remote monitoring rectifier and function for use of radio facility jointly Memory function Appearance and material Size : 207×152×115 mm Material : aluminium Test Box Weld Metal and Mold Reference Electrode Installation of Remote Controlled Test Box PRIME CORPORATION CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM 18 19 . �There is no interference with other facility due to electronic waves. Ag/Agcl.REMOTE CONTROLLED RECTIFIER AND TEST BOX REMOTE CONTROLLED RECTIFIER AND TEST BOX SYSTEM COMPOSITION �It transforms operation data of facility and manages it. Thus it carries out comprehensive analysis of the stored data thus enabling assurance of safety of the facility and its service life. Cu/CuSO4.5 V Electronic features Tolerance : ± 10mV or less Possible to use to all the electrodes (Zn. �At the time of any trouble with facility it is possible to have effective and rational trouble-shooting through comprehensive analysis of stored data. �Need for field measurement control personnel is eliminated thus labor cost for maintenance and repair can be saved. etc. Wireless Controller PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) PRIME CORPORATION (CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM) NEED FOR REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEM REMOTE MONITORING RECTIFIER Item Product Specification OFFICE ROOM Rectifier (digital circuit) System structure Rectifier with internally installed radio modem Radio system and monitoring program TEST BOX Under protection & Over Protection Warning function Shortcuiting of anode cable and erroneous wiring RECTIFIER Remote Controlled Rectifier Shortcuiting of electrode cable and erroneous wiring Output voltage and value of electric current Monitoring function Operation value of potential REFERENCE ELECTRODE Setting value of potential Status of operation of rectifier REMOTE MONITORING TEST BOX Item Operational environment Remote Controlled Test Box Product specification ACCESSORIES Operation temp. �There is no need for separate authorization to use radio instruments. �By monitoring condition of operation at central control board it is possible to take quick action when any trouble occurs. : -20℃ ~ 70℃ Place for installation : Indoors and outdoors Use voltage : 3.6V (service life of battery 2 years) Scope of measurement of potential : ± 2.