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DATE SET FOR FIRST FEDERAL EXECUTION SINCE 1963 Federal authorities have officially notified inmate David Ronald Chandler that his Federal death sentence will be carried out at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, on March 30, 1995. Chandler was sentenced to death under Federal law on May 14, 1991, in the Northern District of Alabama, after being convicted for his involvement in a 1990 drug-related murder of a police informant. Specifically, Chandler was convicted of hiring another individual to kill Marlin Earl Shuler, described as a member of Chandler's marijuana operation, who became an informer. Chandler was also convicted for drug conspiracy; Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE); money laundering; and a firearms offense. David Ronald Chandler, 42 years old, was the first Federal inmate to receive a death sentence under 21 U.S.C. 848(e) Killing Associated with a Continuing Criminal Enterprise (effective November 18, 1988). There are currently five other inmates who have been convicted under this Federal statute and who have received a death sentence. Chandler has exhausted the direct appeals for his conviction. The potential exists for Chandler to file collateral appeals. If a collateral appeal is filed, a court could stay Chandler's March 30, 1995, execution date. In accordance with Federal regulations, the method of execution will be by lethal injection. The last civilian executed by the Federal government was Victor Feguer, hanged in 1963 in Iowa for murder and kidnapping. A notice is being sent today from Warden J.J. Clark, United States Penitentiary (USP), Terre Haute, to media representatives regarding the establishment of an information center, and procedures for applying to be a media pool witness to this scheduled execution. #### (A copy of the notice is attached.) TO ALL MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES: IN accordance with the provisions of 28 CRF, Part 26, Implementation of Death Sentences in Federal Cases, David Ronald Chandler is scheduled to be executed at the United States Penitentiary, Terre Haute, Indiana, after Midnight on March 30, 1995. In the two weeks preceding the scheduled execution, the penitentiary will announce a date, time and location of a media orientation for the purpose of providing media representatives

with information on the scheduled execution. Media representatives must have appropriate press credentials in order to be admitted. In the five days prior to the scheduled execution, the institution will establish an information center to answer questions via telephone (812) 238-1725, pertaining to the execution. In the six hours preceding the scheduled execution, a media center will be established at the Holiday Inn of Terre Haute. Should you desire to cover the story from the media center, or if selected, be a media pool witness, please submit your written request to me, via fax (812) 238-9873, or by mail, so that it is received in my office no later than March 20, 1995. The request must include your name, social security number, and date of birth, so that appropriate security checks can be completed. Space is limited and admittance to the media center will have to be on a first come-first accommodated basis. Should you desire to be considered to be a media pool witness to the execution, you also will be required to sign agreements consenting to a search prior to entering the execution facility, and agreeing to abide by all relevant conditions, rules and regulations. In addition, should you be selected as a media witness, your name is subject to be released to the public. All media representatives will be required to sign a log. Sincerely, J.J. Clark Warden