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PGC Debate

Affirmative: To fully develop, there is a need to amend the

1987 Constitution
Opposition: To fully develop, there is NO need to
amend the 1987 Constitution
First Speaker:
(If parameter is not set, set the parameter for the
Parameter: This debate focuses on the current situation
today. The elections for NEW electoral candidates and the
economic standing of the Philippines as of today.
Given then this parameter, our house believes that in order
for the Philippines to fully develop, THERE IS NO NEED TO
1. Elections The Philippine elections are coming up, May
9, and by then we will already have new presidentiables
sitting in the position. The new leaders should be
focused on trying to fix what the previous
administration has left them with. It is not proper to
make adjust and amend to something new. True they
may be familiar with the Constitution, but it is the fact
that their attention will be diverted to something else
rather than trying to focus on the problems that really
need to be addressed by their administration.
2. With the MANY cases of CORRUPTION, POWER
STRUGGLE among our leaders and the POLITICAL
DYNASTY (State the percentage of how many
families in the Philippines are in Politics out of
the whole population), the amendment of the new
Constitution will be of their favor in order to either
make their term longer, or have benefits which the
people cannot attest to since it is in the Constitution.
Our leaders are not mentally ready to actually amend

something without taking away their personal bias and

3. TIME- TIME is something we all need to look at. To
amend (even if it is only simple) the Constitution will
take a LONG time as it is a long process that will not
just happen in a snap. There will be a decision on who
will amend or if there should be something like the ChaCha (Macapagal administration).
The TIME should instead be used to PROMOTE and
IMPLEMENT projects that have long be in the pipeline.
There are more urgent matters at hand that will not be
solved by changing any Constitution.
Please give a few examples on what needs the focus of
the government today
Second Speaker:
-RebuttalMain hits:
1. Why change something that has not been fully
implemented again, it is not the type of
CHANGE we need to develop.
2. You change the constitution TO SET THE
which, we have not fully set and established
yet) not to suit a particular moment (political
Third Speaker:
-RebuttalThus, with the given points mentioned by our house, it
can be said that for our country to fully develop, we do
NOT need to amend the Constiution.
Development as said is measured on how well the
country has been doing economically and even
politically. But with the current scenario in our country,

it is not amendment we need, It is again the

IMPLEMENTATION and the ACTION to the constitution.
With the strong points and support statements for it,
our house has provided a clearer and realistic picture.
Thus, we should win this debate.