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Publisher Welcome Pack

1. Logging into your account

You can log in to your account using the following link;
Please use the email address and password which you registered with. You can reset
your password at any point by clicking Forgot my password.

2. Registering to a program
To search and register to a program within the Visualsoft interface select Advertisers
from the menu and Search affiliate programs from the dropdown. Here you are able to
add search filters, however if you would like to see a full list of all live programs, press
the Search button without using any filters.
To get further information about a program, please click on the Program name here
you can find the programs commission rates, links and advertiser description.

You can apply to a program by clicking Apply in the right hand column under Website

Your application will be approved within a couple of days by the affiliate account
manager. As soon as your application has been accepted, the status of your
partnership will change to 'Accepted'. From this point, you will have access to the
advertising creatives and tracking links for your website.
You can view the status of your partnership with any advertiser under Advertisers >
My programs, where you can see a full list, or filter it by accepted, denied, ended, on
hold or under consideration.

3. Finding voucher codes

To find live voucher codes, click on the Tools dropdown and select Find vouchers.
Here you can see all a full list of live codes on the network, or you can filter by program.
To view the code, just click on the program name and the full details will be displayed!

4. Finding creatives and creating deeplinks

Find the program which you would like to promote from the list; Advertisers > My
programs, or search for a specific merchant in the search box. Click on the program
name and select Links. Here, you will find a list of available creatives on the program.
Click on a specific creative and select Show code this will give you a code to embed
into your site.

Alternatively you can click on the Ad management dropdown and select Search Ads
here you are able to carry out an Advanced search by Ad Type, including Flash, HTML,
JPG/GIF, Pool and Text Links.

To find a text link, once you have searched and chosen your creative, click Show code
and select Custom, here you can see the text link.

To create a deeplink for the program, just add

&url= to the end of your text link, e.g.
followed by the landing
page you want to direct the customer to.
Example basic deeplink:




Program ID


Affiliate ID




(where you would like the customer to
be sent on the advertisers website)

If you would like to create a post-view tracking link (AKA post-impression), you must use
an AD ID not program ID, and as such you must create a basic text AD first.
Example basic deeplink:








Affiliate ID

5. Commission sales and reporting

There are various statistical reporting options to choose from in the Visualsoft
Statistics Overview gives you a glimpse of KPIs including commission, clicks, views and
sales performance. You can quickly view each KPI using the drop down menu. You can
also amend this to a daily, weekly and monthly overview, and quickly see a comparison
for the previous period.

You can view the sales that have been made via your website in the current month by
logging in and going to Statistics > Monthly overview.











6. Publisher payment terms

A key benefit of Visualsofts network is that we offer automatic order validation on all
sales and can guarantee that your commission payments are made. We pay
commissions ourselves before recouping from the merchant which means that orders
are 100% accurate and abuse free!
For standard invoiced programs, Visualsoft pay 2
months in arrears. For example, commissions earned in January are paid to the
Publishers in March. This is our standard two-month lag, which allows us to invoice and
collect payments from the Advertisers. We allow time for Advertisers to review sales
and leads in the case of returns, invalid credit cards and fraud.
However please check
the programs Terms and Conditions just be sure.
Please be sure to add your bank details correctly to avoid a delay with payment. If you
see the below screen on your accounts homepage, please amend your bank details
which can be found within Account > Payment information.

You will be paid on a monthly basis for all sales validated within a calendar month. This
is subject to approval by Visualsofts quality team and reaching the 30 monthly
threshold in this instance validated commissions will roll over until the threshold is
This payment is then processed by BACS transfer on or around the 15th
of that month
(i.e. the month immediately after the validations took place), however depending on the
publishers bank, the funds could be processed 2-5 business days later. If the 15th
on a Friday or weekend then this will be processed on the preceding Thursday.

For full payment related queries, please visit:

7. Changing and adding additional sites

If your main URL changes but the content remains the same, simply log into your
account and click on the dropdown menu, Sites > Sites, click on the site you would like
to change and select Edit. Here you can amend the site information.
To add URLs as additional traffic sources to your existing account such as a mobile site
or app, please go to Sites > Add Site.