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3 Types of Tile for Your Bathroom When contemplating the difficult task of bringing personal style to a bathroom-r emodeling

project, consider the tile as unique an expression as the fixtures, mi rrors, and color schemes. Commit to aesthetics before taking into account durability, expense, and ease of cleaning. If your personal touch leans traditional, modern, or classic, here ar e three examples of bathroom tiles that perform both form and function. * For fans of traditional bathrooms, investing in ceramic tile guarantees qu ality with a streamlined, clean look. Typically molded, fired, and glazed, the h andcrafted nature of ceramic tile appeals to a wide range of styles because of t he wide spectrum of colors available—basically, any color imaginable. So many pe ople find ceramic tile attractive also because it’s so easy to clean! Simply wip ing a wet towel across the surface effectively rids a bathroom floor or shower w all of the majority of germs. Another benefit of the traditional ceramic tile is the variety of gradient hardness available on the market. While hardness grade s go up to a five, most traditional bathroom wall tiles are between zero and two , while the floor tiles boast a level three rating. Ceramic tile is also easy to install and affordable, usually between three and seven dollars per square foot . * If you love modern art and don’t want to overlook the bathroom in your hom e’s oeuvre, consider porcelain tile for the floor, shower, and even the walls. P orcelain tile is a variation on ceramic tile: still affordable, but even more du rable. So much so that porcelain tile often gets used for commercial tiling beca use the durability surpasses what is necessary for most home bathrooms. Also lik e ceramic tile, porcelain tile is easy to install, exists in practically any col or and size scheme available, all at similar prices–three to six dollars per squ are foot. So if you seek a ceramic tile with a longer life and modern flare, thi nk about porcelain. * To transform an ordinary bathroom with a classic tile that evokes centurie s of yesteryear style found in Victorian bungalows and grand palaces alike, choo se terra cotta tile. One of the earliest materials used for tiles, before the op tion of clay-fired ovens, terra cotta is tried and true. With that one-of-a kind rustic and weathered look, terra cotta manages to remain in a similar price ran ge to ceramic and porcelain tile. Added expenses incur when deciding whether or not to seal the tile surface, which means applying a surface glaze to the terra cotta. Sealing protects the tile from water and eases the cleaning process. Alwa ys consult a tiling professional before installing terra cotta tile. Quality ter ra cotta lasts forever, but evaluating quality is difficult, even for the expert s. Tile does so much more than protect from water, it makes any bathroom feel truly “yours.” So, to revolutionize your bathroom remodeling project from necessary t o aesthetically stimulating, remember that your personal style can shine through something as practical as floor tile. It’s simply a matter of research and pers onal flare.

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