The Namesake Chapters 4-6 Handout

Due: Answer the following questions in your reader’s notebook. All of your answers should be roughly three to six sentences in length, and must reference the text (answers without citations will not be given credit). This is a 50 point homework assignment that will be scored based on completion.

Chapter 4
1. Explain how Gogol’s relationship with his name changes over the course of this chapter. 2. While attending a party at the university where his father teaches, Gogol introduces himself as “Nikhil” to a girl named Kim. What do you make of his decision to do so? Was he dishonest or not? Use citations from the text to explain your reasoning why, or why not.

Chapter 5
3. In what way does Gogol’s relationship with his parents change over the course of his relationship with Ruth? What cultural differences become apparent? What do these sorts of differences signify? 4. When Gogol attends a panel discussion about Indian novels written in English, he admits to feeling a sense of hypocrisy. What conflict is at the heart of this hypocrisy, and how does it characterize Gogol?

Chapter 6
5. What do you make of Gogol’s relationship with Maxine? Are they a good match? What complicates their relationship? What predictions do you have about them (if you haven’t read ahead)? 6. What are some of the inherent cultural differences between Gogol’s family and Maxine’s that Gogol must adjust to? What do his reactions to these conflicts say about his character?

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