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Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

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Prepared for: Filmbucks Studios LLC Author: New Media Labs Date issued: 3 September 2009 Version: 1.0 Trailer Portal Implementation

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

1 Executive Summary
Filmbuck Productions aims to create a social network to support the independent film community. Through their network of independent production companies, they have the ability to assist fledgling filmmakers in developing their proposal trailers into full films. Filmbuck Productions would like to provide an online portal that will help showcase and support the best that the community has to offer. Through a combination of online video editing tools, video players and social network systems, individuals will be able to make their film ideas and trailers visible to their peers in the film community. Voting systems (backed by the FILM BUCK) will assist independent production companies in selecting the most popular trailers, allowing them to fund and produce these films.

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

2 Introduction
Today, many options exist for social networks. Increasingly, the trend is to target social networks to support niche communities. These niche social networks provide a rich set of functionality designed to allow these communities to explore their shared interests easily and effectively. Filmbuck Productions has identified that the independent film community can benefit from a social network focused on the production process. aims to grow from a showcase for independent films and trailers into a full social networking site that allows collaboration in the conceptualisation, scripting, production and marketing of independent films. The goal is to allow motivated individuals and companies to connect and interact throughout this process. A core business focus for New Media Labs is enterprise web 2.0, niche social networks and online media. For this reason we have developed a specialised framework facilitating concepts such as membership, media management, content management and communication mechanisms that target these areas.

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

3 Functionality Discussion
3.1 Video Trailer Showcase
At the heart of the experience is the display and viewing of trailers and proposal films. Trailers, produced either offline or with the integrated video editing components on the website, will be available for viewing by members and the public. The trailers will categorised by genre, and the visitors to the website will be able to browse and view these trailers at will. As they are watching a trailer, sections of the webpage will display other popular trailers they might be interested in.

3.2 Trailer Voting
Once a visitor has viewed a trailer, they will have the opportunity to participate in the process of converting it into a feature film. They do this by voting – with the distinction that their vote not only signals interest in the film, but also assists in the funding of it’s production. Votes are made with FilmBucks – a site credit nominally valued at $1. Each vote costs a FilmBuck, and votes can only be made by members. Once a film has been produced, these votes allow the filmmaker to reward supporters by inviting them to attend the premiere.

3.3 Trailer Editing
Some film producers, especially during the early stages of conceptualization, may not have the tools or facilities to produce high-quality trailers or concept videos. Filmbuck Productions will provide these resources on the website, allowing the users to directly edit footage, add effects / sounds and images, and produce trailers. Filmbuck Productions will provide a library of footage and short clips that can be mixed with the users own material, or simply remixed in their entirety, to assist film makers in producing their trailers. Along with text overlays and comments, these will allow the users to convey the full details of their film concept in the trailer. New Media Labs envisions that the tools for video editing will be provided by an existing package – a number of which exist. We would assist in styling and integrating these tools into the wider functionality of the website.

3.4 Supporting Social Network
Voting, uploading trailers and interacting with a social community would not be possible without a full supporting suite of social network functionality. Social networks require profiles, login and authentication tools, media uploaders, administrative interfaces, archival tools, voting systems, comment engines as well as messaging and mail functionality. New Media Labs has existing frameworks and expertise in providing these, and can build your website around proven systems that provide for these requirements.

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

3.5 Later Functionality
Over time, as expands the scope of its social network, we will be able to assist in adding blog and forum elements to the website. Filmbuck Productions has several other concepts they would like to explore – collaborative script development, designing of marketing materials, selection of audio / visual components of films, etc.

