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1. Overview of Entrepreneurial Thoughts
Entrepreneurship is a practical and behavioural subject. It is
interdisciplinary. Nowadays, it is growing as a distinct and specific
field of study. Various types of schools of thoughts have emerged in
entrepreneurship. As such it contains various approaches that can
increase one's understanding of the field. The schools of thoughts
explain entrepreneurship, predict entrepreneurial activities (for
example, by characterizing conditions that are likely to lead to new
profit opportunities to the formation of new enterprises), and
provide important guidance (that is, prescribe the right action in
Entrepreneurial schools of thoughts are the results of many kinds of
theories, principles, studies, findings and conclusions of
Entrepreneurship schools of thought approaches that divides
entrepreneurship into specific activities. These activities may be
within a "macro" view or a "micro" view1.

Macro View of Entrepreneurial Schools of Thought
Micro View of Entrepreneurial Schools of Thought

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