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

4 Proposed Architecture

Social Network Framework Video Trailers
Users Profile Comments Posts View Comment Vote with FilmBucks See full film

Video Editing
Upload Cut Mix Effects Text Music Export Save

The core of the website will consist of a social network customised to suit the needs and requirements of Filmbuck Productions. It will need to track the normal details of a member’s profile, as well as storing their FilmBucks and keeping track of their voting history. Some members of the Filmbucks community will also be producers, and have listed trailers. For these members, their profiles should reflect their videos. We will build the core social network atop a proven stack of Microsoft technologies. Microsoft Internet Information Services will serve the webpages that drive the site, and sit atop Microsoft Server 2008. Profiles, workflows and voting information will be stored within Microsoft SQL Server 2008. These systems, together with New Media Labs social network frameworks, have been proven repeatedly as powerful and scalable foundations for social network applications. Video trailers will be made available through Flash video player components hosted in the website pages. These will be integrated with the remaining site look and feel so as to provide a consistent user experience throughout the site. The social network will integrate with a video editing system to be decided upon. We envision that it will operate as either an application stack that New Media Labs will integrate into the social network, or that it will be provided as a set of services from a third party technology provider. In either instance, New Media Labs has extensive experience in “mashing up” technology components with social networks to provide fully featured online environments.

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

5 Functional Specification
To be discussed.

6 Hosting and SLA
To be discussed.

7 Costing
All pricing is in ZAR and is exclusive of VAT. Category CMS and DB Subcategory DB Design DB Development Workflow Membership and Login MVC Models (Web Application) MVC Views MVC Controllers Data Exposing Web Services CMS Total Hours 40 32 24 16 24 24 32 24 Rate 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 Cost 18000 14400 10800 7200 10800 10800 14400 10800 97200 Comment

Enterprise2.0 Framework/Niche Social Network/Application Front En Video Uploader Video Rating Payment Processing Vote Aggregation Login Control HTML Jquery CSS 24 16 24 24 8 40 24 40 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 450 10800 7200 10800 10800 3600 18000 10800 18000

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

Design Splice to HTML Front End Total Unit Tests User Acceptance Testing Testing Total Total Cost Project Management (20 percent of project cost)



10800 100800

16 32

450 450

7200 14400 21600 219600 43920 263520

Project Total Cost

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC

Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions
The following terms of business apply to engagements accepted by New Media Labs in relation to Product Sales, Professional Services and Consultancy Assignments. The provision of all products, hardware and work carried are subject to these terms except to the extent that changes are expressly agreed to in writing and adopted as official addendums to this agreement. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions Upon carefully reading and understanding the terms and conditions as set out within this document a duly appointed authorised representative from your organisation is required to initial each page and sign the appropriate pages.


Fees and Invoicing Arrangements
Unless agreement is reached to the contrary, our fees are based on the number and seniority of staff required, the degree of skill and responsibility involved and the resources required to complete the engagement and the value of Software and Hardware that we sell. Our fee arrangements, as shown in this document, are subject to all parties meeting their obligations in terms of this agreement. All Software and Hardware as supplied per the pricing schedule attached to this document is to be strictly paid on a COD basis. Upon acceptance of this document / proposal no discussion will be entered into with regards to the validity of costs and all costs as laid out within this document / proposal will become due or as per an attached payment schedule. Additional disbursements for travel and accommodation will be for the client account and will be invoiced separately. The extent of travel will be minimised and will be done as required by the project, with the approval of the project sponsor. We will submit invoices for services provided on an interim basis as the work progresses. Invoices will be rendered monthly. Invoices are payable within strictly 30 days from date of invoice for all Services rendered and COD (Cash on Delivery) for all Hardware and Software delivered. Thereafter interest will be charged at prime rate plus 5% on a monthly basis. Unless otherwise stipulated we work on a payment structure of fifty percent in advance and fifty percent on completion of the project. All contracts signed are subject to New Media Labs Credit Application to be completed and authorised.


Scope Management
The scope of the assignment will be formalised and approved within the first phase of the assignment. A detailed project charter will specify the work to be performed, timeframes standards and deliverables. Thereafter, any scope changes will be documented in terms of work, cost and deadlines and should be approved by both New Media Labs and the client and will be subject to official change control. Unless expressly noted within this proposal, additional software modules will not be supplied under the proposal.


Your Obligations
In relation to all our work for you it is your responsibility to provide us with complete, accurate and timely information and to carry out any obligations ascribed to you. We will not be responsible for any consequences which may arise from any delay or failure by you to do so and these may also result in additional fees for which invoices will be raised without your consent or approval.


Information and Confidentiality
The documents, reports, letters, information, presentations, demos, demo software, training and advice we provide to you during this engagement are given in confidence and are provided on the condition that you undertake not to disclose these or any other confidential information made available to you by us during the course of our work (other than within your own organisation, if applicable). Where it is envisaged that engagement information given by us to you will be provided to or used by a third party, we reserve the right to stipulate terms regarding such provision or to require the third party to enter into a direct relationship with us and entering into a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC


Intellectual Property Rights
We retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights in everything developed either before or during the course of an engagement, including systems, methodologies, software and know-how. We also retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights in all reports, written advice or other materials provided by us to you although you will have the full right to use these materials within your own organisations. If you wish to make use of these materials outside your own organisation this will require our written permission.


Client Documents
If we are provided with custody of any documents belonging to you those documents will be retained during the course of our appointment (unless their return is requested), at the end of which they will be returned to you unless separate arrangements have been made.


File Retention
It is our normal practice to retain documents relating to client engagements for six years after the end of the engagement. Thereafter, unless separate arrangements have been made, the documents or papers may be destroyed by us without reference to you.


Health and Safety
We acknowledge our statutory responsibility to co-operate with your health and safety requirements, provided we are given notice of these. Whilst on your premises our partners and staff shall be afforded by you the same protection for health and safety purposes as is due to your employees. If we are required by you to enter the premises of a third party you will procure that the third party also affords such protection to our partners and staff as is due to its employees.


Project Staff
New Media Labs shall endeavour not to change the staff on an assignment during the course of the assignment. However, in circumstances beyond New Media Labs’ control, we will replace staff with equally qualified persons. In order to draw on required expertise, New Media Labs may from time to time involve subject matter experts to ensure quality delivery. The subject matter expert will be billed to the project at a standard New Media Labs’ rate. Your company will be requested to approve the additional expense prior to the commencement of the specialist input.


Your company and New Media Labs shall refrain from offering employment on a permanent or contracting basis to each other’s staff for a period of 12 months after the termination of this assignment.


Your company will be responsible for providing adequate infrastructure such as printers, office space, office furniture, telephones, faxes, photocopies, etc to New Media Labs staff for tasks at your site.


Limitation of Liability
The liability of our firm (including our partners, staff and associated entities) in respect of any breach of contract or breach of duty or fault or negligence or otherwise whatsoever arising out of or in connection with this engagement shall be limited in total to the extent of our professional fee to cover claims of any sort whatsoever (including interest and costs) arising out of or in connection with this engagement. This provision shall have no application to any liability for death or personal injury, or any other liability for which exclusion or restriction is prohibited by law or to any liability arising as a result of fraud on our part.


Joint Responsibility
An assignment will be a joint responsibility between New Media Labs and your Company. You therefore, accept responsibility for and undertake to perform tasks assigned to individual staff members as per the project schedule, to ensure quality time from Key Client staff and to provide reliable and useful information relevant to the assignment. Your company undertakes to do everything in your power to contribute to the management of project risks. The management of risks attributed to factors outside the scope of the assignment or beyond the reasonable control of New Media Labs, will be the sole responsibility of your Company.


Force Majeure
Neither we nor you shall be liable in any way for failure in performing our obligations under this agreement if the failure is due to causes outside the reasonable control of the party in default.

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New Media Labs

Proposal for Filmbucks Studios LLC


Services may be terminated on either side by notice in writing (a minimum of 30 days) to the regular correspondence address of the other party marked for the attention of the appropriate contact. In the event of termination, fees and expenses incurred to the date of termination are payable by you.


Severance of Terms
In the event that any of these terms of business are held to be invalid, the remainder of the terms shall continue in full force and effect.


Settling of Disputes
Any dispute arising from the performance or terms or conditions of termination or cancellation of this agreement, and which cannot be settled between the parties themselves, shall be settled by the way of arbitration.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These terms of business shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the particular country where the assignment is performed and any dispute arising out of this engagement or these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the local courts. If at any time you would like to discuss with us how our service to you could be improved, or if you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving, you may take the issue up with the Project Manager in charge of this assignment. Further to this you may also request that you are put in contact with a business unit manager or company director. We undertake to look into any complaint carefully and promptly and to do all we can to explain the position to you.

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